Cousin Fill -Part 1

I always had this physical attraction toward my older cousin Fill. I know that it's wrong and that it's weird, but it is what it is, I can't make myself NOT be attracted to her.

Cousin Fill was about four years older than me, and I was in my young teenage years. She is about 5' 4" and a very petite 110lbs, long black hair and olive dark skin. She was home for summer vacation, she went to a private school the rest of the year.

One summer day cousin Fill showed up at the house, she asked "hey cousin, wanna go for a swim? it's a hot ass day!? We had a pool in the back yard, and I said,"yes, lets go! She asked if she could borrow one of my s****rs bikinis? My s****r wasn't home so I told cousin Fill to go help herself to any thing she could find.

I proceeded to get in the pool and wait for Fill to show up. I couldn't help but wounder what she looked like naked. I heard the screen door slide back and out walked cousin Fill, she had found some old jean cutoffs and a yellow halter top with a little flower sewn on the front tied up around her neck and around her back. That's all she was wearing.

"Hey cousin I'm ready she says, Jump in! I reply. It was a very hot summer day and when she came up out of the water after diving in. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. Her nipples shown right through that thin fabric yellow halter, it was almost like wearing nothing as I could she her sweet titties and nipples right in front of me! She seemed to not even notice. She had B size breasts with quarter size circles dark brown in color. That halter just clung to ever curve and shape of her breasts and revealed all. I was in heaven.

I started getting a hard just looking at her sweet little tits, she started to notice this and jumped on my back to try and dunk me, all I remember was the softness of her breasts against my back, she seemed to hold me against her for quiet a while. Then she had enough and wanted to lay out on the patio and catch some sun rays, cool I said.

"Can you please rub some lotion on my back? Sure, I said. With that she undid her halter tie around her back and then the other around her neck and the top just dropped to the ground. You have seem a naked woman before right? Sure, I lied to her, she turned and lay on the towel with her back to me, I had just seen my cousin Fill topless!

My cock was throbbing and I hopped she didn't notice thinking she would call me a pervert. Instead she said "lotion my back please" and that's what I did, I rubbed lotion all over her back and the backs of her legs.
She then turns around and says " now my front please, with a silly grin on her face, she knew this would be an ultimate turn on for me. And it was.
I poured some onto her stomach and then her breasts, then slowly spreading it all around her tits, doing circles around her nipples, that made her giggle! I just carresed and squezzed her tits untill she tells me to stop.

Do my legs too she orders! with that she unbottons her cutoffs and pulls them down revealing a sweet little patch of black pubic hair, not much, just a small patch.

My cock was throbbing with bl**d and tension. She took the bottle of lotion from my hands and poured it all over her legs and abdomen, Rub it! So I did, all around her stomach and down to her legs, "you missed a spot she says" I knew where she meant, but I was nervous to come even close to her pubic hair. It wont bite" she says and takes my hand and rubs it on her pussy! "See, just like that" As she spread her legs,I could see large dark brown pussy lips, with bright pink in the middle.

I just stared at her pussy with amazement, she asked "first one you have touched?" Yes I said. Do you like it? she asked. Oh yes I said, and she giggled. No ones home right? she asked. Right I said.

"Take off your shorts she says" what? I replied. "Take them off, I want to see your dick". So I pulled my shorts down revealing my teenage 6.5inch uncut cock. Cousin Fills eyes lit up, she said "oh my god little cousin what a big cock" it was at full erection pulsate with bl**d. I just smiled. Lay here she said with that she poured lotion on my entire body from chest to feet and started to rub it in my skin.

to be continued...
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4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
Fill, is short for Fillomena, a girls name:)
4 years ago
will be looking for more of the story
4 years ago
let's have the happy ending
4 years ago
more please