Thunder and Lightning

The sound of running water, the trilling of birds in the trees and the sun peeking over the mountain were what woke me. As I lay there luxuriating in the freedom of the Idaho Rocky Mountains, I became aware of the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the crackle of a fire outside the tent. I groped the sl**ping bag next to me looking for my lover to discover that she had already gotten up.
I crawled from my warm bed and stepped out of the tent to greet the day. The chill on my naked body was quickly warmed by the fire and the sight of Gail’s firm body. The sun bathed her in soft light, highlighting her firm little breasts, the nipples rock hard.
I stepped behind her and gathered her in my arms cupping her titties as I nibbled her neck. Her soft moan began to cause my semi hard cock to stiffen. She reached behind her and softly cupped my balls as she pressed back into me. I lightly pinched her nipple and caressed her belly, moving to her clean shaven pussy.
Gail pushed me away with a soft” Down boy” and poured me a cup of coffee. We sipped from the steaming mugs in quiet contemplation of our surroundings and each other. I was very aware of how much I adored my wife as I devoured her with my eyes.
Her body was perfect to me, her high pointed titties, and the puckered reddish nipples like little rocks. Her firm rounded ass that fit so perfectly in my hands, but best of all her bare naked puss. I could see her clit poking out of her sweet fat lips as she stood there with her legs slightly spread.
She was eyeing my rising cock. She snuggled into my arms and again cupped my swollen balls. Her hard nipples left little trails of tingles of tingles on my chest as she stroked my hard cock. I felt her other hand slip between us and into her sweet cunt lips. As usual, she quickly flooded her hand with her sweet juice as she came close to her orgasm.
Stepping back she released my shaft and jammed two fingers into her steamy pussy. Her moans and trembling grew louder as she came once and rapidly once more time. As she began to come down from the high of her first orgasms of the day she offered her dripping fingers to my eager mouth.
I pulled her into my arms and kissed her deeply to thank her for the little show she had just given me. The exhibitionist in her definitely satisfied the voyeur in me. I thoroughly enjoyed every gift this sensual, erotic woman gave to my willing eyes and body.
We went back to enjoying the morning, our coffee and the freedom of our life together. After a few moments Gail suggested a walk to the nearby hot spring for our morning bath.
Grabbing towels and a bar of soap, we held hands on the short walk. I was so proud of Gail displaying her firm body to the other campers around us. Her titties were bouncing slightly with each step. Though nudity was common at the springs we both attracted more than our share of attention whenever we went there. My tall husky body was offset very nicely by my wife’s sweet body as she displayed her charms to the world.
Slipping into the hot spring water, we let it begin its magic. As usual for this early in the morning there were only a few others there… I enjoyed the variety of naked bodies we found at Gold Fork, from sexy to plain unattractive all enjoying the naturist life…
Gail pushed herself from the water and sat on the edge of the pool to cool down. She displayed her pretty pussy by pulling one leg to her chest and let the other dangle in the water. Seeing her clit poking out was just too much for me. I moved between her legs and began to nibble on her love button. She pulled my face tight into her puss urging me to lick deeper into her warm folds.
I could taste her arousal as her pussy began to replace the taste of the water with her juices. I buried my tongue deeper trying to drink every drop. Her rubbed her plump slit against my face as her ass began to jump and buck as she came, her warm juices flooding my mouth. Licking harder I took her through another quick climax.
She pulled me to my feet to lick her juices from my face, and then whispered into my ear that the other half dozen people around the pool had watched every second of our play. Knowing how much that turned her on I asked her to suck my cock. Slipping back in the water, she took my eager cock in her mouth. I could feel the tip hit the back of her throat as she took me fully in her mouth. Her flickering tongue on the underside of my shaft was heaven. This lovely woman knew just the right combination of teeth lips and tongue to quickly bring me to the edge of filling her mouth. Before I could cum, she stopped. Lifting her head and looking me in the eyes, her grin told me that this was going to be a tease day. Her grin told me she had other plans as she whispered in my ear ” I want you to cum in my ass, later.”
Stepping back in the water I looked around at the other people. The naked desire evident on their faces was obvious with at least two of the men trying to surreptitiously masturbate under the water. Sexual activity was common when there were no k**s at the pool. Gail and I had watched many shows similar to the one we had just put on, occasionally taking part when there was someone we both wanted to try.
After several more minutes of soaking we moved to the bathtubs at the lower end of the pool for our baths. I washed my wife’s body lovingly, paying attention to the things I knew that she liked having done. I soaped her firm little titties playing with her nipples until she began to squirm. I moved my hand down her belly caressing her firm skin but she stopped my hand before I could get between her legs. Handing me her razor she sat on the edge of the tub and spread her legs. I soaped her folds and carefully shaved the fat lips that gave us both so much pleasure. By the time I sc****d away the last of the stubble prom her beaver she was so close to coming that it only took two licks at her pussy to get another shower of her squirt.
Gail returned to the water and finished her bath, then began to wash my body. She returned the favor I had done for her and shaved the light stubble from my almost hairless cock and balls. She was intent on her tease as she would bring me to erection and then let it soften, only to repeat the process.
Finishing our baths, we strolled naked back to camp enjoying the warm morning sun on our skin. We spent the rest of the morning doing camp chores and just enjoying each other and the freedom of being naked and the eroticism radiating from each other.
Gail was constantly touching her pussy every time she got a chance. I continued to follow her lead knowing that my lover was going to make me come from my toes when she was ready. I could smell the scent of coconut in the air as we lay and baked in the sun.
Every time I looked at her she was fondling her pussy or titties. I have no idea how many times she shot off that morning, but her moans and whimpers were driving me nuts because she wouldn’t let me touch her or myself. The show was wonderful, but it was very difficult to restrain myself. I was almost out of my mind with desire when a thunderstorm swept in.
We had both been so focused on Gail’s playing that we didn’t even notice the clouds until the drops of rain soaked us. Shocked, we scrambled for the tent. The humor of the situation hit as we began to dry each other off. Our giggles gave way to caresses and kisses.
Gail pushed me back on the air mattress and took my hard cock in her warm mouth. She sucked me so deep into her throat I felt her lips on my naked pubes. Her plump pussy was just out of reach of my mouth, the fingers buried in the plump folds. Her mouth didn’t even slow as she came twice, her juices raining down onto my face and into my waiting mouth. I grabbed her hips and pulled her dripping cut to my eager mouth. I had to push her eager mouth off my cock so I wouldn’t shoot my load too soon.
Her warm wet pussy was as soft as silk in my mouth. I drank all the sweet nectar of her dripping cunt that I could but she was shooting off so quickly I thought I was going to drown in her squirt. Her body heaved and bucked as one orgasm after another took her.
Slipping a finger into her ass, I began to lubricate it for what I knew she wanted. I didn’t think she could get any hotter but Gail did. She shoved back onto my finger taking it to the knuckles. She quickly came again and collapsed to the mattress. I rolled her to her stomach and pulled her ass in the air. Slipping two fingers into her ass, I pushed two in her sopping pussy. I could feel her asshole loosen and lubricate as I hand fucked those sweet love tunnels.
Positioning my self behind her, I pushed my cock into her pussy and began to pump. As I stroked into her gaping puss I became aware of the storm outside that seemed to match the storm in the tent. A crash of thunder rocked us as Gail was creating her own rain shower. The hammering rain on the tent was drowned out by our panting and moans of ecstasy.
Pulling her cunt off my cock, she guided me into her ass. I knew that I wouldn’t last much longer as her anus clinched my cock. I buried myself to the hilt as I cupped her dangling titties in my hands.
My senses were on fire from the storm inside our bodies as we slammed into each other. I know that we were matching the intensity of the storm as we neared the fire of mutual orgasm. Gail begged me to fill her ass with cum as she began to buck again.
My balls erupted, flooding her tight ass with hot jism. I had never felt an orgasm that intense as the tent was again rocked from a burst of thunder. To this day I don’t know if the flash I saw was lighting or my overloaded brain.

We collapsed into each other arms, sharing that joy that only two lovers that are perfect for each other know. Although we had many other escapades together, that day was probably the best that we ever had together,
The Day of Thunder and Lightning.
Dedicated to Gail, the best lover I have ever had.

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