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I wrote the story of my and my s****r some weeks ago and mentioned that there was something with my mother as well. I've had a few requests to share that story here, so I wrote it up. Please know that just as the story of my s****r and I was completely true, this is as well. Just to give you a head's up, I don't actually have sex with my mother, it's an account of something I witnessed.
My mother is a feisty Italian woman - short and buxom. When she was in her 30s and 40s, she used to work out a lot and had a classic hourglass shape. Her breasts were at least a D-cup and she had a large round mom-butt. Voluptuous and sexy are the two words I would use to describe her. I remember once she was waking me up for school and her robe fell open. Her breast was heavy and firm with large dark aureoles. I remember that brief glimpse was the subject of many masturbation fantasies afterward. As a c***d I somehow always knew my mother was a highly sexually charged woman, but I never realized how much until the day I went snooping.
Let me give you a little background first. My parents divorced when I was 10 and I moved to the next town with my s****r and mother to live. My world pretty well consisted of the two of them and the daily drama that comes from living in a house dominated by women. After my parents split, it didn’t take long for my mother to start dating again. She usually dated nice guys who were all pretty cool to me, but at the same time there was a number of them who came and went. She had her favorites, though, and I saw them often.
My room was next to hers and I would stay up reading until past midnight when she thought I was sl**ping and it was safe to make love. She wasn’t a screamer by any stretch, but if I put my ear to the vent on the wall I could hear their breathing and soft moans. Although she wasn't loud, she was definitely multi-orgasmic and her climaxes were always preceded with "oh my God", and then a soft series of sing-song moans and sighs. I spent many nights masturbating next to that vent to the sounds of her cumming.
Eventually, she settled down and married guy named Rich who was kind of an asshole, but at least took the time to teach me some things that my own father had neglected to show me. I was never really close to my Dad, so Rich was kind of it for father figures. It wasn’t ideal, but it was what it was. I lived with my mother, s****r, and Rich until I turned 18 when I split to join the military and live overseas for a couple of years.
When I ended my stint at 22, I temporarily moved back in with Rich and my mother until I could get a job and find a place to live. This was only for a few weeks until I got on my feet. Since Rich and my Mother worked during the day, I pretty well had the run of the house and liked to poke around and snoop. I know this isn’t the most noble hobby, but I really enjoyed going through my mother’s things and looking at her panties and lingerie. Her sex toy collection was fairly extensive as well and I would masturbate with her vibrators. The thought of her getting off on toys that had traces of my cum on them was highly erotic to me.
One day I was gong through Rich’s VHS porn collection and I noticed a tape simply labeled "party" with a pencil. I normally wouldn’t have given it too much thought, but it was in with the rest of his porn so I threw it in the VCR to see what it was. I'm sure you can guess what it was, so I’ll describe it in as much detail as I can remember.
When it started to play, I could see that the video was shot in my Mother’s bedroom with the camera on the dresser aimed at the bad. I could hear my mother’s voice somewhere behind the camera in the background talking to Rich. They were discussing some banal thing or another when my mother came into view of the lens. She was wearing a black lace corset with garters and stockings. The corset was pulled tight around her waist lifting her enormous breasts. She looked at the camera and smiled at Rich who must have been right next to it. I can’t describe how incredibly turned on I was watching this, but I suspect the viewers of this subreddit will understand. There was my mother, the woman there every day of my life who I loved and who took care of me, about to record herself having sex on camera. And there was I with my rock-hard boner in hand about to watch it.
Her smile was a little nervous, but she seemed like she was pretty into it at the same time. She climbed on the bed and posed doggy style for the camera revealing a lack of panties. Her ass and vagina were in full view for the camera, and I could see that she had a thick dark black bush. Her vagina was a deep dark pink color and contracted sharply to the hair around it.
She reached her hand up from underneath and started rubbing her labia in long sensual strokes. The resolution on the VHS tape wasn’t what I would have liked, but I could tell she was pretty wet. I would have given anything to kiss her pussy in that moment and breath in her aroma. I would sniff her panties whenever I had the chance and I knew that her scent was absolutely intoxicating. It was strong, but not at all foul - just musky and sexual.
She played with herself on the bed for some time alternating sticking two fingers in and rubbing her clit. Eventually, Rich walked into view completely naked and climbed onto the bed with her. He turned her so she was still on all fours, but now in profile to the camera, and knelt before her with his impressive hard-on at her face. There's a lot I can say about Rich, but the man was nicely hung. She moved toward him started to give him head.
At first she just teased him with kisses and licks on his shaft and tip, but soon enough he entered her lips and she started bobbing up and down on him. She would suck him somewhat shallowly for a minute, then take him all the way to the hilt. The sound recording on the tape was good and I could hear her throat muscles wetly contracting every time she took him deep. She’d hold her breath for several seconds holding him in, then back off and recollect herself. I have witnessed an insane amount of porn since watching that tape, but I have never seen head as sensual as hers. She knew how to cradle his penis in her wet warm mouth, embedding in slippery sensations. As she was doing this, Rich reached around and worked his fingers in and out of her vagina. He was a little rougher than I would have liked, but she didn’t seem to mind. She just kept worshiping his penis with her mouth while he felt her up.
I was so hard watching this that I couldn’t touch myself or I would explode. I wanted to cum really bad, but I also wanted to see what was next at the same time. My erection just bobbed in the air with precum leaking out of the tip as I stood in front of the TV witnessing my mother’s sex. I still fantasize about her walking in on me in that moment and wordlessly wrapping her lips around my head as I orgasm down her throat. I think about the gulping sounds she would make as she swallowed my load, and her glossy cum covered lips as a dribble escapes from the pressure and leaks onto her cleavage. I want her to taste the essence of my sex, reveling in it, ingesting it fully.
On the screen my mother released Rich from her mouth and pushed him onto his back. Still in profile to the camera, she climbed on top, and reached down to guide and slide him into her. I can’t see his penetration, but I can see her face and open mouth as she inhales and sighs softly from the penetration. She must have been very wet because she takes him completely and in one smooth motion, sitting fully down with his considerable size completely inside of her. As I said, she is a small woman at 4'11" and I would guess her to be fairly tight despite having two c***dren.
She slowly rides him and lays forward on top of him and they kiss. Their lovemaking is gentle, but passionate. The kisses are broken by the occasional gasp or moan, and they make love like this for several more minutes. I can’t imagine how he lasted so long inside of her, but he does eventually cum. His orgasm triggers hers and just as he’s finishing, she arches back and starts to grind him with increasing speed. It turns out my mother actually is pretty loud when no one is home and the sounds of her orgasm are both a****l and guttural. She is able to completely give herself go to the sensation.
The scene ends with a little bit of cuddling and laughing, then they get up to turn the camera off. The video turns to static for a second and I was just about to rewind to see her cumming again so I could cum with her and the next scene comes on.
This time they’re on vacation at what looks like a time-share at some golf resort. The camera is in the bathroom and she is already in a bubble bath with a glass of campaign. She toasts the camera, smiles, and stands up out of the water to put on a little show. For the first time, I get to see my mom’s fully naked body without lingerie and it is exquisite. Her dark skin is shiny wet and suds drip off her nipples. Her breasts are huge and her nipples and aureoles are very large and dark brown. I know this is a turn-off for many guys, but to me it’s incredibly erotic. I want to kiss, lick, and suck them deeply while she rides my cock. I would give anything to feel that.
She squirts several pumps of body wash into her hand and puts on a seductive show of washing and caressing her body. She turns around and takes some time to run her slipper fingers all over her ass. She bends over to offer a better view and soaps up her thighs. Her fingers squeeze and glide over her skin and I can only imagine how hard Rich is. Her body is what you would call plump, but it’s also incredibly hot at the same time. There's not a great deal of cellulite or fat. It's just very curvy.
Sorry, out of space.
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3 years ago
3 years ago
Good story. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
good story
3 years ago
very good i would feel the same about her
3 years ago
very good i would feel the same about her
3 years ago
I do not enjoy meeting peoples parents bbut I would love to meet yours. Your mother sounds beautiful, and you father must have been one hell of a man to keep her for as long as he did before splitting.
3 years ago
Very Nice story I liked it