my first sex part 3

after we had lots sex with each other,,, and every time we had sex it was great,,,
once again ,, the house was empty ,,
i ordered her to get naked,, and have sex ,,,
she was great as usual ,, good smelling ,, nice belly,,
big round dark nipples..
i laid down on bed ,,
she took my boxers off by her teeth,,,
she was hungry for sex,,
she sucked my dick so deeply ,,
my balls,, she put both of them in her mouth and sucked them ..
sucked my ass too.,..
we made the 69 position... i sucked her wet warm pussy till my tongue was sore
i fingered her ass,,, with my two middle fingers ,,
she cried from pain
never heard her on that voice,,
she never got in pain ,,
she pussy was big and i was only 16 in that time ,, with an average dick size ,,and as we know brunet ( black i hate to say it ) are so hot in sex and need large size of dick to please them ..
i turned her over and fucked her ,, so hard ,,,
she was happy and moaning ,,,
i was sucking her nipples so hard ,,,kissed her ,,
and sucked her lips so hard ,,
i fucked her in her ass ,, like a dog ,,
i was so hard ,,
she was happy ,,
i wanted to cum
she turned against me and i came on her tits ,, as usual ...
and suddenly ,, my dad saw me and shouted om me ,,,
till now i am 30 years old i am still asking myself how he came in the house and didn't notice,,
he was yelled at me and was very mad ,,
i was afraid and shy of what i have done ...
i was grounded for a two months , in home and the maid was fired ,,,
,, i was so sad ,,
felt sorry of what i have done,,
i just wanted to meet her again ,,,
i didn't know how ..
i went to the maids agency ,,, they told me she went to her home land ,,
to adisi ababa ,, Ethiopia ,,
14 years passed ,,,
every time i have sex i remember her ,,
her warm skin
her big boobs ,, her smart smell
i didn't enjoy sex for a long time ,,
until i saw a friend request on face book
OMG ,,
its roza kebret ,,,
i didn't believe
i was jumping like baby from joy ,,
she sent me a message ..
she asked me if i am Elie , the one used to work for us in Kuwait ,,
and told me that's shes in Lebanon ,...
she asked me the secret question.. whats my nick name to be sure ,,
i told her the chef ,
yes ,,, my best sex mate is back ,, she was like 20 mils far from me ,,,shes 44 now ,,,
we just meet again ,,,
i was shacking ,, i don't know why ,, happy or sad ...
happy cuz i saw her again ,,
or sad for what i have done to her ,,, and made her lose her job ,,
shes still that sexy woman ,,, and just remembered her smell
she got married with 4 k**s ,, all of them girls.. her husband divorced her ,..
wait till part 4 and u will know more about what will happen ,,

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2 years ago
oh cannot wait until part 4