The Italian Job 2

The Italian job 2
The installation progressed and although we did not have sex again that week, the lunch was still as good and as big, Roseanna stood smiling at me whilst I ate and would give me a small kiss as I left the kitchen, the following week Roseanna was on holiday so I was invited to go for lunch with Maria and Yvonne her mother, I was thankful that it was only a plate of spaghetti, it was about mid-week and Maria’s mother was not in the factory, Maria seemed a bit distressed and I thought that we would not be going for lunch when she approached me and said can you drive me home as my mother is not here and we can have lunch, I asked if there was a problem and she said that her mother was not well, we went home and Maria put on the pan to heat the meal, then there was a noise behind and her mother came down the stairs, she had on a light cotton dressing gown that was open and a thin nightdress underneath she was obviously very distressed but I could not help noticing the dark outline of her nipples through the nightdress and the shape of her pubic cushion, the nightdress stopped just above her knees, Maria went to her talking in Italian, I found an arm chair to sit it out and wait which was facing the end of a couch, Maria was cuddling her mother who had a handkerchief in her hand and was weeping, Maria led her to the couch then turned to return to the stove as she heard the water start to boil over, I almost screamed as Yvonne sat down, she did not sit square on the couch, she sat at an angle facing me and as she sat and rested her arms on her knees her vagina and pubic cushion came into full view, I dragged my eyes away from the beautiful spectacle as it was framed by a neatly trimmed bush and the vulva lips were slightly open showing the hint of the pink interior, I was ashamed that I had taken all of this in as I steered my eyes away to look at what Maria was doing, I shot up out of the chair trying to avoid the temptation to look again, I walked over to the stove and asked if I could help meaning the meal, Maria turned to me with tears in her eyes, she moved to me holding her arms to her chest as I opened my arms to administer a cuddle, we had been working together for a short time but she had talked openly to me partly because she wanted to practice her English and partly because she enjoyed my wicked sense of humour, she put her head on my shoulder and I became very aware of her perfume, my cock started to stir and I almost spoke to it as I thought “this is not the, time, lie down” Maria was now sobbing on my shoulder and slowly through the tears she explained that her mum had got a letter from a woman who worked in her father’s office, she claimed he was having an affair with her that had been going on for over a year, her mum had telephoned her dad for confirmation expecting him to deny it emphatically, he didn’t, he confessed it was true, and pleaded for forgiveness as he was terribly sorry, I will say this for the foreign people I have worked with, when they drop a bombshell they really spread it around or maybe it is because I am a relative stranger and they feel they can unload their burden without it being gossiped about, she stood back and dried her eyes, apologised and went to sit with her mother on the couch, “ I am going to have to go back to the factory” I said “but you stay here and take care of your mother, I will manage for an afternoon” I said to Maria “if you are sure” she said reaching up and holding my hand her fingers closing around mine, I went back to the works and about an hour later got a phone call to the factory, It was Maria “my mother and I would like you to come for dinner tonight as you missed your lunch” she said, she sounded brighter and more positive.
I arrived bearing a bottle of wine, her mother was dressed in a cotton print dress and looked nice with hint of makeup, she had managed to dry her tears up and from talking to Maria they had come to the conclusion that life must go on, I felt particularly sad for Maria because I knew that she was a daddy’s girl, they had both made an effort and the meal was excellent but I had a bit more wine than I intended partly because they had opened another bottle when we saw off the first, we sat and chatted with Maria acting as interpreter, “if you do not feel good about driving back to the hotel” she said “you can sl**p on the couch, it’s not a problem” I agreed as it is bad enough driving whilst having had too much to drink in England never mind Italy, they brought some bedding and bid me goodnight with Maria kissing me on both cheeks as she went to bed, I arranged my makeshift bed and settled down, there was a dim light that came from a small lamp in the kitchen that they always left on although I never discovered why, I fell asl**p.
I awoke around midnight and I was not sure why, in the dim light I saw a face on the edge of the couch, the eyes were looking at me, as I opened my eyes wider the face moved forward and kissed me on the lips, lingering on my lips for few seconds, my cock started to lurch into life dragging itself out of its rest, the face returned to the edge of the couch resting on the hands that were crossed on top of each other, the owner of the face was kneeling on the floor beside the couch, I licked my lips holding in my position and tasted the lipstick, after a few seconds, the face moved forward again and again kissed me on the lips but this time the tongue slipped out and I could feel it against my lips I relaxed my lips and let it in, it slipped into my mouth and squirmed around, seeking out my tongue, the face advanced slowly over the top of me turning my head with it as I slowly rolled onto my back, it was Maria’s mother, she was now laying half across my upper torso with her lips still on mine, she broke the kiss and looked at me, she leaned back and stood up pushing back the covers off me, she was wearing the dressing gown, I was only wearing my boxer shorts and I stood up as my rigid cock jutted out of the front tenting my boxers obscenely, she looked down in the dim light looking at my knob, she opened her dressing gown, she was naked underneath, in the dim light I could see her breasts jutting out and a glint of moisture on her pubic cushion, she took my hand and led me upstairs, her bedroom was also dimly lit by a small light, she led me to the double bed and stood in front of it then took her dressing gown off her shoulders and dropped it to the floor, I nearly creamed myself at the sight of her, she was gorgeous, she knelt down and pulled down my boxers, my cock sprang out and she gasped slightly as it nearly wacked her in the face, she took it in her hand as she looked up at me and laid it flat on her cheek holding it there with her flat fingers, she turned her face and kissed the stem, flicking her tongue out and running it along to the tip of my cock where she took it into her mouth, still looking up at me, I knew I was about to explode so I took her hands and lifted her to her feet, she knelt on the bed and I followed kneeling on the bed, She put her arms around my neck and pulled me into her, I put my hands around her waist and pulled her in as required feeling her body come against me as she once again put her mouth on mine sliding her tongue into it, I felt her breasts sticking into my chest with her hard nipples almost drilling a hole in it, my cock was poking against her mound, she lifted her leg sideways and my cock slipped under her then she brought her leg down again trapping my cock under her, she started to hump her hips very slowly at me masturbating my cock with her slit on top of it and her legs around it as she gripped it tight, I realised that her clit was on my cock and came to the conclusion that this was the reason why she was whimpering into my mouth, she broke off the kiss and kept up the action leaning back a bit pushing her hips forward so that her pubic cushion was bumping against mine, I brought up my hands and got hold of her tits, her hands were on my waist holding me against her, I leaned down and sucked her nipples, her tits twitched and became rock hard as my tongue explored her aureoles making them spread across the end of her breasts, I squeezed and milked her tits as she came, shaking and trembling and whimpering, she had her mouth by my ear and was whispering to me in Italian, I could not understand a fucking word but when she subsided she broke away from me then sank to all fours on the bed, opening her legs, I moved behind her and pushed my cock into her cunt, she dropped her head and went crazy as she threw her head back with a loud moan as I drove my cock right up into her, she came again and I could feel the liquid running out of her cunt and down my cock, I began to shaft my cock into her as she started to buck and shake as the orgasm tore through her body, she thrashed at me a couple of times as the aftershocks were following close behind the main quake then dropped her head panting very quickly, she pulled off me, that disappointed me a bit because I had expected to unload my package into her from behind, she turned around still on her knees and bent down to lick the end of my cock that was sticking out, my cock bobbed as she flicked her tongue up and down on the end and chuckled at the reaction, she leaned back and sat down on the bed, I held my position kneeling, she laid back sliding her legs down each side of me, she laid back against the pillows, reached forward pulling my prick towards her, she reached down with her other hand spreading the lips of her vagina, I got the message and sank forward as she steered my cock into her, she lifted her legs and put them on top of mine intertwining her legs amongst mine, I eased my cock into her cunt as her lips yielded, I was resting on my hands which were at each side of her, she reached and pushed my arms sideways as I sank my body onto hers, I was now laid on top of her with my cock in her and my face close to hers, she leaned her head off the pillow and kissed me, the tongue came into play again as it was my turn to hump into her, I was stroking into her steadily, she kept arching her back thrusting her breasts up at me as I fucked her, I nearly jumped out of my skin as I felt the hand on my back, I looked sideways and Maria was kneeling down beside the bed, her hand still on my back stroking it, her mother looked sideways but did not react, Maria leaned forward and kissed my back, she then stood and lifted her nightdress over her head, her fabulous figure was visible in the light, I felt her mother’s hands on my buttocks, pull me a bit, I had stopped shafting her and she wanted me to continue, she said something to Maria and Maria interpreted, “don’t stop” she said “ my mother wants you to fuck her and keep making her come, she has never experienced anything like what you are doing to her” she whispered, I resumed a bit more strongly shafting her mother who came again but I felt this one wash over her as she smiled up at me, Maria was laid on the bed beside us stroking my back, she reached up and put her hand at the back of my head and turned my face away from her mother planting her lips on mine and shoving her tongue into my mouth, it was like feeling apiece of silk on my lips as she urgently started to suck on my lips as her breathing quickened, she rolled onto her back and I put my hand on her breast as I squeezed and groped her, I felt her mother coming again under me, whimpering again, Maria turned again to face us both then reached down and put her hand on my buttock stroking it, she slid her hand across and into the space between my buttocks, my buttocks clinched instinctively, Maria was laid on her side with the side of her head on her hand, “shhhh” she whispered “ relax, let it happen” she purred as she slipped her finger into my arsehole, my arse jumped at the touch, and my cock plunged into her mother, who laughed lightly saying “ce, ce,” then a few words to Maria, “she says to do that again, the reaction was good” I laughed quietly, her mother came with a thrashing humping orgasm, gagging on the convulsions in her stomach, when she subsided she rolled carefully sideways rolling me off, then kneeling up got off the bed while Maria was close behind her put her leg across me and sat on my chest, I reached up and squeezed her tits which were not as large as her mother but harder and much more pert, she shuffled to settle on my chest and I was aware that her vagina was resting on my chest possibly awaiting my attention to I decided to not keep it waiting, I put my hands around her tiny buttocks and slid her forward on my chest, she did not resist as I slid her shaved pussy onto my mouth, she hissed then there was a sharp intake of breathe as my tongue made contact with her slit and clitoris, I squeezed her buttocks as she started to hump her genitalia into my mouth, I licked and slurped at her as she threw her head back and moaned as she came into my mouth, the sweet hot juice pouring over my lips and onto my tongue, she was supporting her upper torso on her hands that were on the bed behind my head as she gyrated and ground her clit into my teeth, as she subsided, she turned around and crawled down over me so that her arse was in my face as she planted her mouth onto my cock that was sticking up in the air rock hard, she took hold of my cock as she wanked it and sucked at my enlarged dome end, I got hold of her buttocks and spread them with my thumbs, “ that’s it, push your tongue in there, lick it, eat it, eat my cunt” she growled as I obliged burying my face between her buttocks licking her vulva then pushing my tongue into her cunt, she kicked forward uncontrollably then snapped back at me, I stuck my tongue onto her arse rose and she came, I felt the juice pour out of her vagina down her slit and drip onto my chest as I drove my tongue into her cunt as far as it would go, licking out her juices, she was being distracted from my cock with my tongue on her arse and in her cunt, she had her head down as she shook violently as the orgasm ripped through her chest, she lifted her head and groaned and growled “you bastard, leave my cunt alone and let me suck your cock” her mother had returned to the room and knelt beside the bed with her chin on her hands watching her daughters debauchery, Maria said something to her mother in Italian and her mother laughed, reaching up and putting her hand over my lips then laughing, I got the message, Maria sat up and shuffled down my body, she turned again and reversed so that she was in a kneeling position over me with her cunt over my cock, she reached under and took my cock in her hand and started to stroke it from side to side on the cunt lips, she settled back with the tip of my cock against her opening, I was holding my breath, she was holding my cock with one hand while her other hand was supporting her weight as she leaned forward over my abdomen and stomach, her tits stuck down and the flesh falling into them had swollen them so that her aureoles were smooth from her nipples and glinted in the low light, she looked at me “ you can fuck me” she said, “ I am not a virgin” there was a pause then she said “ my father took my virginity” I looked at her as the tears filled her eyes and I felt them drip of them onto my chest, I reached up wiping away the tears and transferring them to my lips where I licked them off my fingers, I glanced at her mother who was watching me, she knew, she understood what her daughter had just said as Maria sank down onto my cock and took it right inside her, she sat back and lowered her head as she began to shake, her legs trembling, she almost doubled up as the orgasm ripped into her stomach convulsing it making her pour juice down my cock, she subsided and started rocking on my cock as she came twice more in quick succession, her mouth was open as though she was trying to say something but it was a silent orgasm racking her from top to toe, I got my hands round her buttocks and lifted them as she leaned forward again, I thrust my hips upwards driving my cock into her and fucking her “ come for me, cum into me, let me take it” she whispered as I let go and squirted the contents of my balls into her vagina, my orgasm was so strong, I stopped moving and just laid there letting it stream out of me, feeling it shoot up my pipe as my balls pumped it into her, she felt the warm fluid entering her cervix as it flooded her, she smiled at me and her mother who was watching my face, her mother smiled out of the satisfaction that I had just fucked her daughter and blown my stack into her, I was quite happy too, my balls ached because I had been fighting to hold it back so that I could keep going to make them both happy I think I succeeded, Maria slid off me and laid back on the bed, she talked to her mother in Italian for several minutes, “is there any way you can stay in Italy??” She said “the company would be very happy because they understand that the machine you are installing is very complicated, the sales director of the company wants to offer you a house, a car and a woman although if you want me I will come and live with you, or maybe you prefer Roseanna” she laughed, she spoke to her mother and as the conversation ended in the name Roseanna and the mother also laughed, I knew that she had just related the story to her, “ it would not work “ I said, I have many commitments around the world with other machines but I am flattered by the offer of such beautiful women by such fantastic ladies, I will be back as the company have offered me a service contract, Maria passed this information on to her mother and her face dropped a little, Maria swung her legs off the bed, I started to rise, Maria put her hand on me, “ please stay there, my mother wants you to stay with her tonight, maybe she has other work for you, maybe she wants to renegotiate your contract, she winked and smiled at me I continued to rise, “ I need to clean up but I will come back here” I said Maria spoke to her mother who smiled, she got into the bed and waited my return, I went to the bathroom and washed my cock in the sink then washed my face to freshen up, I returned to the bedroom and Maria was gone, I climbed into bed with her mother, she closed into the side of me, slightly lifted her head as I put my arm under her head and around her shoulders, she had her head laid on my chest, her breasts resting against the side of my chest and one leg over mine, we both fell asl**p, in the morning I woke and she was laid flat on the bed face down staring at me, she had the covers pushed back and she took hold of my limp cock as she smiled at me, she went for me wanking my cock as it flapped around, she rose to get to it and all her magnificent equipment came into view, my cock literally sprang up she chuckled at my reaction, she worked my cock with her mouth for a few strokes, making it rock hard then again turned presenting her arse to me, I knelt behind her and shoved my cock into her cunt from behind and banged her, she let out a frantic scream as she came and her juice flowed but this time she did not escape me as I unloaded my stack into her pumping my fresh cum into the hungry cunt, she slowly pulled off me, rolled over and laid on her back propping herself up on one elbow, she had her knees wide apart and reached down then pushed one finger into her oozing creamed cunt, she pulled it out it was covered in my cum, she transferred it to her mouth and sucked all the seminal fluid off it swallowing it and smiled at me with the end of her finger in her mouth, another Italian job well done.
A few days later I took Maria for a meal into the village one evening, after the meal we were walking back to her house, she was hanging onto my arm and we were talking she told me that her mother said that she had slept better and more contented the night with me than she had for a year “would you like to make a home here in Italy?” she said “you could travel the world from here and I would be here waiting for you on your return, would you like me to be your woman? I would like it because I like you and I want to have your c***dren” she said very frankly “in fact who knows, maybe I already am” I stopped and my mouth dropped open, she carried on walking over the small bridge, she had her back to me, she looked over her shoulder, smiled at me and stuck her tongue out at me, I lifted my hand and scurried after her, “just a minute!!!” I said.
To be continued…………………

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3 years ago
It just gets better!
3 years ago
awesome that is so hot
3 years ago
It continues well!
3 years ago
Very good story. Well done