A true story of sex fun

A while back, I was feeling horny, and it was a nice warm summers day, and I was driving back to work, when I decided to stop at public toilet in Chalfont St Giles for a pee, I parked up and went in the toilets to find a guy standing at the urinal..he looked up and then I noticed he had a hard on, and he was stroking it..I had to pee, and as i was doing so I kept looking at him, so he turned towards me so i could see better.. He leant over towards me and took hold of my cock even tho I was peeing, and squeezed my thickening cock.

He moved closer and I took hold of his cock, it was really hard and warm, about 7" long and thick, un-cut, it looked lovely. He slipped his other hand in my jeans and started to squeeze my bum cheeks, that felt sooooooo good, he said lets go into a cubicle, and we can suck..

We entered the last one and I noticed it had a hole in the wall to the next cubicle, and there was clearly activity in that cubicle. We shut our door and dropped our jeans and pants, both our cocks standing so hard and throbbing.. he knelt down and started to suck me, it was pure heaven, he really knew how to suck cock. Then a cock appeared through the hole in the wall, and nice cut cock..a big helmet..so I reached for it and as i held it there was a groan from next door..I thought he was going to cum...but no..my friend then turned and started to suck the protruding cock through the wall so I knelt down next to him and we put our mouths each side of the other guys cock and he started to thrust his cock back and forward, he stiffened and then shot a huge load of hot creamy cum, which my new friend quickly took in his mouth..

After he had cleaned up, the guy next door said i know somewhere really quiet and safe for some fun, so we agreed to follow him..He drove past Amersham and we turned off the main road to a wooded lane, and about half a mile on we pulled over, parked out cars and the three of us walked into the woods..went about quarter of a mile and then turned into a bushed area, and came across a clearing..Then we all got our cocks out, dropped our jeans and started to play - wanking then sucking, we then stripped totally naked, as it was warm - stroking cocks, nipples and bums..it was amazing..the other two wanted to fuck, but no condoms, i said no, but they went at it bare back..it was so erotic to see the big cut cock sliding in and out of the other guy I first met..so I started to wank the guy who was being fucked, slowly as he asked, the guy who was fucking said I am close..want to cum, he stayed buried up to his balls in the guys arse, and started to moan, so I wanked the big hard cock,and knelt down to suck it, and then the guy who was fucking went really rigid and shot his load deep in the other guys arse, and he shot a creamy load of juicy cum in my mouth..it was heaven.

The cream ran out of the arse of the guy who had been fucked and it looked so good, i had to wank and cum..he said cum over my hole, he bent over and I did..it looked and felt amazing.

I have met the guy I met first several times and we have wanked and sucked many times since. What a way to spend a summers day.

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1 year ago
but oh so true..
1 year ago
excellent story
1 year ago
very much so honeymonster
1 year ago
fun times
1 year ago
nice very hot
1 year ago
fuckin hell, horny experience ...
2 years ago
Sounds Hot... I wouldnt mind joining sometime?????
2 years ago
sounds like you had loads of fun
2 years ago
We have a lot of that kind of fun in our local dogging area, it's amazing to be in the middle of two horny guys, taking cocks at both ends. XXX
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
lovley cant wait for the summer xx
2 years ago