Inside and Outside (Part 2)

Only wearing my jockstrap, I had a beer and looked out to the pool in the garden, and heard Lyn coming back downstairs to join me, with the promise of a 'bonus' soon. She walked in, wearing a red bikini, and threw me a towel.
"You might as well take your undies off - i'll lick any cum off them". I removed them and showed my hardening cock, which I covered with the towel to rest it a little for the action ahead. Lyn then whispered, "So you got yourself a beer, eh? That means you owe me something. Now what might that be?". She moved outside to the edge of the pool, dragging me behind her. Again, her bikini briefs didn't cover much, so with the vaseline beside her, there wasn't much stopping me 'going in'.
I wanted to know what my 'bonus' would be from earlier, and she replied by shouting over the garden fence. "Tanya, I've got a friend here who'd like to meet you! Are you coming?"
"Lyn, I've not come since I fingered myself yesterday - I'll be there just now!"
Lyn and I settled by the pool, and Tanya appeared just as I was rubbing suncream onto Lyn's back and her breasts. There few words to describe Tanya, but to me she was stunning, and I started to think of what I wanted to do with her and Lyn. Lyn called Tanya over. "I've had him alone already - let me rest, but you can do what you like for now - as long as I can see!"
Tanya walked over to sit on the edge of the pool, dipping her legs in there, waiting for me to make on her. My towel dropped. My flaccid cock was hardening again, so I lay it on Tanya's right shoulder, then down her back till she could tell that it wanted in there immediately. But she wanted to tease me "So what do you enjoy doing, my friend?" she asked, turning to see me and my erection. This wasn't a problem as I could see her tits even closer now and wanted to stick my cock in there. I considered her question.
"What do I enjoy doing ? Watching and talking to nearly-naked good-looking women, fucking good-looking women (I don't mind which hole), getting a blowjob, getting a handjob, group sex. Is that enough?"
"More than enough - I can see that Lyn and I are going to have lots of fun in future with you!"
Tanya kissed my cock, licked it, and looked back towards the pool, so I kneeled at her back, and held her tits in my hands, as if I was weighing them. My mouth moved to her bikini, and my lips pulled at the knot till it was untied. I moved up to the back of her neck, and untied the strings there too. The bikini fell into my hands, so I removed it and threw it in the pool. Tanya turned to me again, and told me to step back, and she jumped into the pool. I followed and we played around a little, with her trying to avoid me, and me doing the backstroke with an erect cock. I sat on the poolside again, and she came over to begin sucking my cock. I closed my eyes, and her lips and tongue went to work. "I do love a hairless man - helps you show it all, and my tongue can get into ALL around your balls, cock and other bits. She began by a gentle blow-job, and I opened my eyes to see her lips halfway up my penis and going further. Her throat must be deep to take all that cock in, so I held her head and thrust her onto the cock till she gasped and struggled so I let her go, and she climbed out of the pool.
Neither of us could wait any longer, so Tanya lay on her back, and thrust her waist upwards. She was demanding now, "You've got a big enough dick to go all the way in there - stick it in!" So I moved in, and put my tip in, then removed it, then stuck it back in again and pushed. She groaned a little, then she screamed as she came. I took my dick out, and looked to see how many fingers would go in there. I put in two fingers, and moved them up and down, side to side, whilst Lyn came over to see us.
Tanya cried, "Lyn, he's good. He's very good. But could you take me too?" Lyn obliged by getting into anywhere she could. I fingered T, and Lyn stroked T's nipples and kissed her. Then we moved around. I stuck my tongue down Lyn's throat and Tanya licked her pussy. At one point, I remember taking T up the arse, and removing my cock so Lyn could lick the tip, and Tanya's fluids.
Then I stuck it back in again, Tanya came, and my cock came out to be licked again. Tanya stood up, and walked over to a table. Her right foot was on the ground, her left foot was on the table, my cock was in her arse, and Lyn had a vibrating dildo up T's cunt. Lyn insisted that we move around again, so her and I were giving each other a "69", with her blowing as my cock lengthened and felt her tongue around it. I was licking, enjoying the taste and smell, and sticking my finger in every so often. Tanya had a bit of both - she was kissing me all over, then helping out with the blowjob, and licking Lyn's arse, clitoris and tits.
I was stunned and still couldn't believe what had just happened. Tanya and Lyn were delighted as well, and promised to introduce me to their neighbour Sara who led a swingers' group close by.
Lyn handed me some cash, and my clothes back. "I'm sure we can meet again sometime.....Sunday mornings are usually quite around here, aren't they Tanya?"
"Oh yes," said Tanya, "I'm sure we can meet up - I think I've got a showerhead needs fixing............."
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