My girfriends mother part2

My girlfriend’s mother ……part 2

You remember that in the first part I was going out with a girl called Gillian and that I had fucked both her mother and her aunt in a session of debauchery that lasted all afternoon, if you have not read it I suggest you read it first because this second part is not as long but has a lot of strong connections to the first apart from the link of Gillian and her mother.

I made regular visits to the house to service the two ladies, Gillian’s mum had to be on a Wednesday afternoon because of her working in the shop and Wednesday was the only day she got off apart from Sunday but of course Gillian was there on a Sunday so sex with her mother or her aunt were out of the question but her aunt Pam scared me because she had a really voracious sexual appetite and kept trying to feel me up even when Gillian was about, to try to keep her under control I would visit on other days because she was at the house most of the time taking care of her baby so I would go along and get her into bed then fuck her hard and especially as the first time I did not come into her cunt only her mouth she wanted me to make up for it on subsequent visits by blowing my load into her cunt as she clung onto me, her milk had dried up and her tits had become long and lean like Ruth’s but as she was younger than Ruth they were a bit firmer and more pert and she reckoned that when I sucked the baby’s milk from them the first time they became very sensitive when I gave them my attention which I must say I enjoyed doing, she was the most appreciative fuck I have ever had and always seemed very grateful when I shot my load between her legs,.

She had taken me orally and via her vagina but never anal and one day we were sitting up in bed after the first fuck and she broached the subject asking how I felt about it and asking if I would like to try it with her as she had read and heard that it was a most painful experience but had watched me fuck Ruth in the arse and noted how gentle and careful I had been with Ruth to minimise the pain with the application of the KY jelly and my gently opening her arse before inserting my cock into it and she felt that she would like to try, I realised that she was gagging for it because she thought it would please me and in order to increase the suspense agreed to give it a go on the next time we met, she pouted a bit but settled for giving me one of her excellent blow jobs for the remainder of the afternoon taking my orgasm into her mouth and swallowing it, she could not get enough, I enjoyed her body which was so soft and gentle and sitting in bed talking either in between or after sex was so natural with her breasts laid against my chest, her head under my chin I could smell her hair and often kissed the top of her head which made her look up then I would give her a long lingering kiss on the lips and explore the inside of her mouth and she tasted so sweet, I know that she had fallen in love with me and although I enjoyed filling all her holes as I eventually did, I fought hard to keep her at arm’s length especially when I thought that Gillian was getting suspicious.

Wednesday afternoon was a whole different ball game, usually mine, with Ruth wanting to be fucked in every orifice all over the apartment, sometimes Pam would make herself scarce to leave Ruth and I together to fuck or even to make love, and I came to realise that Pam found it difficult to watch Ruth and I together and me inside Ruth but I knew it was part of the process for Pam as she was getting a bit jealous of me fucking Ruth, sometimes she would stay and we would all go to bed together, stripped naked in each other’s arms enjoying the different bodies and Ruth had no qualms about kissing Pam on the mouth and tonguing her, I found it quite a turn on to watch them kissing then feeling for each other then fingering sometimes licking and they would always come back to me for the final act of satisfaction and relief, they were gorgeous women and were easily pleased, not too demanding and mostly they would respect and give Gillian her rightful place as my girlfriend, leaving us alone sometimes while they went for a drink or to a show so that I could give Gillian my full attention and try to fuck her brains out, Gillian was quite a bit more demanding often wanting to do raunchy things like fucking in the cinema or in the open air in the woods or in the car in public with people watching through the window, I remember one occasion when I was fucking her in a layby on the island of Crete, it was very dark and I had her stripped kneeling on the front seat of the hire car fucking her doggy style, she had the widow open for some air on the warm night and another car pulled into the layby, a taxi, “ don’t stop she screamed, keep going” at first we could not see the occupants of the car as it was dark but they must have been able to see us because of the taxi headlights that were not shining directly at us but were lighting up the parking area, just then the driver’s door opened and from the interior light I could see that the car had two occupants as well as the driver, fairly swarthy looking Greek guys, the driver got out and started to walk towards us, I felt Gillian coming as her situation dawned on her that she was naked in full view, she was really turned on, she shuffled forward on her seat dragging me with her, because I had my cock inside her, she placed her arms on the window sill with her head outside, she was chuckling because she knew that she was being very wicked in a strange country and that no one knew her, her cunt was pouring juice that was running along my cock onto my balls and onto my seat as I continued with my stroke, her large tits were now resting on her arms and being pressed into a magnificent cleavage in full view, the driver got very close so that he could watch these two crazy English fucking with the promise of a good look at this woman’s tits , I saw Gillian reach out but could not see why for the door being in the way then I realised that she had reached out for his zip of his trousers and was unfastening him, he just stood there not moving, I felt her come again at the prospect of what was to come, she rooted around in his trousers until she found what she was looking for and pulled out his cock which was not difficult because he was not wearing any underwear but his cock was large, very large and it was responding to her touch at an alarming rate, I was not sure of what she was going to do but I knew that this was a mixture of being in a foreign land, a warm night that allowed her the freedom to strip without being cold and a fair amount of wine that we had consumed over dinner, she shuffled forward again and again I followed closer to the window so by now I had a clearer view of what was going on outside, she now had her tits over the sill and they were swinging outside hanging down against the door, she had hold of the guy’s prick and was wanking him, his cock was by now erect and massive and he reached out to feel her tits, she made no objection and my cock took a lurch as she once again reached orgasm, she pulled the cock towards her lifting the end to her face, she gave the end a couple of kisses then rolled back the foreskin, the most enormous bulbous purple cock end came into view, I could see it clearly in the lights from the taxi and I was dreading what I thought was going to happen next as Gillian continued to wank him whilst he groped her tits, then it happened she leaned down and took the whole of his cock end into her mouth, she sucked for a couple of strokes of his cock then pulled his prick out of her mouth and aimed it at her tits, the guy ejaculated onto her tits with his cum spurting and running down them then dripping off her nipples, as she continued to wank him, I looked up and noticed the two passengers from the taxi were standing behind their driver with their cocks in their hand wanking away at them, Gillian was chuckling again as she beckoned one of the passengers forward, he moved forward but having seen all the cum on her tits did not touch her but he was certainly looking at her tits and at me as I banged away furiously at her soaking cunt, I was trying to give her a massive orgasm so that she might stop what she was doing but she didn’t and it continued with her taking the second guy in hand and putting his cock end in her mouth, this one did not come as quick so she had to run her tongue around the end a couple of times whilst wanking him before she felt his cock thicken and twitch and she knew he was coming, again she aimed his cock at her tits and he emptied his load onto them and he came an awful lot, there seemed to be loads of it shooting out of the end of his prick and splashing onto her breasts, she came again quite hard and I felt her cunt clutch and tighten on my cock and I thought that’s it, she is finished but she wasn’t, not to be robbed of her target she stretched out her arm to the remaining guy and beckoned for him to move forward he gladly obliged while he stared at her cum soaked tits, juice was still dripping off the end of her nipples that were rock hard and jutting out like chapel hat pegs, she took the third guy in hand and started to wank him then as before she took him into her mouth but she must have underestimated the effect of her own nakedness because this guy did not try to hold back and he fired off straight into her mouth, she gagged and choked then spit his cum out onto the floor but small rivulets trickled down her chin and fell to the ground in long silken threads, this time I really laid into her shafting at her cunt for all I was worth and my own orgasm was what finished her off, as I shot my load into her cunt, she shook and trembled like I have never known her to before or since, moaning “ give it to me you fucker, fuck my cunt” I just slowed and poured my load into her and there seemed to be gallons of it, I was coming for ages as she took my package into her cunt at full f***e, I relaxed out of her and she slumped back onto the car seat, her tits still swollen and glistening with cum, she sat there then reached up and wiped a drop of cum off her chin with her finger end then she looked at it for a few seconds and put it to her lips flicking out her tongue to taste it then putting her finger into her mouth to suck off the rest and this time she did not spit it out, “take me back to the hotel and fuck me again” she breathed, I happily obliged on both counts.

So this was Gillian in one of her more wayward moments, there were others but not as brazen or daring.

My main mode of transport when at home was a 350 Matchless motor cycle, I loved that bike and so did Gillian, if we were going for a ride out I would pick her up at home and she would come out looking very sheepish wearing her sheepskin pilots jacket, a favourite among the bikers and I knew straight away why she had the sheepish look, it was because she had nothing on underneath the jacket, under it she was topless with the zip done up to the neck and I also knew that her nipples would be rock hard against the sheepskin lining of the jacket and I also knew that as we hit the open road she would pull down the zip and let the wind flow round her naked tits making them cold and bringing out the goose bumps on her aureoles , then she would open her jacket and push her breasts into my back and even though my leathers were fairly thick I could still feel her nipples in my back. “are you getting hard” she would shout in my ear above the roar of the engine as we whipped along, “yes” I would shout back, “ then why don’t you stop and fuck me” came the reply which as long as the setting was right like in a wood or a remote farmers field I would, she was always a better fuck out in the open, it was as though the natural environment turned her burners up to full as she got down off the bike and I would pull open her jacket and bury my head in her tits sucking and chewing at her nipples in their still aroused state.

The bike was the reason for my other encounter with the third s****r, the eldest one who was about 9 years older than Ruth but much more old fashioned in the head if you catch my drift, she had a good figure but it was always wrapped up in cardigans, woolly jumpers and thick tweed skirts with as little flesh as possible showing on the outside, she was a very pleasant lady with a lovely temperament, never been married and she lived alone in a bungalow with her cats in a remote part of the countryside and was a very private person,

One Saturday night I happened to call at Gillian’s house on my way home from work, it was very late and thought that they would probably be in bed but it was worth the try, I arrived at the house to find the lights still on and everyone still up and was delighted to find that Gillian’s aunt Grace who was the eldest s****r was at the house, she had made her way there during the day and was in a bit of a stew because she felt that she had to get home to feed her cats, a taxi for the distance and the remoteness was going to cost a fortune so Gillian asked me if I would mind taking Grace home on the back of the bike, it is very dangerous to carry people on the back of a bike if they have not done it before especially over this kind of distance plus the fact that looking at the state of her she was a bit tipsy having been enjoying the contents of a bottle of sherry with her s****rs and niece, they had been chatting as women do and lost track of time, she managed to persuade me that it would be alright as she had ridden pillion many times before with her ex-boyfriend when she was younger, I felt that she was telling me some porkies because of the cats and her desperation to get home but I agreed and after wrapping her up with some borrowed scarves etc. we set off, it was about 45 minutes to her bungalow but she turned out to be fairly proficient rider as she leaned the right way as I took bends and generally behaved well holding on for dear life to my coat, occasionally as we slowed or stopped for traffic lights I would catch a whiff of her perfume which I believe is called Tweed and for some reason when I did my cock took a little twitch but I dismissed it as a trick of the light, her house lights were on a sensor so when we got their the house was lit, she asked me to see her in side before I went so I followed her up the path to the door, inside I said goodnight to her and turned to go, she asked me if I would like a cup of tea or something because she had to wait up for the cats to return home and was going to be on her own, I wondered how she managed on the other nights but reluctantly agreed to a cuppa and came to the conclusion that she just wanted a bit of company with living alone etc.

She made me a cup of tea whilst she got out the sherry bottle for herself then poured a large glass of sherry, we sat at her kitchen table talking about all sorts of things, about Gillian, the possibility of a wedding and how lucky Gillian was to have found me, I was bound to agree and we both laughed out loud, she was knocking the sherry back at a fair rate and I felt she was getting a little d***k so to try to take her mind off the glass I broached the subject of her experience with her boyfriend with the bike, she stared into the glass for a long time and then looked at me with tear filled eyes, “ I loved that man she said but my parents thought he was beneath us so stopped me seeing him” she said then paused again as though toying with a thought that was troubling her, “ are you alright Grace” I said “ yes I’m alright” she said as the tears trickled down her cheeks, she was sobbing inwardly, “he was the father of my c***d” she said, I was taken aback, no one had ever mentioned that she had c***dren, I had always regarded her as a spinster of this parish, my mind raced, ”what happened to the c***d” I queried, “her name is Pamela” she blurted out and grabbing my hand and squeezing it, “I have never told anyone outside the f****y” she sobbed, I moved my chair closer to her and put my arm around her feeling rotten for asking the question then the penny dropped, Pamela, Pam, I nearly fell off the chair, Pamela was a closely guarded f****y secret, Pam was not a s****r but Grace’s daughter, she had been born out of wedlock at a time when it would have been a slur on the f****y so they had closed ranks and called her the youngest s****r, she was now leaning against my shoulder sobbing uncontrollably, “I couldn’t tell anyone” she sobbed, “it has been eating me up”, I felt terrible about having broached the subject but realised that she could now talk to me about it and felt relieved that she had got it out, she was still crying with her head under my chin, I tipped my head and kissed her on the top of her head, she turned her tear stained face up to me put her arm around my neck and pulled my head down and kissed me on the lips, I felt her tongue forcing its way into my mouth and instinctively gave way to it tasting the sherry of her lips, my cock did a massive leap and sprang to attention as though it had just been woken up which it had, she pulled away sharply “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” she said, “I got carried away but you must promise me that you will not tell the f****y that I told you” “don’t worry” I said, “your secret is safe with me”, “ you are a dear lady and I will not breathe a word to any one”, she leaned into me again with her head back on my shoulder but her perfume was now doing its thing to me again and I could feel my cock swelling, “not here, not now” I thought, “this is not the time or the place” I mused “ “I could not even tell her father she sobbed” and the tears rolled again dripping onto my trousers, she reached down and I tried to make a grab for her hand because as she tried to brush away the tears from my trouser she rolled her hand over my semi erect cock lingering on it for half a second, she looked up at me again but I kept my eyes staring ahead ashamed of what she had discovered, she reached over and took the sherry glass then downed it in one and poured herself another, “It’s very late, I must be on my way,” I said, “it’s almost very early” she said, “it’s now morning so if you want to get a bit of sl**p before that long ride home you are welcome to use the couch or the spare bedroom to get a few hours’ sl**p” she said, “If you are sure that it is alright with you” I said ”and I would feel better that I knew you were alright after me tramping through your past with my size 11 boots” “don’t you worry about me” she laughed
“in a way I am glad to talk about it to someone outside the f****y, maybe your tramping did me some good, now get yourself into the spare room, you’ll be better there and thank you for listening” she stood as I stood and wrapped her arms around me and I in turn wrapped my arms around her to give her a cuddle but she pressed in fairly hard and I felt her breasts pushing into my chest so I just held her until she released me but I was also aware that when she pushed into me she would be able to feel my cock tenting and pushing into her, I made a swift move to the door of the lounge trying to hide the bulge in my trousers, I went along the passage and into a room that had a double bed but was obviously not used because there was nothing on the side board or in the drawers or in the wardrobe, I had a wash in the small hand basin, got undressed down to my boxer shorts and got into a wonderfully comfortable bed, I was soon asl**p, I was wakened a short time later by a movement on the bed, it was still dark but then I felt something warm coming against me and my stomach churned and my cock was suddenly wide awake again, she was wearing a fairly long nightdress, I felt her feet touch mine and then her leg against mine and then her hand came across my stomach as she felt for me in the dark, she reached up and I felt the nightdress covered sleeve slip around my neck and a hand behind my head pulling my face down onto her lips, she kissed me deeply once again pushing her tongue into my mouth and when I responded she did not pull away, she moved her head close to mine and spoke to me “ I am sorry if I have made a mistake but I think that you want me, take me, I want what you want” she whispered, with this she felt down for my cock and encircled it with her hand using such a delicate touch to explore my rigid cock and my balls touching and caressing as she went, she spoke again ”touch me” she said, I felt for her nightdress and lifted it, I could hear her breathing get heavier as I raised her nightie, I placed my hand on her thigh then moved my hand around till I could feel the hair on her cushion, her vulva was swollen and she was wet, she was holding her breath as I slipped my fingers down her slit and into her vagina, she moaned out loud and her breathing started again faster, she opened her legs wide for me to explore her cunt, which I did, running my hand over her genitals and sliding my thumb up her slit and onto her clitoris, as I moved the hood she started to come, moaning softly in my ear her back arched thrusting her breasts into the air as the feeling gripped her, I put my fingers back into her cunt and she was sopping wet and still pouring it out, she lifted the nightie over her head and threw it on the floor, she was naked, she moved into me and I could feel her hard nipples and breasts pushing against my chest, I reached for her breasts and took them in my hands, “fuck me she whispered” I managed to shed my boxer shorts and rolled her on top of me, she moved her legs up each side of my waist and I moved my hands round to her round firm buttocks, I gripped her and pulled her forward as she slid over my rock hard cock, into a position at the end of my cock leaning forward into my chest, I reached behind her and got hold of my cock, I put my fingers into her vagina guiding my cock into her, she sat up on me and settled down onto my prick gasping as she went rocking on me to get accustomed to the feel of my prick penetrating her after so many years of abstinence, she was moaning when she came again and I could feel the warm flow of her juice on my balls, I pushed myself into a half laying position with the several pillows behind my back, I felt for her breasts and squeezed them and milked them, I took her breast and bit into it gently then pushed her hard nipple over and rasped my tongue against it, the nipple hardened even more as she started to rock on my prick faster, she was coming again with a vengeance, the orgasm took her totally, her whole body shook and trembled as she wrapped her hands around my head pulling me into her breast and thrashed at me with her hips, she was out of control, screaming and crying, but her cunt was convulsing gripping me like a vice, sucking at it with tremendous pressure, she settled a bit and said “now you, fuck my cunt all you want, use me” she kissed me hard on the lips again pushing her tongue into my mouth once more, I put my hands around onto her buttocks and lifted them slightly so that I was starting to come out of her then I raised my knees and thrust upwards with my pelvis shoving my cock right into her and proceeded to fuck her hard by raising and lowering my pelvis whilst at the same time lifting her buttocks up and down, she was getting a really hard fucking and she was loving it, she kept kissing me as her tits bounced up and down against my chest with the motion then she took her weight on her arms and really got into it, slamming her arse down onto me as I rose to penetrate her, I was starting to feel my orgasm rising, she must have felt my cock start to thicken because she said “that’s it my darling, fuck me, let me have it, let me take it, pour it into my cunt, oh it’s been so long come on fuck my cunt, I want it inside me” at this I shot my load into her, it was not a pulsing orgasm that makes me shoot in spurts it came in a long steady stream and I could feel the cum flowing through my cock for several seconds in one continuous stream then my cock started to jerk into the normal rhythm shooting my seed into her as she came with me, her juices carrying some of my cum back out of her and running down my cock, I was gasping for breath as she collapsed onto my chest her breasts flattening against me and oozing out onto my arms, she was certainly well endowed, I was still inside her but wilting fast, she rolled off me and as the light of dawn began to come up we fell asl**p, we awoke around mid-morning, very much aware of each other with my cock standing to attention ready for action, I went to the bathroom and had a pee then washed off my cock and went back to the bedroom where she was still laying on her back with the covers pushed down exposing her magnificent breasts, god she was deceiving when you saw her with all her Woolley’s on etc. she had enormous tits and a gorgeous figure and at the sight of her stripped naked on the bed my cock started to take notice again, “looks like we are going to make a full day of this” she teased looking at my rising cock, “suits me” I said, “really” she said, “ really” I said, “I have no other commitments for today, if you want me I am all yours” I countered as I jumped into bed, “well!!! If that’s the case let’s just make sure he is wide awake before we start the slaughter” she said as she pushed back the sheets to reveal my standing cock, she grabbed it with gusto and put her face down close to it “there you go he’s awake” I said “perhaps we had better make extra sure” she said popping the end into her mouth and starting to guzzle on it whilst looking up at me with a sparkle in her eye.

Needless to say I had awakened a sl**ping tigress, I fucked her in every orifice at her insistence, as well as going down on her which made her go crazy again, thrashing about as she reached her orgasm, she really blew my mind making me cum 3 times with blow jobs as well as the many times I ejaculated into her body during the day taking everything I could pump into her with relish and not spilling a drop, I took her out to dinner in the evening and on the way home she thanked me for a fabulous day and felt full up, winking at me, she kissed me on the lips at her front door and I turned and headed for my bike, I saw her a few times at f****y gatherings and at the wedding, there was always a glint in her eye when she looked at me and kissed me on the cheek but we never fucked again and she shed a lot of her woollies and started wearing clothes that suited her fantastic figure, I think that Ruth was a bit suspicious as at the wedding Grace looked great in a tight blouse and knee length skirt with a glow about her, quite a transformation and stood beside her Ruth looked Grace up and down and gave me a quizzical look, I just grinned back and winked.

To be continued…………….

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3 years ago
outstanding & yes more
3 years ago
great story. only complaint is that each paragraph is just a huge run-on sentence. it makes some things a bit confusing and doesn't give the necessary pauses.
3 years ago
Awesome story...More please