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I awoke with a start 2 hours later and quickly looked around, he was sitting in the chair in just his boxer shorts watching the sport, I sighed as I rested my head back down on the pillow, it had not been a dream, I really was with him but I also realised that the wine contributed to my collapse but I felt totally rested, I also realised that I was in the bed as he had covered me up in bed , I curled up in the bed happy to be with him and watched him, he turned and looked at me then came over then bent and kissed me, I felt so relaxed as I reached up and curled my arm around his neck pulled him down and kissed him full on the mouth then rolled as I dragged him onto the bed, he rolled over me and settled beside me on the bed then lifted his legs and slid them down into the bed beside me, I moved and cuddled against him, still with my left arm around his neck, my right hand went down and felt for his cock to see what sort of state he was in, it was starting to harden “brace yourself” I thought, he reached down and pushed down his boxer shorts then kicked them off, he came into me pushing his hips into me, I responded by pushing my breasts into his chest as I felt his rising member starting to push between my legs but not into my vagina, it was just resting with the stem along my slit and sticking out just below my arse behind me, I planted my mouth on his and started to hump my hips gently at him, my clit was resting on his cock and as I humped I felt a small tremor pass through me making me shiver and stick my tongue into his mouth, I lifted my top leg a little and felt the cock spring up harder against my slit, I lowered my leg and felt the comfort of the cock trapped between my legs, my stomach was aching a bit and I put this down to the pounding I had been subjected to while he mercilessly fucked my cunt, he was holding my breast and I could feel my horniness rising again as I wanted some more contact, I was squirming my tongue around his mouth when he rolled onto me slipping in between my legs and taking his weight on his elbows, he was above me now with his cock between my stomach and his, I thought he was going to mount me but he had other ideas as I was soon to discover, he rested in this position for a few moments and I said” did you mean it when you said we could stay together tonight?” I queried, “of course” he said “as long as you do as I ask” “fantastic” I said almost cheering, “will you promise to do as I ask” he said “ of course I will, I promise “ I said, I have fixed it from my end” he said, “how about you?” I realised that I had to call home but decided to leave it for now as I was very comfortable and was hoping to get fucked again, I was wrong but the outcome was still unbelievable, the fuck would come later, he started kissing me on the lips, kissing my lips and then kissing my chin, then my nose, then my eyes, squirming his tongue end over my eyelids, I started squirming involuntarily as I found this so erotic, he worked his way down the side of my face and slipped his tongue into my ear squirming around in it and making my nerve edges dance as I squirmed, giggling at the tickling effect it was having on me, he came down to my neck and ran his tongue up and down my jugular, I felt the warm surge rising inside me and thought I was going to cum but the maestro was playing me again, I was groaning out loud at the fantastic oral attention he was giving me, he went down onto my shoulder and gently bit it, nibbling his way along it to the end then he lifted my arm and my stomach flipped as I realised what he was going to do next, he stuck his tongue under my arm and licked my arm pit, I thrust my chest upwards purely out of control, he had made this move at the theatre and I think it was one of his party pieces because the fact that I knew it was coming had made me squirm with delight because of the pure erotic nature that I liked , this was foreplay at it’s best, still holding my arm up he slid down the side of my stretched breast and onto my nipple, the move and sensation was heightened by the fact that I was watching his progress over my body and although I had not as yet come, my body was tingling with excitement at the way he moved around it, he stretched my other arm up and sucked my other nipple, I felt helpless and exposed but the feeling was fantastic as he moved down my chest to my stomach releasing my arms which I kept above my had leaving myself open and submitting totally to him, he rose to his knees as he went onto my hips, licking and gently biting his way across them, he rolled me over moving his focus down onto my buttocks, again biting them, I was still groaning with sheer pleasure of it all, he got hold of my buttocks and spread them and I felt my arsehole pucker with expectation and it happened, he stuck his tongue onto my rose and squirmed around it, I started thrashing my hips but his work here was finished as he moved to lick the lips of my vulva and inserting his tongue into my vagina from behind, I was being taken to heaven and back but he was not lingering anywhere long enough for me to come so the pressure was building slowly and was making my vagina run with the teasing and tasting of my body, he rolled me over again and I lifted my knees and let one of them drop sideways, spreading my legs wide open and offering my genitals to this man’s attention, I lifted my arms above my head and I got hold of the metal of the bed head, pulling on them and arching my back as he slipped his tongue under the hood of my clit and licked my button, this time the orgasm came slowly washing up my legs, I wanted to wrap my legs around him but fought to hold off experiencing the feeling of total exposure of my body to this fantastic assault, I began to realise that this man was actually making love to me as he was so gentle but firm and controlled and knew exactly what he was doing and where he was going, he went down my slit into my vagina with his tongue squirming around then he was off down my leg to my knees then down to my ankles, he looked at my face as he lifted my leg and ran his tongue down my lower leg to my ankle, the effect was electric I curled my toes as he licked around my ankles and I could not believe how good it felt as I have never considered my ankles as an erogenous zone but I do now, he carried on to my foot, sliding his tongue along the soul of my foot then holding my foot in both his hands stopped and looked at me, I wanted to scream but fought to remain calm, he put my big toe in his mouth and sucked it, I pushed my foot forward and my toe further in, then he slipped his tongue between my toes and I started to go crazy, squirming my arse with my arsehole puckering like crazy pulling on the bed head I twisted my body in a massive mind blowing feeling that was not an orgasm but it was that all my nerves were so alerted and driving me crazy, he slipped his tongue into each toe in turn then back down the sole of my foot, I had by now worked my way over onto my stomach quite u*********s that my body was crying out for something but until it happened I did not know that my body was moving me into position for it, I had my face in the pillow and as he moved back up my body onto my buttocks and I pulled my knees up into a kneeling position, my body was screaming out for something but as yet had not let me into the secret, he slid his mouth round and licked my vulva again making me jump, I was on fire with sensation that was rushing around my body, he pushed his tongue through my lips and into my vagina, making me squirm again, my buttocks kept flexing opened and closed, he got hold of my buttocks again and pulled them open, I felt he was so close but still was unaware of the centre of my need, he slid his tongue onto my rose and licked hard, I exploded, that was what my body wanted, I would have been grateful if my body had let me know so that I could have been ready for it but it took me by surprise as I clenched my hands on the rails of the bead head as my buttocks tried to close but without success as they were being held wide open, I relaxed my buttocks resigned to let it happen but my juices were pouring out of me as he wet his finger and pushed it into my rectum, my stomach kicked and I felt a very wet sensation between my legs, I was having a female ejaculation as he pushed his finger further into my arse, then pulling it out and sticking his tongue in as the hole closed which f***ed his tongue out again but the damage had been done, “ that’s it” I gasped ” fuck my arse you bastard, get your cock into my arse and fuck it hard” I could not believe what I was saying because I knew he was too big for me or so I thought, and I had heard from friends that it was very painful but I was jerking my arse and begging for him to fuck it, he held my arse again and licked my ring again as the feelings washed over me but at least the ejaculation had stopped, he stood up and went into the bathroom, I stayed trying to catch my breath, he came back carrying a jar of hand cream, I could not see him but after a few moments I felt the finger again but this time it was cold as he smeared cream on my ring and I twitched, his voice was calm “ if this hurts too much tell me and I will stop” if you think it is too much then I will stop altogether” I nodded like a fool, as my buttocks tried to close, his finger was now easing into my anal passage lubricated by the hand cream and although I was panting fast I let it continue, he eased his finger in and out of my arse till it got easier and he felt me relax into it, pushing my arse back into his finger, then he put his hand on my buttock again to steady my action, I felt the second finger being f***ed in, this was also greasy and slipped past my ring quite easily but I was not clenching my rectum so hard now and realised that this defensive reaction was what was making it hurt, but it was a nice hurt and my cunt was streaming as the pleasure of it was continuous, he now had two fingers well into my arse, he rotated them round and at first the reason for the action was not obvious, he pulled his fingers out of me and then I could feel the dome of his prick that was also cold being pushed into the hole before it could close, I lifted my head and groaned, as the domed end slipped past my ring and was firmly embedded in my arse, my rectum was no longer a virgin, I was taking his cock up my arse and it felt so good, my cunt gushed as I came, thrusting my arse backwards as the cock crept into me, he didn’t shove it all the way in, he pushed two fingers into my cunt which heightened the sensation because I could feel his cock through the dividing wall between his fingers and his cock, he started to shaft his cock into me and again I thrashed my arse at him as I came and yet another dollop of juice escaped my cunt running down his finger into his hand, I felt him pull his fingers out of me and heard him sucking them, tasting the juice and me, I groaned and buried my head in the pillow, I had been arse fucked and it felt good, he withdrew his cock slowly but as the dome cleared my ring it plopped audibly and I felt my rose closing, I rolled over, sat up and kissed him on the mouth very strongly, he got off the bed and went in the bathroom, I heard the shower and laid back on the bed to relax, he had made love to me and finished it off with fucking my arse, I felt complete as he had fucked every orifice, I picked up my phone and made the difficult call, I felt like saying “I am never coming home again, our marriage is over you useless bastard”, instead I said “ I have had quite a bit to drink so I will stay at Jennies tonight” then I rang Jennie and asked her to cover for me, she was full of questions but I promised to tell her all about it and closed the connection,
He came out of the bathroom and suggested dinner, I got dressed and we went down into the restaurant and had dinner, he held my hand as we walked down and it felt so natural, so good, I was so jealous of his wife having this man on tap 24-7 but I was with him now and intended to make the best use of him.
We had a good dinner with quite a bit of wine again, I obviously had not learned my lesson and by the time the meal was over I felt a bit tipsy but had eaten plenty of food that would absorb the alcohol, we went back to the room and I went into the shower, I stripped off all my clothes and let the hot water stream down my naked body for a long time, I came out of the shower and dried off, using some of the hotel freebies to make everything smell nice and fresh, including my vagina and my arse, you never know!!! As it had caused a good effect before, I put my stockings back on and put on the other dressing gown and wiggled my way across the room to him “now everything is nice and sparkling” I cooed “ I have ordered some coffee” he said “what if it’s the same boy” I said laughing “what if it is” he said, my dressing up had made me very horny, and the wine had made me tipsy, “ still want me to fuck him??” I said trying to impress that I had a broad minded approach, “ would you like to?” he said, my horniness and the booze took control and I heard myself say “ why not as long as you stay to watch and look after me” he did not say anything just looked at me smiling, I felt he was testing me, trying to find out how far I would go to please him, I was determined to hold my resolve and prove to him that I would do anything, there were no limits.
The knock on the door came as a shock, he was sitting in the chair towards the back of the room as I started to walk to the door dressed as before and with my dressing gown tied, loosely I opened the door and the same young boy stood blushing in the corridor, I invited him in because with coffee they have to pour it, I stood the other side of the coffee table and bent down to move some magazines off the table to make room for the tray, I was aware that my dressing gown top had fallen open and that my tit was in clear view, I heard the tray rattle as the lad reacted to the view I had given him, I looked up at him and smiled leaving my gown open as though I had not noticed, my friend was pretending to be asl**p in the chair, he put the tray down, I closed in beside him and whispered so as not to waken my friend “I’m sorry about earlier, when I opened the door” I said very close to his ear, he just looked at me so I pushed it further, “did you like what you saw?” I whispered, “do you get to see a lot of naked women” I pushed “sometimes it happens” he croaked, “do they all look as good as this?” I said opening my dressing gown and holding it open, he froze taking in my naked body as I tipped one leg to open my legs slightly to open my slit and make the pink interior visible, “no” he stammered, “ do any of them let you feel them up” I whispered looking at my friend to ensure he was still feigning asl**p, the waiter shook his head, I took his hand and placed it on my breast and squeezing his fingers onto it, I got close to him as his enthusiasm gained speed and he started to grope me, he smelled good and I thought that if it came to it I wouldn’t mind fucking him, confident I would go that, far I proceeded, I whispered “ now touch me” pushing his arm down towards my leaking pussy, he dropped his hand and tentatively started to stroke my pussy, I could see his cock straining to get out of his trousers so I stroked his cock through his trousers, as he gained confidence slipping his finger into my slit and going down for my cunt, he curled his finger and hooked it into my vagina, the sheer gravity of what I was doing exited me and I grabbed his arm as a small orgasm hit me, I humped my hips at him willing him to shove his fingers further in, to finger fuck me, I pulled his head down to suck my tits and as his mouth closed over my erect nipple the guy stirred and pretended to waken up, the lad panicked and shot out of the room closing the door behind him, I looked at the guy and said “ I would have fucked him for you, you know” I know you would and I am proud of you, he said “you realise you will have to finish the job now” I said with my hand on my hip and my gown still open, “with pleasure he said” I walked over to him and sank down in front of him to my haunches, with my legs wide apart so my crack was pulled open in clear view to him and undid his belt, pulled down his zip and pulled out his erect cock, I stroked it a couple of times and it stiffened to rock hard, I leaned in and took the end in my mouth and started working on him, I put my fingers in my cunt and started to masturbate myself as I chewed on his cock, he stood, pulling his cock out of my mouth and lifted me by my hands, his cock sticking obscenely out of his trousers, he took off my dressing gown sucking on my breasts as my arms were held back by the sleeves of the gown and my tits jutted forward, he walked me to the bed and pushed me down onto it, I was getting very excited as to which method of fucking me he was going to choose, he picked up my leg and removed my stocking then removed the other one the same way, he rolled me up the bed and put the covers over me, then stripped himself and got into bed beside me, he kissed me with my tongue in his mouth and then mounted me entering me gently, he had not been inside me like this before, it was fantastic for me to lie back and take his cock as my vaginal lips parted and he thrust into me making me come many times in thrashing orgasms, I had my legs twined round his and never had the missionary position felt as good with the gentle thrusting of his cock between my legs as I cried again, as juice flowed out of me down his cock onto his balls as they gently slapped against my arse that was still tingling, he leaned down and kissed me as he fired his seed into me, I pushed my tongue into his mouth as I came with him and clung to him as my stomach twisted and the shock waves flooded through me, I felt the warmth of his sperm shooting up into me which heightened my orgasm as I clung to him, arching my back and pushing my breasts into him for him to suck my nipples taking the aureoles as well, it felt so good and so natural to be with him to have him inside of me, he pulled out of me and rolled over as I spooned into him hesitating slightly before giving him my buttocks remembering what he had done with them the last time, I smiled to myself as he cuddled me up and we went to sl**p, just before I fell asl**p I whispered “ I love you” he never answered, he was asl**p.

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