The Italian job 4

The Italian Job 4
As I opened my bedroom door I met a sight that made my cock jump again, the maid was in the room but she was bent over cleaning the coffee table, with her back to the door, I could not help noticing I assure you that I could see straight up her dress, she was wearing a thong that had pulled up right into her crack with her vulva lips on each side of it framing it, I could not resist such an apparent invitation, I came behind her, she had not seen or heard me because she had got her iPod on and her earphones in, I sank to my knees behind her, slid my hands around her thighs and licked her vulva, she bent further down and looked through her legs at me although I could not see her face, I was staring at her thong covered posterior, I went to work on the vulva lips as she groaned at me and pushed back so asking me to push my tongue further, I slipped my tongue under her thong and into her cunt, she tasted a bit salty from the toil of the day but it was having the right effect as she melted onto my tongue and shivered as the first one passed through her, she opened her legs wider as she pulled up her skirt at the front, I pulled my tongue out of her cunt then pushed my finger in still holding her leg then looked forward and saw her face smiling at me through her thighs, I fucked my finger into her cunt a few times till she closed her eyes and came again her legs twitched again and I thought she was going to go down but she regained her balance, I hooked my middle finger around her thong and pulled hard, her thong came off and my finger dragged out of her cunt, she yelped, pulling her thong down I took it off her feet, then replaced my finger in her cunt as I applied my tongue at the same time to her running slit and vagina, she started shaking and her legs gave way, she reached out and caught herself with her hands on the coffee table, this was my signal and the moment I had been waiting for, I stood and dropped my towel, my weapon of mass destruction came into my hand and I pushed it into her wet silky smooth cunt, I slammed into her a few times as I knocked the air out of her lungs and she started gasping for air as she came big time, she was being fucked and she liked it, as the surge hit her and she threw her head back and moaned, again her legs buckled so I picked her up and threw her on the bed, I had decided to use her and take my pleasure as I walked to her she looked at me wild eyed, snarling at me as I grabbed her arms and pinned her down I pushed my tool carrying waist between her open legs. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me down with her legs locked around my back. I released one hand and got hold of my cock putting it between her legs and into her, she sucked it into her cunt as she thrashed at me with her hips, I still had hold of one arm above her head so she got hold of my arm with her other hand so that both arms were above her, I could see her tits bouncing around inside her dress as I fucked her and she thrashed at me so with my free hand I reached and got hold of the front collar of her dress and ripped it down, her dress tore straight down the front as she thrust her chest out at me, daring me to take them so I did, her tits were soft, her nipples were dark brown and as hard as bullets and her aureoles were dark brown and puckered as they came into full view then she looked down at them and came again, squeezing my hips with her legs locked around me as I slammed into her as her tits flew around her chest, I grabbed them both with one hand and squeezed them whilst at the same time rolling completely onto the bed, as she came from under and sat on top of my cock and started to thrash her hips at me, I released her arms then pulled her tits and sucked on the twin pair of nipples I had in my hand while grabbing the back of her hair with my other hand and pulling her head back, I lunged at her naked exposed throat with my mouth and sucked and licked at it, the effect was unbelievable, she grabbed my hair and pulled as she thrashed her hips grinding her cunt into my cock, she shook and wailed as I thrust my pelvis up at her banging my cock into the underside of her, I felt the juice running down my balls from her, she started to subside and let go pulling my hair, I let go of her hair and she brought her head down, her hair fell forward onto my chest as she sank forward with her weight on my chest, I could feel her breasts flatten against me as she sank her mouth onto my neck and started to lick it, I was still deep inside her and she was gently rocking on my cock, she sat up and pulled what was left of her dress over her head and threw it on the floor, her skin was slightly olive coloured and naked as she was a real beauty as I feasted my eyes on her loveliness, I took a breast in each hand and gently fondled them they were very soft, as I thumbed the dark brown nipples that were almost black, I started to milk her breasts pulling and gently squeezing at the same time whilst leaning forward and sucking at them with my mouth, she came as the feeling washed up from her ankles, through her stomach and grabbed her chest in a vice like grip, she jerked her hip on my cock involuntarily as she drowned my cock and balls in her juice “gimme, gimme” she croaked, my cock jerked as my balls squirted cum into her waiting cunt, she jerked again as she felt warm fluid jetting into her, she had her eyes closed as the orgasm melted her, she laid back down on my chest groaning, I had used this woman to satiate my lust but to this day I am not sure who used who, I rolled sideways, she laid on her side with her legs still around me looking at me and smiling, she released her legs and disengaged my wilting prick from her vagina and got up off the bed, she picked up my towel and wrapped it around herself then picked up her dress, thong and shoes and headed for the door, she disappeared through the door blowing me a kiss and waving her fingers at me in a farewell gesture, I fell into a very sound sl**p, I suspected I was going to need it.
Roseanna and I had dinner on her patio, prepared by Hazel, Hazel was back in uniform but gave no sign of the rigours of the afternoon, we chatted as best we could with me drawing pictures on paper napkins to illustrate a point, something I have got quite good over the years, Roseanna looked fabulous with quite a bit of makeup and a long shimmering gold dress that went almost to her ankles, stockings and high heeled shoes, the dress did not really do her breasts justice but she was obviously dressed to impress and had gone to a lot of trouble, we drank wine and Roseanna asked the girl to join us as she felt she needed help with the language, the girl spoke fluent Italian but Roseanna had to overcome the girls resistance because she did not feel that it was right and proper to be sat with us, the fact that I had tried to fuck her brains out seemed to be forgotten, so much for leaving a good impression.
I digress!!!
Roseanna poured her a glass of wine and we chirped through the evening enjoying the company and the usual interrogation that always seems to come when I visit a foreign country my strangest one was Czechoslovakia before it was split but that’s another story for another time.
As the night wore on I was aware of the fact that Roseanna was drinking quite a lot, I didn’t want her to get d***k as I wanted her to enjoy everything that was coming her way, namely me, she was sitting staring at me with the fox and rabbit syndrome that if you have read any of my other stories you will have come to recognise, she had taken off her shoes and from time to time would slide her stocking clad foot up my trouser leg and even though we both knew that I was going to fuck her even possibly in the open air before the night was over, I still found it a bit of a turn on, my cock was on standby, not hard but not slack, Roseanna got up to go to the toilet, then I felt the foot on my leg again, my head snapped towards the girl who was sitting at the table leaning back with her elbow resting on her stomach from the hand she had to her mouth, her other arm was resting along her stomach but her almost black eyes were drilling their way into me, the movement was hardly perceptible but she had hold of her own breast with the hand that went across, her tits were still unfettered inside her dress, she was squeezing her tit hard so that the nipple and the end of her breast were being f***ed against the thin fabric of her dress almost coming through, I looked down and her foot was clad in a black stocking, she leaned forward slightly and whispered in perfect English “ take it all later, do as you wish, no limits” I nearly creamed myself there and then but snapped out of the trance as Roseanna came back dressed in her dressing gown, it was not open but there was no sign of a fastener, she still had stockings on but I gathered she had taken her bra off because her swelling nipples were visible through the fabric of the gown in fact I very much doubted if she had anything on under the gown at all “she pointed to the pool again that was now lit, I nodded, the girl got up and left us alone, Roseanna opened her dressing gown, she was as I had suspected naked apart from her self-supporting stockings, she looked good stood there simmering at me, I got stripped down to my birthday suit, I jumped in the pool and headed for an air bed that I had seen in the pool earlier in the day, I recovered it and brought it back to where Roseanna was standing beside the pool, she lowered herself into the pool astride the air bed, the width of the bed meant that her pussy was stretched wide open and a blaze of pink was visible, she shuffled along to the edge of the bed with her genitalia about two inches back from the edge. I was still in the water, I moved the bed away from the side and closed in on the end of the bed, I saw ripples in the water and realised she was shaking with anticipation of what I was about to do to her, she was holding open the lips of her vagina and looking down at me as I had my head over the end of the bed, I did not move forward just stuck out my tongue and licked the air about half an inch in front of her pussy, she whimpered “prego, prego” she pleaded, I thought ”well if you say it like that” I got hold of the sides of the bed behind her legs and pulled it forward crushing the edge of the bed into my throat as my face plunged into her and started to devour her cunt, she grabbed my head forcing my face into her as she closed her eyes and let out a scream, she screamed for about 5 minutes as I ate her clit, licked her slit and thrust my tongue into her cunt, she was gasping for breath at the enormous wave that had passed through her as a continuous orgasm, she was growling something in Italian but still forcing my face into her, the ripples started in the pool again as I realised that another one was going to hit her, I shoved my tongue into her cunt as her vagina convulsed onto my tongue and a flood of juice came pouring out of her, her hot scalding nectar pouring into my mouth, sliding along my tongue and down my throat as I ate her and drank her, she subsided letting go of my head but still whimpering out loud she had her hands on either side of my face holding my head and looking at me as she wept with the pleasure, I knew it was time to get her into bed, she kept shivering as the minute tremors caught up with her, I pulled the bed to shallow water where she slipped off the bed into the water, she nearly went under as her legs gave way when she touched the bottom but I caught her and guided her to the steps, as I helped her up the steps I noticed a movement out of the corner of my eye, the maid was standing in the shadows of the house watching us, she had her dress lifted in front of her with no under wear on just the lacy tops of her black stockings and she was fingering herself, she saw me looking at her and she raised her hand from her cunt and pushed her fingers into her own mouth, sucking on them while she stared at me.

I got Roseanna to her bedroom and onto the bed where she laid panting for about 20 minutes, I settled in a chair beside the bed and waited for her to recover, I turned on the television but killed the sound as I watched football………whaaaaat!!!!! No point in letting the whole evening go to waste is there.
To be continued………………….

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3 years ago
brilliant - I hope there's a happy ending - I'm a romantic as well as a horny fucker!
3 years ago
hot sexy & naughty
3 years ago
Cum again?
3 years ago
That was great. Glad there is more to cum!