My girlfriends mother Part 6

My girlfriends mother Part 6

It seems like you are enjoying my adventures with my girlfriend’s f****y so I will give you one more then that’s the finish.

I have already told you how horny and raunchy my girlfriend Gillian can get especially when we are out and how I took Ruth to a club in Leeds and how Pam can get so possessive and how it has been bothering me.

Again it was Wednesday afternoon and I was sitting on the couch on the lounge with Ruth watching TV, she was sitting on my left with my left arm around her shoulders and her left leg d****d over the arm of the couch so her legs were wide open, her skirt was back and her soaking wet panties were on full view, Pam had made herself scarce and gone for a walk with the baby, Ruth had my cock out giving me a wank and a blow job, I had her blouse open because I wanted to distract her as I did not want to blow my stack just at that time and I knew that if I played with her nipples it would distract her from making me cum so I had slipped her bra strap off her shoulder and had my hand inside her bra around her breast cradling it and giving it an occasional rub with my thumb to distract her because I know that she has very sensitive nipples and cannot concentrate.

This had been going on for some time when she leaned her head back and said “fuck me” and pulled my hand out of her bra and pushed it down to her pubic cushion that was wet within her panties, I slid my hand down her knickers and got two fingers into her cunt and started to finger fuck her, she bent down and got her mouth on my cock and started to blow me again with a fairly rigorous action, she pulled up off me as she came with a shaking tremor and leaned back her head again and said” is that the fucking best you can do you bastard, fuck me!!” I pulled away from her and stood up dropping my pants and my boxers while taking off my shirt “oooooooo” she said “ I take it you really mean it this time” she cooed then I dropped to my knees and pulled her legs round then pulled off her knickers, I lifted her legs onto my shoulders and she locked her legs behind my head then I went down on her eating her cunt, slit and clit, she gave out a scream as she came into my mouth with a flood of juice, she dropped her legs onto my arms as I got hold of her buttocks and pulled her to the front edge of the couch and shoved my cock into her, she still had her legs over my arms as I gripped her buttocks so her whole genitalia was being severely stretched from each side, this enabled me to really shaft her with my balls banging against her arse, she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled herself forward putting her face very close to my ear “ that’s better lover, really hammer that cock into me, make me have it, fuck this cunt like you really mean it, come on bang me” she whispered and with this she threw her head back and let out such a scream as she came with such a thunderous orgasm that it took me by surprise, I started to cum as she fell back against the couch , wrenching open her blouse then jerking her bra up so that her enormous tits plopped out as the bra rolled up over them, she grabbed her tits stretching the nipples as I firstly felt the surge of juice from her cunt and then the flow of my cum into her “oh yes, yes! ”she screamed “pour it into me straight up my cunt, drown me in it” she yelled as my cock jerked and pumped my seminal fluid between her legs, she groaned as she felt the warm flow inside her then started thrashing and thrusting her hips up and down on my cock, levering herself by her legs on my arms, she subsided and relaxed so I let her legs drop to the floor “ you see what you can do when you put your mind to it” she japed “ but seriously do you have something on your mind, is something bothering you because that was fantastic but you took a bit of persuading???
”the situation with Pam is bothering me a bit” I said “she is getting really heavy about Gillian and I, she is obsessed that I treat Gillian differently but Gillian is my girlfriend and Pam should respect that” I explained, Ruth thought for a moment, “you know the club that you took me to in Leeds?? Well why don’t you take both the girls there then you can let Pam see how you are with Gillian and maybe introduce Pam into the game” “good idea” I said,” I will arrange something” “ well seeing as I have been a good girl, you can fuck me again” said Ruth as she turned over, knelt on the floor with her arms on the couch and reaching back to pull up her skirt to show me her voluptuous buttocks then waggle them at me, I dropped to my knees with my cock fully recovered and waiting to go then mounted her from behind, she drew a sharp intake of breath as I pushed into her and proceeded to give her a long hard fuck, I heard the door go and saw Pam pass in the corridor on her way to the bedroom to put the baby in the cot then she walked into the lounge, she kicked off her shoes, lifted her skirt and dropped her knickers stepping out of them then she knelt down beside Ruth and said “me next” and both girls giggled together so I fucked them both, juicing Pam’s cunt with my fingers while I fucked Ruth then switched to Pam.

Gillian was not exactly overjoyed at the thoughts of going out with Pam because she felt it would cramp her style to get fucked afterwards but I managed to persuade her and she agreed, although there was quite a few years difference in ages between the two they are quite good friends.

The day came for the trip to Leeds and Pam was very excited firstly because she was going out with me and secondly because we were going for a meal and a club.

I picked them up and they both looked gorgeous, Gillian was wearing a little black dress with her skirt just above the knees, I knew she was wearing lace topped self-supporting stockings because she liked to make it easy for me when we fucked, no bra and white silky knickers completed the outfit, although the dress had a stitch at the top, there was a fairly wide open space down to the top of her breasts where the tops of them were clearly visible, Pam had gone for a lined crocheted dress that fitted her very snugly, and because of the snug fitting she too had elected for no bra as the dress was prising her breasts almost out of the low cut top, they both looked very good and my cock gave a very approving lurch at the sight of the pair of them, we went to the same restaurant and again the girls got lots of attention from the waiters who were once again trying to look down cleavages and with Pam they were well rewarded as her dress top was only fractionally above her nipples and from time to time they would peep out when she moved, she knew she was hogging the attention and she loved it.

The girls had been downing quite a bit of wine which in Gillian’s case was always dangerous because she got very horny with no boundaries, we went to the club and I showed my card to the same doorman who was just about to say he remembered me when I put my fingers to my lips and silenced him, we found a booth and a waitress offered us a drink on the house, the music was good and I danced with both girls, Gillian danced with a couple of other guys and Pam danced with quite a few, she had been dancing for a while when Gillian who had been watching touched my hand and looked at Pam on the dance floor with a guy, they were dancing close and with an arm around each other facing slightly away from the bouncer so that he could not see what they were doing, Pam had the guy’s cock out and she was slowly wanking him while he had the front of her dress up and his hand down her knickers, I could see his fingers fumbling about in her panties, this was in the middle of the dance floor and I could tell that Gillian was getting fairly turned on watching the mutual masturbation, Gillian started to shuffle and leaned over to me and said “sweet heart I’m really, really horny, can we go outside for a shag” she whispered in my ear, I had told Pam earlier about the fire escape where she could watch Gillian and me if she felt inclined and wanted to see how we were together, I took Gillian outside into the famous alley and across to the car where she immediately grabbed me and started to hump my thigh with her hip, she was kissing me hard and pressing in, I noticed the curtain on the fire escape move and cast a light as Pam passed through it, I started to grope Gillian’s tits she was getting hornier by the second, I was keeping an eye on the escape platform and saw the curtain move again as the short black guy came out and started talking to Pam, Gillian was feeling for my cock then undoing my zip, Pam was close to the black guy and was kissing him whilst holding the edges of his jacket, she was tonguing him and I could almost feel her silky tongue squirming around in this mouth, Gillian was doing the same to me as she pulled out my cock then went down, she took my cock into her mouth and started guzzling, Pam was holding the black guy round his neck as he was feeling her tits, she clamped her mouth back on his in consent for him to proceed, Gillian was working hard on my cock that was rock hard then she stood up and dropped her knickers stepping out of them as a gust of wind blew up her skirt and revealed her glistening wet pussy, I put two fingers into her to get her juiced up, Pam had the black guys short thick cock in her hand jerking it, her tits were out of top of her dress and he was sucking her nipples, she had her hand at the back of his head pulling him into her breast, Gillian was now frantic, she lifted one leg and put her foot on the bumper bar of the car whilst at the same time leaning back and taking my cock inserted it into her cunt, she started to thrust her hips into me fucking my cock and starting to come, pam was still wanking the guy as he guzzled her nipples, I saw her starting to shake and knew instinctively that she was coming, Gillian came with a cry and a moan thrashing her hips at me fucking my cock hard, I noticed that Pam had left the escape platform, Gillian pulled my cock out of her cunt then turned around and put her arms down on the car presenting her arse to me, I shoved my cock into her and started shafting her as she spread her legs, I saw the light of the door open and pam walked through heading in my direction, Gillian saw her too and said “don’t stop, don’t fucking stop”, I kept up my rhythm as Pam walked to the side of the car, bent down and removed her knickers, the black guy came through the door as Gillian said to Pam “ have you been fucked yet?” “no” said Pam “but I expect to get fucked any minute now” as she lifted her dress to show her bare arse to the black guy, spread her legs and took up position on the bonnet of the car, the black guy walked up behind her opening his zip and getting out his very thick cock, I heard Gillian gasp “ fucking hell, that is one thick cock” the guy put on his condom then placing his hand on the back of pam pushing her down so that her tits spread out of her dress onto the bonnet of the car spreading out as they were flattened, he lined up his cock as he shoved it into Pam, her head came up as she gagged at the shock, he started banging into her, Gillian was moaning from my assault on her cunt “ Gillian was also watching Pam get fucked and was at the point when she was past caring, “ I want some of that when you’ve done with it” she said to Pam “ only if I can have some of that” she moaned back, Gillian hesitated then said “ fuck yes” pam came in a shaking choking screaming rush, Gillian had already come three times and was ready for the exchange, I pulled out of her and the black guy pulled out of Pam, the two girls came to each other and kissed then crossed over, Pam bent over in front of me whilst Gillian bent over and lifted her dress in front of the black guy, he still had the condom on and was still rock hard, I shoved my cock into Pam as she gasped with her tits flat down again and Gillian took the black guy with a squeal, he was really ramming it home to her as I laid into Pam, “ how does it feel” Gillian said to Pam, “fantastic” said Pam “ you should share it more often” said pam, “feel free to help yourself any time” said Gillian” and I smiled to myself, Pams legs started to shake as she came with a rush, I pulled out of her as she turned and took the position on the bonnet taking my cock and aiming it at her cunt, I pushed forward and into her as she wrapped her arms around me and stuck her mouth on mine, sliding her tongue into me and squirming it, I groped her tits Gillian came with a gagging sound then stood up and turned around sitting on the car with her legs wide open as the black guy got stuck into her again, he was trying to feel her tits, “ can’t you get to my fucking tits” Gillian said then reached up and ripped her dress open as her tits came pouring out and into his hands as he groped her and she moaned from the assault on her tits and the assault on her cunt, pam came at the sight of Gillian’s tits coming into view in such a dramatic fashion, and so did the black guy as his knees gave way, Gillian tried to cling onto him as he collapsed on the floor but he was too heavy, “fucking useless bastard” said Gillian, she obviously was not finished with him, she came round the car watching me fuck Pam, she stood rubbing her clit with one hand while squeezing her tits with the other, she was still very turned on,
“can I have my cock back now” she said to Pam, “ shortly” said Pam, Gillian climbed on the bonnet and moved over and planted her mouth on Pam’s, I saw her stick her tongue into her mouth as the two women tongued each other, Pam came with a muffled screaming rush pouring her juice out of her cunt and down my cock, I pulled out of Pam and grabbed Gillian off the car then turned her face down on the bonnet and fucked her arse, she loved having it fucked but always cried with pain at the start, Pam came off the car and stood beside me as I banged into Gillian, she took my hand and put it on her tits for me to squeeze and grope, Gillian started to scream “ come on you fucking bastard fuck your woman’s arse, drive your cock into me and make me fucking scream” so I did and she did, coming with a mind blowing orgasm that had her shaking and trembling as her knees gave way, I pulled out of her and she sank down turning to sit on the bumper of the car, she looked at my jutting cock and said
“finish him off will you Pam, I am totally fucked” a wry smile came to Pam’s face as she sank down and took my cock in her hand and blew me off, I sent my cum to the back of her throat and she swallowed it while Gillian watched, both girls smiled and hugged each other, I took off my jacket and wrapped it around Gillian as we made our way back to the car, as we drove back and we were getting near home, Gillian said
”go down the lane, Pam and I are going to fuck you, you smug bastard till you cry for mercy” I looked in the mirror to see pam smiling at me in the back of the car as I pulled into the clearing and fucked every orifice till we were all satiated with the women stripping each other and sharing each other’s bodies throughout.

I gave Ruth her reward in the usual way when I next saw her for her splendid idea, she seemed very grateful.

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3 years ago
i love this series it is just to hot & naughty
3 years ago
Don't let this excellent installment be the last!!!!!!!!!!!