The Italian Job 7

The Italian Job 7
Earlier in the story I told you about my visit to Czechoslovakia and the fact that the people were so curious well! I am going to put this story in here as I have already mentioned it and it is a bit lighter than the last one and may I hope go some way to helping you to forgive me if I have offended any of you.
It was still Czechoslovakia in those days and the company I was working for as a commissioning engineer had sold some equipment to an industry there, everything came under the banner of Skoda Industries, and I had to go there because the engineer who had started the job had been there for 2 years, he had met a local girl and wanted to marry her but he wanted to come back to the UK first to dump his fiancé, this was supposed to take a couple of weeks, I was there for 3 months.
The people as I said were so very curious about how I lived, did I own my house, did I own a car etc. and I would sometimes sit of an evening at one of the peripheral tables around the restaurant, I would be reading something in English and people from the local region would sometimes sit at the table as it seated about 8 people in a large rectangle, they would see that the Language of my reading was English and would start asking questions, I had learned the local language of “I do not understand” which I hoped might suffice, No! chance, I had a dictionary that was Czech to English and English to Czech, they would pick it up and start a word at a time to ask the questions and I was there sometimes until 02.00am answering, don’t get me wrong, they were fabulous lovely people but because they were being kept supressed by the ruling communist’s they had little knowledge of the outside world.
The hotel was fantastic, it had an enormous outside swimming pool that was shaped like a giant saucer and was very popular as the country is land bound and has no seaside.
The contractors on site were a mixed bunch mostly local and I got friendly with an Austrian guy named Hans, Vienna was just over the mountain from where we were in the High Tetra mountains so occasionally his wife would come and stay with him for the, weekend his room was next but one to mine and they would sometimes invite me to have dinner or a drink with them as English was very scarce on the site and both Hans and his wife Gretchen could speak it well, I got on well with them both but his wife had the biggest pair of tits I had ever seen, when I first laid eyes on her I thought she had two balloons up her shirt but she was also quite small about 5’ so she looked out of proportion, the rest of her figure was a joy to behold with a very slim waist but her tits, wow!!!
Hans was fucking one of the female crane drivers from the factory and he had got her pregnant so by the time I had arrived on the scene she was very well advanced with the pregnancy, Gretchen was a very quiet and shy person which makes the story that I am going to relate even more remarkable.
I was laying on my bed one morning, watching some propaganda news shit on the box in my room when there was suddenly a commotion outside the window and I could hear Gretchen screaming at Hans but of course it was in German but I got the gist of the argument that Gretchen had found out about Anna the crane driver and the fact that she was pregnant to Hans, I went out onto the balcony and was met by a remarkable sight, Gretchen was leaning against the railing of their balcony facing me, she was bending and Hans had hold of her waist with his cock into her from behind pounding her, she had a cotton nightdress on that was fighting to retain her breasts that were almost pouring out of the top of it, she was screaming at Hans that he was humiliating her fucking her on the balcony but he was shouting that she deserved it because she was refusing to understand that it was a weak moment, I’ll bet!!, she saw me and of course my eyes strayed to her bouncing tits as she clung onto the railing, she was only about 8ft away from me, “and you” she screamed at me, “you are all as bad” well I will show him, humiliating me like this, the situation was not good because all the ground staff from the hotel had gathered on the grass verge that ran downhill from the hotel and they were all cheering, the sight must have been quite spectacular, A very beautiful Austrian woman with her nightdress up around her waist being fucked by her husband in broad daylight two stories up on the balcony while her enormous tits bounced out of control, look here you fucker she shouted at me and reached up with one hand and ripped down the front of her night dress leaving it hanging by one slender strap, being released from their bondage her tits shot out and swung into space, they were fantastic and I nearly creamed myself there and then at the sight of them, she curled up as she came and Hans pulled out of her as she stormed off the balcony still screaming at him and shouting some words of abuse at me, she must have run out of their apartment and along the passage to mine because she started pounding on my door, I opened it thinking I could pacify her but this woman was raging and very angry, “I will show him she said, two can play at that fucking game” she screeched, I was only wearing my boxer shorts having slept in them, she shoved me back on the bed and attacked my shorts grabbing my cock out of them, I was about half way aroused from seeing her being fucked in that condition, she stuck her mouth onto my cock and started to wank me, having got me to full erection quite quickly I must add as her tits were brushing against my legs, she pulled me by my cock onto the balcony, “ come on you bastard she said you are going to fuck me and he is going to watch she shouted, I tended to follow her direction as I was being pulled by a valuable part of my anatomy Hans was standing on their balcony and as she bent and got hold of the railings on his side of my balcony I started to apologise, “ don’t you apologise to him she screamed again” now fuck me, I looked at Hans and he raised his hands to and shrugged his shoulders, “you might as well do her” he said “ she will not be happy until she has taken revenge, as he sat down on the balcony chair and watched as I pushed my cock into her wet slippery cunt and fucked her starting slow and building up quite a speed, as I held her waist, she faked an orgasm I know because her cunt did not convulse and grip my cock and I realised she was trying to get up Hans’s nose moaning “ya, ya” then thrusting her tits out at him, she ripped off the other strap so that both her tits were now completely free and swung beautifully, like two giant pendulum’s, she pulled off me and turned around grabbing my cock before I could escape, she leaned back against the railings as she lifted her leg and put it on the table, she thrust my cock back into her cunt and started to hump at me, she was a very beautiful woman and now she was right in my face, I could not resist, I squeezed her tits and she planted her mouth on mine shoving her tongue into my mouth as she squirmed it around fencing with her tongue , she broke the kiss and said “ come on English man, fuck me, make me pregnant, fuck me” I was stroking into her and then she really did come, her leg that was on the floor started to shake and I could feel her stomach convulse as her nipples dug into my naked chest, she stuck her mouth on my neck and started to suck like a vampire clinging to me with her arms round my neck as I continued to fuck my cock into her cunt she was moaning and crying as the orgasm thundered through her then her leg went and she collapsed as I caught her as the crowd cheered, I looked at Hans and said “I will try to calm her down as I carried her through the patio doors into my room, I laid her down on the bed, she was panting and heaving and crying, “that bastard she wailed, that bastard” she had calmed down a bit, she looked at me and said “I’m sorry she said ” for involving you but when I saw you I realised that you must have known about that whore that is having his bastard c***d and I just lost it” “are you alright? ” she said then saw that my cock had not gone down, “ no I see you are not” she said, “I must do something about that” she stood up and caught her balance as she stumbled, then lifting the remains of her nightdress over her head she stripped in front of me, she was now naked, her blond pubic cushion glinted in the sunlight that shone through the window, I lost my resolve, I pushed her down on the bed, she did not resist as I went down on her eating her cunt, licking into her vulva and her clit then plunging my tongue back down into her cunt, she came again thrusting her tits at me this time as I got hold of them and squeezed thumbing her nipples, she showed me how she liked her tits milked so I obliged and squeezed and gently pulled at them as she pulled me down on the bed and mounted me straddling my thighs with her legs then sinking down on my shaft a she took it all with sharp intake of breath as she came again, this time I could feel the juices running out of her as I sat up and sucked her nipples, they came out and her aureoles puckered, she was rocking on me as I blasted my come into her “ that’s it English man, give it to me, let me take it from you, make me pregnant, cream my cunt” my cock just kept on pumping as my sperm headed for her cervix, she came again as she thrashed her hips at me then leaning down and kissing me as she crushed her breasts into my chest.
She climbed off me and walked into my shower, I heard her turn it on, I put on my boxers and put on a pair of trousers then I went to see Hans “how is she?” he asked “ she is taking a shower” I replied, “perhaps give her a bit of time because she has been crying and she is very upset” “O.K” he said patting me on the shoulder, “bring her back when she is a bit calmer” “if I must” I thought, “what a fuck she is” I whispered to myself as I walked back to my room, she was out of the shower and wrapped in a towel by the time I got back, “ is he O.K.?” she asked, “ he is waiting for you so that you can talk” I said, I went in the shower, when I came out I expected her to be gone but she wasn’t she was sitting at my dressing table combing her hair with my comb “ hope you don’t mind but I am just psyching myself to face that bastard” she said venomously, I had put on fresh boxers, as she combed her towel slipped but she didn’t move to catch it, my eyes clamped on her assets again, and my cock started to move again, she was watching me in the mirror, “ after what has happened it is good to see that I can still have that effect on a man” she said looking at my steadily rising cock in the mirror, she reached back and took my boxer covered cock in her hand and pulled me towards her, she leaned pulling my boxers down as my now rigid cock came into her hand, she put my prick into her mouth and started to suck me off, she worked her tongue around the dome and slid it down the shaft to my balls where she flicked my balls with her tongue then back along to my enlarged dome and took it into her mouth taking the whole of my stem with it, she was looking up at me all this time as she expertly gobbled my cock, I could not hold out much longer, I tried to ease her head away “ no! let me take it” she said, a second later my stream hit the back of her throat as she gulped it down and I squirted it into her, pouring seminal fluid into her mouth as she devoured every drop, she squeezed the last few drops from my slowly wilting prick and ran her tongue over the end, my cock twitched “ you want to go again” she laughed, she stood up and adjusted the towel and picked up her nightie “ well here I go” she said “ wish me luck, although it is him that is going to need luck” she kissed me lightly on the lips as she caught her towel as it started to slip again, “oops! I was nearly here all night then” she said “thank you she” whispered as she came close “I am glad I involved you” she purred, you are good for my ego and my self respect with that she was gone out of the door, I ate alone in the dining room and the following morning I stood on the balcony and watched as Gretchen climbed into a cab, she blew a kiss and waved to Hans as he stood on his balcony to see her off, we turned together “fancy a game of golf” he said “yeah why not” I replied.
To be continued……………………

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