The Italian Job 8

The Italian Job 8
The second part of this tale involves the interpreter “I know, I know” I can hear you all saying “Oh not another fucking interpreter” but hear me out and draw your own conclusions after.
Mrs Chikolova was supposed to be our interpreter for the duration of the job but it turned out that she could hardly speak any English although she could read it but no one else could speak any English so no one knew she couldn’t, to look at her you would have thought she was a middle aged spinster but she was indeed married, she was in the habit of wearing dark blue dresses that had small white spots all over them, whenever I saw her she seemed to have the same frock on although she avoided me because she just could not fathom my Yorkshire accent.
One day she came to me and told me that there was an English speaking film on in the town and if I wanted to go could she come with me so that she could improve her English and if she had a problem maybe I could explain, I agreed and asked what the film title was “seven something” she guessed “The Magnificent Seven, Seven Brides for Seven b*****rs” I offered, she could not remember, so off we went to the cinema, it turned out to be Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs but by this time it was too late to say no.
We took some seats about 3 rows from the back 3 seats in and to the side, we had been sat there waiting for the film to start then a middle aged couple sat in our row, the man being sat next to Mrs Chikolova, I am going to call her chic because I never knew her first name although some one less like a chic I have yet to meet, she was wearing the usual dress that buttoned with cloth buttons all the way up the front, it stopped slightly above her knee, a blue cardigan and stockings she was slightly taller than medium height, her breasts I would say was a 36D and she had a sort of a robust look about her if you catch my drift she wore horned rim glasses which she cleaned on a regular basis, I think the glasses gave her the robust look,
The lights dimmed and the film started, there are bits of the film that are funny although it is a cartoon, the film was English speaking with Czech subtitles so when something funny was said, I heard it but everyone else had to read it so I was the first to laugh, it became quite embarrassing , we were about 20 minutes into the film when I felt her hand grip my arm, I looked across and the guy next to chic was touching her leg, she looked at me “ what shall I do?” she asked “ just ignore him and he will stop” I said, I knew he wouldn’t but could not resist the urge to see what happened to this prim and proper lady, she relaxed again but I kept an eye on the hand, sure enough when she did not react the hand moved to the centre of her dress and flicked a couple of the buttons undone, there was a sharp intake of breath from her as part of the dress at the bottom fell into the centre “ what shall I do now” she asked what do you want to do?” I asked “I don’t know” she said nervously “don’t worry” I said” you are with me so no harm will come to you, I am sure he will stop soon when he gets fed up, she fed her arm inside mine so that she was linking my arm then gripped my arm pulling it to her left breast “is that better? “ I asked “ yes she said and crossed her legs, the gap in the dress allowed her knee and some leg to come through, the hand came again and another button went, she never moved even though a bit more leg came through, she was starting to breath heavier, the hand came again but this time it caressed the inside of the leg that was out of the dress, she uncrossed her legs and opened them slightly, she took a tighter grip of my arm, shuffling into me a bit as she turned slightly in her seat so that her legs went to the guy, I don’t think she was conscious of what she was doing but I was fascinated, realising that the guy already had her “ It’s very warm in here she said as she leaned forward and took off her cardigan, she looked at me and her face was a bit flushed, she hung her cardigan over the seat in front, then settled back, her arms were bare as the dress was sleeveless.
She resumed her position but I noticed that her legs were open a bit more,, the hand came again and took another button, now a fair sized gap had opened between her legs, her knee was shaking a bit “ are you alright?” I asked “yes she whispered” then turned to look at me then moved her head back a bit as though she was enjoying something, I moved my arm and put it around her shoulders, placing my hand was hanging over her right shoulder, she looked at me “that’s better” she whispered, she took hold of my fingers with her right hand and glanced at me, I pretended to take no notice and looked at the screen she settled down again, the hand came and slid up her inner leg and disappeared under her dress, she was holding her breathe, then she jumped, I had been expecting it, she relaxed again and then leaned back so that she slid forward in her seat a bit, she turned her face half to me and lifted her left hand to my face then touched my left cheek with her fingers and slid her fingers down my cheek as I turned my head a bit, her face was very close to mine so I gently kissed her cheek, she let go of my right hand then reached up with her right hand and removed her glasses, she flicked them closed then leaned forward and put them in her cardigan pocket, coming back to the position with her left hand touching my cheek, she turned her head slowly to me so that her mouth was close to my ear, the hand was still under her skirt and I could see the arm moving, I was very aware of her perfume, I turned my head and she kissed me lightly on the lips, I turned my head back to the screen and so did she, she jumped again then let go of my right hand and took a couple of the buttons herself, then put her hand down between her legs, I realised that her skirt was now open to about her knickers, I looked down carefully so as not to alarm and could see her stocking tops with the suspenders, I could also see her mound sticking forward and the guys hand, he had obviously touched her mound with his little finger and now he was about to get his reward, she put her hand down and hooked her finger under the edge of her knickers and pulled gently sideways, I could just see the glinting hair of her pussy come into view as the guys finger slid sideways so that his little finger was resting against her thick bush, she turned her head to me again and kissed me again but this time she lingered and I felt her tongue touch my lips, I parted them slightly and slid my tongue out to touch hers, she shivered, the kiss got a bit more urgent as she opened her legs a bit more and the guy turned his hand so that his flat fingers were now on her mound, she was sucking my lip, she dropped her left hand away from her face and felt my trousers, my cock was hard inside them and it did not take her long to find it, as she ran her finger along to the end, my cock twitched involuntarily, she squeezed the dome and looked down at it then looked back at me and smiled, I glanced down and the guy was stroking her mound and as I watched he slid a finger into her slit, I think he brushed her clit because she jumped again then there was a sigh and her mouth came back in my direction again, with my right hand I slid my fingers slowly under the shoulder of her dress feeling for the bra strap. I found it and lipped it off her shoulder, the guy had his hand securely in her knickers by now so she lifted her right hand and slipped the bra strap off her left shoulder then she slid the strap down her arm to the elbow and pulled her arm back out of it so that it was free, I took her right strap in my right hand and did the same sliding it off her hand, she leaned forward and I had noticed the zip when she took off her cardigan, with my right hand I lowered the zip to below her bra strap then slipped my index finger under the strap and squeezed with my thumb and middle finger against the fabric of the strap, the hooks popped and the strap relaxed, I had not lost my touch, I pulled her zip back up and she sat back as I got hold of her strap under her right arm and pulled, I could feel her bra riding over the mounds as it came out from under her arm, she was breathing very heavily as I watched her breasts sag a little as they became unsupported, fortunately the bra was black or blue and did not show up in the light, just then she jumped again then let out a fairly long moan, I reckoned the guy had just got his fingers into her cunt, she was back with her left hand on my cock again stroking it and gripping the stem with her finger ends as she started to wank my cock, I put my mouth against her ear, she was looking down at my cock, give me two buttons I whispered, she looked down at her chest then with her right hand released two buttons at the top of her chest, I slipped my finger under the fabric of her dress and lifted it slightly so that I could see the outline of the top of her breasts that were heaving, just then she gave a shudder then grabbed my fingers and squeezed, I reckon the guy had just finger fucked her and she had come, he pulled his fingers out of her and held them up against the light of the screen, I took his hand with my right hand and brought his fingers to my mouth then sucked on his fingers, it, worked I felt her shudder again as she came again but this one was inspired by me tasting her juice, the guy in taking his fingers out had lost his place because her knickers had snapped shut and he did not seem too keen on starting to invade them again as he settled back in his seat and unzipped himself, he wanted a show so I decided to give him one, she turned her head again but this time tilted it back slightly so that the kiss was a biggy with a lot of tongue being brought into play, I asked for two more buttons, I got three, she put her right hand down between her legs and under the top of her knickers, I suspected that she had just put her fingers into herself, I lifted the fabric over her right breast with my fingers and her swollen breast with its enlarged nipple came into view to me looking from her left, I peeled the dress back and her tit came into the sight of the man on her right who by now had his cock out and was playing with himself, she was sliding further down in her seat and she changed hands in her knickers using her right hand to get hold of the guy’s cock, it was his turn to sigh as she wanked him hard, she put her head back and tongued me again “do you want me “ she said “yes, I am going to take you tonight“ I said “what do you want?” she said “ I want to fuck you I replied, I want to strip you and fuck your cunt and your arse” that did it, she started shaking and I could tell that an orgasm the size of a tidal wave was washing through her as she started moaning in short bursts, just then I saw the long silken threads reach out from the guys prick as his semen spurted over the seat in front, he had shot his load, he groaned, she let go of his prick and looked at her fingers, they were covered in cum, she wiped her hand on the guys trousers which I don’t think he was too pleased about, as he grunted as she wiped her fingers, just then the woman who had been sitting next to the guy stood up and came to sit on my left side, she was quite fit, wearing a white tight skinny rib jumper and a fairly tight skirt, she had nice round tits which were accentuated by the tightness of the jumper as it clung all round each breast, she put her hand on my trousers and felt for my cock, she found it and started to unzip me, chic was half turned to me with her breast almost out of her dress as she watched the woman attack my cock, her left hand was still down her knickers, the woman on my left now had my cock out, she was about to lean over and go down on me when I moved my left hand over and pulled up her jumper, she did not resist, I hooked my finger into her bra in the centre and pulled up as the bra slipped over the mounds with a slight plop and her lovely tits were free, liberated, I put my hand at the back of her head and she went down on my cock quite willingly, taking it into her mouth and working it with her tongue and fingers, chic seemed mesmerised by the spectacle that was going on before her, her tits were in the open as she had peeled back her blouse, she lay back into her seat and flicked the last button, the dress front fell away to reveal her entire chest abdomen, knickers, suspenders and legs, she was heavy breasted with good large dark nipples, her hand was still down her knickers but she pulled out and lifted her fingers, the juice on them sparkled in the half light, I took her hand and sucked her fingers into my mouth as she watched me her eyes following her hand to my lips, she shivered again, then she reached over and slid her fingers up and down my stem as the girl bobbed her head on my cock “ am I going to get that between my legs tonight?” she whispered, “do you want it? “ I asked “Oh yes” she purred “I have been a very naughty girl tonight and I want you to punish me with it” she closed her eyes slowly “can we go now?” she said “OK” I said, she stood up and started to fasten her dress, her bra dropped on the floor “do you want this?” I asked “no I will not need it again tonight I hope and in fact I will not be needing these either as she bent and pushed her knickers to her feet and stepped out of them, her very dark hairy pussy glinted with the moisture, she said something to the girl who pulled off my cock and tidied herself “she is coming with us” chic said “she can teach me how to suck your cock” she said quietly I had turned this prim, proper, spinsterly, slightly refined, snobbish and aloof lady into a slut and by the sound of it a budding pimp who had already started to get her team together.
We left the cinema and went back to the hotel, we passed the bar on the way to the room and Hans was there with a couple of the contractors from the site, Anna and Helena who was another crane driver were also there, Anna was a very beautiful girl but as I have said very pregnant, her tits were large and I suspected lactating ready for the arrival, whilst Helena was a pretty girl with blond curly hair, quite small about 5’ and I would say a 32a/b if there is such a size, she tended to follow Anna around knowing that she could attract men, Helena could also speak a bit of English but she tended to stare at me which unnerved me a bit because most of the girls were looking for men to take them out of the country to what they thought was a better life and to secure that man they would do anything like Anna, even get pregnant, we sat down at the table with this group, Hans went to the bar and I followed him “ what have you done to chic?” he asked “ she has been liberated from her bra and knickers” I replied, “I have them in my pocket” “you mean under that dress she has nothing?” he said “ apart from her stockings, as naked as the day” I replied smiling at him lewdly, he chuckled, I told him about the cinema and the swinging couple as the bar tender got our drinks, “ so that is the woman?” he said eyeing her, “ is she free?” he asked “of course” I said, “help yourself” I still felt bad about the way I had fucked Gretchen and taken advantage of the situation, we sat down with Hans sitting next to the girl, Anna glared at me, I sat next to chic who put her hand on my knee while she chatted to the assembly she was taking possession, indicating, this is mine as she turned and smiled at me, she had her glasses back on but she had a glow about her and I put this down to the lack of underwear. I went to the toilet and as I came out into the passage leading to the bar, Anna and Helena were leaning against the wall, Anna’s blouse was partly open as her braless tits tried to escape it, “ why did you bring those two here tonight?” Helena interpreted for Anna “aren’t we enough for you” came the second question as I never replied, “do you want to fuck me and Helena” Helena said feeling embarrassed at what her friend was asking her to say “you can have us both” she slipped her fingers into her blouse then slid it out covered in milk, my cock lurched, I had made no comment just leaned against the wall and contemplated the offer, it was very tempting but the pregnancy thing tended to put me off a bit although I would have liked to taste the milk and where it came from, Helena was trying to look cool and relaxed, Anna walked over to me and came very close, she put her face close to mine while Helena sidled up to the side of me, “I saw it in your eyes, you want to taste me Englishman” Helena interpreted, feeling uncomfortable again and fidgeting “ you can if you make sure we are invited to the party that is brewing in there” “ we watched you fuck Gretchen on the balcony” Helena said herself, her bright blue eye sparkling at me as she licked her bright red lipstick covered lips, I got his vision of my having a red ring around my knob end in the morning, “ is there meat enough for all of us in there” she said looking at my slightly bulging trousers, we walked back into the bar where the chatter was building, Hans looked at me quizzically, let’s take some beer back to the rooms he said, chic looked at me and winked, as she opened her legs slightly this woman certainly had made a turnaround, we got to the rooms and opened the doors and left them open, I reckoned we had enough beer to last a month without surfacing Hans put some music on then danced with the girl, she was nice, shapely legs, sweet round bum and as I have said nice tits although chic had made her take off her bra in the car on the way back, I got a sneaky feeling that chic was intending to have a crack at this woman before the night was out, chic went off to make the phone call to her husband that she would not be home tonight, I danced a bit with Helena and Anna whilst Helena resumed her staring at me chic came back and was sat on the bed talking to the contractors, one of them was trying to look up her dress to see if it was true what Hans had told them while the other one sat beside her fondling her tits, I was trying to decide whether to have her first before they fucked her because by the way she was behaving as she allowed them to release a couple of buttons of her dress without resisting as she looked down to see the top of her breasts exposed, she was going to get more than one cock tonight, I went for a drink into Hans’s room and when I came back the contractors had chic on her back with her legs dangling over the end of the bed, the bottom buttons of her dress were undone and one of the guys had his hand up her dress with his fingers inside her hairy cunt, the other was sat beside her head on the bed with his hand in her dress groping her tits he was bent down kissing her and she was tonguing him with her hand behind his head.
Helena came up beside me and slipped her hand into mine, she looked at me with a twinkle in her eye and I knew what she wanted, Hans had a suit where I just had a room, he had two bedrooms off a main area, I led Helena into one of the bedrooms, she had on some pink cotton shorts and a checked shirt, she dropped the shorts to the ground to show her white panties which she also shed, standing and letting me look at her neatly trimmed blond pubic cushion, she stepped out of her clothes, I loosened my belt and took off my trousers leaving my boxers in place then took off my shirt, the time had come!! Helena loosened the buttons on her shirt all the way up so that her tits were visible, she had very small breasts but I could not help noticing that her nipples were very bright pink, she dropped to her knees getting hold of my rapidly rising cock then pulled down my boxers and pushed me back onto the bed where she crawled up me, licked and sucked my cock for a few seconds then mounted me, she was on a mission to get pregnant like her friend, the door opened and Anna walked in, Helena was sitting on my cock riding me as Anna loosened the buttons on her blouse and it fell open to reveal her milk swollen tits and the nipples that were leaking, she laid on the double bed beside me with her arm over the pillow that I had my head on, she moved forward whilst at the same time pulling open her blouse and offering me a tit, I took the nipple in my mouth and sucked, the warm sweet slightly thick milk flowed into my mouth as Anna moaned and Helena came, thrashing her hips on my cock as she poured juice on my prick, I groped her small tits as Anna palpated her tits to make the milk flow stronger, I had milk trickling down my chin as I feasted on her breast, she put her hand down her shorts and started to finger herself as Helena fucked me, the door opened and in walked chic, “are here you are, you started without me” she said “you looked to be enjoying two contractors” I replied “did you fuck them both?” I asked, “no” she said “I am saving that for you” Helena scowled at her, “where is Hans?” I asked “the last time I saw him he was taking the girl from the cinema into the bedroom, he had her down to her underwear” said chic, Helena said something to Anna who climbed off the bed and scurried out of the room, Helena was banging away with her hips at me trying to bring me off but I was enjoying her very tight cunt around my cock that kept squeezing me every time she came, chic knelt on the bed leaning forward and kissing me, I got a full view of her tits dangling inside her dress and as she went back to sit on her heels, I got another view of her vary hairy mound, I was looking forward to getting in amongst that with my cock, “ are you ok?” she asked and before I could answer she spoke to Helena who shook her head and said something back to her, “ she insists on making you come into her” chic said she leaned down again and kissed me again but this time the tongue came out and into my mouth, “would you like to check that I have not been fucked?” she whispered to me, I nodded, she stood back off the bed and raised her dress to show me her bush then I reached out and pushed a finger into her vagina, the hairs on her mound felt silky as I ran my thumb over them and pressed on the clit with it, she folded, gagging with the shock of my pressure on her clit, I pulled out my finger and there was just her juice on it, no cum “ would you like to check again” she said to me “but this time use two fingers” she laughed, I looked at Helena who had her head back groping her own tits as she thrashed at me, I let it go as she brought her head forward and looked at me as my ejaculation shot into her, flooding her cunt, she had felt the warm sensation of it pumping into her and the twitching of my prick as I unloaded my package inside her, she smiled and relaxed, she pulled off me and sat on the bed admiring the cum oozing out of her cunt, chic leant forward and took some on her finger, then she transferred it to her mouth, she sucked on the finger and swallowed the seminal fluid, she leaned forward and kissed me and as she did I slid my hand inside her dress and groped her breast, Helena swung off the bed content that her work was done, she got dressed, I stood then got into the on suite shower whilst chic watched me.
I got back into my boxers, chic came to me and d****d an arm on my shoulder, looking me in the eye she said “can we do my bit in your bed?” she asked “ yes of course” I said “ but I have to make sure that Hans is OK because I suspect that Anna’s quick departure was inspired by the fact that she thought he was fucking the girl from the cinema” she followed me out into the main room where the girl was sitting naked in the living area, I asked chic to just take her into the bedroom for a few moments, she obliged, I carefully opened the door of the other bedroom and Hans was fucking Anna on the balcony as he leaned her over the rail, just then there was a commotion in the passageway outside the room, I went out and the door was open to the apartment between my room and Hans’s room, this room had up till now been empty, two women who I did not know were standing in the hall arguing with one of the contractors, they had their backs to me, one was dressed in a long cotton night gown and the other had on some pink baby dolls with see through nickers, my cock took a lurch as I absorbed the sight, I gathered that they had been asl**p and were disturbed by the music, one of the contractors was slowly moving past the women, I was keen to see what the woman in the short nightie looked like from the front realising that the nightdress was fully transparent, the contractor stood alongside the scantily dressed female while her friend or whatever she was argued with the other guy, the contractor reached out his hand, lifted the back of the short top and slid his hand down into the knickers grasping hold of the arse but sliding the middle finger either into the arse or vagina of the woman, she turned and got hold of him wrapping her arms around his neck,, he got hold of the side seam of the panties and pulled, they tore and half the panties fell away to show a lovely dark hairy mound, he pushed her back to the wall where he lifted her leg which she wrapped around him, quickly undoing his trousers they fell to his knees then he took his cock and shoved it into the woman as she gasped and bit into his shoulder, she was still holding onto him as he thrust into her whilst at the same time shoving his hands up her top and grabbing her tits, which were large but not massive, she let go with one hand pulling the nightdress over her own head and left it hanging on the other arm, the contractor was fucking this half naked woman in the corridor while what turned out to be her mother looked on, the woman against the wall was screaming and crying as he banged at her shoving his cock right up into her, slamming her against the wall, she came as juice sprayed out of her I realised she had female ejaculated onto him. His legs were wet through as so were his trousers, she subsided then noticed me, her mother followed her eyes to me stood there in my boxers, the contractor let her go, pulled up his trousers and walked past me into Hans’s apartment where he got another beer, I quickly grabbed two beers and offered them to the ladies as the younger one put her top back on although it was so transparent she might not have well have bothered as her dark nipples showed through it clearly, they took the beer and strolled past me into the apartment where the young one proceeded to dance with the contractor who had just fucked her, the accent sounded German as they talked between themselves, the other contractor came in and started dancing with the mother, holding her very close with his hands on her buttocks, he looked over her shoulder and smiled at me, she was pressing her hips into him, she put her arms on his shoulders holding her beer behind his head, he kissed her, then let go of her arse with one hand and got hold of her breast squeezing it, from the grip he had on it I could see she had large breasts, she did not resist, she kissed him again, she looked sideways at me and smiled.
I went into the bedroom where chic was, the two ladies were kneeling up on the bed kissing and tonguing each other while the girl from the cinema had her fingers in the cunt of chic finger fucking her chic had her hands on the others tits, I walked over to them “ am I disturbing you two?” I said they both shuffled towards me and I put my arms around the waist of both of them, the girl from the cinema was still naked and chic still had her dress on but it was now open again down the front and she had lost her suspender belt and stockings, her huge hairy mound still intrigued me “Valentina has been teaching me to suck cock” chic whispered “ so now I need to try it” as she reached down and fished for my prick in my boxers shorts, they both moved and sat on the end of the bed looking at my rigid cock, they looked at each other and giggled, Valentina took my cock and held it up, looking down at the hole in the end, she ran her thumb over my dome end taking a smear of pre cum as she went, my cock twitched as she looked up at me, this all seemed very clinical, she leaned forward and ran her tongue around the end, she squeezed the stem and more pre cum oozed out, chic dipped her finger in it and transferred it to her lips where she flicked out her tongue to collect it smacking her lips and again giggling to Valentina, chic pulled my boxers down past my cock and my cock sprang back up again, I stepped out of my under wear, they pulled me down on the bed and I shuffled up the bed so that my head was on the pillow, they perched on the bed at each side of me and chic took my cock again, this time she licked it and sucked the end, I slid my fingers into Valentina’s cunt and felt the wet interior, she convulsed slightly as I penetrated her and I felt her vagina grip my fingers, I commenced to gently fuck her with my fingers, her nipples came out and her aureoles puckered Valentina spoke to chic “ will you fuck her?” chic said “she has not had anything tonight and although she is about to come from what you are doing with your fingers she says it is not the same as a cock inside her, “well if I must” I feigned reluctance at sticking my cock into such a gorgeous woman, “I thought Hans fucked her?” I said, “he was going to then Anna barged in and stopped him” said chic, then Valentina came, pouring her juice over my fingers, she threw her arms around my neck pushing her tits into me and her mouth onto mine, she tasted so sweet as my tongue sought out hers, she was panting as I pulled my fingers out and then she mounted me as my prick drove up inside her, she moaned loudly as she started to rock “ can I stay and watch” said chic as she lifted her dress and started to finger her own pussy, no one spoke, I looked sideways as the hairy door was opened by her fingers and the pink interior beckoned to me, Valentina came again as I felt the warm gush of her juice on my cock, I was fondling Valentina’s tits and I sat up and sucked the nipples then milked her tits, she came again then settled down to cruise my cock, Chic was still fingering and I looked again, I stuck out my tongue in her direction and she shuffled across the bed and close to my face with her cunt where I inserted my tongue into her vagina feeling the silky smooth hairs of her pubic cushion on my face and licked, she went frantic grabbing my head and grinding her cunt into my face, I went along her slit with my tongue and found the hood, pushed it aside with my tongue and licked the button, she started growling “ Oh!! you fucking man, don’t stop, get your tongue into me” she moved her leg over my face and put it back on the bed, she was now astride my face with my tongue in her cunt facing Valentine who was still cruising taking the occasional orgasm, I put my hands on her buttocks and gripped as I licked out her cunt then slid my tongue across her rose, she jumped at the touch of my tongue on her ring she came down a bit as I f***ed my tongue into her ring then into her anal passage, the ring gripped my tongue as it passed through, she had hold of her tits and was squeezing and pulling at the nipples as though they were elastic, she came as she poured nectar onto my chin, I lapped at it which made her come again, she was moaning very loud, the door opened and the two German ladies walked in, they spoke to chic in German, laughing and looking at me while I gobbled chic and fucked Valentina, Valentina lifted off me with my cock still upright, the German woman lifted her nightdress, climbed on the bed and mounted my cock guiding it into her cunt, she was quite a bit older than the other one but her cunt was so tight, she started to ride, rocking then lifted her nightdress over her head. She had large tits and protruding nipples, I got hold of them with my hands and squeezed as she came, her cunt lost some of its tightness as her juice lubricated my cock and her vagina expanded, the other one was taking off her top, she had lost her panties earlier, she knelt on the bed beside chic, opened her dress and squeezed her tits, chic slid two fingers into her and finger fucked her, I was lapping at chic as she came again, the one on my cock gave a yelp as she came again, folding up as the orgasm swept through her muttering words in German that I did not understand, she slid off me, the other girl clapped her hands and climbed on, I felt like a piece of meat being used by these women, as the younger one settled onto me, I realised that she was very slippery as she had already been fucked by the contractor and still had his spunk inside her, she took a different approach and started bouncing on my cock, I thrust up to meet her as she came down, she was screaming at the penetration because I could feel the resistance as I got to the top of her, I groped her tits as she came grunting and felt her cunt grip my cock and I exploded into her, her eyes opened wide as my sperm shot up her, she came again and I felt the mixture of her juice and my cum trickle down my cock, she leaned down and kissed my chest as my cock started to wilt, she slipped off it and then got hold of it and gave it a good suck from the bottom to the very tip taking all the cum and her juice together, then smiled and swallowed the lot. Chic climbed off my face as I lay there breathing heavy, what a party this had been, I jumped in the shower again watched by chic, she was patiently waiting for her turn, as I got out of the shower and put on my boxers she said “can we go to bed now, please take me and fuck me?” how could I refuse such a request,
We made our way through the mangle of bodies, Anna and Helena had gone, Hans was just lining up Valentine to finish what he started, the 2 German girls were drinking beer and waiting for their turn with Hans, I passed them all followed by chic who I sensed was getting excited at the prospect.
I climbed into bed as chic stripped and climbed in beside me, she cuddled up, her breasts against me she kissed me on the lips and put her leg over mine as the warm hairy mound came against my thigh, my cock twitched.
“There is something you should know” she said “Valentina is the daughter of our director, we work together in the office at the factory” she whispered “so who was the guy in the cinema?” I asked “I don’t know” she said, “he wasn’t supposed to be there, it was supposed to be Valentina sat next to me, I had arranged to meet her at the cinema and she was going to do what he did” she confessed “but it worked out better because he came when I wanked him, I’m sorry that I deceived you but I wanted to get you into this bed with me and to be honest I have been wet between my legs since you agreed to come to the cinema, my cock was now stiff again and I reached down and lifted her leg up my thigh then slid my cock into her as we laid on our sides, “that feels so good” she moaned “I have been waiting for that since you came down the steps of the plane in Sliatch and on the journey back from the airport and I was sitting in the back, I kept getting the urge to open my legs and invite you to fuck me” she declared “why didn’t you say something before” I queried “ because I was not sure of you, your accent is difficult to follow so it was not easy to talk to you, but I have been so longing for your touch, aching for this prick” she said “ so what made you change your mind?” I asked “I was in the grounds when you fucked Hans’s wife on the balcony, I was so jealous I had to do something, the cinema fell just right with the English film but I must apologise about the film” “didn’t see that much of it anyway” I said, she laughed, “I have been a very bad girl and now I must be punished, take what you want, do what you want, it is all yours, punish me” she said, so I did and it lasted all the remainder of the night and the following day, when I had finished punishing her, Hans punished her and the contractors took turns to punish her, we all contributed to her vaginal and anal punishment, she could hardly walk when we had finished with her but I fucked her many times after that and the two German women were regular visitors to Hans and I with the mother being particularly horny during their holiday stay.

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3 years ago
love to give that kind of punishment