Been a long time

He entered the hallway and grabbed me as I shut the door. Pushing me against the wall he probed my mouth with his tongue, hands roughly grabbing my breasts.
It had been a long time since we'd met, too long.
Grabbing at his trousers, I pulled him hard into my body. 'Spread your legs wide' he said 'I want to feel your soaking wet pussy' Not waiting for a reply he plunged his hand into my panties, fingers seeking the wetness.
'Fuck!' I thought, I have missed this.
Leaning back against the wall, spreading my legs wide, I took as much of his hand that he could fit in.
Took his cock out of his trousers, mmm forgotten how big it was. 'suck that bad boy you naughty grl' Didn't need telling twice, took that juicy cock deep down my throat, licking and sucking, listening to his groans.

More kissing and clawing at each other in the hall, so sexy.

'Get up those stairs' I told him but as he got three stairs up he turned around 'I can't wait to get to the bedroom, suck my cock again now'
On my knees on the stairs sucking a young mans cock, oh god it was good.
'turn around I want to make you cum'
Obliging of course I sat on the stair, opened my legs and held them up high. Thrusting his hand into my soaking pussy he began to pound. It was amazing. Don't know who he had been practising with and I didn't care, it felt amazing, soon I had no control and I was squirting everywhere! Couldn't believe it.
His hand came up to my face, it tasted good, we shared it all.
Now his cock entered my pussy, thrusting in and out hard and fast. We switched between fucking, sucking and squirting , unbelievable pleasure.
Finally he had to cum. Smiling I presented my naked breasts and face, lovely hot cum shooting all over me, tasted so yummy too.
I am seeing that young man again... soon :D

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2 years ago
shouldnt have to wait that long huni xx
2 years ago
wow xxx
2 years ago
must have been far too long, sounds like you need some attention
2 years ago
I sure hope I know this young man... ;)
2 years ago
thats what i would do to youxxx