fuck my wife

1. The next day my condition, unchanged. I continue to pretend not to know what's what. Many days, then every time I made love, instead I kept imagining strange to see my wife having sex with a pack of Ganda.

At work I became more quiet, I feel nothing has changed in me. Today instead I often horny, imagine my wife having sex with others, view everyone else, even with two or three men.

Sometimes, I think to divorce her, but no, I love him, I can not lose it. I must admit, I too often hawker outside without the knowledge of my wife. But how does this. I want my wife was telling the truth to me but what is possible.

One weekend I spoke with Sheerly, I asked "Honey, kanapa hell, koq you want to get married with me ..? ". "Ah Mas gimana sih, yah I loved Mas ...". I smiled and stroked her black hair loose. I looked at my wife, she's beautiful.

Then I said "uh you know at the Billy's." Then Sheerly said "iyah, know ye that work together ... that's cute".

"Iyah, really, he was often nanyain you loh, he was madly mad at you .." I said. "The hell mas ..." said Sheerly excited. "Yeah, right" I said. Sheerly silent. "Hey would not, if for example you are having an affair with him .... "I said suddenly, that I myself do not think like that.

I myself do not know, why my mouth to get out the word that word.

"AHH .. Mas crazy well, .. cook his own wife in order affair as his own friends .. "He said angrily. In my heart I say "hypocrite basis ....". I talk about this without even knowing it makes me lust.

I'm looking for a way, I played a word. I said "Sheerly, I'm told you play with her, not marry her, if I told you to get married it's called cheating, not only such things doang hell ...".

He looked at me and said "so, if I play with another man, it's not cheating, Mas ... not angry?"

Direction of the conversation closer to the target. I said "as long as I know, you play with anyone, and I could see it, ok ok just me ..". "Ha .. Really Mas, Mas not angry ...? "He asked the more curious.

"Drowsy, if angry for what I offered you to play with Billy ..." I said. "But, but ... Mas ..." said Sheerly. I say "but .. what ... dear ... ..".

"But how could a guy want in liatin selingkuhanKu Mas, when I'm playing as I do ...." He said. Ha, got loh, u*********sly He admitted having a boyfriend affair.

I said "Yes, provided you say who's name you guys affair ..". Sheerly straight face flushed, "uh .. I ... I do not have a boyfriend affair ... ". I do not want to make him uneasy mood.

I immediately change the direction of the conversation, "Well, if Billy was going, how" I said. Sheerly Silence "Ohhh ..." he said later. I said again "Well so would not play with Billy ...?". "Ah .. Mas egak crazy .. well ... "he said.

My patience was gone, then I say "the hell you just want to play with Mr. Ganda ...". "Mas .. what what each accusing Mr Ganda ... "he did not recognize.

I told him everything. Sheerly down and cry. "Mas, well I'm wrong, I am ready to divorce you Kan ...". I kissed her forehead "Honey, how could I divorce you, you know I love you so much, I can not live without you ..." I said.

Sheerly keep my head down and cry, who knows what he thinks. I say again "I told you, you're just playing with Pak Ganda, but you do not cintainyaKan, You're still the same I love my dear ...?". Sheerly stumbled brick answered "Yes, I still love Mas Mas ...".

I kissed his forehead again "sorry dear, I've made you cry ..". Then I told him everything. "Mas, Mas so even lust, look me in the same play Pak Dual ...? "He said. "Yeah, right I'm not lying, that's why I want to see you play with Billy, but if you do not want, deh yah same who do you like ..." I said again.

The talks we get terbuka, Sheerly began to dare to say brutally frank

"Mas Bener well, not angry, not jealous and do not divorce me ... promise .." he said. I say a promise.

Then Sheerly said "how Pak Ganda again ...". "But he would not if I tontonin" I said. Sheerly said genitnya "Mas ngitip aja ...". After thinking for a profit and loss, I agree, anyways it's the first time he had an affair with her husband's permission, so let him who leads the game, I thought.

This pas week end. I then hired viila. I'm looking for a room two. and I got it. Because Villa's Villa old walls made of wood. Already many of the holes. So from the next room I could clearly see the entire room will be used Sheerly.

I arrange, order Sheerly mengudangnya come to Villa. And basic Pak Ganda also mupeng, even when resting, as his wife and c***dren would also come. Akhinrya double pack the car arrived, and he went straight into Villa's.

"Unfortunately, well sorry I can not stay long, my wife wait .. but I will make you satisfied deh .. "he said. Sheerly said: "iyah, Mas Me too, at least two more hours behind the Mas Joko, from the fishing pond .. so we quickly it well .. ". Then they came into the room. I await with deg .. deg .. right.

Pak Ganda immediately remove all clothing, staying hitannya drawstring. I could see behind kolornya already poking his penis ngaceng it. I kept watching him, then he menghapiri licking my wife and my wife's neck. My wife breathed a sigh. Then double Pak began to undress her boss. then her bra. And began to lick tetenya.

Sheerly mengelijing. I saw him holding my soul. Sheerly sigh sigh, no matter when she knew her husband was spying. Pak Ganda greedily kept licking my wife's breasts ripe.

Also in the suction nipple suction. Sheerly increasingly mengelijing. I could clearly see my wife putting more and point upward, signifying her horny heavy, and I'm sure her pussy was flooding.

Then I saw, hand Pak Ganda began to infiltrate into my wife's mini skirt. Sheerly mengelijing "Ahhhhsss. Mas, ahhh Sheerly gatel ya so". Double pack mini skirt off. Then her fingers again, playing in his crotch.

I'm really curious. ****** Ngaceng me once. I picked up my HP. Then I SMS him. I get him into the next room for a while.

After Sheerly read my SMS, then he said "Sorry, mas I'm going to the toilet first, my stomach suddenly hurt ..". Without much my wife said, left Mr. Ganda briefly. Sheerly into the room. I immediately hers. I lust once. Then slipped my hand into her panties. I fingered her pussy, really wet pussy Wow.

I then sent him back to the next room. Because I saw Mr. Ganda getting restless. And he saw Sheerly he hugged her back straight again.

"Unfortunately isepin lKu konto-dong .." he said. Pak Ganda kolornya off, and lay in bed. Then my wife holding his penis with lust. Then mengulumnya. Coconut Sheerly then, start up and down.

Pak Ganda, sighed with pleasure. And my wife looks so lust sucking big black penis belonging to Mr Ganda. I saw it with my cock mengaceng tense. I long to see it, until Mr. Double said: "Ahh .. I've not stand ... ". Then he lay down my wife, took off her panties.

"Mas, jilatin first dong, itil sheerly, gatel nih ...." The word Sheerly. Pak Ganda smiled, "oh yah want," Mr. Doubles start licking my wife's vagina. My wife and stretching into preferably mengeliat. "Ohhh continue gatel banget Mas continued her clitoris continues ... .. ". And Pak Ganda, Asik increasingly seen licking my wife's vagina.
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I lowered my pants zipper, and let my cock hanging freely. Slowly I'm holding my dick alone.

Sheerly more breathy sigh "Ahhh .. hold on, I'm almost to theoutside nih ... ". Pak Ganda still menjilaitnya. And "Ahhh I'm out ... ..". My wife mengelepar. and seizures. Pak Ganda who could not bear, directly insert his penis. "Auww, softly softly Mas .." Sheerly said.

And Mr. Ganda mengoyang. makes my wife scream scream mengila "Aww ohh ohh ache". Pak Ganda continue mengoyangnya. I looked from behind his testicles swaying rocking. Continue mengoyang my wife. And my wife looked mengelijing, and incubate. "Ahh, mas continue ... continue ... mas ..." My wife says no shame shame.

Approximately 10 minutes long, my wife's vagina large penis in a blender Dual pack, and "Ohhh ... .. I'm out .. Shreely .... ". Tamapak pack Double, burying his dick in deep burrows in my wife. Slowly pull out his penis Pak Ganda. visible melt sperm out of my wife's vagina hole.

"Mas, mas already gone, my husband will come back loh" said my wife. Then pack doubles right away, clad, he immediately left. While I rushed to the room my wife My wife was lying limp on the bed.

I looked at her vagina is swollen, and filled with sperm Double pack.
"Wahh, You're not satisfied, my dear ..." I said. Shreely not answer, but smiled

I opened my pants, and my cock is ngaceng it, I handed in her mouth. "Unfortunately, a good sedotin well, rich before you pack Ganda nyedotin dick ...". My wife smiled, and then suck my cock.

He sucked all lust. Well this is just my wife, I told myself. My wife continued to suck my cock. This is incredible, only this time, my wife meyedot my cock with such passion.

Cock in shake, lick and suck on. Lust that I was finally detached from the stand. I got out, my sperm spurting wet mouth. This extraordinary sense of pleasure ... "Honey, I'm so good ... .." I said as I kissed his forehead.

After a while, my cock back up. I said "Honey, mas entot you may not want? ". "Mas ah, every time, when to want to" my wife said. My wife got up, "I wash ya mas".

I pulled my hand, do not love, I started to insert my cock. without feeling disgusted by the sperm are still covered in double pack in my wife's vagina. . Sheerly sighed, "Ahh, yes h ... continues, I'm good, Mas ... continue ...".

I kept mengoyangnya. Sheerly continued to sigh and sigh "Ahhh teruss nice ... nice ..." he said. I kept mengoyangnya. about 5 Manit, Sheerly stiffened "Mas, I kelurrr ....". her seizures, and mengelijing .... Well the first time he reached orgasm quickly, when I make love to her.

I survived, paused for a moment, enjoying my wife membirakan of orgasm, then back mengoyangnya. With a gentle rhythm, and slow rhythms that I raise. I'm attempting to survive, I want her to orgasm again.

Every time I've approached puncakku, I still sebeentar, and stir again, until the return Sheerly reached its zenith. Sheerly back stiffened. And I was also spraying my seed in the hole.

Sheerly hugged me .. "Mas, I had it so good ...." He said. I smile, I know I told myself. "Mas, mas justify not going to divorce me." he said. I just smiled. Sheerly looked at me, no doubt in his heart.

"Mas, mas when all my divorce, I am willing" he said. I kissed his forehead. "Darling, you were the perfect woman for me, I love you so much, We Will be together forever and ever, till death do us part".

I was fast asl**p, no jealousy, no anger. that there is only a sense of satisfaction.

Day of days, then my wife actually honest with me. He promised never want to play with another guy without me. If you desire, sexnya very mood rises and again, he asked me to play like that.

"Unfortunately, the time anyway, Ganda continues, there is another guy's sl**py .. I wrote I'm bored, bored the hell you're sl**py ... .. try another dick dong .... "I said.

Sheerly said "no mas sl**py, really, I just double affair ...". I was silent. Then my wife said "please dong Mas, set the same so I can play doubles, then nOur new anti-naked, again pengen nih .. ".

"What if the Si Billy .. "I said. "I'm so familiar ngak, mas nice sl**py ..." she hesitated.

"Yeah, but my first acquaintance aja .. Quote you do not like. "I said again.
"Instead of hate, I still like it, but later the same dianya that do not like me ...". "I've told Billy that crazy addicted to you ..". My wife was silent.
"How I manage well, playing three of the same Gatot, rich in sex ... so ...".
"Ihh ... Mas .. mas deh ah ... whatever ..." said istrikKu again.

Finally I called my friend Billy, I'm set. I told him to Booking hotel and waited in the room immediately. Gatot was Ok. Then I told my wife to dress as sexy as possible. My wife was wearing overalls. Short dress. 10 cm above the knee. I see it just lust.

Arriving, Billy immediately greeted my wife. "Wow sexy once you Sheerly" he said. I then whispered "tuh, do you not believe ...".

Then I said, "Billy you first cumbui Sherrly well, intimate .." I said. Then Billy took Sherrly sitting in bed. Sheerly bit awkward, maybe just know Billy. Then Billy immediately, stroking her hair "smooth hair once ...". And Billy hers. My wife also refused and wrote back.

They were kissing each other. Billy's hand slowly began guerrilla fingering her breasts. Sheerly, sighed softly "Asshhh ... ahhh ... ...". Sheerly not wearing a bra. I accidentally did. Earlier I removed BHnya in the car.

Because Billy was not wearing a bra Sheerly then Billy looked even more passion. And he felt the twin hills touched my wife with lust. And even more Sheerly sighed, "asshh .... Ahhh .... Ahh ....".

While their lips remain flat, broken into Billy's hand clothes wife. Sheerly was mengelijing "ahhhss .... Ahhh .... Ahh ... ..". I'm getting Konak, it feels like my cock sticking out.

Sheerly seem to be able to accept Billy. Then Billy took off her clothes slowly. Then my wife's breasts crushed mulaia lustful.
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Sheerly mengelijing and sighs of pleasure "ahhhh .... Ashh .... Dd .... Mas Gatot ahhh ... .. Lust ya I would ... ". Gatot nyedot suck her nipple. petil my wife looked hard and tense. I then came over and sat next to my wife.

I opened my legs wide. I touched her panties crotch. Began to wet her panties. I do not want to be preceded by Billy. I opened my wife's panties. I lick itilnya. Sheerly pleasure scream "AHHH. Mas's good, i-t-i-dong lnya Gatell ouch ... ". His hands held my head and tap into her vagina. Billy continued to play buahdadanya being.

I continue to play her clit with my tongue. I prodded her pussy hole with my finger. Very slimy. and soon my wife convulse "Mas ... I'm not strong, ahh gatel've really". She reaches orgasm with a tremendous.

I let it go. Also Billy. My wife was lying ngosan pant. "Billy, turns licking pussy" I said.

Tongue in pussy gatot directly play. Sheerly mengelijing back. "Ahhh ... udah, pain Mas .. ahh ... e-n-t-t o-e-n-aja-o t-t .. I .... "he pleaded. But Billy continued to lick it. No matter my wife struggled. Gatot hold my wife's thighs, and continue to let his tongue dancing in my wife's clitoris, until my wife back spasms again. He's an orgasm again.

Then Billy opened his clothes, his penis was rather large. Gatot directs his penis into my wife's mouth. ****** Sheerly devour it immediately, with nasfu once. Vacuuming. But it was not long, it felt Billy could not wait, want to taste my wife's vagina.

Then slowly his penis in my wife sagama press enter burrows. "Ahh, slowly slowly mas," sighed my wife. And Billy began to shake. My wife began to sigh sigh in ecstasy.

I stroked his hair stroked my wife. kissed her lust. "Bad Billy does not love dick ..." I said. "Nice, ahh ... ahh ... good ... good dick mas Gatot ...." He said. Billy said he menbuat more passion. Billy and its ******* me faster, and pressed deeper. "Ahhh .. crazy ... continue ... .. I gatel I really gatel mas. ".

I opened my pants. I handed her my cock into my wife's mouth. Sheerly mengemot lust and my cock once. Well this was the first Sheerly get this experience, when he played with another guy, and his mouth sucking on the penis of her husband. As in porn movies.

Billy continued, shaking his penis in vagina hole Sheerly. And my wife even more lust mengemot my cock.

Then Sheerly meleguh "Auuuwwa, Maas I keluarrr ... ...." Her body kejet kejet. And release my cock from her mouth. I shake my penis that are responsible and Sroottt .. sperm flying out. And Billy accelerate the rhythm of the movement of his penis. My wife mengeliat like a snake dancer.

"Ahhh ... ohh ... .." Then Billy shot his sperm in my wife's vagina hole.

All three of us together as tired. We rested, ate. Jokes and talk talk. My wife, was able to accept Billy. and of how bercandanya was not far from the porn.

We started to become horny again. Billy is already horny. Sitting on the couch he showed big penis point upward. My wife looked at me like I'm the same permission. I say "Suck deh ...".

My wife and mengemot penisl menungging Billy sitting on the couch.

Ngaceng cock also see it. Menunging ass beautiful wife who I menghapirinya, I spread her legs, I felt a wet pussy. By splitting pantanya I looked down, licking klitorisnyanya. My wife and releasing mengelijing Gatot penis from his mouth "Oahhh ... ahhhhh ...."

Gatot bertata "Why, my dear ... ...".
"... Oh ... Ashshh itilku so gatel .. in lick my husband ... ohh Masss ... ". My wife sighed seductively.

I kept licking klitorislnya. And Sheerly mengelijing and continue mengemot penis Billy. I kept licking her clit is getting bigger because of lust.

Sheerly remain cool and licking penis mengemot Billy. Then I started mengesek parts of my cock into my wife's head from behind my wife. He mengelijing "Ahhh .. ahhh enter enter aja aja mas ....".

I press my cock in my wife's position menunging. Once felt my cock pussy clamped tightly.

I kept mengoyangnya, and Sheerly menggelijing and breathed a sigh ... "Ahhh, mas .. continued .. press .... "And I kept mengoyangnya with lust. Approximately 10 minutes, Sherrly stiffened "Ahhh, mas me out ... ..." her seizures.

I'm more passion, no pride in itself for me, can make my wife orgasm. I kept shook it, till I get out. and Billy came out. We are equally as happy that day.

I love that, many say I'm crazy, but no matter, what matters I enjoyed it. Now, I and my wife more and more obsessed, to play this way.

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