cum inside you at a festival :p

i was at a music festival a few weeks ago, the girls were amazing! short skirts, tight jean style leggings, even some in stockings! i would be i the middle of the crowd to watch all of the acts performing there songs and going back to my tent at night feeling horny as fuck after brushing myself against girls and getting the occasional pinch on there perfect arses! anyhow.. the next day was sooo warm, i got up with the rest of the guys and girls i was there with and we went off and did our own thing, seeing what actswe wanted and meeting up at points during the day and back at the camp site on the evening, the girls were stunning and sexy in only bikini tops and skirts, it was dark now for the final act of the night, a group of people found there way infront of me, there was a girl with them, tanned nicely from the sun over the weeekend, bright pink and black hair, a tiny pleated check skirt, and knee high socks with a black bra on. she was soo hot, the music started and the crowds started roaring, it was so crammed and i was so horny having this babe infront of me brusing herself against me as she danced to the music. i instantly got hard and my cock was pushing its way out of my shorts i could feel the curve of her arse and then the dip as she moved left to right and it pused against her cheeks, she never said or did anything and my hand started to wonder brusing my fingers down her back and up the back of her legs, she kept backing into me onto my rock hard cock, i ran my hand between her thighs and up to her pussy, she was stil dancing and took a step to open her legs, i continued to rise my hand up her skirt to find there was no panties on her, my cock got even harder and i slid my fingers into her, she flicked her hair back and pushed down onto my fingers and reached round to feel my rock hard cock through my shorts, i fingerd her hard and rubbed my thumb against her arsehole and slowly slid it in, through all of the music and noise and dancing, i heard her moan, i continued to finger fuck her pussy and ass as she rubbed my cock, then i leant forward and sed in her ear that i was going to fuck her, she grabbed my cock through my short and pulled in into her and she moved back on it, i pulled my cock out of my zip and quickly placed it under her skirt so knowone was any the wiser to it, and i let her do the rest, she leant forward and guided my cock into her, she was soo wet and sticky, i thrust my cock into her for a good 3 songs and i grabbed round her weighst and pulled her all the way onto me and i started feeling her pussy tighten and i saw her shiver and grab her skirt tightly, this was too much for me and i started to shoot load after load into her, she kept pushing back onto me and i could feel the pressure on my cock as i was filling her deep and it was pushing my cock back out, i slowly let my cock slide out of her and she reached round to grab my wet cock and she sqeezed the last bit ov cum out of me into her hand and let go of me, she put her hand up to her mouth and licked it off. i quickly put my cock into my shorts and zipped them up. she carried on dancing and singing and i saw some of my thick load sliding down between her thighs to her knee and soaking into her knee high socks, it was the best festival i had ever been to, and im sure it wil never ever be the last, shame i never got her name :(
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4 years ago
it is a shame but how about more stories as this one is very good