Unexpected threesome

Ally was a gardener in a wealthy area of town, so lots of business and cash was coming his way, and so were some horny housewives. They usually just seemed to want attention more than anything else, but he had his eye on one in particular, whose name he didn't know, but always seemed to be around when he was working.
He rose early one morning and decided to go visit her before he began on the garden next door. He knocked at the front door, but there was no answer, Ally moved round the back of the house to see if she was there, and saw a guy walking through the lounge, wearing just a wet towel and a torn white vest. Ally wasn't completely surprised that another guy had got there before him, just disappointed - but he knew well that she was a good looking woman with a figure to match. He continued to watch, and listen by way of the partly-open door, what the guy was doing in the lounge. The bloke removed his vest and studied himself in the mirror. He smiled as it was clear how well built he was, and he knew it. He lay out the condoms, the dildo and the body oil on the floor, and put his vest back on. She came through the door, dressed in 'office dress'.
"You don't need to go out till later, do you love?", he commented, and she agreed. "So why not just stay here for a while? I've got all your toys to play with!", he whispered as he showed her what was now on the floor.
"That's why I got dressed - so we could take off my clothes together! I know you woke up with a rock-hard cock, and I want it in all my holes at least, before anything interrupts us."
As Ally watched, he started to harden a little, and turned away to bring his cock down a bit. When he turned back, her blouse had already been removed, and the skirt was also coming off. They were thrown to the side, and her beauty was clear for both the guys to see. The girl's tits were probably about 38E, her thighs looked pretty strong, and her he could just imagine her thong covering a shaven haven, which would be so easy to get into, especially with the oil there.
She removed his vest, showing his torso, and six-pack abs again, and Ally was in a trance. The couple's lips met, and tongues explored each other's mouths for a while, and she removed his towel to handle his large cock, but it was no larger than Ally's. She turned and knelt down. Clearly, she wanted his cock up her arse, and he couldn't get it in there quick enough. He used her cock to go round her arse-cheeks, and entered her slowly as she groaned.
"That's it, for fuck's sake. Now fuck me deep and hard, you bastard. I need you to come inside me soon. You'll know about it when I come - remember I'm a noisy bitch!"
Ally was loving this, and put his hand down his shorts, to hold his cock in the palm of his hand. How he'd love to wank himself off now, but that would be best to wait till this couyple had finished - maybe he could get more new ideas for the future......
His thoughts were disturbed by the woman screaming. "Oh you bastard! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard, all the way in. Aaaaaaaah!" He looked into the house to see the girl's eyes closed, loving every minute, and the guy removing her thong, while he stood there with cum dripping onto her back. The bloke then turned round for a moment to see Ally standing at the window.
"How long have YOU been there for?" he said as he opened the window.
"Since you came into the room. I'm sorry"
"Don't apologise - please join us!"
They both looked at the girl who nodded her head and smiled. Ally went into the house, and the woman came over to remove his T-shirt and trousers, and saw that his cock was big enough to go deep, wherever they wanted it to go.
The guy said he'd go clean up, and remove the dildo from the room, as they definitely wouldn't need it now. Her hand moved gently to his knickers, she squeezed and nipped Ally's nipples on the way, and they hardened too. She removed his underwear, and whispered, "I've always wanted DP - where do you stand on that idea?"
"Stand?", replied Ally. "I lie, top OR bottom. I usually find that standing is too awkward and not as comfortable for all three of us."
The guy came back through to join us, and began to rub oil all over his cock. Ally ignored him, and removed the woman's bra. "To start with, I want a tit-fuck. And you just move your tits round my cock till I come."
The woman had clearly done this before, and the guy kneeled beside her to touch the tip of his cock around her mouth. Ally sat back and he moved his cock up and down her cleavage till he could explode his spunk up her tits. She put her hands on the floor, her tits separated and Ally's cum raced up to her throat. She opened her mouth to scream, but the guy's cock went in and muffled her shouts. She had spunk on her tits, and in her mouth, and two happy guys wanting more. She was just a plaything now, ready to be used and abused, and she loved it.
Jack began to rub the oil around her cunt and her arse, and Ally explored both with a couple of fingers. As the woman began to touch up her oily clit, Ally and Jack agreed that DP was the only way to go for now. Ally lay with his arse on the floor, and the woman lay on top of him. He moved his hands up to handle her tits, and Jack put a blindfold on her - Ally's knickers, which still had a bit of pre-cum on them. When Ally had his cock up her arse, Jack placed HIS cock in her hole, and they started to poke her. In and out, in and out, in and out, as Ally fondled her tits and Jack leaned over her. T he knickers fell of her face, but she did speak then.
"That smell id fuckin' brilliant. Very different from Jack's, and I've licked the cum off them now. Aaaaah you fuckers! In both holes, deeper and harder, Aaaaaah! You bastards - Brilliant! I'm cumming, I'm fucking cumming !"
She screamed loudly, and demanded that the two guys gave her a facial.
They stood and caressed their cocks to lengthen the pleasure. She kneeled on the floor, looking up at them, with her mouth wide open, and her tongue out. Jack and Ally pulled and pulled, and had to stop their flow sometimes to lengthen the pleasure. Eventually, Jack had to go first, as he had too much inside him to keep in. Ally stood back and faced away, as he didn't want to waste any spunk by dripping it on the floor.
Jack lay his balls on her chin, and she sucked his cock again. He ptook it out of her mouth, then pointed it in, and it shot straight in there. She swallowed while more poured across her face and down her chin. "Mmmmmm - now where's the new boy ? I want more of him!"
Ally returned as Jack sat down to watch him, and Ally was hard again. "Where shall it go you bitch? You slapper, where do you want me to shoot my load ?" She pointed all over her face. "In your mouth? OK!"
He began again to f***e the juice from his cock, and he looked down at her face. She looked up, cheeks, lips and chin dripping, but wanting more. He pulled himself off, and the spunk shot into her mouth, on her face and into her hair. There was bound to be more spunk in there, and he slapped her face with his hard cock to bring it out. By now, Jack was back up again, with the same idea. Shortly, they both finished themselves off and she lay back, using her fingers to gather the spunk off her face, and tasting into, to go down her throat again. Jack got her a spoon, and Ally fed it to her, remembering the stuff had flown across her breasts earlier.
Ally didn't care about her garden - there was no bush to cut anyway, though he would certainly be back to see that flower again. Soon.
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