Cousin Fill-Part 2

It felt like a dream come true, I had often fantasized about
doing naughty things with Fill, and here we were laying out naked on the patio rubbing sun tan lotion on each other, surreal.

She proceeded to pour a little extra lotion right on my cock and balls. "Their now, let me work it in o.k? Sure I said, just laying back as she gripes my shaft and pulls down my foreskin to reveal my purple mushroom head, just begging to be milked. Cousin Fill wasted no time in rubbing that lotion up and down the lengh of my cock, it felt so good that the sensation of an orgasm was faintly beginning. Ahhh,I moaned. She said " don't cum yet, it's to soon, with that she stopped stroking me. I really hope shes k**ding? is what I'm thinking.

"I know what",she says. Why don't you rub on me for a while? o.k. Lay back, I ordered! She obeyed. Here in front of me is my own cousin, completely nude, I'm feeling horny as hell. It's not right for us to be doing this but evidently my cousin Fill and I have this thing in common that we love to have orgasms.

I rubbed lotion up and down her thighs and slowly worked my way up toward the center of her loins. She spread her legs a little signaling me to keep going, so I do.
I rubbed the outside of her pussy and noticed her lips starting to separate and becoming wet, I took my index finger and middle finger and slowly penetrated her pussy lips. It felt so smooth,hot and wet, I began to move me fingers in and out of her dripping twat, she began to moan, oh cousin, don't stop, please don't stop, she was now moving her hips in and out.
Suck my Clit! she orderd! as she grabbed my hair and pushed my face down on her pussy. Lick my pussy, suck on my clit! Where is it? I asked stupidly. It's here she said as she spread her dark pussy lips far apart and rubbed with her finger this small button toward the top of her pussy lips. Oh, I said and went down on it and began sucking on it. Her clitoris swelled up as I noticed.

She started to moan faster and a little loader, when I noticed her body began to shake, with that she went into a weird spastic movement and grunted out, I'm cumming! As I was licking her pussy I felt a wave of sex juices flow out of her honey hole. That was cool I thought. Panting she said "Now it's your turn".

I was so hot and horny that this wasn't gonna take that long. "Lay back she said" She then took hold of my hard cock and wrapped her lips around it, she has very big beautifull lips, she starts moving her head up and down, up and down, and with her other hand she cupped my ball sack and squezzed and tugged at it. It felt awesome, all the while twirling her tung around my head. I felt that old feeling coming back, oh yes, this was gonna be a 10.0 on the richter scale.
"Tell me when your gonna cum" she says, I want to see you shoot! She was now deep throating me big time. I could feel my balls tightening, Fill! I'm gonna CUM! With that, she pointed my cock straight up and a little toward her face and my cock shot out a stream of jizz like I never saw before while jacking off. The cum hit her forehead and nose, as she opened her mouth she caught another stream half on her lips and the other half in her mouth, she took my cock into her mouth and finished the job, sucking and swallowing what I had left. Um, what a big load for such a young man she smiled.

She grabbed a towel and wiped her face. "That was fun she said, remember, don't tell anyone!" I sure won't cousin Fill, It will be our secret.
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4 years ago
very good what about part 3, 4...
4 years ago
excellent story hope there are plenty more chapters to come
4 years ago
great story