Theatrical,,,,,,,, 22

Theatrical…… 22
4 days before the trip to Newcastle he called me, I hadn’t seen him for a couple of weeks and was pacing the floor thinking the worst again I had tried calling the number that he gave my but it went straight to Voice mail,
I had prepared the ground telling Roy that Mary had asked me to go to Newcastle with her as her s****r was gravely ill and she wanted someone to share the driving and that she felt she could confide in he had offered to come so that he could drive for me saying that if anything bad went down I would be too busy consoling Mary to be able to concentrate on the road, it was a valid point and had my pack of lies been true the thought would have been good, as it was I was preparing to expose myself to his world, his friends and some of his work colleagues, the prospect appealed to me and I was very excited,
I had my period the week before so she was all fresh and ready for anything and anyone if it came to it, I was not absolutely certain as to whether he had had some kind of a hidden agenda for me, some duty he wanted me to fulfil, someone he wanted me to fuck, either way, I was up for it.

We met for lunch and I could hardly keep my hands off him sat at the table holding his hand and gripping it very tight, with him I always measured my feelings for him by the way I missed him when I thought I had lost him or we didn’t make contact, we normally met a couple of times a week and I had my fix of his arm and his cock of course, he told me that he had been away in Germany,
I of course asked why he hadn’t let me know but then stopped myself, the last thing that he wanted was a nagging girlfriend, a nagging wife was bad enough but to be catching it from both sides was far too heavy, we made plans for the weekend, he said he had a few surprises for me,
I asked him if they were all good ones, he said that it was for me to wait and see although he was rather cagey, doubtful about one of them, I grasped the nettle, “exactly why are you taking me?” I asked, “there must be a million beautiful women in your life who you could have asked to e****t you so why me” I said, his reply set my heart pounding in my chest and the bl**d rushed to my brain, “you were the automatic choice” he said,
I felt myself filling up, I was about to cry, hold it back girl don’t let him see your emotional side, he’s depending on you to be the woman he has chosen” I thought, he didn’t deny that there were a million women available to him, he didn’t try to defend his decision but his statement had struck deep into me and I loved him more than ever even if I did consider whether this choice involved me bending over, I had prepared a list of questions and without even thinking I dug it out of my bag along with my glasses,
I put them on and looked up at him, he was smiling, “what?” I said, “nothing, they suit you, it’s the first time I have seen you wearing them” he said, I felt myself blushing, it was too late to grab them off my face, I smiled back at him as he put his hand over mine on the table, I opened my list, “is there anything else I need for this trip, clothes wise?” I asked, “yes, a couple of items and if you are free I was going to take you shopping for them this afternoon” he replied, “of course I was free, silly question, shopping with him, no problem” I thought, “you will need a swimming costume because I believe that the hotel has a magnificent indoor pool and as I will for part of the time anyway be in conference, you might like to avail yourself of its services” he said smiling,
I knew he was mesmerised by my glasses as they perched on the end of my nose, “you will also need another dress at least because we have a call to make on the way up there for the Friday night, don’t ask because it’s one of the surprises, how long do I have with you this weekend?” he asked, “from Friday morning till Monday evening if that’s ok with you” I said looking at him, “fine, the longer the better as far as I am concerned” he said, he was saying all the right things and he had them in the right order, “perfect” I thought, “so you will need clothes for the day on the Sunday and for Sunday night” he said, “perhaps it’s better to get a couple of nice ones as I have the feeling that we are going to be invited to a couple of small gatherings over the weekend, you realise that this conference is international, there will be people there that you may have seen on the television from the EEC and British politics” he said, I went into terminal panic, he must have felt my hand shaking under his, “don’t panic, I won’t leave you exposed, well, not unless you want me to” he said soothingly, suddenly my bladder needed to be emptied, I excused myself and went to the toilet, this was a bombshell he had just dropped,
I had imagined about a dozen people huddled round a table exchanging jokes and maybe even a few dirty stories, how was I going to cope in such exalted circles, would I make a tit of myself, show him up, disgrace him with my amorous antics I reasoned, then I got a grip of myself, “don’t be so stupid woman” the voice said, “he chose you because he knows you can cope, don’t forget he knows exactly what you are going to do even before you even think about doing it, he won’t let you trip and fall so just lie back and enjoy the ride even if at this moment in time you are facing a roller coaster” I reasoned with myself, I had my pee and went back to the table, he was talking to the waiter who walked away as I sat down, we discussed a few other items on my list, most of which seemed trivial especially in the light of what he had just told me,
I asked him about his trip to Germany and even though I didn’t understand a fucking word of the technicalities he told me about, I smiled in all the right places and tried to look interested, by the time the lunch was over, I had a smattering of the kind of work he did and reading between the lines I got the impression that he was quite well respected in his field and that if he spoke, a lot of people listened, I did anyway, we shopped for most of the afternoon taking two coffee breaks, I linked his arm and was happy just to be with him, the shopping trip though was a definite bonus, he bought me a load of stuff including some condoms, he never used them so he must have some exercise for my vagina in mind, my pussy twitched in their packet of my thong, one thing was for certain,
I was most compliant for whatever it was, we sat and had coffee and he leaned over close to me, “can I ask, is there anything on your other list that we might be able to fulfil on this trip” he whispered looking deep into my eyes, I smiled at him, “maybe but I will be sure to let you know if I see a possible opportunity ahead, can I ask you a question and I want you to answer me honestly, if I did see a chance to as you say fulfil one of my items, would you object if it did not directly involve you?” I asked, “have I ever, I know you have needs, I know that from time to time you have to fill that psychological void in your mind that includes some long stored up fantasy, I want you to live those moments, you are very special and all I ask is that you be honest with me” he said, my pussy was leaking with this conversation,
I felt like I wanted him inside me there and then, we might never be allowed in Marks and Sparks again but I had to have him, we made our way back to his car, I attacked him as soon as we got sat in it, I was prepared to spread my legs in the car but he finger fucked me in the front seat which helped to stem the need and was nice in its own way, as we drove I kept glancing at the wetness of his fingers on the steering wheel and shuddered, my thong was soaked, I put this down partly to the fact that I had recently finished my period and I am always horniest just after that, I had made a small adjustment to my gown for the banquet and I will tell you about it later but it allowed me more freedom and the use of the toilet was going to be more comfortable, I know it is not particularly what you want to hear but I thought I would tell you anyway,
I got home just before tea time, I galloped around preparing the meal, Andrew was home and I was expecting Roy soon, he had called to say he would be a bit late, he had to finish some quote, I had a suspicion that he was shagging one of the girls in the office but at that moment it suited me if it kept him from between my legs, I was not sure how long he would be so I gave Andrew his meal and sat down with him while he ate it, I asked him about school, he said that strangely things were quiet as Simon was still off nursing his broken face, there was one of those pregnant silences, I braced myself, “mum?” he said “here it comes” I thought, “are there other positions for sex” he asked, “yes, but why do you ask?” I said, “well, I have a new girlfriend” he said, I was just taking a drink of my tea and I nearly choked, “and?” I said trying to regain my composure, “she says I am a fabulous lover” he said, I looked at him, “have you been having sex with her?” I asked suddenly concerned that we were going to have irate parents on my doorstep, let alone the police, “no, we only kiss but she says I am good at it and gets excited when I kiss her” he said, “err.. just how old is she?” I said, “this promiscuous little tramp who is trying to seduce my son” I thought, “16” he said, “so she is older than you are” I said, “yes but that’s not important, she says that it makes no difference where our c***dren are concerned” he said, again I began to choke, this time from trying to prevent myself from laughing, he had a very serious look on his face, “tell me, have you err.. touched her at all?” I asked, he blushed, “not directly” he said, “how do you mean ‘not directly’, you either have or you haven’t now which is it?” I said, “when I kiss her she tries to put my hand on her breast” he said, I realised what he meant by not directly, she was even more of a tart than I thought, “well, in answer to your original question, there are other positions, quite a few of them in fact, if you really want to know then I suggest you get a book, it’s called the karma Sutra, I doubt that a boy of your age would be able to buy it but if I go into town again,
I will try to get you one so that you can study it” I said, “yes I know, it’s available on line, it’s part of one of the educational studies” he said “but your computer is out of bounds at present” I said, “I know, I saw it on the school computer” he said, I must have been sat with my mouth open suddenly realised then stood and collected his empty plate and turned back to the sink, my mind was a whirl, maybe he could teach me a few positions, the stirring was back in my loins no wonder c***dren were getting more advanced for their years with books like that available on-line, the Karma Sutra is a very explicit book about sex, Roy came home a little later and I ate with him, he was a bit quiet and I asked him if anything was wrong, he said that he was snowed under with work and might have to consider employing more staff, I knew that this although it sounded nice put an extra burden on him, having to interview whilst having to keep the customers happy at the same time, you can’t get good staff off the shelf, if they do decide to work for you, then they have to give notice etc. meanwhile, work and orders have to be filled, he also said that Colin having been incapacitated had added to his problems of not having an electrician available should he need one, we sat and watched TV after dinner and then went to bed, I laid in bed and my mind kept going back to Andrew and what he had said,
I began to peruse my memory for the positions I had done it in, my sexual vocabulary had been extended somewhat by Gerald, and Samuel, and 15 other guys, my thoughts strayed to them and I began to get horny at the thought, my fingers went to my clit, Roy was snoring so I took the excuse and slipped out of bed, got the blanket and pillows from the ottoman and went down to the couch, I could be alone down there and enjoy my wank while I submerged myself in my recollections,
I put the pillows on the couch and laid down then threw the blanket over me, I heard the padding of feet, my heart began to pound, Andrew turned around the couch and sat on the floor in front of me, “you ok sweetheart?” I asked, “yes, I heard you come down, is dad snoring again?” he said, “yes, couldn’t you sl**p either?” I asked, “yes, I fell asl**p but then I woke up and heard you moving around” he said, I stroked his hair with my hand, my fingers of my other hand were playing with the hood of my clit below the blanket, having my son there in front of me was not helping my state of mind, the more my orgasm began to build, the more I considered my son as a source of relief, it wasn’t the sex with him that did it, it was the pure wickedness of it that excited me beyond belief, he turned round to look at me, “mum?” he said, “yes dear?” I said, “can I kiss you again, like before?” he asked, “why do you want to kiss me?” I said, “because it makes me feel good” he said,
I stopped playing with my clit and held myself in suspension, I was fairly close to the brink and wouldn’t need much shoving over, if I could get him to just touch me, it might just do the trick, I put my hand to the back of his head running my fingers through his hair, then I pulled his face towards me, laid on my side I was in the ideal position and the right angle was perfect, our lips met and I held on to him, he sc****d his tongue along my lips as I had showed him and I let him in, his tongue began to squirm around inside my mouth, he had improved his technique quite dramatically as he sucked on my lips,
I felt his hand come under the blanket heading for my breast, he grasped it in his fingers fondling me as I rolled onto my back with him on top of me over me, he was pulling at the buttons of my nightdress and I felt them open, his fingers were inside it, I got hold of his hair and pushed his face down onto one of my exposed tits his lips closed around the nipple taking a chunk of the areola with it into his mouth he was sucking on my tit as I pushed his face into it, craving the feeling to materialise looking for that little push, I threw back the blanket with my free hand and pulled up my nightdress then sank my fingers into my pussy and opened my legs wide, at that moment I wanted the world to see my cunt, my wet soggy genitals exposed and ready for the taking, I wasn’t feeling it, I needed more extreme measures,
I pulled his face away and swung my legs off the couch and stood up, I pulled my nightdress over my head, he sat up on the couch and I noted his tenting pyjamas, I went and got a condom, there was only one way to sort this out, I had to once again fuck my son, the need was there, my lust was boiling over, I came back and dropped to my knees in front of him then pulled down his pyjamas, he took off his top, I looked at his standing cock, I slipped the condom onto him and pulled him off the couch, there was a better chance of him lasting with the condom in place, I knelt on the floor taking up the doggy position, might as well give him another lesson whilst I was satiating my desire, “now kneel behind me and put your hands on my bottom” I said, he obeyed and I felt him groping my buttocks, “now push your penis through my legs, under my vagina” I said, again he obeyed and my fingers of one hand were waiting as his penis came through and I took hold of the tip with the tips of my fingers,
I pushed the rubber covered dome up into the opening of my hungry cunt moving forward slightly to line his cock up with me them as the tip entered me I moved back onto him, his cock went into my slippery hole, “now push against me with your hips” I said, I felt his cock penetrate me further, he began to shaft me, he’s learning” I thought, the massive bonus of it was that his cock was not big enough to reach past it so the tip was hitting me right on my G spot, you can imagine that this discovery was taking me through what I was seeking, “push a little harder” I said, “ I was trying to control myself from shouting out “fuck me you bastard” as I wanted to, he increased his pounding on my cunt as well as his pace, I was on my way, the ridge was in sight, “yes!!, yes!! I heard myself breathing, my tits were swinging under me with the f***e of his banging into my cunt, “yes, I was almost there, yes, then I felt the twitch and the jerk of his cock deep inside me but I was over,
I came crashing down the other side as his cock jerked inside me and he groaned, I sank to my elbows as the climax tore into me, I felt my cunt convulse and grip his cock as I moved backwards and forwards milking the small now wilting cock and it’s last drop, he fell out of me and I turned round, I took hold of his head against my breast he was panting, “was that nice?” he asked, “oh yes my darling” I said, “oh yes”.

To be continued…….

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