The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Ch9/P4)

As Lord Omarion and Talika made the most of their time, Leandra and Dorothy sat in their cells silently. A gobkin guard, slumped over in his chair, asl**p. Dorothy moved to the cell bars as quiet as she could.

"Leandra, what do we do."

Leandra stood up and reached her hand through a hole in her robe, touching The Magic Belt. "Unlock the cell door." With just those simple words her cell door unlocked. She slowly slide it open and walked to the sl**ping guard. With quick reflexes she grabbed his knife and held it to his throat. His eyes jumped open feeling the sharp blade.

"Where is The Broom."

The guard spat into Leandra face. She dug the knife into his throat drawing bl**d.

"Ok, ok. Its in the room above the throne room."

"How do I get there."

He lifted his hand to a spiral staircase. "The stairs will lead you to the room."

"Dorothy grab some rope and tie him to the chair." Dorothy found some rope and tied the gobkins hands behind his back, to the chair. Leandra lead the way to the stairs and was going to go up first,"I forgot something in my cell Dorothy go up and I'll meet you at the top. Be careful."

Dorothy nodded her head with a ok and went up the stairs. Leandra watched her go up the stairs and walked back to the guard. "What traps are there. Come on I know there's something around The Broom." The gobkin snarled at her,"Go to hell bitch." Still holding the knife in her hand she raised it up and drove it into the top of his skull. His body went limp as life left his body.

Leandra twisted the knife and pulled it back out. She wiped off the bl**d on his clothes and grabbed the scabbard the knife was in. She put it around her waist and followed after Dorothy. The stairs seemed to go on forever until it opened to a large black room. The walls, floor and ceiling was mad of black marble. It was like glass, you could see your reflection in it. Dorothy was sitting on the top step looking into the room. Leandra got beside her,"Whats the matter." Dorothy pointed at two gobkin guards and behind them there it was. The Broom was standing straight up, with the bristle end pointed to the ground.
It was encased in a bright white light.

"Stay here, I'll handle this."

Leandra got up off the steps and walked into the room. The two gobkin guards spotted her and drew their spears at her. She smiled and ran towards them. The one guard threw his spread at her and drew his knife. Leandra moved her body sideways, the spear buzzing past her face. He went to charge her but she threw her knife, it sank into his skull and he fell to the ground. The other guard looked down at his dead companion and looked up. Leandra had never stopped running, jumping in the air and kicking him in the face. He stumbled back trying to get his footing, but Leandra had grabbed hold of his spear and removed it from his hands. She sweep his legs from under him and he fell back hitting the hard marble. He went to get up but the spear was pointed right at his face.

"Are there any traps or spells on The Broom."

He looked up at her and smiled,"Why should I tell you, your going to kill me anyway witch." She smiled,"Your right" and drove the spear down, into his mouth and through the back of his skull.

"Its safe you can come up Dorothy." Dorothy walked into the room and stood beside her, then she knelt down and closed the gobkin eyelids. "I'm sorry." Leandra did not even notice this moment of sympathy, she had moved closer to The Broom. She stopped just at the edge of the light. She stuck out the gobkin spear into the light and nothing happened. Just then the tip of the spear touched the broom. The metal began to change into wood. Leandra dropped the spear and watched the metal spear turn into a stick of wood.

Leandra stood there thinking to herself,"How do I remove that spell." She thought of spells her mother had taught her and then it came to her. She turned and looked down at Dorothy who was still knelt down by the gobkin.

"Dorothy I need your help." Dorothy stood up and walked up to Leandra,"What do you ne......" Dorothy gasped for air as she felt the sharp pain in her side. She looked down and saw the knife jammed into her side. She fell down on her knees and looked up at Leandra. "Why?"

"Innocent bl**d must be spilled. I didn't mean to do it but, I need The Broom." She helped lay Dorothy down as the bl**d slowly spilled out onto the ground. Dorothy started to turn pale and closed her eyes.
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naughty bad witch
2 years ago
more i need more!!!!! i dont want the story to end! u should really think abt publishing stories like this. im workin on few of my own now
2 years ago
Sorry. But it had to be said. Lol
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