Kim loved spending the summer with Aunt Lucy. She loved sucking her aunts big tits and licking her pussy. They spent a lot of time naked. Last night in bed her aunt had fingered her for over an hour then she tongue fucked her wet cunt till Kim was screaming and had cum pouring out her cunt. Her aunt had taught her all about girl sex and Kim loved it. Just now her aunt came up to her and bent her naked body over the chair and spread her legs and began first finger fucking her cunt with three fingers then she finger fucked her ass. She shoved three fingers in each hole and fucked her hard. As she finger fucked Kim she straddled her leg and was rubbing her wet pussy all up and down Kim's leg making very wet streaks. Then she grabbed Kim by her hair and pushed her down on her knees and pulled her face to her pussy and Kim began sucking and licking first her clit then then her hole. As Kim sucked on the clit she felt her aunt cum hard. She loved making he aunt cum and tasting her sweet juice. Kim was very young when her aunt first began rubbing her pussy then licking it. Over the years they spent every summer together and sometimes school breaks. The first summer she spent with her aunt she slept with her and her aunt pulled up her gown and began to rub her pussy. Then she told Kim they would play like big girls played and she then licked her pussy and Kim loved it.

Her aunt showed Kim her pussy and told her to touch it and run her finger over it. She taught her to rub her pussy and make her cum and then she soon had Kim licking her pussy and tasting the cum flowing out of her aunt's hole. She let Kim suck on her big tits as Kim rubbed her pussy. It wasn't long till Kim was tongue fucking her aunt's cunt and loving it making the aunt cum hard. But Kim really loved when her aunt licked and tongued her cunt and cleaning her cum. Her aunt had a big hunger for pussy and loved when Kim stayed with her. They spent a lot of time naked fingering and licking each other. Then one day Aunt Lucy told Kim "Today you are going to meet some of my close friends. You are really going to like them a lot. Let's get dressed and go meet them."

After they dressed they drove over to a huge home and went inside and first met Lana. She was gorgeous and was wearing just a see through robe. Her body was amazing. She had big firm tits and nice large pussy lips and Kim could not help but stare. She took them into the social room and three more women were there all gorgeous and scantily dressed liked Lana. Then Lana gave Kim and her aunt the same robes to put on and join them. Kim was a little shy but she loved how sexy the ladies were. They were drinking tea and one lady sat by Lana and began rubbing her tits then kissing each one. Lana was very casual about it and then the lady began rubbing her pussy and soon had two fingers in her fucking her hard. Lana came several times then the lady sucked her wet fingers. Another lady came to Aunt Lucy and opened her robe and sucked her tits then fingered her cunt. Aunt Lucy spread her legs for the lady and soon the lady was licking her pussy and tongue fucking her making Lucy cum hard. The women took turns licking and fingering each other as Kim watched then Lana came in the room wearing a huge strap on and bent the first woman over the end of the couch and pushed the strap on in her cunt and fucked her hard as Kim just stared and felt her pussy tingle.

The lady getting fucked was enjoying it and shouting to fuck her harder and faster as they all watched. Lana next fucked Lucy then another woman but the third woman she pushed the huge strap on into her ass and fucked her deep and hard as the woman moaned and begged for more. As Lana fucked her ass hard she also slapped her ass cheeks leaving her hand print. As Kim watched one of the women began rubbing Kim's pussy and then she finger fucked her hard. As she did then another came over and sucked Kim's tits. Then both women fingered her pussy and kept her cumming hard. Kim then saw her aunt with a smaller strap on and she then laid Kim over the end of the couch and spread her legs as the women all watched Lucy shove the small rubber cock into Kim's cunt and fuck her as she moaned then screamed and came hard for a long time. It was her first cunt fuck and she loved it a lot. When Aunt Lucy pulled the cock out of her wet cunt a lady came over and began licking her clean. Twice more Kim was fucked with the rubber cock and then licked clean by one of the women.

Then they fastened the huge strap on around Kim's waist and told her it was her turn to fuck one of the women. A lady then bent over the end of the couch and spread her legs and Kim shoved the rubber cock into her cunt and then began fucking her loving the feel of power as she fucked this woman hard as the woman begged for more. Kim fucked two more women and then they fucked her with the smalled rubber cock as she fucked a woman. It was a wonderful feeling and Kim loved being there with all the sexy naked women. Two women then grabbed Kim and pushed her on her back and one fingered her pussy as the other sucked the cock. This amazed Kim that it could feel so sexy and make her cum so hard. One of the women watching had a huge dildo that she was shoving in and out of her cunt as she watched the women with Kim.

Then Lana came out with a huge plastic cock with a suction on it and pushed it and attached it to a round bench she had and lady then got on it and began to ride it deep in her cunt screaming as she came so hard. When she got off another lady then licked the fake cock and cleaned the cum off it as another lady then straddled it and fucked it hard. They took turns riding it but noT Kim. Her aunt felt she was not ready for such a huge cock yet but the women did fuck her twice more with the smaller strap on.

Later Kim and her aunt left after fucking and sucking all day long. It had been a great time and Kim really enjoyed it. Back at her aunt's, Lucy got out several strap ons and told Kim "Now I think you are ready for some adult toys. We will start with these strap ons for now. Use the larger on me and I will use this smaller on you for now. Soon you will want the bigger one I am sure. Then Lucy bent her over the edge of the bed and shoved the cock deep in Kim's wet cunt and then fucked her three times till Kim had cum running down her leg. Kim then fucked her aunt several times before they finally fell asl**p but the next morning Kim woke her aunt with the huge cock in her cunt fucking her awake. The rest of the summer was a lot of fun. They went back to Lana's several times and had a few women over to Aunt Lucy's. Before the summer was over Kim was fucking the huge cock with no problem and loving how good it felt.
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