A good TOP knows how to be a good BOTTOM...
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From:Black Forest, Germany
Languages:English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Croatian, Portuguese
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Body type:Athletic
Height:182 cm (6 ft 0 in)
Hair length:Very short
Eye color:Green
About Me
As of August 27th, 2013:

Sixteen (16) XHamster-friends have visited me at my homes in both the Black Forest and Switzerland and got their asses fucked by me and my buddies.

Six (6) men have flown me 1st class, expenses paid, to their private homes for me to take them by force... so yes,

"I do make love. I make love to every man I fuck. I love it when they're shocked like they didn't see it coming. Try to push me away like it can't happen. I love it when they fight and call me dirty names before ultimately submitting... I love to settle down on top of their crying bodies, kiss their lips and face, bite and suck on their neck, chest, ass and armpits. I love to hear the scream and to dominate... The first 5 minutes decides the next hour - If they still fight 5 minutes after I stuff my dick up their ass, it makes me just fuck and suck harder.
I make love to each whore I make..."
TexasTop69 - 2012

Love hairy chested men. Love cute twinks. I like it rough. Smooth bottomed blonde boys were made to get fucked by hairy, horny men one after the other. Make him do it, type stuff. Love "prison" fantasies and forced sex with men behind bars. Stronger/weaker, older-dominant/younger-passive shit.

Truckers are a real turn-on. I got gang-banged by six hairy chested men in the back of a cab at a truck-stop in Kentucky when I was 19.
I don't recommend that to nobody...
It all started out with one hunky man taking me to the back sleeper, stripping me blind, making me suck his cock and fucking me every which way but loose. Once he was done another guy took his place, slapped me around, told me what he was gonna do to me - and did it.
I heard voices, saw money exchange hands in the front seat...
Some real brutes took care of my ass good. Hairy backs, massive arms, tattoos... tongues and dicks forcing my mouth and ass open, smell of alcohol, dirty words whispered in my ear; beard stubble, hot breath on my neck - I kept grabbing handfuls of chest hair trying to push them up off of me... Some of the guys had to punch, slap and choke me to keep me in submission while they were fucking me.
The only sound coming out of my mouth after that was the breath being forced out of my lungs in short spurts with every thrust of hips against my ass - and every thrust sent electric jolts throughout my entire body. The assault lasted more than 3 hours. It wasn't my first time getting fucked by men, but it was rough - the pain really turned to pleasure before the first guy was even through with me.

I was actually pretty hard throughout the whole ordeal, but none of the guys would let me play with my dick. I just had to lay on my back and take it like a whore, like one of the fuckers told me to do.

I got fucked and abused like that at almost every truck stop, honky tonk and motel for 2 years as I made my way down to Texas in the early 80's; but no more...

Now I do that shit with twink whores and effeminate men throughout the world together with my buddies since I became an old hairy fucker. Find them, abuse them, dump my load up their butt; get up and offer him to the next...

If I don't enjoy my rut, or don't think you've become a good enough bitch-boy - I'll grab your hair and piss all over your face when I'm done.

Years later I moved to Germany to fuck blondes...

I like to fuck missionary so I can and put all my weight on top and see your face react to my assault... My bottoms' seem to like it too so they can and untangle my chest hair with their fingers, tongue and teeth while I grunt and bite their ears and neck while I satisfy myself.

I'm thinking about moving to Russia. I hear there's a lot of blonde-haired boys over there with hay stacks in the barn. The thought of abusing then makes my dick hard...

Throughout all these years, I'm still hoping to find men tough enough - and rough enough - to treat me like the whore I became when I was 19... Maybe I'll find somebody in Russia.

Someday I may even write my autobiography...

Check out my favorite videos and photos and share yours with me.

I travel frequently and extensively, so I am open to friend requests from all over the world. I might just "come" knocking on your back door...

I am available to fulfill and satisfy fantasy rape for $$.


NOTICE: All entities, institutions, and individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for business, studies, or projects, or other purposes I DO NOT give permission to use any portion of my profile; neither pictures or videos posted of me, nor of those who have given me permission to reproduce and distribute their images in any form or in any forum both current and future. Nor you do have any freedom to reproduce portions of character presented in profile information or exchanges with users, administrators or guests via email, wall post, or forum posts. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.
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1 day ago
Danke dir für die Einladung
1 day ago
Thanks for the invite! Hot profile!
8 days ago
Howdy! Just wanted to wish you a nice weekend my friend!! :)

9 days ago
thankx for reaching out
10 days ago
Thanks for the add - nice profile dude.
13 days ago
danke dir für deine freundschaft...
14 days ago
Thanks for the invite!
17 days ago
Damn! You've got the hottest fucking profile in here. Thanks for sharing.
18 days ago
mmm you are very nice looking and woof sexy !!!!
18 days ago
Thanks for the invite! Stroking to your faves right now.
18 days ago
Thanks for the invite but I only add verified profiles.
21 days ago
21 days ago
21 days ago
21 days ago
sorry i haven't gotten back t o you. wow, you are really nice. If you get to Toronto let me know
22 days ago
tried to send you a thank you but it never sent. your profile has me so hard and dripping, I want to serve you and all your other tops as a whore, cum guzzler, ass to mouth pg. I need to feel your power and taste your piss
22 days ago
OMG your profile is so hot. I am so hard and dripping wishing you and several of other tops used me HARD ass to mouth , cum guzzling and lots of piss in mouth and face . THANKS for the invite
22 days ago
Damn! You've got a hot profile
25 days ago
26 days ago
Abuse me, sir.
27 days ago
Thanks for the add :)
29 days ago
Hi, thanks for the invite, great profile
1 month ago
DECEMBER 24, 2014



Your Friend,

1 month ago
Thank you for the invite!
1 month ago
hallo mein freund,
wünsche Dir und Deinem freund ein wunderschönes weihnachtsfest mit nem fleissigen weihnachtsmann mit grosser rute und prallem sack, :-)
1 month ago
i wish i was rich or near u lol
1 month ago
that's right. the top knows what his cock can do to please a mouth and an asshole and also knows that he is capable of returning that ecstasy as a bottom.
1 month ago
It's just like in the army, you know how to command once you know how to serve.
1 month ago
So very very true. Versatile umm umm
1 month ago
Your status line is so true

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