The Italian Job 5

She stirred and pressed the bell beside her bed, the maid came in carrying a bottle of water and a bottle of wine with glasses, she set them down on the coffee table and left snatching a brief glance in my direction, I moved to the bed and poured some water for both of us then handed Roseanna a glass she was quieter now and more settled, I put the sheet over her, leaned down and kissed her, she opened her eyes, they were glazed, she turned her face up to me and I kissed her on the mouth as her tongue came out seeking mine, my cock lurched and we were up and running again.

OK!!!!!, OK I’ll turn off the telly.
She leaned up on one elbow reaching out to hold my cock, we were both naked on the bed, I kissed her mouth as I rolled over her and settled beside her, looking into her eyes she kept kissing my cock which was stirring and becoming hard as she held it gently wanking it to full rock hard erection.
She got up from the bed and reached for the small drawer beside her, she opened it and pulled out a tube of lubricant, she showed it to me smiling at me, I looked and shrugged my shoulders as if I did not understand then moving to the end of her legs, she was lying flat on the bed on her back, I crawled up between her legs as she raised her knees at each side of me, I sat on my heels on the bed in front of her vagina, she brought her legs down and rested them on my legs, the contact with her was nice, I took my cock in my hand and lined it up with her cunt then tipped forward sliding it into her as she let out a sigh, I drove it up into her then placing my hands at each side of her, bent down and sucked her nipples, she twitched as I started to fuck her in the cunt, she wrapped her legs around me as I speeded up my action, I was going for it and I gave it all to her as I exploded into her, she smiled as she felt the warm sensation flood into her, arching her head back as she thrust her tits out at me so I sucked them and she came very gently as though the wave had washed over her and soothed her as she climaxed, she subsided as she lay there looking at me as though she realised that I had just made love to her and not just had a fuck with her, I tried to pull out of her but she rolled me to the side holding my cock inside her with her legs locked around me even though it was now going limp then she kissed me and lay still, I was aware that my wilting cock was laid in a bath of spunk, mine but she seemed to want to hold me there, she reached behind her and pressed the button to summon the maid, after a few seconds she arrived and walked around the bed to Roseanna’s head where they conversed in Italian for several minutes all the time both of them watching my eyes as I laid there trapped between Roseanna’s legs with my cock in her cunt.
The maid came back around the bed to my side then sank to her knees with her mouth close to my ear. “Roseanna is very happy” she said “but she wants to feel you recover your erection whilst inside her, I believe you have your cock stuck into her cunt now” I nodded dumbfounded by what I was hearing “she understands you may need a little inspiration, is there anything I can do to help?” she said smiling at me“ is there anything you would like that will make you erect again” it all sounded so matter of fact and tended to have the opposite effect to inspiring my cock to rise again“ with regard to our conversation earlier, that was private and has nothing to do with what you’re going to do to Roseanna, she wants you to fuck her arse but is not sure if it will be too painful for her so I have agreed to go first” her eyes sparkled at me as she smiled, the thought of fucking her arse started to make my cock twitch and I looked at Roseanna who smiled and said said “ bravo” “ I still want you to myself later to do again what you did earlier to take me and r**e me” this talk was certainly helping with my stiffy that was working well and rising amongst the goo that I was embedded in “as I began to firm up at the prospects Roseanna released her legs, my cock came sliding out covered in spunk, the maid reached over and took a finger full of my cum from my prick then transferred it to her mouth and sucked it down, she smiled at me again “you taste good” she purred, I rose off the bed and went in the shower, the maid followed me and as I stepped in the shower she stood and began to unbutton her dress down the front “this may be easier” she said “ I don’t have too many dresses for you to rip off” she said mischievously.
She stepped into the shower with me naked, she had a gorgeous body and set to work with the soap as I did with her soaping everything but I didn’t fuck her although I got the distinct impression that she would have liked me to, I soaped and fingered her pussy and had a tentative poke as I slipped my soapy finger into her rectal rose, she jumped at the touch but then came close to me kissing me on the mouth while she got hold of my rampant cock and stroked it a few times then releasing it and standing under the cascading water just stood and stared while I feasted my eyes on her naked figure, she had the soap in her hand and she looked at me, then held it up to her lips and dropped it letting it fall from her hand but keeping her hand to her lips, she turned and bent down to retrieve the soap, her perfectly formed round buttocks came into view as she stooped, then she spread her legs and I could see her vulva swollen with the pink interior of her vagina taunting me, daring me, “fuck me” she said pulling the cheeks of her arse apart to reveal her cunt and rose, “ you will have to wait” I teased standing at the back of the shower with my cock in my hand stroking it and staring at her in this lewd display of lust, she looked at my cock then said “we had better get on with it then before we lose you again but somehow I don’t think it would be for very long” she stood and turned looking at me and slipping her fingers into her slit, I had an overwhelming desire to go down on her and lick her cunt as the hairy mound was penetrated by her fingers as she pried her slit open with her fingers to let me see inside.
We walked out of the shower and dried off, then into the bedroom where Roseanna was reclining on one side of the bed, I picked up the tube of gel, I threw a pillow onto the free side of the bed “get on the bed on all fours” I said to the girl, she obeyed crawling up the bed and stopped in front of the pillow, Roseanna had her fingers inside herself slowly masturbating herself as she watched intently “put your head down onto the pillow and I would suggest you take a hold of the pillow” I said “again she obeyed, she had her arse in the air and I noticed that her buttocks were naturally closed over her rose, I could not resist and put my hands on her buttocks gently pulling them apart as her rose came into view, her buttocks tried to close from reaction to try to defend this vulnerable part of her anatomy but I held them open and sank my face between the cheeks, slipping my tongue onto her rose then sliding down to slip into her cunt, she arched her back lifting her head and throwing it back so that her hair was on her back, “are you sure you would not like to shove your cock in there and fuck me before you go elsewhere” she taunted “I am resisting the urge” I said as she shuddered, juice started to trickle out of her cunt and down her slit “ don’t fight it, fuck it” she whispered as she turned her head sideways and smiled at Roseanna who was still reclining and wanking.
I lifted my head and released my grip on her buttocks, her head went back down to the pillow again as I spread some gel on my fingers and touched her rose with them, she jumped at the cold touch and her rose puckered at the realisation that it was about to be penetrated, I applied some lubricant to my cock, then slowly eased one finger into the rose as the girl moaned and beat the pillow with her clenched fist, her rectal ring gave way allowing me access to her anal passage I sank my finger into it slowly to allow her to get used to the intrusion, she moaned again, I fucked my finger in and out of her ring for a few moments then inserted the second finger, this time she gasped but my greasy finger slipped in easier this time and she seemed to relax as she gently swayed backwards and forwards onto my fingers, I rotated my fingers to enlarge the hole as she again raised her head “god!!! that feels so good” she breathed” I took my cock in my hand and applied the swollen end close to the hole then pulled out my fingers and slipped my cock end inside, as the end of the dome disappeared, her ring closed around my shaft. She started to push back on me again as my cock made steady progression up her anal passage, her movement got more vigorous as she took my cock to the hilt with my balls banging against her cunt, I was conscious of the fact that her vagina was streaming juice as she came again shaking and gasping, “fuck me you bastard, fuck my arse, cream my arse” she croaked she then slammed back on my cock as her head shot back and she went wild ramming her arse into my abdomen as she screamed and came, reaching out and taking Roseanna’s hand and squeezing it, Roseanna let go of her hand grabbing hazel’s swinging tit and squeezing it, the pressure was rising in me as I launched her into space with a frightening spurt of cum from my cock, she groaned and lowered her head as she took the contents of my balls into her arse, squeezing her buttocks onto my balls as she milked them of their contents, she subsided and my cock wilted out of her dropping away from her arse as cum oozed out of her ring, she turned and lay on her back panting, her chest heaving as her tits lay tantalisingly on her chest, she saw me looking at her tits, “ now you want to fuck my cunt?” she smiled as she opened her legs in front of me, “ later I said, I am saving you for my desert“ I teased, I was again back in the shower cleaning up and I could hear the ladies chattering, I came out and Roseanna was already laid flat down on the bed on her front with her face in the pillow, I laughed when I saw that either her or the maid had drawn a circle on Roseanna’s buttocks with an arrow pointing to her rose, I got the message, she must have been impressed with my deflowering the arse of the maid, they were both giggling, the maid sat on the end of the bed below Roseanna’s feet, she reached out and took my limp cock as I approached then started to wank it as she took it to her mouth, kissing it and licking at the end as she rolled back my foreskin to get to the sensitive dome within, I watched her hanging breasts jiggle as she sucked at my prick end, it did not take long with that kind of attention for my cock to raise to full erection and she waved her fist in triumph, she looked up at me and smiled, I think she was impressed with my rate of recovery, I patted Roseanna on the leg as the maid moved away and she drew her legs up into the kneeling position with her head obediently on the pillow, I proceeded as before greasing and poking till my cock end was firmly entrenched in Roseanna, she flinched a bit when I started my descent into her anal passage and she pushed back nicely as I progressed along it, she came a couple of times with a strong trembling of her legs as I got into the hilt then fucked her, she was not as vigorous as hazel had been, but she gasped and moaned at the right times for me to believe that I was having a pleasing effect, I did not come into her, I pulled out of her after a shuddering orgasm that caused her to collapse onto the bed flat down, the maid took my cock and blew me off as I got out of Roseanna, the maid had a silky mouth and was very proficient, I unloaded my balls into her mouth as she slurped down the cum and I fondled her tits, tweaking her nipples, I was getting tired and I think they realised this because they pulled back the sheets as Roseanna slid into the bed, Hazel left the room glancing back at me as she went through the door,
I kissed Roseanna on the mouth as her arm came around my neck, she looked knackered, so I went back to my room, taking yet another shower, I slipped under the sheets and it was not long before I felt the sheets lift and a warm body came against mine cuddling up to me as she slipped her head under my arm placing my hand on her breast “did you enjoy yourself?” she asked “what is the nature of this relationship?” I asked, “we are lovers” she replied “are you upset at me being here?” I asked “no!!” she replied “it is good to have you here, we needed a male cock in us as the plastic toys are not the same, and I particularly enjoyed the way you fucked me earlier, this is why I am here now, so fuck me again” she turned and plonked her mouth on mine, sliding her smooth tongue into my mouth and seeking out mine as I slipped my tongue into her mouth and the monster that I had though was asl**p suddenly woke up and was rampant again, she worked my cock and teased my balls as we explored every square millimetre of each other playing and fucking each other, I r**ed her again, it was not the same without the dress but she put up a good but not very convincing resistance to my gentle assault on her body and kept coming and kissing me as I violated her cunt and arse again till dawn, I awoke mid-morning, she was asl**p with her head on my chest and her body curled up beside me, she woke sensing that I was and showered then left the room, she came back a little later dressed and with a cup of tea, “is the dress expendable?” I asked, “no! behave yourself” she laughed “is there no end to your desire? She said, “not where you are concerned” I said as her smile dropped and she looked at me longingly, she came to me as I put my arms around her, we were standing in the middle of my bedroom, I was naked and my cock was jutting out, she lifted her fingers to my face touching my lips with her finger tips, staring at my mouth as she brought her lips close to mine, “maybe you can come back again soon” she whispered into my mouth as I pulled her tight into my waist, she slipped her arms around my neck, allowing her mouth to come against mine as we exchanged tongues, she was squeezing her arm around my neck and at that moment I wanted to be inside her again, to feel the warm interior of her vagina as it clung and sucked at my cock, squeezing the cum out of me as it had done the night before, she sensed the way this was going and pulled away “ I have to make breakfast” she said, “ Roseanna is on the balcony if you need to fuck someone and relieve that, she glanced at my twitching shaft, turned flicked up her skirt behind her as then left the room.

I went out onto the balcony where Roseanna was sitting having her tea, she was wrapped up in a towel, I had donned my shorts again and a thin cotton sports shirt, she smiled brightly at me as I arrived, “bene?” she said holding her clasped hands to the side of her face, “she is asking if you slept ok” said the maid as she came up behind me with a tray laden with more tea and toast “ I slept good when I was allowed to” the maid looked at me over Roseanna’s head and impishly stuck her tongue out at me then informed Roseanna what I said, Roseanna looked radiant this morning, her skin smooth and glowing as she absorbed the early rays of the sun, I decided to fuck her once more before I left just to leave her something to remember me by even if it was only difficulty in walking, I took her hand and stood, she stood and came against me, my cock was still twitching after the encounter with the maid and she had made me horny so I just had to stick it somewhere so why not where it would be very well appreciated, if you have read my other stories then you will be aware that I have a theory that the slightly older women are more appreciative as they think that every time may be the last, I can hear the cries of “sexist bastard” from my female readers but I challenge you to convince me that it is not true.
Enough of the banter, back to the sex, I walked her into the house and into her bedroom, I could feel her hands trembling slightly as I opened the door and she went inside, we walked to the bed and I dropped my shorts, took off my shirt as she dropped her towel and sat on the bed she was naked, I crawled to the centre of the bed and laid on my back with my head on the pillow she mounted me, taking my cock and sliding it into her vagina as she sank down on me, there was a sharp intake of breath from her as the end of my cock investigated her internals, she bit her lower lip as she closed her eyes and came down to rest her buttocks on my balls, she started to rock on my cock, closing her eyes again as she lowered her breasts towards me and I took them, squeezing and milking them then sucking her nipples into my mouth as she twitched then came, flooding my cock and balls with juice as she cruised through her climax, she was learning to take it and attack it steadily so that she could ride the orgasm, surfing along, enjoying the pleasure as she stretched the feeling out and soaked it up, her legs trembled as she reached the finale of it then slowly opened her eyes staring and smiling into my eyes, she leaned and kissed me on the mouth, staring at my lips as she planted her mouth on mine, she muttered something in Italian then rested her forehead against mine, I knew I had got through to her about the making love thing, there is a difference from just fucking, I got my hands under her buttocks and lifted her off me a short way, then bounced my hips up at her and this time it was raw fucking, I slammed it into her, making her yelp and scream as I fucked her hard, coming into her with a blast that made her open her eyes wide, open her mouth in silent disbelief at the pressure that I had just shot my load, it was my turn to have shaky knees as the orgasm raced through my chest and bounced off my whole insides, she came again pouring her juice mixed with my cum onto my balls, she subsided but did not move, my prick was wilting as she sat there looking at me gently kissing my lips, as I could feel the mixture drooling down the side of my cock, she perched there for quite a few minutes, her forehead resting against mine again, her eyes on mine, opening and closing them slowly as though she was enjoying and absorbing the moments of closeness, tears rolled down her cheeks as she put her arms around my neck and sank her face to the side of my face.
We broke; I showered then dressed, said my very fond farewells to both ladies, who extracted a promise for me to return someday, got into the car and headed for the village and to the inquisition that I knew I would face from the lovely Maria, which is yet another story.

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