Andrew and his dad arrived back late on Sunday night, they were both knackered and I made them a nice supper before they both went off to an early night, I made it upstairs and laid thinking about the weekend, it had been a strange set of encounters, the thought had flashed through my mind that Gerald had set me up but I dismissed it because there were too many maybe’s, too many variables but the one disturbing note was that the more and longer I knew him, I came to get to know more about him and one day he asked me to pick him up from the factory where he was the CEO, as I drove into the car park, a guy was sweeping the car park, I glanced at him and nearly ran into a tree, the guy was the same guy that I had seen that night in reception at the hotel, the one with the foreign accent, I wound my window down and looked at him, he touched his cap with his finger, “how do missus?” he said and turned his back on me.

Tuesday morning arrived and Julia was due to go back to college that evening, her friend was collecting her, I was going to miss her, even after our difference of opinion in the hotel we were still good friends as well as mother and daughter and we both shared a secret love, she had spent a night out with a few friends to say so-long, Lisa amongst them, so she was having a lie in, I was messing in the kitchen in my usual shorts and blouse with no bra when the doorbell went, I went to answer it and it was Colin, Simon was standing behind him dressed in overalls, “I got those parts for your washing machine,
I spoke to Roy and he said you were at home” he said, they trooped past me into the kitchen “so why aren’t you at school Simon?” I said, “cos dad said it would be good experience for me to give him a hand with your machine because we have to turn it on its side to change the brush fings and its heavy” he said smirking at me, his eyes dropped straight to my tits, my nipples puckered more out of disgust than anything sexual, Colin pulled out the machine as he had done before,
I collected my cup of tea and went into the lounge out of their way, there was quite a bit of grunting and groaning coming from the kitchen and a bit of swearing and shouting, mostly aimed at Simon, I was sat reading the paper, one of the rare occasions that I wear my glasses because of the small print, Colin came in and said that the machine was fixed and would I care to try it before they went, I stood up and went with him into the kitchen, Simon was stood by the worktop drinking a can of coke that I knew he had got from our fridge without asking,
I was surprised that his father had let him because it was not good for him and his mother had told me the when he drank it he went red in the face and became hyper, my suggestion was to have him put down but she ignored me, I walked over to the machine that was safely back under the counter, I bent down and stuffed a load of washing into it, then I turned it on, “that will take about 50 minutes to complete I said, do you want to wait or are you coming back to make sure it’s ok?” I asked, “we’ll stay and a cup of tea would be nice” Colin said, has Julia gone back then?” he asked, “no, she’s going back tonight, she’s catching up with some sl**p, her and Lisa had a late night last night I said as I put the kettle on, he pulled an envelope out of his pocket and laid it on the table, “perhaps we can settle up while we wait” he said, I looked at him, “settle up, how settle up?” I said, “the bill, for the repair to the machine” he said,
I picked up the envelope thinking it was just the parts as he had said, I looked at it, £275.00 “what!” I exclaimed, how do you arrive at that” I challenged, he came and stood beside me, too close for my liking, Simon was sneering again, and he was going red in the face, “parts and labour like it says” he said his face close to mine, “ do you mean to say that after all the doors windows and work that we have given you and put your way, you have the cheek to ask for this” I said, “well I spoke to Roy and he said you would settle it” he said, “did you tell him how much it was?” I said, “no, I just mentioned that
I had the bill and he said that you would settle it” he said, “but I don’t have that much money in the house” I said, “well err.. I could always take payment in kind” he said, he was staring at my tits again, but now he was so close he could see down my cleavage, “payment in kind, what do you mean by that?” I asked, “I’m sure that a woman of your intellect and figure could work that one out” he said, he was sweating profusely, “Colin! you have to be joking, I am not going to settle this bill on my back for you” I said, I glanced at Simon he was sneering and very red, I was standing by the end of the table “well maybe I should send Simon up to see your Julia, he says he has always liked her and would like to get better acquainted” he said, “so what have you got in mind” I said, I was concerned for Julia now, I did not want Simon anywhere near her, she wouldn’t stand a chance with this oversized monkey, “well, I’d rather like to take a look at what you are hiding in there” he said looking down at my blouse, “well send him into the lounge and keep away from Julia,
I am not doing this in front of him” I said, he told Simon to go and sit in the lounge, the lad obeyed reluctantly, Colin turned back to me, “you realise of course that Anna is going to find out about this don’t you?” I said, “no she isn’t because if she does then Roy will hear about your boyfriend” he said, I put down the letter and began to unbutton my blouse, he was licking his lips as he watched me, “you know Colin, I never realise that you fancied me that much, why didn’t you just say, I am sure we could have come to some kind of understanding” I said trying to diffuse the situation and keep the pair of them away from Julia,
I had undone all the buttons of my blouse, the inner curve of my breasts visible, I stood there with my hands on the end of the table, I looked at him smiling, “come on then” he said looking down at me, “help yourself” I said softly, he got hold of my blouse and pulled it open, I thought he was going to pass out or have a heart attack, then he grabbed my tits groping them and playing with the nipples, he leaned forward trying kiss me as I leaned back he pushed against me forcing me back over the table as I tried to avoid his face, I could feel his cock through his trousers, he had a hard on, bad sign, his cock had taken over, he looked down cupping my tits in his big fat fingers and squeezing them, almost slobbering over them, “and the rest” he said, “what?” I said, “you know, get them off” he said as he made a grab for my shorts, I realised that I had probably inflamed this situation by wearing such a skimpy outfit while they were here,
he got hold of my legs and tipped me backwards onto the table then standing between my legs he grabbed the top of my shorts, I was trying to fight him off but with him between my legs I could not get and leverage against him, he pulled down on my shorts and the clasp holding them broke and came down along with my knickers, now my chest was bare and my pussy was exposed, Colin was not going to stop there, he had crossed the boundaries so far, why should he, he lifted my legs up and pulled my shorts off them, then he held me down with his hand on my chest and undid his flies, I was still struggling I daren’t scream for fear of getting Julia involved as he fished his fat thick cock out, it was hard and rigid, he came at me with it shoving it between my legs as he fucked into me, I jerked as he penetrated me then leaned over me as he began to shaft me, Simon came through the door possibly attracted by the commotion, he laughed, “go on dad, do her, can I have a go” he laughed, “just wait your turn son, your auntie Jean is busy right now” he said, “now sweetheart, what do you think of that for a man sized cock, you think you are such a high and mighty fucking bitch, now I’ll show you who is the boss” he said, he slammed his cock at me again and I felt him coming as he groaned and fell backwards Simon had his cock in his hand and he was coming at me but he of little experience got it wrong and my leg was between his as I brought my knee up into his testicles, he staggered back a pace clutching his balls and I brought my leg up smacking my ankle into the same place, he howled as he went to his knees, Colin was coming at me so I rolled sideways off the table,
I grabbed the steaming kettle off it’s stand and swung it hitting him at the side of the head with it, he fell sideways bl**d started to come from a cut on the side of his head, they both ran for the door, I stood in the kitchen shaking, I reached for my mobile and rang the number, “ I need to see you as soon as possible, yes, ok” I said, I had rung Gerald, he had agreed to meet me in the supermarket car park, I pulled up my shorts and ran upstairs and grabbed a skirt,
I had cum dripping from my vagina but I had to put a stop to this because it would not go away, something had to be done and done soon, I leapt out of my car and into his almost before he had stopped in the park I wrapped my arm round his neck and wept, all the anger and upset surfaced as soon as I saw him, he took me in his big strong arms and held me close, “ok, ok, tell me what’s happened?” he said, I told him the full story, he asked me where this Colin guy lived, I looked at him, “no, you can’t go round there , it will just make things worse” I said, he held me in his hands, “have I ever let you down ” he asked, “yes when you didn’t ring me that time and I lost you for six months” I said like a spoilt c***d, “and who gave me the wrong number” he said, “I did but as far as I am concerned, you are to blame” I said, he laughed, “ok, let me make you a promise, this will be taken care of, leave me to deal with it” he said, he had a strange cold tone in his voice that I was concerned about, I was concerned for Colin and my concerns were well founded because three days later, Colin and Simon were loading their van outside his workshop when a van pulled and 4 men wearing ski masks jumped out and attacked them, Colin had all his fingers broken with a baseball bat whilst Simon suffered a broken nose and cheek bone and had to have 7 stitches to a wound on his forehead inflicted by the same bat, the other and slightly more serious and lasting was that Colin almost died of bl**d loss because the men pulled out his cock and stretched his foreskin out then cut it off with a pair of pinking shears that are the zigzag scissors that tailors uses to stop edges fraying when they have cut them, Anna was in hysterics that night, almost screaming as she sat on my couch,
I had brought her around to our place, we went to see Colin in the hospital a few days later, we sat by his bedside, his hands covered in plaster and he still had a bruise at the side of his head from my kettle which had a dent in it, there was a raised frame over his private parts to prevent contact with the bedding, Anna went to have a smoke and I said that I would sit with Colin till she came back, when she was out of earshot, I leaned forward to Colin, I smiled at him, “Colin” I said, “I want you to know that there are no hard feelings and there won’t be any on your part, not for a while anyway” I said still smiling, “have you considered the possibility that whoever did this took exception to you touching something that did not belong to you, it belongs to them and was not yours to touch, so I sincerely hope that you are feeling better soon, oh sorry I forgot, silly me, you are not feeling anything at the moment are you?” I said as Anna came back, Colin was crying from the pain in his fingers as Anna returned and they had to give him some morphine, he was off work for 6 months and we had to support Anna with food as being self-employed Colin could not claim benefit but luckily he and Anna owned the house,
Simon was off school for 2 weeks but he missed his exams and failed them miserably, I tell you folks, it does not pay to cross some people, Gerald and I never ever mentioned it again but he said he would sort it out and he did, the result on Colin’s manhood resulted in his penis having a nice frilly edge around it, it looked like his cock was wearing a crown, or so Anna tells me.

To be continued…….

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