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Ken was a very lucky man. He lived with both females that had huge tits. His wife was a triple G and her daughter was already a D at the age of just f******n. Per his instructions neither were allowed to wear a bra around him. Tonight at the dinner table he told them "From now on I want to see both of you topless. I love looking and touching those huge tits. So take off your tops and sit here on the table." He then looked at his wife and told her "I want you completely naked sitting in front of me." As the two stripped and sat on the table side by side he stood between them and began rubbing his hands over their tits. His wife's big tits were so heavy and had the big hard nipples. He loved sucking them and love to tit fuck them as well. She loved showing them off in tight sexy tops. Her daughter Jan had big perky tits and was used to him touching and sucking them as he started right after they were married and she was already packing nice big round tits. They just seemed to grow more all the time and he imagined she would outdo her mom. Vivian the wife had no problem with him playing and sucking her daughters tits. Many nights he and Jan would lay in bed and suck on Vivian's huge jugs for a long time then he would suck on Jan's.

Tonight Ken's cock was getting hard seeing the naked tits and he began kissing Jan and running his tongue deep in her mouth as he played with the nipples on each girl. As he then sucked on Vivian's huge set he began to finger fuck her cunt and suck a nipple harder and deeper in his mouth. Then he kept his fingers in Vivian as he sucked Jan's big nipples. His cock was throbbing so he pulled both of them off the table and headed to the bedroom. He put his naked wife on the bed and turned to Jan and stripped her pants off and laid her naked beside the wife. He removed his clothes and let his hard cock out as he got between both of them. He spread his wife's legs and mounted her shoving his cock in deep and hard and fucking her fast. He pulled Jan close and began sucking on her nipples and ravaging her tits as his cock went deeper and harder in her mom. Then he moved a hand down to Jan's pussy and began rubbing it as he sucked the big tits hard. His cock was buried in the mom's cunt and he was fucking her and giving her every inch of his big hard cock. He grabbed a big tit and squeezed it as he sucked Jan and rubbed her pussy.

As he heard Jan moan he inserted a finger just inside her fuck hole and easily fingered her making her cum. He filled Vivian with his cum and pushed her head down to lick his cock clean as he sucked a tit and fingered Jan. Then he spread Jan's legs and began licking her pussy and sucking her clit which caused her to cum hard and scream for him. He loved this young gal with the huge tits and sweet pussy. Her mom taught her after she and Ken were married to obey Ken and let him touch her any way he wanted. He had used her in every way but had not fucked the young teen yet but was getting close to fucking that tight cunt. As he spread Jan's legs further apart he then began tongue fucking her wet cunt and she tasted so good. She was cumming fast as his tongue invaded her hole. Cum was covering his face. Then he pulled Vivian off his hard cock and rolled on top of Jan and pressed his cock to her fuck hole and began to slide in slow. She was so wet and warm and so tight and felt so good. He then positioned Vivian so he could lick and finger fuck her as he pushed his cock deeper in the daughter. Jan was so tight and he was being very careful and soon had about six inched in the tight cunt and he then began fucking her slow and pushing more cock in her. He had three fingers in Vivian and was fucking her hard and deep as she kept cumming for him. He was soon going to have mother and daughter cumming and screaming as he worked their bodies hard. The one thing Ken loved was big huge tits and wet pussy. He loved licking sucking and fingering then fucking pussy. Now he was going to have two tasty pussies. When he married Vivian he dreamed of the day he could fuck the young sexy daughter. She had the huge tits and tight pussy that he wanted so bad. He was lucky he had lots of stamina with all these pussies for his taking.

Ken now had eight inches of cock in Jan and was fucking a little faster and she was screaming and cumming fast for him. He had this tongue deep in Vivian's wet cunt and two fingers in her ass working her hard as he fucked Jan. He fucked both gals a long time then finally filled Jan with his warm cum and pulled his cock out and pushed Vivian to her cunt to suck the cum out as he sucked on Jan's nipples. He pushed Vivian's face tight to Jan's cunt as she sucked and licked the cum from her making Jan cum even more. Then he shoved Vivian on her back and he and Jan each sucked a nipple as he fingered fucked Vivian in her ass. Then he shoved a finger in Jan's ass and finger fucked both gals as he sucked hard on Vivian's huge jug. He and Jan loved sucking on Vivian every night in bed. They had all three slept in the same bed since Jan was just eight years old. He fucked and licked Vivian with Jan there then they started using Jan too. The sex was wonderful and now he could also fuck Jan. He was going to want a lot of that young tight cunt.

Then Ken shoved both to his cock to lick and suck and share. Jan was licking his cock as Vivian sucked on his balls. He loved when Vivian took a ball all the way in her mouth and ran her tongue over it as she sucked it hard. She was a great cock and ball sucker. Many times during the day he would drop his pants and get Vivian to suck his big cock and his heavy balls. Sometimes she would just take his pants down and suck him herself. She also loved his big cock and balls. She also loved pushing his cock between her huge tits and fucking him till he would cum for her. She loved sex and also loved that her daughter was young but doing nicely learning to please Ken. Ken had a ten inch long thick cock that Vivian could never get enough of. She wanted to suck or fuck him day and night. Ken also loved to fuck and he craved the huge tits and now Jan was going to have a big set to for his pleasure.

The next morning Ken fucked Jan again letting her get used to his huge cock. Then he told both gals that no clothes today. It was going to be a naked sex all day time for the three of them. His cock was still hard from fucking Jan and he then bent Vivian over the end of the bed and fucked her ass till she screamed and he filled her full of his cum. That day he fucked the two in every room of the house. Soon as his cock got hard form fucking one he would fuck the other. He also fingered and tongue fucked them too. He kept a nipple close to suck on constantly.
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