The Italian job

The Italian job.

For many years I have worked abroad installing plant and equipment around the world, one such job was situated in a small village in Italy, I will not give the name to protect the innocent etc.
My lunch was normally a sandwich and a beer prepared by one of the factory ladies which I normally ate beside the machines that I was installing, there were a couple of people in the factory who could speak a few words of English but the company had got a young girl the daughter of one of the women in the factory who spoke good English to interpret for me, when working abroad I try to learn “please, thank you” and eat sl**p and drink in the local language, my mistakes usually cause hysterics among the locals but we all have a good laugh together, usually at my expense but I am now accustomed to it so it’s no problem, I feel that my attempt to learn a few words shows a respect for them and goes a long way to dispel the belief abroad that all English people expect everyone to speak English, some English people do have this approach and it really annoys me when I come across it, but enough of the sermon, let’s get back to the sex.
There were obvious difficulties with using a young girl to interpret because the technical dictionary is different from the normal everyday one but we managed, the girl was about 18 years of age, had just left school and was seeking a job, most likely at the factory because employment in the area was scarce and getting a job was a matter of who you knew rather than what you knew, she was tall and thin to the point of being skinny with long straight hair, very attractive, and fairly small to medium tight breasts, perhaps a 32 B, she lived in the village with her parents but her father was away most of the time as he was a business man and the opportunities in the village were as I said before limited. Her mum worked in the factory and was again tall but with a bit more weight and was a real Italian beauty, with strong firm breasts, I would say 36 D but c***dbirth had not allowed them to be as pert as her daughters having had to bear the weight of the milk, gravity had taken its toll, the owners of the factories abroad had the habit of having complete faith in me and would very often throw me the keys to a car or van to transport myself to and from my hotel daily, I was accustomed to driving abroad but didn’t particularly enjoy it because I did not feel that I could relax the same.
As I said my lunch was prepared by an Italian lady who worked in the factory, she was a fussy medium height lady who I learned later had never been married but she was about 45, quite plump with about 40 DD breasts, a very jolly person, after a few days of having lunch as I described she then came the next day and asked me to come with her using hand signs for me to follow, she took me to a small kitchen that had a table along one wall, the table was laid for one, I was a bit embarrassed when I realised that the one was me!! my interpreter had gone home with her mother for lunch so I was flying solo, Roseanna pulled out the chair and beckoned me to sit down where she proceeded to feed me spaghetti, sandwich and a beer, she stood and watched me as I ate, there was no one else in the room, the lunch had just taken on a whole new identity.
This format continued for a few days then she stepped up the pace to spaghetti, two sandwiches and a beer, while I ate she would stand and beam at me which unnerved me, my interpreter Maria came back from her lunch one day and said “ have you been having lunch with Roseanna?” she was smiling with a mischievous grin on her face, I became disturbed, it seems that the whole factory was aware of my lunch situation, “you know Roseanna has never been married “she said, grinning at me, “she lives alone in Ravenna, she is quite rich and comes to the factory for the company” she giggled and seeing my concern put her hand to her mouth to cover her obvious amusement but I could see her eyes sparkling and laughing, she has her eye on you she said so be careful what you say to her, that day it was the spaghetti, the two sandwiches, the beer which was by now a large bottle and then fruit, the meal was now taking a bit longer and by the time I had finished Maria and her mother had come back from their lunch and had come into the canteen, Maria’s mother was standing behind me, she put her hands on my shoulders as Maria spoke to Roseanna, Maria then interpreted Roseanna’s queries “where in England do you live?” “Yorkshire” I replied as I did not think they would know the town, and then the interrogation continued, did I own my own house, was I married, any c***dren and so it continued until they had extracted almost my life history with all the ladies including Yvonne, Maria’s mother taking part as they rattled on to each other in Italian, Maria was having fun so she did not try to put Roseanna straight, after the discussion Maria and her mother went back into the factory leaving me alone with Roseanna, she came to pick up my plate from the table and put her hand on my head ruffling my hair, she was standing beside me and very close I turned and her breast was very close to my face, she was breathing heavily, she leaned forward pushing her bosom into my face and kissed the top of my head, I kissed her ample covered breast through the straining blouse and bra as I saw her nipples start to enlarge and show through her blouse, she reached up and undid two buttons of her blouse, ! was still sitting with her tits in my face, then pulled my head into her cleavage, I kissed the naked skin of her cleavage a couple of times as I put my hands behind her and got hold of her buttocks, she flinched then moved away and locked the door of the kitchen, she came back to the position and undid two more buttons, her bra was now mostly in view as she and again she pushed my face into her, I got hold of her buttocks again but this time slid my hands up her stocking legs then under her skirt to get hold of her pantie covered cheeks, I squeezed my fingers into her as my finger ends sank into her rump and my fingers started to slide towards her vagina, she was now breathing very heavily and she turned my face upwards and planted her mouth on mine then I felt her tongue forcing its way into my mouth, she tasted so sweet, I slid my hands under the elasticated edge of her knickers and pulled her buttocks apart, she was holding my head to her breast and she again reached up and pulled down the lacy top of her bra exposing the brown enormous swollen nipple and aureoles of her breast, then pulling my face in to let the nipple slide into my mouth which I started to suck and she started to groan, I thought that if I could make her cum she might release me to go back to work but my cock was telling me different as it was now straining and throwing itself against my trousers, I slid my fingers up and felt the edges of her vulva which was soaked, she was leaking, I slid my fingers along and between the lips as she twitched and opened her legs to let me in to her honey pot which she seemed keen on introducing me to, I pushed two fingers into her vagina, she was not a virgin but she was tight and she came, squeezing my face into hit tits and thrashing her hips at me, I slid my fingers out of her then slid her skirt up to reveal her pink panties, and suspenders, I slid off the seat onto my knees in front of her as I got hold of her suspenders and undid them then getting hold of her knickers pulled them down to show her hairy cushion and a slit that was wet, I continued to pull her knickers down and she stepped out of them, I pulled her to me and buried my face on her mound, she opened her legs and put her hands on the back of my head, pushing me into her as I started to work with my tongue, sliding it into her slit and tasting the juices that were trickling out of her, she reached down and pulled her lips apart as I sank my face into her and buried my tongue in her slit, she opened her legs even further as I sought to get under her a bit and sink my tongue into her cunt, again she came moaning out loud as she pushed her hips out to allow me better access to her genitals as I ate her cunt, licked her slit and her clitoris, she was wrenching at her blouse to get it open as her complete rack came into view, she was a magnificent sight, she was also holding her skirt up and watching me lick her out, then throwing her head back and coming again, her legs trembled as her legs gave way and she nearly collapsed on me,, I stood up and turned her round, putting my arm around her waist pushed her forward and down so that she put her face and hands onto the nearby work surface, I pulled up her skirt at the back and undid my jeans top button and pulled down my zip she, my cock came out with a twang and she felt it on her arse, she opened her legs and I inserted my cock into her hungry vagina, as I pushed into her tight cunt, her head came up and she came, gushing juice down my cock onto my balls, my trousers were round my knees as I piled into her, with my arm still underneath, I felt for her tits groping them as I shafted her cunt my balls banging against her clit, she came again and her cunt convulsed squeezing my cock and sucking at it as I continued to fuck her, she had managed to get her blouse open and out of her skirt so it hung down open, I got hold of the bottom edge of her bra and pushed up, the lower edge resisted as it met the swelling of her breasts then gave way and slid up over her tits releasing them to drop into my waiting hand to grope her naked tits, she came again with a cry and I felt the orgasm surge through her as her stomach twitched and her buttocks flexed, her cunt was really gripping my cock and I was fighting my urge to come as I hammered my cock into her, she subsided and pulled away from me, she turned around and grabbed my cock, sinking to her knees she stuck it in her mouth and started to work my rock hard member, her tits were swinging as I got hold of them and squeezed them, she was really going at my cock when I felt it swell, she must have felt it as well because she squeezed it as my semen spurted into her mouth, she did not drop my cock as I expected, she just kept on sucking as I pumped the spunk into her, she was gulping it down, I managed to keep my balance as my knees weakened and the wave of orgasm swept through me, she slurped and sucked it in, then she stopped as my cock began to wilt still wanking it slowly watching the last drops ooze from the end of the one eyed aggressor, she looked up at me with cum on her chin and smiled, then she stood up and put her arms around me, I could feel the heat of her naked tits on my chest as she buried her face in my neck then she bent down picked up her knickers and put them on, pulled down her bra and fastened the buttons of her blouse , I pulled up my pants and walked through the door to the machine, I was very conscious of quite a few eyes on me and as I reached the shelter of the machine, Maria came over and put her hand on my arm smiling at me, “are you alright?” She asked “I’m fine” I replied, she gave me a very knowing smile.
To be continued…………………..

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Brilliant - as ever!
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Great story!
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Nice. Thanks
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good & naughty