The Brawl that lead to sex

Thought `d share what happen tonight,

I was out, not in a great mood to b out, was sore from a week of training, grumpy from lack of sl**p and sl**py since we headed nandos before and stupid me ate too much.

Anyway I met 2 friends and we headed to one of my fav Cocktail bar, was going to be a quiet night and head home early.I wasnt even dress to impress, jeans, tshirt, And1 boots, not even shared, i was going to chill and go home sl**p.

Got there around 10ish, was not very busy but packed with girls, but i was tired n sl**py from eating too much. Saw a few potentials but wasnt in the mood to pull, so i chilled n was trying to get in the dancing mood, slowly the clubs starting getting busier and at some point some cute petite chick was dancing around me n my 2 boys, nothing dirty, just dance and a few smiles were exchanged. Then the Dj Played Danza Kudoro, i was like hell time to dance, so grab the little girl and made her dance n spin n dance more, she was loving it, next song was Sexy Lady from Shaggy, so things got a bit more sensual and hot.

Half way through the song some dude grab me n pull me from the girl, i was like wtf, though it was one of my boys, but saw that other dude all red and swearing hands on my gf. Now for those who aint seen me, `m not the type of small dude, 5`11, 15stone ex american football player. Not being a big head but most men think twice b 4 being stupid around me, so `m like fk it, `m chilled, it`s his girl `m gonna walk away. So `m walking away and i saw that dude grabbing the poor lil girl n shaking, i was like not good, he was around 6ft and i hate looser who pick on girls, as i walk behind him n the girl, that idiot threw a punch to hit the girl and as `m walking in between i get hit, bad idea i was idiot luckily the staff whom i know most of them call the bouncers n they got rid of him n the chick b 4 i could react.

So there i am, in a cocktail bar, bruised jaw n cheeks, in a bad mood and thinking da fuck i should have stayed him, getting hit for some girl i dont even know. Gd thing was, some of the people who saw the scene came over n i got chatted up by a few chicks, saying it was all cool, got couple of numbers n even 2 snogs.

Then the petite chick whom i was dancing with, came bk in n apologise, she was like they split up n he`s jealous n he love hitting girls, i was like na move on all gd, she went no i`ll repay wat i owe u. I was thinking she`ll buy me a drink n leave. But she snog me, deep long snog, which i didnt mind, was more fun that getting a drink. As she was snogging, she was running her hands down my legs and starting to rub my cock through my jeans. Now picture, testerone from the fight, being turned on, club music, i was very hard very quick. She whispered i need to repay u properly, where shall we go. I wasnt in a mood to take her home, but i was in a mood to fk now. I was hard n wanted her, so i go the manager since i know all of them people working there, i was like dude u owe me a favor.

As `m use to the staff, i know they use to fk in the store room b 4 the bar open or when it closed. He was like, fine cose of what happen tonight but u have 20 mins max, i was like more than enough, we`ll b done in like 15mins. In my mind, i knew how i would take her, where i would take her. We went in the store room, bit dusty and we were inside i bend her over, she was already wet and was whispering make me yrs. I told her i intend too, she had a nice short skirt n a nice lil belly top, normally with petite girls `m careful, this one was petite but she had a nice bum, i wanted to take her from behind, she was going to b mine for the next 20 mins.

As she spread, i pull her skirt up n right her thong, my jaws was hurting a bit, i was pumped up with testerone and fking hard,i had 1 condom and 20 mins no time to waste, that ripped thong went flying n i push in deep, very deep, i feel her shiver, her legs were trembling. I wanted her more n more, i pull her shoulder long blond hair and was ramming my cock deeper n harder, pumping in violently. I held her tight with 1 hand n keep pulling her hair with every stroke. She was mine, she was moaning louder n louder n i was like u can scream noone will hear u. I fked her hard and she went, my ass never been fked and that asshole been begging me to let him fk it, if u want u can have it.

That got me real horny, i could tell it never been fked while dogging her, i put 2 finger, she let a lil scream but she was like take it, make it yrs. 2 fingers became 3 and i was like, it might hurt a bit, she was take my ass. As if i needed to hear it twice, i manage to push the head in, she was bitting her lips and i feel her breathing harder. Finally after 2-3 mins she took my whole cock, i had to f***e myself to go slowly as much as i wanted to ram my cock in. I anal her until i felt my cum. I ordered her on her knees n cum in her mouth, she drink all of it, swallow my load.

As she was pulling her skirt down, i dont know if it was the whole fight scene but i wanted her again, i was semi hard. I must have had 2 shoots,i wanted to fk her more, i was getting bk to full hard on, i took her against the wall, no condoms. It was more violent than before, she was petite n light, very easy to hold her. My 2nd fk wouldnt b long, i was going quick n deep n felt like cumming after maybe 10mins.

She went i aint on the pill dont cum inside plz, i wanted to cum inside of her bad, if u were to b mine, u`d b mine properly but was it worth taking a stupid risk. Then i had an idea, it was the brighest idea i had.

I was like i`m gonna cum inside that ass of yr, before she could answer, i turn her n ordered her to spread and not to move, her ass was still stretched from earlier, i got in, this time i wasnt too careful, i went in rough, i was like now u will b mine, i let the 2nd load inside her ass and pulled out

I noticed she had some bruised where i was holding her, she got ready to leave and i picked her thong, i was like, this is mine now.

We went bk up, like nothing happen, she gave me her number and left the place, as `m right this story, just got a text saying enjoy the nite, need more cum up my ass.

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1 year ago
think i should put a pic of my bruised jaw
1 year ago
hot story