my first sex...

i had my first sex when i was 16,,
with a maid , she used to work in my grandma house
she was Ethiopian,,she was taller than me and older,,
she worked there for 6 year,,
i was ten at that time,,
she used to cook for me and help me in getting dressed to school till i was old enough to take care of myself
once i was in hurry in the morning late for school i had to pee and suddenly i run like a lightening to the bathroom ,
my mistake entered the bathroom and she was inside ,, she was shocked
like wise me ,,
i said i am sorry ,, but she was shy ,,
i forgot about the pee..
she had a good body and belly ,,
her boobs were rough and big ,, and a bushy haired pussy ..
i went to school all day thinking of what happened in that morning ,
i was hard all day .. it couldn't get out of my head all day,,,
i finished school it was Friday ,,
my dad went work late and my grand ma went to her village its like 3 hours far away ,,,
she had a funeral , there was no excuse to take the maid with her
me and the maid were home alone ,,
i was in my room ,,thinking of a way to do that woman ,,
i was hard in my loose boxers ,,
i never been like that hard ,,
and then suddenly,
she came to my room to take my laundry ,,
she saw me ,
her eye was wide as her face,, with a surprised look,,
she said: whats wrong with u elie?
i said: i don't know thinking of u all day
she said : that's OK cuz Ur still virgin and never saw a real naked woman..
i said: can u help me please ? ( i said that with a shy voice)
she said.. no with an angry voice
what will happen if ur dads knows or ur grandma she will kill me and ur dad with hit u till u faint ,,
i was afraid,,,
i needed to have sex and feel it how it feels
i called my dad to see if he is coming late or now ,,
i tricked him by calling him and asking him if i can go to the football play ground and play football.
he said : yes u can go and i will be at 12 at home cuz i have lots of work >
yes i was dancing from joy
i went to the maids room
and told her that dad is late ,,
she nodded her head and said ok ,,
i was so surprised she was so easy ,, i don't know why ,,
she had a bath ,,she smelled good
warm skin wet hair..
i was in her bed ,,,
waiting ,,
i was hard ,,
she came over me with a b**st look on her face ,,
i touched her boobs
i was under her ,,,
she ride my dick ,, she was soo horny
she said i didnt have sex for six years ,,,
am 32 now ,,
she was fucking me hard ,,, i couldnt hold it ,,
i came so fast ,, i was my first ,,,
when she felt the cum she jumped off me ,,
and said ,,, with a laughing ,,
its was fast ,, its ok
can u make it agian
i said yes why not
we started all over agian ,,
i sucked her pussy it was wet and warm ,,i had sucked every single inch in her body ,, bitten her nipples ,, sucked her lips her tongue..her ass ,,
even her toes ,,
he offered me a blow job ,, she sucked my dick till it was sore ,,,my balls she grabbed them hard ,,,
i fucked her doggy style ,, her ass was tight ,, i had some pain ,, i was uncut,,,, she let me fuck her again and again ,, i cum for the second time ,,
i was totally excited and happy,, i came on her boobs,,
yes i did it ,,,
she was happy too.
i went and had a bath ,,,
and she was watching me ..
she told me ,, from now and every single time when there is no one in the house u can fuck me ,,,

thanks for reading
there is another part please stay on touch

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2 years ago
i will dear,.. i was in hurry and wrote it on my phone on my way work.... see part two is coming
2 years ago
Thank you
2 years ago
its all abit quick, i wanted to read abit more detail? but still nice ;)
2 years ago
please give me ur opinion