Suckin off an old cock... part 2

Well it tastes amazing! The feeling of it in my mouth. He reached his hand down my back... pushed his way in my pants and started touching my asshole. I was so fucking turned on you don't even know. I started sucking like a mad an. We stopped at a red light... people crossed the street. I felt so dirty. I didn't tack that old dick out of my mouth. It tasted so good. He asked me if he could push on the back of my head... I replied by shoving the fat cock down my thought. He yelped. I guess I was doing it rite. He placed his had on the base of my head kinda on my neck. He was tubing it softly. He started slowly pushing little by little... h e asked me if there was answered we could go... i know 1 place... An old softball field. His car was small enuf to fit around the gate. I had to stop for a min to show him were to go. I keep stroking it. I couldn't stop :-). As soon as we stopped he started uniting my pants. He need some dick too. Kinda made me sad... I still wanted to suck on it: 0 he could sickness dick let me tell ya. I came in like 5 min. Then I finished him off. I looked him in the eyes and asked him... can you c in my mouth? He shivers... I sucked and I sucked and I sucked. All the te he was playing with my asshole. He got a little spit and actually got a finger in. He yellow again... I'M GOING TO CUMULATIVE! I shoved that cock so far I hardly tasted the load.. I thot it was done there. He said since I let him bust on my mouth the he would eat my ass. :-) :-) :-) I never expected that... It feltvso good. It was a shame to stop. He brought me back to the store. And he went home. I have been thinking about trying to get a hold of him but... I want to try a new dick... Hopefully with some tits lol!
80% (3/1)
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2 years ago
I love sucking old cocks .
2 years ago
I'm sorry for all the mis types. IT'S NOT EASY TO WRITE THIS STUFF ON MY PHONE. :-)