Fresh Fuckmeat in Thailand III: Executive Secretar

Hopefully, most of you who have arrived at this story have already read “Fresh Fuckmeat in Thailand I and II”, so I won’t belabor the principles behind my Streams of Fuckmeat. I’ll just give a bit of an introduction here, and talk briefly about Thai women before diving in to Fuckmeat Stream Three. Work in international corporate and governmental consulting has placed me in the position to have fucked eight hundred three women, spread out over 46 countries worldwide. In five of those countries where the women are often of superior character and sexual skill, I have developed schemes whereby I get local Fuckmeat that meets my specifications whenever I am in-country for work or vacation. I’ve found relatively high concentrations of good Fuckmeat in South Korea, Belize and far-southern Mexico, for example, where it has benefited me to enlist the help of local women I know from long years of work or research to procure local girls for sexual fun so as to guarantee me a steady supply when I am there.

But head and shoulders above all other countries on earth are the women of Thailand (over 350 of my 803 women have been Thai). Not only do they easily deserve their reputations as Earth’s undisputed goddesses of sex, but the character of average Thai women is above all other cultures; they are the happiest, the strongest, the most powerful socially, the most equal with men, and the most accessible of all women. Men, I k** you not, there is no better place to find the girl of your dreams, either for sex or for marriage or both, than Thailand. Please go there and see for yourself before you choose a girl from anywhere else. Then if you do choose a girl from somewhere else (you won’t!!) at least you will have experienced women the way they were meant to be experienced.

Four years ago, I set out eight impossible goals for the Thai women I wanted to fuck, and came up with a scheme whereby my five commercial interpreters in Thailand (all female, and all of whom I fuck regularly) would procure for me girls that met my needs. Any fresh Thai Fuckmeat scheme had to provide:

1. Women who did not regularly fuck at all
2. Women who cost me little or no time to procure
3. Women to whom I could say “good bye” easily
4. Women who would consider being paid for a fuck to be a bad thing
5. Women who were relatively safe to fuck bareback, since I only fuck bareback
6. One set of solutions for my time in Bangkok and another for my time upcountry
7. Women who come from one of two groups: high school girls, and women considered too
old to be fuck-able (they think they’re used up by 29 in Bangkok and 23 upcountry!)
8. No drama

So far, you’ve already met Pim and KooKai, my two favorite interpreters, and learned of their Fuckmeat Streams for me. Pim sends me her high school girls and occasionally their mothers (see Fresh Fuckmeat in Thailand I) and KooKai brings me women from her English Language School (See Fresh Fuckmeat in Thailand II). By now, you know there is an annual competition among the interpreters as to which of them provided me the best girls to fuck. I rate each sex session with each girl and the results are tallied to reveal which procurer brought me the best girls overall for the year. None of the Fuckmeat is paid, and the procurers get nothing beyond small bonuses on days when I fuck their girls. My procurers, the interpreters, love each other dearly and are business partners too, but their competition for my highest pleasure, both personally in my bed and via their girls, is intense! This story covers the third of my four Bangkok Streams of Fuckmeat, the Executive Secretaries brought to me by Daeng.

Daeng is a thirty-eight year old former Assistant-to-the-President of a top-ten Thai corporation. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Commercial Hospitality from Thailand’s University of Tourism, and a Master’s Degree in Economics from Thailand’s world-renowned Thammasat University, also in Bangkok. I met Daeng at Thammasat when I was giving a lecture to the Economics Department on Medical Tourism’s economic impact on the region, and her questions were not only insightful beyond those of her professors, but asked in English so impeccable as to make her an instant favorite on my list of women who could interpret for me. I encouraged her to join Pim’s firm, so that I could use her (and Yes, I made it clear right up front I would also USE her! She’s a fucking goddess whose beauty would have intimidated me even a few years before.). She finished her degree a month later, and joined up as the fourth partner in Pim’s firm. I used her (Oh my god, I used her! On my next business trip to Thailand, I came in her nine times in my first 24 hours with her and ate her sweet cunt juices almost all of the intervening time!!). She has been both lovely and of practical help ever since. We have a life-long friendship that is deep and abiding, much as I have developed with Pim and KooKai.

Daeng is tall for a Thai women, nearly five feet seven, and her beautifully-shiny almost iridescent-black hair falls well below her buttocks (Yes, guys, that’s right…her hair is nearly four feet long!). Her eyes are a deep deep brown, and have the almost sad look of many Central Thais who have Lao somewhere in their distant past genealogy. She has long eyelashes that she uses to tickle my balls when she’s sucking and licking me. She’s a B-cup with the classic Thai tit…perfect round tit-shape, permanently perky, with high-set enormously long, rubbery, suckable nipples that stand up well to prolonged chewing. Her cunt meat swells big when I lick her, and is all dark black, even as the rest of her is almost snow-white with just a hint of honey base. I love to just lick her skin, because it is among the softest, smoothest and tastiest of any woman I’ve ever fucked. Daeng is often totally silent in my bed, until just the point of her orgasms, when she stutters out loud a repeated series of “ah ah ah, ahahahahah” and then thanks me for making her cum between heaving gasps for breath. She also thanks me for cumming in her; she never wants me to cum on her…only as deeply in her as I can go, and up her ass is her favorite destination (and mine!).

Daeng loves to have me fuck her in places where we might be discovered, particularly popular tourist attractions. She once had me enter her under a billowing skirt when she was leaning over the railing of one of the bridges over the Amphawa Floating Market on a busy Saturday morning. We were being jostled by both locals and tourists as my cock was slowly pumping her up the ass! I came in her just as a lovely couple from England had come up beside us…the wife knew what I was doing, and positioned herself and her husband on either side of us so I could cum, then pull out and have Daeng clean me off with a wet wipe unseen. Daeng immediately invited the couple to join us later in my hotel…thanks to Daeng’s remarkable gift with people of all sorts, they did, despite Daeng’s unwillingness to let the husband fuck her! That English bird realized her Bisexual dreams with Daeng a few hours later and got a cumload up her cunt from me. Daeng sucked off the husband while she fucked me before we all went to supper, with the husband’s fingers in Daeng’s cunt and mine in her ass in the taxi on the way. The cabbie knew what was going on, and Daeng loved it! Daeng has fucked me in restaurant Men’s Rooms and even once on the stairs up to the BTS platform, just out of reach of the cameras.

Thanks to Daeng, I have been well introduced to the unique psychology and almost monastic lives of Thailand’s high-end professional secretaries, Administrative Assistants, Office Managers, and C-suite assistants, the vast majority of whom are well-educated single women between thirty and fifty-five. The “single” part seems to arise from a two-fold pressure in Thai society. First, the hours required of these women in their jobs are nearly as long as the tireless executives for whom they work. Average workweeks of seventy hours are common among these women; they just have no time to find a worthy fuck-partner, let alone a mate. Second, in Thailand, women expect to be able to devote themselves fully to their men at home regardless of how much commitment their outside work requires. In the rarified world of Bangkok’s high-end secretaries and assistants, there is too little time left over after they finally kneel and suck their boss’ cock at night and send him home, for a home life of their own. Nearly all of them respond by forsaking married life…the vast majority live a life of celibacy outside the requirements of their jobs (I would guess about one third are required to have sex with their boss and his clients, legal advisors and occasional subordinates who have done well on a project). For those secretaries whose bosses refrain from sexual advances, the vast majority of the assistants or secretaries are completely celibate. They simply are unwilling to have any relationships with men if they cannot execute those relationships “properly” according to Thai tradition for women.

The result is an entire class of Bangkok women that is intellectually desirable, beautiful, worldly, well dressed and coiffed, well-heeled financially, and yet virtually inexperienced sexually. A third have only fucked (and in many cases only sucked) their bosses and associated men, and the others frequently are virgins their entire lives! I know it is hard to believe, but such is the devotion of Thai women to the art and sanctity of serving their lovers, that these women forsake relationships entirely rather than perform their relationship duties in a way they consider sub-optimal. As you can imagine, these women garner a substantial portion of their identity from the social prestige and economic power of their bosses. Where 99% of Thai women gain a good measure of their identity from how well they satisfy their men sexually, high-end secretaries and assistants get it from their boss’ power. If their boss is a jerk, or comes on to them when they don’t want his advances, these women’s identities are damaged. Imagine powerful influential women stuck in a position where their identity is deeply hurt by their boss. Still, most of them are very happy, strong women who simply don’t get enough (or any!) cock meat!

Enter Daeng! Whereas Pim and KooKai do fewer, longer-term assignments as interpreters (weeks at a time, such as they do for me), Daeng has come to specialize in frequent, short-term interpreter duties with a long list of clients. This has exposed her to dozens of Thailand’s top companies by size, by international dealings, and by reputation. In Thailand, the secretary has not yet been sent the way of the dinosaur the way it has in the West, and C-suite men invariably have a personal assistant, either as a corporate employee or as a personal hire. Traffic alone makes the life of a Bangkok executive difficult, such that he needs not only personal services such as errands, but also someone to stand in for him at meetings across town much the way the “Assistant to the President” type ladies used to do here in the USA up through the early 1980s. So corporate drivers, errand girls, and truly competent assistants with advanced degrees are still common there. Daeng gets to know them all! She has a personal card she distributes to all the attractive support women she meets in the offices she visits with clients, and that is now over one hundred companies in Bangkok, with perhaps six or eight women each! She says about half call her eventually, and she quickly turns the conversation over to sex. Like Pim and KooKai, I have had Daeng computerize her women on a spread sheet, showing age, education, the type of business of their employer, whether/what kind of sex they do on the job, and all the other specs I expect her to gather, such as height, weight, hair color/length, and intimate specs like cunt size/color/taste/smell, tit size, nipple size and on and on.. About three quarters of my Daeng Fuckmeat starts with lesbian sex with Daeng. She takes them to dinner, or shares dinner in the executive lounges common to the C-suites of Bangkok corporations, serves them wine if they drink alcohol, and seduces them into amazing lesbian sex. Daeng has Skype-ed several of her lesbian seductions to me over her smart-phone, unknown to the secretary she was tongue-fucking at the time. Daeng is a pineapple fanatic, and her cunt is the sweetest-tasting I’ve known, so she has little difficulty making these woman beg to cum with her once they taste her cunt.

After a lesbian session, Daeng usually makes one polite thank you call, and then waits a week or more to contact the lady again. By then the notion of having the lady take my cock is almost c***d’s play among the women who either suck or fuck their bosses, but even among the non-sexual girls and virgins, Daeng has such a psychological “in” with these women, that over 80% of them agree to meet me for sex. Daeng plays on their notion of needing to cum, of needing a cock, of wanting a larger Falang cock, of my reputation as a solid businessman with whom they could be proud to be seen in public, and of my need not to have a relationship. That last factor actually works to my advantage among these women! Daeng gets them to admit they need and want a nice cock, and at the same time makes it seem the most moral of possible alternatives to fuck me, a man who does not want a relationship with them! In her own way, Daeng is as capable a master of psychology as either Pim or KooKai, and maybe better, because she starts from a position as an equal, rather than a superior, and works her way into these women’s minds and cunts until by the time I meet them, the vast majority are already filling the room with the smell of their sex! These women are so ready for a one-night stand either alone with me or in a threesome with Daeng, that I have to be careful only to meet those I already know I want to fuck, lest things get difficult during a rejection!

Daeng takes three pictures of each woman, and nearly always gets at least one of them showing either a cunt or tits and cunt. With that, and their computer dossiers, I can pick my Fuckmeat with pretty good accuracy as to which will be great fucks for me. Generally Daeng and I do five-to-seven-night stretches. She tries to arrange one celibate or virginal girl for a late-night/all-night fuck session after having had a session with a girl who fucks or sucks her boss regularly earlier in the evening. The ones who fuck regularly, are all tested weekly, arranged and paid for by their bosses, so I always do bareback with them, and of course the others are obviously safe to fuck properly…bareback. Many of the ones who have not fucked their bosses, feel empowered to begin doing so after I fuck them, and they of course get raises for doing the end, they become grateful to Daeng and to me for making this possible, and the vast majority are available to me any time I’m in town thereafter. I have one I’ve fucked in a threesome with Daeng five straight trips now. She’s forty five now, looks twenty eight, and is an ass-to-mouth specialist. We spend the whole time switching from me fucking her ass as hard as I can, really sweating and slamming her hole, while Daeng shoves her cunt in the woman’s mouth, to the woman sucking my ass-juiced cock while Daeng licks out her asshole and cunt! She’s also a screamer and we usually meet in her office’s executive lounge, where her company serves dinner! Her office is near Baiyoke Tower, and we look down on the brass dome of an adjacent office building while I fuck her cunt and ass as hard as I can. The sessions are intense, but short enough that with a little Kamagra, I can have a leisurely fuck with a virgin at my hotel later in the evening. Daeng drops the girls off at my hotel and either stays with us or not, depending on the secretary’s emotional security. I try to have Daeng stay with us for the virgins, in case they’re too traumatized after I rip their hymen with my cockhead…Daeng consoles them and of course ensures that I have her personal Fuckmeat the rest of the night, if the virgin calls it quits after her first fuck, as many do.

Daeng’s fuck-sessions are not as formulaic as those of Pim or KooKai, but there is still a rhythm to them. Whether at the offices or at the hotel, Daeng begins by stripping herself slowly, while maintaining eye contact with the secretary, with whom, you’ll remember, she has usually already had sex. She tells how the two of them met, what they talked about in their dinners together, and how their sex was together, often to the great embarrassment of the secretary, who nonetheless is starting to shake with sexual desire. Then typically, Daeng will repeat some of my resume to the woman and hype up my position as an influential businessman with enormous sexual prowess (Yes, I let her exaggerate a little here). Then she usually will have the secretary respond to open-ended commands, like “Tell Kuhn David about the sex you give your boss.” Or “Tell Kuhn David how long it has been since you have been fucked.” or “Tell Kuhn David why you have never been fucked.” Or “Tell Khun David why you want a big Falang cock in your cunt.” You get the impression that she is putting the woman through her intellectual paces in order to prove herself worthy to receive my cock, and these women take on the challenge. I get filthy descriptions of their sexual service for their bosses’ clients…what it feels like for them to have a client cum on their face in front of other men in a meeting for example, or among those who fuck, what it feels like to lie on the boss’s desk and have his three lawyers fuck her simultaneously. Among those who fuck, most are intensely proud of their service to their boss, knowing the quality of their sucking and fucking clients and vendors helps his business objectives, and the quality of their sucking and fucking of him helps his concentration and stress management. Among those who don’t fuck at work, their quivering voices get husky as they talk about how much they want cock, how much they want to swallow cum, how much they want their assholes filled with man-meat, and how much they want even just to look at a big Falang cock, but at the same time how unable they have been to get what they want within the constraints of their social position and their devotion to relationships.

By the time they’ve bared their souls to me, Daeng has slowly stripped them naked, and begins holding open their cunts and assholes for my inspection, and licking their nipples so that they are fully erect for me to view. Then Daeng either announces she will withdraw to the other side of the room, or to guard the door, or she announces her intention to do a three way with us, and the two of them strip me. We usually do this at night of course, so the lights go off, allowing the city lights to appear beautifully through the windows. By the time these women kneel and get their mouths around my cock, their whole bodies are shaking with desire! Daeng has them worked up so their cunts are dripping down their legs and they can’t stop licking their lips! My God, it is so difficult for me not to cum in thirty seconds some nights! Here are powerful women reduced to quivering fleshpots on their knees in front of me, going on about how much they need cockmeat in their cunts and assholes, and how much they want to taste my cum! And they’re beautiful! Goddesses, whose cunt-smell fills the room! Daeng’s prep work makes all of these sessions memorable, and the power dynamic is just amazing!

My favorite Daeng scenario has played out more than a half-dozen times now. She finds a high-end secretary between thirty and thirty-five years old who meets my criteria for hair and lips and tits and cunt shape and everything else, who is either a virgin or has been celibate, and in any event does not fuck or suck her boss. But the boss wants the woman to let him fuck her. These girls are quite common, actually, and most of them refuse the boss, to their financial detriment. Daeng seduces the woman, and prepares her to want my cock so badly she doesn’t care about much else. Then Daeng works out an elaborate conversation with the woman, generally over two or more dinners out (for which the secretaries always pay, by the way) in which the woman sees a way to have power over her boss through me. I’m not too much above average size in the USA remember, but in Thailand, my cock is relatively huge! In any case, my cock will nearly always be much bigger than the girl’s boss’ cock. Daeng and the secretary work out a fuck session with me early on a night when the girl’s boss will not yet have gone home, usually in the executive lounge near his office. They arrange for the secretary to shout out loudly when I make her cum and for me to be withdrawing my cock from her cunt, dripping with her juices and my cum, just when the boss comes in to investigate her screams. The boss is confronted with the sight of his secretary taking a cock much bigger than his, when she has refused his advances! The secretary is now free to play it one of two ways with her boss. Either she lets him be intimidated by my relative size (I’m not bragging here, guys, it doesn’t take much to be huge relative to Thai men!) so that he cannot now ask her to fuck him without comparing himself every time to me, or she takes the opportunity to negotiate her raise to fuck him on the spot! His response has always been one of three options: humiliation and never bothering her for sex again (often with a raise for her!), or; immediate granting of her demands for a higher salary and fucking her on the spot, or: firing her on the spot and having the three of us e****ted from the building. That last option has happened only once, and Daeng had already found the secretary another job just in case, so no harm done. That particular girl was so happy about how it turned out (she hated her boss) that she stayed with me for three days of amazing sex! I’ve had her in her new office twice since! And she does not fuck or suck her new boss!

My darling Daeng has brought me 61 women, all well-educated, among the prettiest and most sexually confident of all my Thai fucks. Thirty have been virgins, a dozen have fucked only one man before me, and the rest either sucked or fucked their bosses regularly. I’ve had a 28 year old, on up to a 52 year old and have fucked them in office buildings as magnificent as any I’ve seen, most looking out over the city of Bangkok at night. About a quarter have ended up with an audience of one or more fellow-secretaries, but most are very private times, with Daeng looking on, furiously rubbing her cunt and pinching her nipples across the room, or keeping out co-workers for us, or joining in. I’ve found it fun to help some of the ladies get their small Kharmic revenge on their bosses too: one lady asked me to cum in the boss’ coffee creamer!!!, one had me cum on his chair, one had me photocopy my cock dripping with my cum and her cunt juices and left copies on his desk. I’ve had all sorts of fun with these women, not to mention some great sex with women of power and substance. They’re definitely a head rush, particularly forty floors up pressing their tits to the window and fucking them with nothing but a tiny Thai woman and a pane of glass between me and a drop to the colorfully-lighted pavement below!

Ah, Thailand! Just normal shop girls will give you better sex than you’ve ever had, with prettier women than you’ve ever had, with women so devoted to you and the art of sexual satisfaction that you will never be the same. Then, if you can unlock its secret codes of behavior with the help of competent insiders, Thailand can give you, as it has for me, the mind-bending, ball-draining, body-dehydrating, consciousness-losing sexual experiences few men ever live to explore outside this magical Eastern Kingdom. Go there men! Experience it for yourself, even if only one time…but be careful, because once you go balls-deep in Thailand, nothing else measures up.

Coming next: my Website Stream for Thai Fuckmeat!

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6 months ago
slave-wife...If you meant "inexpensive Fuckmeat" yes, I would agree. If, as your profile would suggest, you mean sleazy/worthless/merely-to-be-used, then we have a big disagreement. In my nearly thirty years' experience in Thailand, I have met virtually no women who were not full of self-respect, kind to me, and who carried themselves nobly regardless of profession. Thailand remains the one plavce on earth to find a woman who is truly capable of partnership, not to mention, beautiful and clever.
6 months ago
Thanks for the observation, slave-wife. I do enjoy paying next to nothing for my Thai cunt, yes, so if you mean "inexpensive fuck meat", I would agree. However, I must say I have found virtually no fuckmeat in Thailand that fits the other common usage of the term "cheap", those that are sleazy or disreputable or otherwise below-par. I find Thai women almost unique in the world for their basic decency, kindness to me, and self respect, regardless of their profession.
6 months ago
Always great to plow cheap asian fuck meat!
6 months ago
thanks Swing Duck! Yers, Thailand is every bit as amazing as you might imagine, and then some! It is giving me the fruit of many years of investing in systems to get fuckmeat, but also accessible to the first time visitor. Thai women are the world's best girlfriends, wives, and fuckmeat. All men should at least visit before taking a wife from anywhere else! But seriously, your standards forever rise to the point it is difficult to accept anything less in your bed.
7 months ago
Good shit dude! Amazing thailandddd
7 months ago
Thanks Gaull! I am delighted you liked my report, and yes indeed, Daeng is representative of the strong beautiful, powerful and yet service oriented and other-centered women of Thailand!
7 months ago
Awesome read,it's so good to know that women like Daeng are so sexual and active and available,well worth investing allot of time in.
11 months ago
Thanks, Doc! It is inspiring to me that recounting my adventures makes men horny! I hope you will go over and do likewise! I have fucked a lot of women all over the world (up to 838 women now) and Thai women are head and shoulders above the rest!
11 months ago
God what a story...made me fucking horny...I love oriental women...and am sure I would love to fuck Thai...they are so beautiful and sexual...god what an experience.
1 year ago
Thanks, HDW...i'm convinced that with a little work and a few contacts, anyone can arrange similar fuckmeat for himself. If you haven't yet been, go to Thailand man, and see whatthe world's best women are like! If you have, then of course you know what few men have experienced!
1 year ago
1 year ago
WOW could u intro daeng to me?
1 year ago
Thanks Wowas! The experiences were epic to have, believe me! Jusr doing my part and enjoying the girls! You've just gotta get over man can truly believe how wonderful it is until he experiences it first hand!
1 year ago
epic... just amazing
1 year ago
Thanks, Nasty Daddy! I am glad you liked it and do try to do likewise! You will love it there! I will have an e-book soon! Funny you should mention it!
1 year ago
1 year ago
Thanks J Siegel! I am happy to say that Daeng keeps in touch with these girls and the great majority of those who did not suck and fuck their bosses before I fucked them, do go on to do it for their bosses and clients and vendors afterward, so in my own little way, I am helping make the world a better place...
1 year ago
Thanks J siegel! I only really "Trained 42 out of the 61 such girls...the rest were already fucking or sucking their bosses, so I couldn't take credit for them! I am happy that Daeng keeps track of her girls, and almost all of the one's I fucked that did not prevously suck or fuck their bosses have either quit their jobs to find a man, or are now sucking and fucking their bosses and clients and vendors regularly. One quit to become a teacher and I've since fucked her in her little Toyota in the parking lot of her high school! So I have done my part for bettering society...
1 year ago
This is incredible. Love the thought of so many Thai women being bound to the tradition of servicing their bosses dutifully with their mouths and cunts. And I love that you are there to help train the rest!
1 year ago
Ah, Wrigglepup, my friend, the nights were full of hard work, and the days were too...not much sleep for the five or six nights I went with Daeng's girls for sure! Those following days I really dragged, but when you're there working for three weeks at a time, you do schedule two full days off and a few mornings too. I used to do all this with 16-hour workdays and no days off, but I nearly collapsed in the office one day, and learned a hard longer invincible!
1 year ago
When the hell do you ever find the time to 'work'?
ha ha