Be nice to nurses .......

Some time back , after a motorbike accident , I had to go into hospital for an operation to improve the condition of my knee and lower leg. I managed to get the third party insurers to pay for this rather than wait for the already overstretched NHS.

I never thought that the stories about the shenanigans in hospitals were true but after having the operation my mind was changed by a young nurse - a cute little blonde of about 23 or 24 - who came into my room to ask if everything was OK. I replied that it was , I was experiencing some pain but nothing unexpected, and that I thought that it was very different being in a private hospital to the NHS. She replied that there was very little she wouldn't do to help make me comfortable and suggested that I ask for her if there was anything that I wanted.

I picked up on that and asked 'What, anything ?' She smiled sweetly and repeated "Anything' in such a way as to make me smile - but I thought that my imagination was running away with me. She left the room and I went back to reading the paper.

A couple of days later and my recovery was coming along well - although I still had a broken leg to all intents and purposes - I had a metal plate and screws in the leg after the surgery and was wearing a sports brace. I couldn't stand on the leg but it was to pretty much immobelised and I was getting about on crutches.

It was about half an hour after dinner and I was in bed without the sports brace when in walked an auxiliary to take my tray accompanied by Julie, the nurse from a couple of days back. The auxiliary left and Julie followed her to the door, closed it and turned to me with a big smile, saying that she had assisted in the theatre when I had my op. It was customary to fit male patients with a tube and bag for urine but that when she tried this while I was under anaesthetic she found that my urethra is too narrow.

I was a bit taken aback at this, not by the facts but by her openness . She went on to tell me that she though that I had a nice body for a man of my age ( 44 at the time ) and a good sized cock. I started to stiffen and realised that she was quite intent and asked her if she wanted to see it again . To my surprise she just pilled back the covers and fondled me to a full erection !

I reminded her of my leg and she said she'd be careful ! Well , she was that - she wanked and sucked me to one of the most satisfying climaxes that I have ever had - indeed it remains the only time I have come for a blow-job.

Smiling a beautiful smile Julie walked out of the room licking her lips and swallowing.She must have told the other nurses as they were all grinning their heads off whenever they saw me after that and tunics were always unbuttoned enough to show as much tit as possible !

After a few more days I was released from hospital and went home to recover. I attended out-patient appointments to check the progress of recovery but never saw Julie agin, some time later I saw on the news that a male nurse at the hospital had been sentenced to 3 years in prison. Apparently a female patient at the hospital had awoken after an operation to find him ( the nurse) on top of her just about to penetrate her .......

So if you go into hospital, be nice to the nurses - some of them often do things like that just to relieve the boredom ........
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3 years ago
the nurses & your bartenders be good to both
3 years ago
Nice story. Thanks
3 years ago
Excellent thing to take your mind off the pain :)
3 years ago
good fun