2 Cocks and 2 Cunts

My cock's been in a few holes in its' life, and was needing something new to get into. My 'sex-only' friend Lyn and I were cruising the internet when we saw this advert for a swingers' group meeting in our area. Both partners in the couple had to be bisexual, and I was looking forward to sucking cock for the first time, while Lyn had been with a couple of women before, so we replied to the advert.
Soon, a couple contacted us , inviting us to their flat a couple of miles away, and we looked forward to a cock-sucking, cunt-licking and shagging foursome.
We thought we'd surprise Dan & Fi a little, so I didn't wear any underwear, and Lyn wore a bikini under her usual office wear. Fi came to the door, and invited us in for a glass of wine to relax us all. We chatted about the evening, and we Lyn explained our 'virginity' and enthusiasm for the fuckfest ahead. All four of us agreed we'd all go for it. Fi moved towards Lyn and kissed her, then Lyn put her glass down and got closer, while she moved her hands over Fi's tits, while Dan sat across beside me, and we watched our girls move closer. Lyn removed Fi's T-shirt, and Fi revealed her 38E breasts, bursting to get out her white strapless bra. Lyn couldn't gt her blouse off quick enough - she revealed her bikini top and I hardened at the sight of the two girls.
Dan moved closer to me, and we downed our drink. He rubbed his left hand over my upper legs. His eyebrows raised when he realised I had no knickers on, and he kissed me gently on the lips. To the sound of the girls groaning, we removed our shirts, and Dan's trousers were off. He stuck his tongue down my throat, so mine's fought back, and I began to feel how hard, and big, he was. I looked across while he licked me all over, and Fi had her hand up Lyn's skirt, and was fingering her hole.
Dan's cock was bursting to escape from his boxers, so Fi came over and removed them, while I removed mine, and she removed her skirt while she she walked back to Lyn, who was also naked now. Lyn stood on the settee over her new partner, who began to lick her cunt while Lyn screamed for her to be fingered again. I looked to the ceiling, leaned back, and Dan licked me on the chest, my stomach, my chest, and my face, till he reached my mouth again. His hand held the back of my head and his tongue entered my throat again. I pushed him away, and started to kiss, and then lick his cock. It was a biggie, so it had to go in my mouth, and I sucked and licked like it was a lollipop. I was loving this first time with a man, and no-one in the room gave a fuck ! We again heard Lyn scream "Shit ! Shit! Oh Lyn ! Fuuuuuuuucckk!". Dan moved to turn me to face the wall, and I waited for my cock to lie down a little, but found this difficult, considering what I was hearing around me. He then rubbed vaseline around my arse, and his finger went in to widen my arse and make space for his thick hard cock. I leaned against the wall, and he entered me slowly. "For fuck's sake Dan, that's brilliant", I softly said, and he pushed his hips back and forth, entering and probing, entering and probing, as if his cock was looking around inside my arse.
As the girls watched, he came out of my arse, and I cried out "Go back in, I want that again, you cunt!" I turned to see the three of them watching me. Dan stood in the middle, a fine figure of a man, with a cock to be proud of, and the girls stood on either side, with his cum dripping down their chins, as he pushed it back into their mouths. Fi went to the kitchen for more drink, while we regained our energy.
Fi then lifted one leg onto the back of a chair, and asked who wanted her. I couldn't get to her quick enough. My 'wee man' began to show his head gain, looking for somewhere to go.Fi looked comfortable, and her hole looked so easy to get into - and it's probably been entered by many man a man, and many a dildo as well. Anyway, I needed no lubricant, as this cunt was wet enough for me to slide in. But firstly, I had to lick off the whipped cream she had rubbed around her hole. The smell of a clean hole is good, the taste is different for each of the lips you try, and the cream completed the experience. Thee was a little cream left, but that eased me into her cunt, as she screamed with joy. "Get your cock in there ! Fuck me hard, Mike - your girl's hot, but they've pissed off to shower, so we're alone now. Get you long hard cock in there. I want you now".
Fi was flexible, right enough, and I stood on a small chair so I could get thrust behind my cock going up her hole. I heard little noise from next door, but much screaming from the girl whose cunt I was in. "Mike ! Mike ! Miiiikke!Stay as deep as that" Then after a while of my cock going in and out, "Jeees. How can you last that long? My fanny's been entered by many a man, but few as good as you ! "
Lyn and Dan came back from the shower and we sat there, with mor wine, as we watched him dry his torso and Lyn licked around his flaccid cock, till it hardened and she joined us on the settee. Dan went for more wine, and the girls whispered to each other.
Lyn started and moved towards me. Her nipples were hard, as were Fi's, but mine my weren't, so she nipped and pulled them till they rose again. She licked them and juggled with my balls while tickling my cock. She kneeled down and began to lick around my cock. Fi was doing the same to the other guy beside, but leaned across to spit on my cock, so it could slide in and out of my girl's mouth more easily. Lyn did the same to Dan for her. Dan and I held hands and kissed, till our tongues entered each other's mouths again. Fuck's sake man ! French-kissing a guy, while one woman sucks your cock, freshly spat on by another woman. I'll be doing this again, I thought. Dan moved his hands over my chest,and concentrated on my erect nipples. The girls stopped sucking, moved place on the floor, and swapped partners. Fi moaned, "I want you now. I can do him anytime. And you want my pussy again. I just know it." Too right I did.
Fi sucked and licked and when she slapped my backside, I began to deep-throat her. The choking sounds which came from her throat meant I was getting as deep as I could, and as I withdrew a little, she smiled while looking up at me, and taking control again. Both the girls kneeled with their tongues outleaned back and we took hold of our cocks and pulled them hard. Dan came first, shooting his load into their mouths. This was the same cum that the girls had already tasted when it came out of my arse earlier.
Fi and Lyn spat the cum they had in and out of each other's mouths, then turned to me and Dan had also knelt on the floor. Did I have enough cum to please them all ? Too bl**dy right I did. I looked at them - his cock with some cum dripping from it still, Fi and Lynn fighting over who'd get first taste of me, and their tits which had nipples standing to attention on them.
I came. I shot my load. My cock spat out all it juice for now, and entered their mouths and dripped down onto their chests.
They licked each other's tits and torso, and I joined them. I didn't know if I was tasting my cum or his cum, but it didn't matter, 'cos I'd tasted cum for the first time, and I felt great. All four of us showered together for some time after that, and Dan lay down in the shower for me, opened his legs back to touch his chest, and widen the space for me to enter with my newly-clean cock. The girls sucked each other's nipples, as I came out of Dan's arse and fingered both girls at the same time. Dan showered and soaped down his cock.

What a cracking start to my experience of foursomes.
I've been to a few foursomes since then, and every one has been different. A new girlfriend joined me after I had poked her a few times. Now I go to local houses for group sex regularly, and have opened my doors to others.

I'm alone just now, and I feel like playing with myself, so I'll jizz on the bed then lie in it and lick it off. Bliss !
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Very hot, and I'm now very hard!