My Filipina niece

First, a disclaimer: all those websites with Filipina "schoolgirls" in short dresses are pure bullshit. The girls always wear dresses/skirts below the knee and
they graduate at 16, which is too young to be photographed nude.
My niece, Kim, is s*****n, absolutely beautiful, tall for a Filipina at 5'6", and very trim -- 32B and XS panties. She is out of high school but with no job as most of the shops won't hire anyone until they are 18. When she was 14, she wanted a mobile phone and came to my house while I was in the garage where I was working on a project. I've always insisted that if she or my own k**s want something, they need to have a clear cut plan and be able to vocalize their idea. For some reason, that day, as she was telling me what she wanted and what it would cost, she leaned over and rubbed her breasts against me. I was shocked but at the same time quite excited by feeling those hard titties against my arm. Needless to say, she got the cell phone.
Lately, she has needed money but it has been small amounts -- 100 pesos/$2.50. Now she wants a tablet. Again, I was in the garage making something, all the other k**s were in school and my wife was at work, so when she came to me, we were alone. I couldn't help but notice that she was wearing a tank-top -- a tight tank-top! -- that really showed off her perky breasts, and a pair of shorts so small that I could see that lovely junction of leg and ass cheek. When she finished with her description of what she wanted, I asked her how she was planning to repay me.
She again leaned over and rubbed her breast against me and asked me if we could work something out. Ok! I'm hard now!
My dirty old man reply was "If you keep rubbing against me like that, I'll buy the damn tablet!"
She looked at me very shyly, almost embarrassed by what she had just done, but leaned forward again to press her breasts against my chest. Only this time she felt my woody. "Oh! Uncle Bill, do you like this?"
"Damn straight, Honey! Now what do you intend to do?"
Without a word, she took my hand and led me inside the house straight to the guest room. Once inside, she pushed me down on the bed and asked me what I wanted her to do. I lay back and told her to strip to her underwear. Slowly her arms came up to the hem of her shirt and she lifted it over her her head. She looked at me as if to question me and I pointed to her shorts. Again, s-l-o-w-l-y, she eased them down over her hips, let the shorts drop to the floor, then stepped out of them. She was now just wearing a white lacy bra -- she must have heard my wife tell how I love that type of bra -- and light blue boy shorts. Now if you've never been with a Filipina, just picture that smooth brown skin in light blue -- absolutely stunning! -- and here she was in front of me wearing nothing but my favorite choices for underwear. No doubt that she listened to my wife, then planned this whole thing. Fine by me!
Now, as I stared at her, she was staring to get embarrassed again and started to cover her breasts with her arms. I said "Stop" and she dropped her arms again.
"Kim, you are beautiful, you shouldn't be embarrassed by your body and I love seeing you like this. Now, remember how you were rubbing against me in the garage? I want more of that. Come here."
As she approached the bed, I sat up and she framed my face with her titties. I kissed around the top of her bra, getting cooing sounds from her, and reached behind her to hold that firm little bubble butt. Then I lay back again and gently pulled her on top of me. She started to lie on me, but I told her to straddle me. Now she is sitting on my raging boner and she is liking it. She starts to move back and forth and her breathing starts to quicken. As she gets more excited, I pull her shoulder straps down and begin to trace my fingers across the top of her bra. She reacts by leaning forward so I slide my right hand into her cup and caress her nipple. More cooing sounds.
I need to step up the action here so I say "Stop!" and she freezes, not knowing what I have planned. I tell her to take off her bra -- she looks me straight in the eye and again, s-l-o-w-l-y, (damn! this girl knows how to tease!) reaches behind to unhook the bra, then holds it in place while I'm just dying to see those luscious nipples. Finally, I have to reach up and move her hands. She lets the bra fall and I see The Most Perfect breasts in the world. Firm, with silver dollar sized puffy areolas and half inch protruding nipples -- real pointers! Picture, as a friend of mine says, a triple scoop ice cream cone: breast, areola, nipple! All puffed up and just the right size and shape where I can suck on everything at once, which I proceed to do! Now the cooing turns to moans and she starts to rock back and forth on my chubby again. I'm alternating tits in mouth and hand and I'm not sure which one of us is getting more excited.
Again, "Stop!"
"Take my shorts off." She hesitates and I repeat the order, adding "now!" She unhooks my belt, then undoes the button, and, again, s-l-o-w-l-y, (did I mention she knows how to tease?) pulls the zipper down. I lift my hips and she pulls them off. Now, we are both in our underwear and she is looking at the outline of my hard cock. She reaches for it but I say "No!" She freezes again.
"Sit on me again." She does.
"Now move -- slowly." She does.
"Rub your breasts and play with your nipples." A slight hesitation, followed by another "Now!"
As she is rocking on my hard -- really hard -- boner and playing with her nipples, I can feel her wetness. I want to smell her, to taste that young pussy.
Suddenly, I push her off so that she is lying on the bed. She looks at me with questioning eyes. I take her hand and place it on my cock -- she smiles and starts to rub me. I kiss her face -- her eyes, her forehead, her nose, then finally, her lips. She barely opens her mouth but then feels my probing tongue and her tongue meets mine with tender thrusts. Now we are into some serious kissing, with both of us breathing hard and our hearts pounding. She still has her hand caressing my cock outside my skivvies. I move her hand to my waistband and she slips her hand inside, now feeling the moisture at the head of my dick. She knows what it is because I've had detailed "birds and bees" talks with her in the past. She rubs her finger across the top, getting a good drop on it, then places it in her mouth. "It is a little salty, just like you said." I'm about to blow a big one just watching her taste my pre-cum. She starts to reach for me again, but I say "Now it's my turn to taste you"
She gets this really cute grin and parts her legs a little. She expects me to touch her like she did to me, but instead, I bend over her and start to kiss her panties -- first around the top, then across her hard flat belly, her mons, then, finally, along the edges of the legs. When I get to this point, her breathing increases as her legs open just a little more. I kiss right where I expect her clit to be and she lets a small gasp as she lifts her hips to meet my mouth. Now I kneel between her legs and, as I'm kissing her soaking wet panties, I massage her legs along her panty line. I really teasing her now -- my thumbs are oh-so-close to her slit, she can feel the tingling in her pussy as I almost touch her there but don't. And, she smells so fresh -- just a hint of pussy musk, and I love it!
I stop, sit up and she whimpers, wanting more. "Take off your panties." No hesitation this time -- those hips come up and the panties slide down to her toes, where, with a couple kicks, they are off the bed. She looks at me again, sits up slightly, grabs my head, then pushes me down to where I was before -- ah! a woman that knows what she wants!
Instead of going right back to her clit, I kiss her labia -- not big, but big enough to suck on. She is trying to move her hips to get her clit in my mouth, but I'm holding her down, torturing her. I run my tongue inside her lips and finally I get to taste her nectar -- wonderful, wonderful! I stick my tongue inside her hot cunt and she thrusts back at me. After a bit of this teasing, I lick all the way up to her clit, eliciting another gasp and hip thrust. I push her legs wide open and look up at her -- what a view! Her eyes are closed, her face is in ecstasy, and her breasts are heaving with the hard nipples pointing up. I gently suck on her nub -- more gasps and more hip thrusts! But -- I learned a long time ago that the best way to make sure a lady cums is to very gently caress near her clit at one o'clock -- a very light touch. She can move her hips to put your tongue exactly where she wants with the pressure she wants. And this is what Kim does. In less than two minutes, she is crying out and writhing beneath my tongue, barely able to breathe.
"Uncle Bill -- what was that?"
"Kim -- that was an orgasm. You've never had one before?"
"No. Can we do it again?"
"Sure, but let's try something different. Take my underwear off."
"But what?"
"I'm still a virgin." She says this like its a problem.
"I didn't say you have to fuck me, I said 'take my underwear off'."
She kneels next to me, grabs my underwear and I lift up my hips. She is just staring at my boner because it's the first one she's seen. The shorts come off much faster this time! I tell her to take me in her hand and gently rub up and down. Ok -- this is good. Plus, in her small hand, I look huge! She is watching her hand stroke me, fascinated by what she is doing.
"Kiss me again". As she leans over to kiss me, I roll her on top. She has let go of my cock and it is now between her legs, rubbing along her labia. She starts to move her hips as she kisses me -- deep tongue kisses -- fantastic! When she comes up for air, I push her up so she is now sitting on my hips with my boner flat on my belly and her wet labia sliding along me. In this position, I can play with her hard nipples and she can rub her pussy and clit on my woody. Oh -- and this feels pretty damn good to me too! I sit up a little and she leans forward so that I can suck her nipples -- she starts to move a little more firmly, faster and pushing against my woody, holding my head against her breasts. Her breathing is coming in gasps now; she's ready to cum and so am I. She is rocking back but really slamming forward, pushing her clit against me. Her pussy is dripping wet and my crotch is soaked in her juices. But she's getting a little out of control in her ecstasy. She has one hand playing with the head of my hard dick and as she slides back, she has come to far forward and lifts her hips too much. She slides back with my cock penetrating her tight pussy -- no hesitation at all, she just impales herself on my staff. I'm sure that with her fingers under my dick, she lifted me up on purpose. All she does is a quick "UNGH" and she keeps the motion going. Her eyes are closed, her tits are jiggling, her breathing is ragged and her pussy spasms as she screams. I have to put a hand over her mouth, but all this does is increase her excitement. She bites the fleshy part of my hand right behind my little finger as she goes "ungh, ungh, ungh!" I can't stand it and blow a huge load in her hot little snatch. We both keep rocking but slowing down.
Finally, drenched in sweat, she realizes that she just got fucked. "Uncle Bill, will I get pregnant?"
"No worries, honey! Remember I told you about my vasectomy -- I don't shoot sperm. I'm like Sunkist oranges -- all juice, no seeds!"
With a great look of relief, she lies on top me, with my still hard dick inside her. Hell! I'm nearly 60, and ready to go again with this hard body.
A lightbulb goes off in her head. "You mean we can do this again and it's safe for me?"
Oh Lord! I've created a monster!

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7 months ago
uncles look out here i come for your dicks very soon
7 months ago
really well done. reminded me of a trip to Alongapo.