Happy days ..

So it was way back when the old mid-summer hippy festival used to happen in the fields adjacent to Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain ( that's in England - for our overseas readers ! ) . The current fairy had persuaded me to go to the festival with her and her ex, strange maybe but he had a car .......
We got there and pitched the tents, grabbed a beer and proceeded to skin-up and get nice and mellow. All was going well and she asked me to go for a wander about the site to see what was happening. I don't know if you ever went there, but it was a bit anarchic and a 'no-go-area' for the police. You could get (almost) any d**g there except for heroine. She wanted some acid, so I got some , we dropped some and went about our tour of the site - there was a big crowd in one corner watching a good-looking girl who was having a strip-down wash by a water-tap.
We carried on wandering about and ended up back at our tent where her ex had cooked up a stew with some grass in it which was actually quite tasty. After finishing that, I commented to him that I didn't think much of the acid as I wasn't feeling very high. He wasn't using it and said he would keep an eye on me and suggested I take another which I did.
She ,on the other hand was off her face and feeling hot and horny, stripped off her clothes down to Just her knickers and went back around the site , alone. I sat down and waited for the acid to hit ( N.B. - I later found out that it was 'synthetic' acid also known as MDMA - now called ecstasy ) which it didn't seem to do . Oh well , I was having fun getting stoned and people-watching - the Brits are great eccentrics and funny with it !
She comes back with a smile on her face and asks me to fuck her , so we went into the tent and without closing the flap as it was a (rare) hot sunny day in dear old Blighty, proceeded to have a nice energetic shag - except for the fact that this acid/ecstasy was having an effect - namely that it stopped me from coming !
Now that ,you may think, was great for her as I'd last longer. But not really as I didn't have a problem with lasting for 45 minutes or so when straight. No , we were at it for about two hours - verified by her ex who was watching from out side. Eventually I was at the point of just about getting there if I pump and grind a bit harder and heavier when she say's to me that she wants a pee !
'Yeah, OK' says I 'let me just come and I'll et you go !' Well about ten minutes later I did come and it was an even greater relief for me as I thought my cock was gonna burst !. I am lucky to have about 7 an' a half inches with a five inch girth , but with all that buildup and the ecstasy and everything it was much thicker than normal. She must have felt the effects of the E as well as when I did come and pulled out of her so she could go pee, I looked down at my cock emerging from her sopping cunt and she just gushed about three pints of what we both presumed was piss, but she may have been squirting as she said that she'd never had sex like that before. She even laid on the sopping wet sl**ping bag for ages as she just couldn't get up !
I got out of the way of her gusher just in time to avoid getting my jeans wet and , laughing my balls off, got out of the tent to sit and roll another joint and smoke it with her ex who gave us a round of applause for the show - telling me that he'd never seen her do that before !

Oh happy days .......
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