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[Story] Blowjob from a stripper

I recently found myself alone in Spain (having lost my pals) and thought I'd try the local strip club.

On entering, a gorgeous dark-haired Bulgarian girl immediately approached me and asked if I'd like a dance. I thought, "Why not?".

I followed her to a small private room. She closed the curtain behind her and began to dance. Before too long her tits were out and her pants were off. Her boobs were pert and natural and her pussy was completely shaven.

"You can touch me if you want", she said as she sat on me. As she ground her ass against my lap, I reached round and grabbed hold of her... Continue»
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[Story] A Proper Strip Club!

A friend turned me on to a website that reviews all the local strip clubs. I had not been to one since college and I was nearly 40 and I knew my wife would not approve. I figured I would check out the web-site but never go to one of the clubs. I logged onto the site and starting reading.

The clubs had a lot more than just girls getting naked. Many of the customer reviewers talked about "mileage", how far a dancer would go in the private booths at the back of the club. I could not believe what I was reading. Apparently, some dancers did lots more than others and the website had all the detai... Continue»
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My wife was in Australia visiting some relatives so I met up with some old friends to celebrate the New Year in Glasgow.

After the bells, I headed home alone at about 2am and found four girls stumbling along my street looking slightly worse for wear.

I asked if they were OK and they said they were looking for a toilet. I, of course, suggested they could use mine.

They were delighted by my offer and, two minutes later, we all found ourselves in my house. As they each visited the toilet, I chatted to the other three - they were only 19-years-old! (I'm 33).

Havin... Continue»
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