Theatrical … 2

You remember at the end of “Theatrical” how I told you that I had not seen the guy from the theatre since he fucked me in the disabled toilets and how much he meant to me, how I had been looking out for him, well!! I’ve seen him again,…… yes!!, in the city with his wife, I was walking through one of the arcades and I spotted him in front, he is really easy to notice because he is so tall, well my heart stopped when I realised it was him but then I thought “how can I make him see me, maybe he has been looking for me, I have got to make him see me, make eye contact” so I turned down one of the side passages to the right then literally ran along to the next left turn, my tits were bouncing and my heart was racing as I ran and I bet people were thinking there was someone chasing me, I shot round the next left and nearly knocked some old dear on the floor as I stumbled over her, I apologised and ran again, to the next left that would take me back to the main walkway, as I approached the main walkway I slowed my pace, my heart was still racing and my chest was heaving with the exertion, they had been walking on the left so I turned the corner and kept to my left so that I did not come face to face but would be plainly in full sight of him as he walked towards me, I fought to try to control my breathing, I could feel the dampness in my panties at the thought of another meeting, I saw his head bobbing above the crowd as they approached me, I was staring at him as he chatted to his wife, then I caught his eye, my stomach lurched as he smiled at me, I stopped and looked into a shop window watching them pass through the reflection in the glass, as he passed he glanced at me standing there, I am sure that he must have noticed that I was visibly shaking, I was wearing a button up blouse and a fairly short skirt as well as my hold up lacy stockings, topped off by my favourite powder blue bra and knickers that were cradling my now sopping wet pussy, part from sweat and part from the juices that were leaking from me, I was getting used to this state by now as ever since our first encounter in the theatre I had started to leak whenever I thought about that night and the way he worked me over to fill my aching vagina, change my life and steal my heart, I half turned to watch him carry on along the arcade away from me and I was beginning to think that he was gone from my life again when I saw him stop and look at his watch then I saw him say something to his wife then she kissed him on the lips, he turned and started walking back in my direction, my knees started shaking and I thought I was going to collapse as my heart started racing again just when I thought I had got it under control, he looked at me as he came near but then walked past me and as he did he said one word, “come!!” I jumped and turned behind him and once again like a dog on a lead I followed him at a safe distance, you will remember that this happened in the theatre when I followed him into the toilet, my mind whirled as I set off in pursuit of him, “where was he taking me this time, was this just going to be a chat and a coffee somewhere or did he have more serious plans for me” I thought, what I did know was that with this man, anything could happen and it was very much in my interest to keep up which I was struggling to do because with his long legs he was striding away but then I realised that I should use his height and the fact that he was tall to keep tabs on him so I did, we walked through the town a short way then he turned into another arcade, I dutifully followed, he then turned down a flight of steps and I remember thinking “not another disabled toilet” but then realised it was the stairs to the underground car park, he went to a pay machine and put in the ticket, put some cash into the machine and got his ticket back for the exit barrier, then I followed him into the car park and up a flight of stairs to the next level and through the door to the parking area, he took out his car keys and pressed the button and I saw in the distance an estate car flash it’s indicator lights twice, by now my mind was really buzzing, “was this going to be it, was he going to fuck me in the car, I had lost my virtue in a car and remember how uncomfortable it can be, struggling to get stripped then struggling again to get my clothes back on, and how I had been disappointed as my future husband had shot his load prematurely as soon as he got into me and left me stranded with bl**dy knickers and an ache that wanted more but not much had changed since the initial encounter as far as my married life was concerned, the only good bit had been my meeting with this man that was now walking in front of me towards his car but then it dawned on me that he had paid for his ticket, that meant that he was intending to leave the car park as there was a limited time on the ticket after it was paid for it to be removed from the park and I also knew that the way this man worked and the time he took to work his way through me there was not enough time.

I got into the passenger seat of the car beside him, I had hesitated thinking that maybe I should get in the back so that I could start taking my panties off because one thing I knew I wanted was him inside me again but decided on the front and sat down, he looked at me, I was just about to go at him when he said “you alright??” “I am now” I replied smiling at him, I wanted to reach out and touch him to take those strong masculine hands and pull them to my breast to feel the hairs on his arms once more as he stripped me naked with them and took me apart, I could feel my knickers once again working overtime to absorb the moisture that was trickling out of me, he leaned across and kissed me lightly on the lips, I wanted to grab him, to throw my arms around his neck and to stick my tongue down his throat and take possession of him but he pulled back and started the car, smiling at me again as I watched him.

We drove out of the car park and carried on for a short distance out of town to the Ramada hotel, he drove into the car park and moved to get out of the car, I caught his bare arm and pulled him back a little then leaned over and kissed him but quite a bit stronger this time flicking my tongue into his lips to let him know that I was willing to let him take me, I had also had my fix of his hairy arm again which made me smile as he got out of the car.

We walked into the hotel and he made straight for the desk, I tried to look nonchalant and strolled round the foyer as he paid for the room, the clerk asked him if he had any luggage and I held my breath “ airline say it’s in Geneva, should be here in the morning” he replied to the clerk, “you crafty bugger” I thought, “you have it all worked out, with an answer for everything” he ordered chicken sandwiches and a bottle of wine to be sent to the room then picked up the room key card and walked away from the desk, I galloped after him as he strode down a nearby corridor, people in the lobby were watching us and I remember thinking that they knew, that they thought I was some kind of tart that he had dragged in from the street for a fuck, then it dawned on me that that was exactly what I was and I was a very willing participant, I couldn’t wait, I also realised that I must have done something right the first time to deserve such lavish 5 star treatment, “ one expensive trollop” I thought and smiled.

The room turned out to be a small suit, with an enormous double bed which I knew I would be expected to perform on and do my stuff, “god I was thinking like a whore already” I surmised, small fridge well stocked as I later discovered, fabulous bathroom with all the usual fittings and freebies and enormous television screen, he said he was going to take quick shower and went into the bathroom, I grabbed the opportunity to make a quick phone call home to say that I had met Jenny in town and was going to go to a show with her and not to wait up, there was a bit of grumbling at the other end about him having to make his own tea, “serves you right you bastard” I thought “if you did your job right I would not have needed to do this in the first place”
“there is a shepherd’s pie in the freezer” I chirped down the phone and closed the connection.

He came out of the bathroom, he had his trousers and shirt on but his shirt was unfastened and his thick hairy chest was in full view, my vagina lurched at the sight of him, I thought I had better do something about my soaking pussy so I dived into the bathroom, took off my wet panties and washed my genitals on the bidet, the warm jet of water was a real comfort on my vulva as I soaped it and washed it then looked down and pulled my lips apart with my fingers, “not long now girl” I said to my swollen vulva lips.

I did not put my panties back on, “what’s the point” I thought to myself, “hopefully he would have them off in a trice” I mused, I was really getting horrified by my way of thinking, “I was sinking in a sea of depravity” I thought as I exited the bathroom, he was sitting in the chair watching some sport, on seeing me turned the television off and he came to me, I lifted my arms to meet him and he wrapped his arms around my waist, I kissed him full on the mouth sliding my tongue into his mouth and I could taste the toothpaste, “shit!!” I thought, I had forgotten to clean my teeth, he detached himself from my mouth burying his face in my neck and whispered “god!! I’ve missed you my darling” this was music to my ears, he continued to nibble my neck and I could feel his cock starting to stir which pleased me to think I could have that effect on him, I dropped my hand and started to stroke his swelling cock in his trousers, then I moved my hand up and started to unfasten the buttons of my blouse, I was conscious of my breathing becoming faster as I pulled at the buttons feeling the blouse come open, I wanted to be closer to him, I wanted him to touch me, by now I was almost ripping the buttons open as I hung onto his neck with my other arm my mouth now back on his, I pulled my blouse out of my skirt and undid the button and zip of my skirt so that it fell to the ground, I pulled my blouse open willing him to grasp hold of my breast, he obliged, he slid his hand up from my waist and wrapped his strong hand around my bra covered tit and squeezed it, I threw my head back exposing my throat to him, he started to lick it, I was thrusting into him with my hip and could feel his enlarged cock against me, I suddenly remembered that cock and how it felt, and the juice started trickling again but this time down my leg. “ take me to bed” I whispered “fuck me” I cried, he half turned me scooped up my legs and carried me to the bed dropping me on it “quite unceremoniously “ I thought, I kicked off my shoes, sat up and almost tore off my blouse, he took off his shirt and dropped his trousers but he still had his boxer’s on, I looked at his enormous jutting cock tenting his boxers and took a sharp intake of breath “aren’t I a lucky girl” I said hoarsely staring at the boxer covered monster that I remembered so well, he was standing beside the bed so I knelt up on the bed, turned and got hold of his boxers, I pulled down and the massive cock almost smacked me in the face as it flew up in front of me, I reached behind and undid my bra then dropped my arms and the bra fell away, unleashing my swollen breasts with their distended aureoles and jutting nipples that were as hard as bullets, I have always considered them to be my weapons of mass destruction and was pleased to note the visible twitch of his cock as they came into his view, apart from my stockings I was naked, it felt so good, I wrapped my hand around his throbbing member wanked it couple of strokes the then knelt up and got hold of my tits, wrapping them around his cock, he started to hump at me shoving his cock up and down in my cleavage, I dipped my head and opened my mouth so that the rising cock came into my mouth as I licked it before it went down again, it came up again and as it entered my mouth I let go of my tits and followed it down still in my mouth while at the same time grabbing hold of it, his action slowed as I concentrated on his swollen knob end, licking and slurping, he continued to slowly fuck my mouth and I could hear low moans coming from him, in the disabled toilets he had not let me suck his cock, he had elected for sticking my cunt on the end of it like a giant lolly and sticking it in me, this time I had it in my mouth and although I knew it might take a
while for him to recover I was determined to make him cum, my needs came second but I knew instinctively that he would not let me down or leave me stranded, how right I was.
I decided to bring to bear my assets so I moved to the edge of the bed still with his cock in my mouth, still taking the slow thrusts that were pushing his tool onto my licking tongue and pressed my tits against his legs, this brought my head nearer to his stomach with his cock in my hand now pointing upwards, I wanked him, hard and fast working my mouth around his swollen purple dome, licked and slurped at the end and the stem as I bobbed my head on it like a woman possessed, I felt his hand on the top of my head and I knew I had him, it is an instinct for a man to try to f***e his cock into a woman’s mouth as he is coming, he wants to hold her in place so that she cannot escape the blast, not that I wanted to, I wanted it all, every last drop, I felt the pressure on my head increase as his cock swelled in my hand, twitched and then gushed spunk into my mouth hitting the back of my throat hard as it splashed against it, I gagged and tried to hold on to it gulping it down as fast as I could but I knew that some of it had escaped and was trickling down his cock onto my hand that was still jerking his cock as I could feel the large vein at the back of his cock jerking as he continued to ejaculate his seed into my mouth, the hot juice pouring in, I was still gulping and as the flow started to slow I got control of the volume and swallowed it, it tasted fantastic, not just because of the flavour of him but partly because I had got what I wanted at long last, he stroked my hair as he looked down at me, I looked up at him smiling with cum covered lips and spunk trickling over my fingers down to his drained balls, I was a very happy rabbit.
As his cock started to wilt a bit, I headed for the bathroom to get cleaned up, I looked in the mirror and saw that there was cum on my chin & lips, cum on my chest and breasts that were still jutting out with my aureoles still swollen, my nipples were still hard, I wiped a drop of cum off my breast and transferred it to my mouth, I put it in my mouth and sucked it, I smiled and said “ you slut” to the mirror as I bent to take a wash in the hand basin, remembering to clean my teeth this time.

We swapped places in the bathroom as he cleaned up, but I noticed that his cock was still semi hard, “god what does a woman have to do to get this man finished off, just then there was a knock at the door I completely forgot about my condition and opened the door, the waiter almost dropped the tray of sandwiches and wine as he gawped at my tits and pussy, I realised and dived behind the door “sorry” I pleaded, I got hold of the dressing gown that was hanging behind the door and threw it on, wrapping it around myself I returned to the open door where a scarlet coloured waiter was standing, I invited him in and he put the tray down on the table and could not get out quick enough, I closed the door as my friend came out of the bathroom, he had his boxers back on again and he looked at me “ sexy “ he said, I looked down and my dressing gown was hanging open, my pussy was glistening at the top of my lacy stocking tops and exposed, my tits were exposed and on maximum alert, I noticed his cock start to move again and realised that my appearance had just turned him on again, I smiled to myself “this was certainly my day” I thought, as I sashayed over to where he was pouring out a generous glass of wine for me, “you trying to get me d***k” I cooed looking at him over the glass rim as I took a healthy swig, I didn’t care if he did get me rolling d***k, this man could do what he liked with me, I was his for the taking.

We sat on the bed and ate the sandwiches and drank the wine, then he opened the fridge and opened another bottle of wine, pouring me another generous portion, he rolled onto the bed and laid with his back to the pillows, propped up on them, I slid off the bed and stood, dropping the dressing gown off my shoulders and onto the floor at my feet while I stared at him, he watched my action then I lifted my leg to take of my stockings “ no leave them on he said, I like it” I was feeling quite tipsy and definitely horny and raunchy as I crawled across the bed to him, I kneeled up “ I frightened the waiter” I said trying to sound sexy, “I opened the door like this” I raised my hands to give him the show that the waiter had seen, “and??” he said “ did you fuck him??” he asked “ noooo” I purred “ would you like to fuck him??” he asked “ would you like to see me fuck him” I said hoarsely, trying to sound like woman of the world, the wine was really taking effect now, “maybe later” he said, I began to pull down his boxer shorts and his rigid cock once more sprang into action, this time I knew what I wanted, I pulled his boxers all the way of and tossed them over my shoulder onto the floor. I could not believe the way I was behaving, I threw my leg over him and sat on his stomach with his upright cock behind me, I leaned forward with my arse in the air trailing my breasts through the hair on his chest, it felt soooo good, I reached back and took hold of his cock then pulled it down so that it was rubbing against my vulva pushing through to the entrance of my waiting vagina as I opened my mouth and rested my tongue on my bottom lip, I looked him straight in the eye as I sank back onto his cock as it slid inside my cunt, she yielded to the monster that was coming her way, sucking it in as it made progress towards my cervix as I kept going back down onto it, the orgasm hit me like an express train, ripping through my stomach as I convulsed out of control, this made me fall back straight onto it which sucked all the air out of my lungs as I fought for breath, I was shaking and staring at him as I threw back my head and once again exposed my throat to him, he leaned forward and licked my throat as I came again, arching my back as he grabbed my tits and sucked my nipples this had the effect of exacerbating every feeling in my body as my nerves jangled, he milked and sucked my tits as I dropped my head forward and stared at him, “ I had grossly underestimated this man, I had ignored the warning signs of the last time and thought I was now in control, as he continued to suck and milk my tits, another orgasm raced up from my feet and crashed headlong into my stomach again making me convulse, I started to growl, grabbing his hair and planting my mouth on his as I started to rock on his cock, I couldn’t help myself even though I knew there was another one coming and it might split me in two, I couldn’t stop, driving my tongue into his mouth as the orgasm gripped me making me cry once again into his mouth “Oh!!! my fucking god” I said pulling my mouth away from his still with my lips on his, “ that came all the way from America” I cried, tears rolling down my cheeks, once again it had all surfaced, the frustrations, the emotion, he gripped the edge of the bed and slid down the bed taking me with him, this brought him lower down so that he was much flatter and my face further away from his face, he got hold of my buttocks and pulled them apart running his finger round my rose, I jumped at the touch, he lifted my buttocks which tipped me more towards him then started to shaft my cunt, bouncing his pelvis up and down on the bed, the movement of his cock inside me up among my internals made me come again with a long moaning wail, I could feel my tits scr****g his chest as I gasped for breath, my heart racing at a million miles an hour, he was really into me and hard fucking me this time, he really meant it as he laid into me with his cock in my cunt, I could feel the juice running down onto my legs as it was displaced from my cunt by his moving prick, I lifted my head and started growling again “ come on you fucking bastard fuck me, fuck my cunt, fuck it hard, make me scream, he did and I did burying my face in his chest to try to muffle the sound as I wept and bit into his chest, I collapsed on his chest, I think I lost consciousness for a few seconds because everything went black as I was washed away in a river of orgasmic pleasure, I lay there panting, totally spent, my arms and legs limp, he still had his cock in me as I f***ed myself up on my arms and looked him in the face, “is there any way that we can spend tonight together??” I said to him “if you really want to” he said,
“I do, I do” I said, “I don’t ever want to let you go” I croaked as I collapsed again onto his chest and fell asl**p, totally exhausted with his prick still inside me, I woke when he eased me off his cock and I felt my insides return to normal service, I felt empty but totally satiated as I fell back to sl**p, and it was still only 2.00pm but I could hear myself snoring.

To be continued………………

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Excellent - can't wait for more