Loves sonata past and present..

I think I shall head to my lonely bed,
a place that used to be so warm,
thats now so cold and alone
without your there to heat my soul
and me to hold you close

To hear your breathing as you sl**p,
tis like a lullaby
its soothes my mind and helps me dream,
of things to come and life anew
Of you and I, in places far and near,
together we live and love forever
and raise our c***dren right,

A girl, a boy, you as my wife,
what more could I ask for,
except your happiness in my life,
you smiling eyes to behold each day,
each day we live without lifes strife,
for you are my world.

My heart and soul are yours to hold,
til death do us part,
but know this my blue eyed goddess,
We shall meet again,
For nothing in this universe can keep,
our true love from uniting.

Should we part, and loose our ways,
I shall find you by your light.
For even now it guides my life,
my steps shall not falter,
With you there at journeys end,
my travels for you shall cease.
And we two, shall live in love,
Until Thor and Freya call us home,
To Valhalla we shall go, to live forever..
In a peace never known,
to any but us two,
For I'm sure you were made for me,
And I for, just right..

We fit each other as key and lock,
My voice it does enfold you,
Your eyes enrich my soul, each time I look upon them,
We two are one, made whole by Gods,
no man shall ever asunder..

01.35 4th June 2012
The Viking
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2 years ago
so lovely