My girlfriends mother Part 5

My girlfriend’s mother part 5

This story is the very strangest of all and it involves the promise I made to my girlfriends mother Ruth to e****t her s****r Sarah to Edinburgh to a conference, last episode I left you having just completed a night out on the town where Ruth got fucked and so did I but not by either Ruth or my girlfriend Gillian.

The f****y had been a bit vague about the arrangements for the trip as I said last time but I just put it down to women’s organising something and thought “ if it goes pear shaped I’ll pick it up as I go along” Sarah was supposed to be arriving at Gillian’s house on the Thursday evening having travelled in from Hull, I was going to collect her on the Friday morning then take her to the station where I would leave the car and we would both travel to Edinburgh by train on the Friday to be there in time for the conference to start on Saturday morning having given ourselves time to settle into the hotel etc.

I decided to go around to Gillian’s house on the Thursday morning to see Pam, Ruth’s younger s****r??, she was a lovely shag and really appreciative of the cock I gave her regularly which is nice because the older ones… well they must think that each time is the last and are grateful but the younger ones… well that’s a bit of a gold star and I must be doing something right.

I arrived at the house and there were no other vehicles parked outside so I confidently knocked and walked through the door calling out “get stripped your on next” as I marched along the hallway, I turned the corner into the kitchen and stopped dead in my tracks, there in front of me was a nun!!, I was hoping that the ground would swallow me up, she stuck out her hand and said “Hi! You must be Tom, I’m Gillian’s auntie Sarah, is it my turn now or do the others go first?” I was gagging and choking as I was trying to apologise to her, Pam was standing in the kitchen doorway with a massive smirk on her face and I had an instant vision of her relaying my entry to the rest of the f****y, they would be in hysterics, I blushed scarlet and tried to bury my face in the wall “ I’m so sorry” I blurted, “ I am so, so sorry” I remember thinking that this was not a good start to the weekend especially as we would be spending it together much of the time, I looked at her and shook hands with her and the first thing I noticed was the long elegant fingers although they were so white as though they had been bleached, she blushed a little then turned and walked into the kitchen, I say walked because of the long habit that she was wearing she appeared to glide as if on castors, she was quite tall even though she had flat shoes on but when I think back, all the s****rs were fairly tall, around 5’9” or 5’10”, she made for the kettle and plugged it in still chuckling to herself, I just wanted to hide my head in shame as I crept into the kitchen, Pam lingered outside the door and I gave her a quick kiss on the lips as I passed her while Sarah had her back to me, pam gripped my arm and gave it a squeeze in a form of embrace.

I sat down at the kitchen table, “how was your trip” I queried “ I thought you were coming this evening” I stammered “ obviously” she replied laughing out loud, at this point several pieces started falling into place, no wonder the f****y had been so cagey, no wonder they had tried to hide the real facts from me and no wonder Ruth had used her womanly charms to persuade me in the first place, now it was all making conniving sense.
She told me that her trip had been fine and that she had come the day before so as to spend a bit of time with the f****y, I hadn’t seen Gillian the day before because I was working so she had not had time to warn me, she explained that the conference was really a kind of seminar for orders of nuns from all around the country and Ireland, “ it’s going to look like a zoo with all those penguins around she joked, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, she obviously had a wicked sense of humour, I glanced at Pam who was still standing in the doorway leaning on the frame with her arms folded still smirking at me.

That night I saw Gillian and we had a nice long fuck down lane where I had fucked her mother a few days earlier.

When I took Gillian back home and I walked away from the house, I noticed Pam hiding round the corner, she beckoned me over and wrapped her arms around my neck, we were at the side of the house so no one could see us but I was conscious of the fact that my car was parked outside and Gillian would be wondering why it was still there, I told Pam to go through the gardens to the ginnel and I would pick her up on the bottom road which she did, I drove back down the lane then stripped and fucked Pamela, she wasn’t happy that she could smell Gillian on me but seemed to accept that this was better than nothing given the circumstances but seeing as I was not going to be seeing her for a few days I fucked every orifice for her and she finished me off with one of her fantastic blow jobs that she really is good at, I blew my load into her mouth as she guzzled it down with relish making a point of catching the drops off her chin and sucking those off her fingers, as I dropped her off at the bottom of the ginnel she gave me a great big hug and a kiss and wished me good luck with a tear in her eye, she really did worry me that girl.

The next day we went to the station and caught the train to Scotland, on the journey we chatted about the forthcoming wedding and my marriage to Gillian and how Sarah hoped to be there.
She also explained that most people were taking an e****t of someone with them because the seminar was not 24 hours and they felt it would help the culture of the conversation at dinner as they were all booked into the same hotel and would most likely dine together at large tables and that I had come highly recommended from Ruth, as being a policeman I would know the ropes and be a bit more worldly and to coin a phrase “could open doors”, I thought I knew what she meant but did not pursue that particular line of conversation, she was a very nice lady, I could not see her hair colour for her cowl and hood, she belonged to a church of England order that ran an infant’s school in Hull, she was a teacher and loved her work as well as her devotion to her faith, she was wearing as I said a full length habit with mixtures of different types of garment in between but the most striking thing was the full length black tabard that almost trailed on the floor, she was wearing grey woolly socks and the black flat shoe that I have already mentioned, she had been in the convent since she left school and did not feel that she would be able to fit into any other kind of life because her environment was very sheltered, she knew and openly admitted that she was naïve and was glad to have me along partly because I was going to be f****y, partly because I was male, and partly because of the different conversation from just women’s and nun talk.

She nodded off for a good part of the journey and I read a book, she woke with a start and apologised for being so rude as to fall asl**p, I accepted the apology and told her not to let it happen again, we laughed together and it seemed to break the ice a bit as we both got to know each other’s sense of humour,

We got a taxi from the station in Edinburgh and arrived at the hotel, it was a massive Victorian building and like she said there were penguins everywhere, the place was full of them, I managed to squeeze my way through to the desk and checked us both in, we had adjoining rooms with of all things a connecting door that someone had forgotten to lock but this lead to the second embarrassing incident, I went into my room and started to explore, big bathroom, big double bed, all the fittings, trouser press etc., fridge full of stuff and all the other stuff that is usually found in a 5 star hotel, I realised from the geography what the door was but did not try it and unpacked my stuff into the wardrobe, I got a cold drink from the fridge and decide I needed a shower, we had agreed to meet downstairs in the lobby at 7.00 pm for dinner as we were not really clear about the arrangements and it was now 5.00 pm, I stripped off and jumped in the shower, getting out of the shower I donned my boxer shorts but did not get fully dressed as I thought that there was no point in sitting around and creasing my trousers, whilst I was wandering around finishing my unpacking, suddenly the adjoining door opened and there stood my girlfriends auntie Sarah, she had taken off her hood and tabard but thankfully still had on all the bits of things they wear under it, as she saw me in my boxer shorts her hand flew to her mouth and she blushed scarlet, “sorry!! sorry!” she cried as she ran back into her room shutting the adjoining door behind her, I heard her saying “my goodness, my goodness”, it was her turn to be embarrassed.

I met her for dinner as she looked very sheepishly at me and a bit of a smirk on her face, “ you must think I’m terrible bursting in on you like that, good thing you weren’t up to anything” then realising what she had said burst out laughing and blushed again, I was tempted to say “like having a wank or something” but I thought better of it and let the subject drop although at dinner she did relay the story of the adjoining door to the assembled guests at our table and took great relish in telling everyone how I was a policeman and was about to marry her niece.
She was sitting on my left side for dinner and so that the nuns could sit beside one another I found myself sitting next to a beautiful Japanese girl on my right, she was about 23 years old and was e****ting her s****r who had been sponsored by the church to come from Japan to the seminar, she was very slim and was wearing a cream coloured dress that hugged her fantastic figure, I have always had a thing about oriental women how they always seem so easy to get along with, gentle and cultured, I have to come to the bit where I noticed that her breasts looked out of proportion to the rest of her body, fairly large with a slight hint of a broad nipple showing through, if I didn’t then you would feel cheated. She had heard Sarah singing my praises and had struck up conversation asking me about my job and my life in England, she had been to England a couple of times before and could speak good English but not perfect, then during the meal she asked me if I had ever been to Japan and I had to reply no but that I understood it was a beautiful country to which she mostly replied hai!! , she said that she lived in Tokyo and I commented on the fact that I have heard that they have a lot of problems with women being m*****ed on the trains, she opened her big brown eyes to me and said that this was a common feature of the porn movies that had become big business in Japan, I began to feel a bit uncomfortable with the conversation when she looked me straight in the eyes and said very quietly “ you like porn movies? Yes”, I was speechless, I nearly choked on my meal, I just looked at her and like a fool nodded, she smiled and turned away as someone else spoke to her from her other side, I was very grateful for the escape, I was still enjoying my meal, when I felt it, a hand came onto my right leg, I glanced sideways to my right long enough to see that the girl was still chatting to the nun on her right, I began to suspect that someone was under the table having a laugh at my expense but then the hand gripped my leg and started to stroke my leg my cock started to move around and swell and of all the legs it chose to expand along, you’ve guessed it, my right one, I leaned forward close to the table to try to cover the hand in case it broke cover into the open but my lap was under the table so felt safe for the time being, the hand moved slowly along my leg squeezing it as it progressed until it reached the tip of my cock, I didn’t jump because I had been tracking it’s progress and knew that it would get there eventually, it stopped squeezing and slowly slid onto the end of my knob, the thumb came over from the other side and joined the fingers in feeling the end of my rapidly swelling prick which was reacting to the touch like all good pricks do in such circumstances, the fingers nipped the end and my dome slipped back inside my foreskin, the fingers released again and my dome moved forward again, this action continued and I realised I was being wanked by the fingers, I looked to my right again and saw that the girl was looking across in my direction but was talking to Sarah, she glanced at me as I was watching her for reaction, there was none but the fingers continued, my cock was by now fairly hard and I was dreading having to get up from the table for any reason because of the need to hide my stiff cock, her conversation with Sarah seemed to be trailing off and then the nuns got up and went off to evening prayers so I was left with no one on my left so I spoke to the girl and asked her if she worked in Tokyo and what did she do for a living, she looked at me with her big brown eyes and said very quietly “ you are very big boy” and smiled at me with her eyes then she did something that made my cock jerk and I am sure she felt it, she pushed her tongue just between her lips and wiggled it up and down barely visible but I saw it clearly, she said again quietly “ Japanese man not so big” I did not know what to say, she was now giving me her full attention and still working on my prick end,
“you like big?” I asked, “Japanese girl like big“ she said again very quietly, “this Japanese girl like big? “ I asked, she nodded and gave an extra tweak slightly harder as my prick stiffened even more, as it jumped she seemed to give a little shudder and blushed a little then licked her lips and closed her eyes and I knew she was starting to get very horny even if she hadn’t just wet herself a bit because it certainly looked to me that a ripple had just past her. “maybe I see big later? “ she said, “ you want to see big later?” I said, again she nodded slowly, “you want to feel big later?” I queried my heart racing, “very much” she said “Japanese girl want big inside, between legs” she whispered, I nearly creamed myself, “you like Japanese girl?” she said, it was my turn to nod, “what room you in?” she said “ 317 “ I said, “I share room with s****r” she said, “maybe later I share room with big” she laughed showing a perfect row of teeth to me, by now I was really concerned that I was going to be showing a very wet patch on my pants so I felt that I should maybe turn the tables a bit and see what kind of condition she was in, I put my hand on her knee, she jumped visibly, she had stockings on and my hand was resting on part stocking and part dress, she put her other hand under the table and I felt the dress starting to move back from under my hand up the leg towards her waist, her lap was under the table as well so there was no danger of me being spotted,, she opened her knees slightly and I slipped my hand between her legs, she opened them further and continued to watch me smiling at me, her mouth opened slightly and her breathing became more pronounced as I moved my hand further along her leg till I felt the lace on her leg, she was wearing stockings, my cock took another jerk and she felt it because she let out a giggle hunching herself forward a bit, she slid forward on her seat a bit then she let go of the dress and put her hand on mine then she pulled my hand further back taking her dress with it, I reached the top of her lace on her stockings and touched skin, she slowly closed her eyes as though giving way to the inevitable, I had a fair idea where I was on her leg geographically so I stretched my little finger out sideways and touched her panties, she opened her eyes slowly and looked at me and this was the look of a huntress, they were hungry, they were crying out for me to touch, I moved the rest of my hand along slowly so that it was pressing into my little finger giving it support from the side, this harder pressure on her pants had a strong effect, she slid her hand along mine and got hold of the edge of her panties pushing her fingers under the elasticated edge and pulling her panties to one side, I felt her fingers pass mine along with the fabric moving sideways then I felt the wet hair of her mound on the side of my little finger as she moved her panties out of the way to allow me access, I put a little pressure against my little finger and it slipped into her slit, her mouth opened a little more as I realised that my finger was against the hood of her clit, she opened her legs quite wide and I turned my hand so that my flat fingers were all touching her mound, I slid my middle finger into her slit and slid town to the entrance of her vagina, she was holding her breath as I slipped my finger inside, she gave a little shudder and I felt the moisture trickle across my finger “small” I whispered, she swallowed, “ you like small?” she asked, I nodded, “ wet” I said, “ very wet” she said, “you like wet?” she asked, then I pulled my old trick of sliding my finger out of her vagina and slowly transferring my wet dripping finger to my mouth, her eyes followed my dripping finger when it came into view and as I pushed it into my mouth her mouth opened a little and she moved her tongue to lick her lips, as I pulled my finger out of my mouth sucking at it as it came out, it had the desired effect, she came but this time a lot stronger, she gripped my cock and she started shaking on her seat, she put her head down to hide her face but I could tell by the grip that she had on my cock that it was raging through her, her stomach bucked pushing her upright in her seat, her head came up and she had her eyes closed, she slowly opened her eyes, they were glazed, she looked at me and smiled, “I like big” she whispered still smiling at me, just then the nuns came back, she brought her hand up from her panties and took a long drink of white wine that was on the table, gulping it down and smiling at me, she relinquished her hold on my cock which was still big and picked up the napkin then with both hands she wiped her mouth and her hands, she offered me the napkin and I declined, “ you sure” she smirked at me casting her eyes down, “ sure” I said smiling back, she slowly blinked her eyes again as the nun to her right spoke to her.

Sarah spoke to me, “tomorrow we have a fairly long day at the conference, what are you going to do?” “I will probably do some sightseeing around Edinburgh” I said,
“you can come to the conference if you wish” she offered “I will probably call in from time to time to see how you are getting on” I replied, I knew the girl was listening because she had stopped talking and was sitting quiet, we had finished dinner and we rose to leave, there was a large menu on the table so I grabbed it and put it in front of my cock as I stood, I heard a snigger and looked round, the girl had the back of her hand to her mouth trying to stifle a laugh as she watched my predicament and realising what I was doing, the waiter came over and held his hand out for the menu,
“I’m keeping it as a souvenir” I said to him firmly so that there was no chance of him challenging my decision, he went away.
I was anticipating the knock so when it came it was no surprise, I went to the door and opened it and saw that there was no one there, then I realised that the knock had been on the adjoining door, I opened it and Sarah was standing there, she was headdress free again and without her tabard, “are you alright?” she asked, “is the room comfortable for you?” “Yes It’s brilliant” I said trying to sound enthusiastic about a room, “good! well I’m going to bed now so goodnight” she leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek, I leaned in and gave her an air kiss in response, I noticed that although her hair was grey, it was cut short and shone in the reflection of the lights, she close the door and I very slowly turned the key to lock it so that she would not here it, the securing of the door was soundless.

It was about an hour later that the knock came on the outside door and I barely heard it, I dimmed the lights and opened the room, the girl scuttled in looking around behind her as she entered the room, she stood in the middle of the room staring around her “wow!!, big room” she said in awe “ yeh, big boy, big room” I said, she smiled at me and came to me, she was quite small and almost immediately she started undoing my belt and loosening my trousers, “ I wanna see big” she said, “keep going” I thought, “you’ll get there”, she pulled down my zipper and then pulled my trouser to the ground leaving my boxers in place, “I wanna feel big” she purred as she lifted her dress and dropped her knickers to the floor stepping out of them, to reveal a beautiful bush, neatly trimmed but still glistening with wet, I realised that she had taken off her stockings as she padded around the room, she dropped her dress then turned around, “please” she said so I pulled down the zip on the back of her dress to the bottom and her buttocks came into view, she shrugged her shoulders and it fell to the ground, my heart stopped , she was gorgeous, her nipples now were more pronounced and the fronted a half cup bra that barely contained the contents, her breasts were not massive but they were big and well out of proportion for her size, she reached behind her and unfastened the clasp, the bra fell away as the truly magnificent pair came into view, this girl had no inhibitions at all, she saw me looking at her breasts, looked at me and smiled, the hard erect nipples were dark brown emphasising them against her cream coloured skin, her aureoles were swollen and again dark brown, she came back to me and went down to pull down my boxers, as I was pulling my shirt over my head, she knelt and stared at it, then biting her lip and looking at me, she took a hold of my rampant aggressive enlarged cock and gently took it into her mouth, she made a few licks at the end of it then started sucking at it, wanking it at the same time, I knew I could not allow this to continue or I would lose the opportunity of the night, I eased her off it much to her disappointment and lifted her onto the bed, then laid on the bed between her legs and buried my face between them tasting her silky vulva then pushing my tongue into her cunt, she exploded, thrashing her legs and arching her back, thrusting those huge tits into the air, I reached up and got my hands around them, groping and squeezing them then thumbing the nipples which were really hard, she grabbed my hair and pulled me off her cunt and kept pulling me upwards with my face passing her tits and onto her mouth where she pushed her tongue into my mouth, I reached down and lifted her legs around me the with my mouth still being sucked by hers, I felt for my cock and rubbed it against her vagina to get it lubricate, she must have anticipated what was going to happen because she started shaking again and thrusting her hips at me, she subsided a little and then she relaxed to the inevitable, let got go my mouth and looked at my with those big round eyes as I pushed my cock inside her, I tried to be as gentle as I could considering her size but I still made her whimper as I drove it up into her, I lowered my face and sucked on her nipples they felt massive in my mouth as her aureoles came into my mouth as well, she threw her head back and started bucking, her cunt was sucking my cock in, I could not understand where she was putting it all as my cock made it’s relentless progress into her, I half lifted her and pushed her to the top of the bed so that she could rest her head onto the pillow, she looked at me “fuck!!, that’s big” she laughed, I was not all the way in when I hit a fairly solid resistance, her eyes widened and I eased back a bit, she relaxed a bit and I started to shaft my cock in and out of her, she kissed me sweetly, not hard and aggressive like she had but licking my mouth and when I responded with my tongue she licked that as well, siding her tongue into my mouth and squirming around, god she tasted so sweet and pure, I leaned down again and went for her nipples again, I was fascinated by her tits, I rolled her over after making her cum a couple of more times and got her on top of me with my cock still in her, she pushed herself up with her knees off my cock as she sat up giving me a fine display of the magic pair, she relaxed for a while she gathered herself, then kissed me again and started to lower, now she was in control and it was at her speed, she was looking me straight in the eyes as she slowly came down, she reached the part where I met the resistance then she bit her lip and continued down, I don’t know what was inside her but I seemed to be pushing it out of the way as I think I displaced her internals and still she kept coming, tears were rolling down her cheeks and I leaned forward and licked them away, and still she kept coming till she settled on my balls, then she held it there for several seconds and started to rock on my cock, I saw her head drop as she started to shake again, I could see her stomach kicking as the orgasm raged through, she got hold of her tits and pulled the nipples right out as though they were elastic, I couldn’t help it I came into her, her eyes opened wide as she felt the warm blast into her as my balls emptied between her legs, she kept rocking,, she leaned forward and she fed her nipples into my mouth and I sucked eagerly at them savouring the taste of her, she lifted off me like a vacuum cleaner that is still running, her cunt sucking the remains of my balls up inside, she got off the bed and went to the bathroom, I heard the shower going and lay there thinking about the day, she came out of the shower and I thought she was going to leave but she came over and just collapsed back onto the bed, I went and took a shower and when I came out she was curled up in the bed asl**p, I got into bed, turned her over so that she had her bottom in my stomach, she shuffled back into me and we both went back to sl**p.

We were awakened the next day by a knock on the adjoining door, she flew out of bed, gathered up all her clothes and ran into the bathroom, I grabbed a hotel dressing gown and wrapped it around me, I carefully and silently unlocked the door and opened it, Sarah was standing there like a Mary statue, “sorry!, did I wake you, I hope you slept ok, I am off to the conference and will probably see you later, she kept looking down as though fascinated by something, she turned and walked back into her room, I closed the door, I threw off the dressing gown and then the door opened again, I was standing there bare arsed this time with my back to the door, she said “dinner is at the usual time tonight by the way” and closed the door, there was no apology or fluster this time, just matter of fact, I looked own and realised that I had a hard on, men get that way in a morning before they have a pee sometimes, then I realised that my jutting cock under the dressing gown was what she was looking at, it troubled me,
The girl came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, she sat down beside me on the bed and reached for my stiff cock, “No! no” I said, I waggled my cock at her, “need to pee” I said and dashed into the bathroom, she started laughing, I came out and she was still there reclining on the bed, I picked up the phone and ordered some tea and toast for breakfast, “we stay here today” she suddenly said looking at me, “ you sure?” I queried, “sure she said, we can make big fuck” I thought all my birthdays had come at once, I should be so lucky, “I like fuck big” she purred at me switching on the big brown eyes again, who was I to object so I reluctantly fucked every hole including introducing her to anal which I had to be careful with because she certainly could not take all my cock in there, we had a fantastic day exploring each other and satisfying each other in so many different ways.

We parted late in the afternoon, as she went to get changed for dinner, and then at dinner I was sitting next to her again and she told me that her s****r was very angry with her for staying out all night and had imposed a curfew on her and as the Japanese are a very honourable race and very true to their parents and their f****y’s she dare not disobey, she squeezed my leg under the table then turned to me and said “you very big boy” we both cracked out laughing and her laugh was so easy, so natural, all the people around looked at us as though we had gone bonkers, I had, for a Japanese girl whose name I do not know.

The next bit is difficult because I did not instigate it, or want it or particularly enjoy it.

That dinner was the second dinner at the end of the first day’s seminar, it had been a very long day for the nun’s and they all looked knackered, Sarah was not walking too well and when I asked what the problem was she just waved me away with “it’s nothing, I’m alright” she is a lovely person and I didn’t want to see her in any discomfort, after dinner I helped her upstairs and into her room where I left her and went next door through the adjoining door, it was about 10.00pm when I heard a knock at the adjoining door, I opened the door and Sarah was standing there obviously in pain, she was wearing a kind of white shift that went to the floor with long sleeves and about a dozen tied tapes down the front and although it was designed to it did not conceal her figure that was very similar to her two s****rs, with large breasts sticking out with very erect nipples, I dragged my mind away, this is a nun for god’s sake what are you thinking you madman, never the less my cock had read the message and was starting to stir, she said she had terrible cramp in her calves through sitting so long in the conference and she had rung Ruth for advice and she had told her to talk to me as I had healing hands, my mind was in a whirl, this was different surely, I sincerely hope that this is not de-ja-vu, I could not lay my hands on a nun, I would be struck down, she looked in great pain, “ help me please” she begged, I half carried her back to her bed and lifted her onto it setting her down as gently as I could then I got the pillows to support her back, she seemed to relax a bit, I asked if she had any hand or face cream, she said she had a tube of Nivea in her bag whilst trying to assure me that this was the only indulgence she had, I sat on the bed and lifted her leg, her skin was so white as I eased her nightdress up to her knee, she did not object, I began by putting the cream on my hands then massaging it into her calves, she had her eyes closed as I rubbed her leg, she had both her knees up and as I massaged her leg muscles and her nightdress slid down her thigh towards her waist, I did not notice at first but she must have felt it because my next glance at her showed me that her eyes were closed, but also that she had no knickers on, I hesitated in what I was doing and quickly pulled her nightie back up to her knees again so shielding her vulva from my view, I continued to massage but then made the error massaging her ankle, she jumped and I thought I had hurt her, “ are you alright” I said, “ yes, yes I’m ok” she said “it feels better already”, I started again very gently around her ankles and hardly noticed the curling toes, her knees were up again and the nightie had slipped down her thighs again and again the vagina came into view, it was covered in a mixture of dark and grey hairs with a vulva that looked almost perfect if one can, I looked away, reached back and pulled the nightie down again, “can you do the back of my knee” she asked, I moved up to her knee and she reached down and pulled open several of the tapes holding her nightie closed, this exposed her knee and I started to massage it at the back, out of the corner of me eye I saw the night dress start to move back again but this time she had her hand and on it and was pulling it slowly back, her eyes were closed, my cock did a leap, her garment was nearly down to her waist by now and I thought “just get on with it” I paused for a moment then she said “don’t stop” I glanced at her vagina and realised that it had started to leak, my mind went crazy,
“this is all I need, a horny nun on my hands” I thought, I continued with her knee not realising the back of her knee was the problem, she twitched a couple of times at my touch so I looked at her to see if there was any sign of pain, she was watching me with her steel blue eyes, like a fox watches a rabbit, I panicked, I took my hands off her then she reached out and gripped my arm, “don’t stop, please, I want you to carry on, it feels so good” she pleaded, “what is it that you want “I said “what do you think I want, I am a 41 year old virgin, I might never know, I might never know what it’s like, all I know is that your touch has raised feelings in me that I didn’t know existed, please carry on” I felt rotten to the core, “I can’t do this” I said as I stood up, she swung off the bed and stood in front of the door in front of me, “all I ask is that you take it, how many men would refuse the opportunity, please take this gift” she started to unfasten the remaining tapes and stood there holding her nightdress open, the whole of the front of her body naked to me, her breasts sticking out, they were enormous with big nipples that jutted out, my cock was in hyper drive, and juice was running down her leg, she walked over to me sensing my predicament, and reached for my belt, I stayed her hand, “don’t you want me?” she said, “you did this morning, you were ready this morning, I noticed “you would have fucked me this morning” she said, I looked at her in surprise, ”there I’ve said it, I have said what I want and I want you to do it” she proceeded to unfasten my belt again and I did not resist, she undid my flies, loosened my shirt and stripped it from me, she pulled down my trousers but left my boxers, my cock was jutting out as she moved her body into me, putting her arms around my neck and kissing me, forcing her tongue between my lips and into my mouth, I put my arms around her waist outside her nightdress and pulled her in, I could feel her breasts sticking into my chest, she moaned as her breathing quickened as she kept on kissing me, I could feel the tears running down her cheeks, I kissed them away and her skin tasted of Imperial Leather soap as she continued to weep, she sank down and took my boxers with her, she knelt on the floor with my rigid cock pointing at her face, “ how do I do this” she said, my cock gave an obscene jerk, she laughed through her tears, “take hold of it” I said, as she wrapped her long fingers around my shaft “this is not part of the deal” I said, “ want to, I have heard about it and I want to do it” “just kiss the end of it” my cock jerked again, at the touch of her lips “now kiss it again but this time push out the end of your tongue like you did in my mouth” she obeyed hesitantly, “slip the end into your mouth and slide your tongue along it” I said, hoarsely, she obeyed and this time started to wank my cock like a pro, it was a fabulous feeling as she slurped my cock in an out of her mouth as I watched fascinated.
Now I want you to stop that otherwise you will make me cum, she looked up at me, I lifted her by her hands and led her to the bed, she sat down, I laid down on the bed and said “now sit on my chest” she did as requested and I could not resist the next thing that happened, I put my hands around her tight buttocks and pulled her forward along my chest till her vagina was in my face, I parted her vulva lips with my tongue and inserted my tongue into her vagina, she went crazy, thrusting her hips at my mouth as I devoured her cunt, clit and slit, she threw off her nightdress and leaned over me as her tits swung, she was grinding her cunt into my face as I ate her, she was panting like crazy, then it all came out “that’s it suck my cunt you fucker, suck my clit, stick your tongue in my cunt and lick me out, get it ready for shoving that mighty cock up my cunt and taking what is yours, deflower me, fuck me, fuck my cunt” she came with a tremor that shook the room never mind the bed and I am sure that the hotel must have feared for the foundations with the f***e of it, she poured juice into my mouth as she kept twitching and after shocking, I was about to expire with suffocation when she subsided, I pushed her down my chest a short way and told her to sit up on just her knees, “ now take my cock and rub the end into the lips of your vulva” she shuffled down my body further till my cock was in front of her cushion then she bent it down and rubbed it against her clit, she looked skywards again and moaned, “ I need to get underneath you with my cock because that is the most pain free way” I said, she crawled forward again with my cock against her slit but behind her, she leaned forward and she rubbed the end of my cock against her slit then entered the head of my prick into her vagina, again I nearly shot my load at the thought of what I was doing and about to do “now straighten up and you will feel the head penetrating you, then sink down onto it at your own speed, if it hurts then stop and rest, the pain will subside”, she was looking into my eyes again with her steely blue’s, she slowly sank and there was a sharp intake of breathe then I felt resistance then her hymen gave way and I realised that s****r Sarah was no longer a virgin, I looked down and a small trickle of bl**d was running down my cock, she continued to sink and to my surprise kept going taking the whole of my cock to the hilt, I took her hands and leaned her forward so that her tits were touching my chest, then I started to move in her and she started to breathe heavy again, I grabbed her buttocks as I thrust my pelvis faster as I began to really fuck her, she was kissing my mouth as I banged her with my balls banging against her arse as I drove my cock into her, shafting her cunt, she let out a few screams as she came several times and was gagging on the stomach convulsions that hit her as she came pouring juice mixed with bl**d down my cock, her tits were swinging and bouncing on my chest so I pushed her back up into a sitting position and got hold of them, squeezing them and milking them, she came again then she lowered her chest down and let her tits bounce on my chest, this sent me wild and then she let loose again, “that’s it my darling, let me take it, you took mine now let me take yours, pour it into me, let it go, cum for me, cum inside me, let me feel it” so I did, I am surprised she did not lift off with the f***e, the orgasm and blast actually hurt me as I poured my cum into her hungry devouring cunt as she took it all with a sigh of relief as she felt the warm rush inside of her, I rolled sideways with her and gave her a couple of jabs with my cock just to let her know I was there, I rolled off the bed as my cock wilted and went to the bathroom to clean up, looking in the mirror my cock looked like a butchers shop window with bl**d splashes on my balls and pubic hairs, I cleaned up and went back into the room, I felt wretched, “you bastard” I thought, “ will you stay with me tonight?” she asked, I realised that it was no use arguing with her because she would have jumped into my bed with me if I didn’t stay in hers, I walked over and pulled back the covers then sat on the bed and swung my legs in, she rolled off the bed and went in the bathroom to clean up then came back and got in beside me cuddling up with her breasts against me and her leg over mine, my cock twitched, we spent the next day in bed eating in the room and sorting out her needs and desires but I refused the anal request, we did a lot of talking and we went home very good friends and many a wink and twinkle at f****y gatherings, I never had intercourse with her again but she tells me that she is not the same woman although she feels complete, now she is far more relaxed and less tense and happy in the knowledge that if she dies tomorrow, she has not missed anything.

97% (34/1)
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