The sun baked our oiled naked bodies, the smell of coconut oil almost overriding the smell of the ocean being carried on the mild breeze. The setting was perfect, a quiet day, my sexy wife next to me and not many other people around to inhibit us.

Dazed by the hot sun, I idly ran my hand down the length of my lover’s back. Her soft murmur of pleasure barely penetrated my consciousness until I traced the crack of her round ass. The catch in her breath and the squirm of her hips was so slight that I almost missed it. I retraced the path of my finger, this time pausing at the pucker of her anal flower and applying enough pressure to slip just the tip of my finger into her. I lay absolutely still, pretending that I wasn’t paying any particular attention to what I was doing.

I withdrew my hand and sl**pily rolled over on my stomach so that we were side by side, on our bellies. Her disappointment was obvious as she muttered that it wasn’t fair to tease her like that in public. I lifted to my elbows and checked out the area around us and found that the other naked bodies weren’t paying any undue attention to us just then. Dropping back to the blanket I had already decided to go as far as we could get away with.

I slipped my hand under my lover, cupping her naked pubes. I let my hand rest there for a few moments without moving. Slowly I began to lightly massage her Mound of Venus. It became obvious that she was being caught by the movements of my hand as she began to push down with her hips. Her legs parted slightly in invitation to my fingers.
I willingly slid my fingers to her shaven pussy lips and lightly brushed her protruding clit. The tremor that went through her gave me the confirmation that I was seeking. Her legs parted more allow me easier access to her already wet slit. Parting her lips I slid a finger to the place at the root of her clit that always set her off and began to slowly massage her love button.

Her hips began to hunch, matching the movements of my hand as I played with the sweetest puss I had ever had the good fortune to be with. Her murmurs of pleasure were changing to moans of approaching orgasm. I wasn’t quite willing to let her go all the way just yet so I stopped all movement of my hand causing her to groan in frustration.

Pulling my hand from under her, I rolled over and reached for the tanning oil. I squirted some on her back and began to rub it in to her body. More than anything else I wanted to see if anyone had caught on to what we were up to. There was only one couple in position to see what we were doing although several people seemed to be aware of our game. The male half of the couple about fifteen feet away was on his belly in a good position to see right into Gail’s shaved pussy. His sunglasses prevented me from seeing his eyes but his head hadn’t moved since she had parted her legs.

I moved down so that I could reach her legs with my free hand and continue to apply the oil. This also let me move the hand of the arm that I was leaning on back under her. Spreading my fingers I caught her clit in the vee and lightly squeezed. Her hard button popped out from the silky lady lips just like a miniature cock. Now, as I was able to massage with both hands I was also free to watch the others around us.

Her hips were moving ever so slightly in response to the hand on her clit when I finished applying oil to her legs. I began to pay loving attention her firm ass cheeks, alternately caressing and squeezing the rounded globes. Her legs were opening more every few moments in unspoken invitation to probe deeper in to her honey hole. I traced the crack of her ass, lightly rimming her puckered hole with my finger. Sliding my right hand down I was able to hide the hand underneath her as I slipped two fingers just inside her dripping hole.

She gasped and began to moan as I frigged her almost to orgasm. I stopped the movements just before she was able to squirt her hot come. As she again became aware of her surroundings I whispered in her ear that she was being watched. She responded by spreading her legs wider still, opening herself fully to the watching eyes and my probing fingers.

Now that I was teasing more than just Gail, I was ready to escalate the game. I had her turn over so that she was face up. She checked out our watcher, and settled back with her hard titties facing the sky.

Leaning over I took a rigid nipple into my mouth and sucked greedily. I spread her legs and began stroking her fat pussy lips with my hand. Spreading her swollen lips I allowed our watchers (yes, watchers, because the woman was now caught up in the action) to see deep into my lovers pink glory. Her swollen clit was at least an inch long and the juices were dripping from her soaking our blanket.

I brought her to the brink of orgasm several times, each time stopping just short of release. She soon began to beg me to bring her off so I helped her over the top. Her spray soaked my hand to the wrist with some drops landing several feet away. She pushed my hand away and replaced it with her own. I was able to watch the faces of the watchers as they stared deep into her soaking pussy as she squirted over and over. I licked my dripping hand clean of her salty juice and held her until she finally finished satisfying herself. I cupped her steaming pussy and watched the voyeurs as they lay there and squirmed.

Gail collapsed into my arms spent and buried her face in my chest. I knew that my hard cock was going to have to wait until a little later. I let the sun lull me back to that lovely dream state that good sex games brought on.

The couple that had been watching us soon rose from their blanket and walked down the beach. Their intentions were obvious from the tent in his towel and her hard nipples. As they disappeared from view I felt Gail cup my swollen balls as she drifted away to sl**p.

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