The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Chapter 5 -

Dorothy felt the sun cascading over her face, as she began to wake up. Slowly pulling her eyelids up, Dorothy saw Leandra sitting in front of her staring at her.

"We have to talk Dorothy".

Dorothy rubbed her eyes and sat up. "How long have I been asl**p".

"I would say we been asl**p for about seven hours. Its morning and we fell asl**p close to night. I first want to say thank you. Thanks for staying behind, I really do owe you."

Dorothy smiled,"I'm glad to do it, for a new friend".

Leandra packed up there things in her bag. "This journey I am on, you should know what Im going after. A week ago a evil nome, by the name of Kaliko, got into Oz and stole Queen Ozma magical belt. Kaliko thinks that the belt belongs to him, because it orginally belonged to the Nome King. He claims himself the new ruler of the nome kingdom."

"How was he able to get into Oz across the Deadly Desert".

"Queen Ozma found a small tunnel that was dug under the desert and comes up in Winkie Country. I was ordered by Queen Ozma to go through the tunnel and retrieve the belt."

"I have just a few questions. Can't this nome Kaliko, use the belt against the queen and eveyone in Oz. Why is there a yellow brick road in the nome kingdom. Why did she send you of all people."

Leandra laughed,"Is that all. Ok first, there are yellow brick roads in nome kingdom ,because Queen Ozma is building roads and bridges over the desert for everyone to find the Emerald City. She wants peace in Oz and thinks building these roads will bring everyone together. On this side she has a man by the name of Ku-Klip whos trying to build the roads but is running into trouble with the nomes. They don't want peace, all they want is war."

Dorothy smiled big"Oh I know Ku-Klip,he's very kind and a very large man"

"Second, Kaliko can't use the belt because he doesn't know how it works. Only people who know how it works were, the Nome King, who is no longer around, Queen Ozma, and the Nome King daughter."

"So why did Queen Ozma send you Leandra".

Leandra wanted to tell Dorothy the truth. "Queen Ozma told me if I retrieved the belt she would help rebuild my f****y home. Its been in disarray and I don't have the means to rebuild it."

Dorothy stood up and got her things together."Well we better find this belt, I want my new friend to have her home back. Now where do we go now."

Leandra stood up and saw a piece of paper on the rock table. She went over and picked it up and read it to herself:FOLLOW THE PATH THROUGH THE MOUNTAIN TO THE STONE STEPS.

Leandra crumbled the paper up and turned to Dorothy,"Follow me I know the way".

Leandra and Dorothy walked down the path through the mountain. High walls of stone on either side of the path, cutting off the sunlight. Leandra lead the duo, the narrow path seeming to close in around them. But Leandra could see a opening on the other end. As her and Dorothy came to the end of the path it opened to a clearing and they saw a giant hole in the ground. The two of them walked up and looked down. The dark hole black as night.

Leandra put her bag down. Walked over to a rotted out tree and broke off a branch. She then tore at the bottom of her dress and ripped off the fabric below her knees. She wrapped the fabric around the end of the stick. She walked back to Dorothy,"Do you see any steps".

"No I don't, I can't see anything.....wait do you feel that". The ground began to shake and stone steps started to jet out the side of the hole. The steps leading down into the darkness. Leandra put her hand by the end of the stick and the fabric became alive with flame.

"Wow how you do that".

Leandra threw her bag over he back,"Oh its something I picked up from my mother. Now be careful and follow me".

Dorothy followed as the two of them made there trek down the hole. As Dorothy stepped down, the step behind her would slide back into the wall. "Hey Leandra the step...".

"I know there's no turning back."

The two of them walked cautiously down one step at a time. The darkness enveloping around them as the sky began to disappear. The only light was from the torch Leandra held.

It seemed like eternity, just steps after steps. No light from above or below. They were walking for so long they had to stop and have something to eat. Leandra pulled out two apples and some g****s. Savoring the juices as the looked down the hole. No light to see, but then there was a flicker of something.

"You see that".

"I did", and Leandra held the torch over the side to look down. There it was again, a glimpse of light. There was hurry in there feet now. Two of them moving quicker now, that Dorothy overtook Leandra. The light started to build, the hole filling with a flood of light.

"Hurry up slow poke", Dorothy laughed as she got closer to the light. Leandra tried to catch up to her but Dorothy was faster. Dorothy reached the bottom first, looking around and seeing torches up on the walls. Then see felt a hand on her shoulder,"About time you caught me". But as she turned she didn't see Leandra standing there.

She screamed as a fat, uniformed dressed, winkie guard stood in front of her. She had run into his kind before when she had first come to Oz. They were once loyal guards to the Wicked Witch of the West. But as soon as she was killed they disbanded and went there own ways. It had seemed like this one had found employment with the nomes.

Leandra saw him, waved her hand and the torch went out. She watched as he grabbed Dorothy and pulled her by the arm down the torch lit tunnel. Leandra followed from the shadows, seeing Dorothy struggle to get out of his grip. It was no use. He brought her down to a wooden door and swung it open and threw her in. The door shut behind him and Leandra peeked through a crack in the door.

The fat guard stood in front of two tall younger guards. "Put her in a cell. I have to report this to the captain. Make sure no harm comes to her." They picked up Dorothy and placed her in one of two cells they were guarding. Leandra quickly hide out of site and the fat guard came out and walked down the tunnel the other way he came.

Dorothy stood in the cell hoping Leandra was ok when she heard a voice from behind her,"Ms Gale that you>". She turned and saw a talk lanky pale man step out of the shadows. He had a bald head but a long full green beard. He was fully dressed in a torn green uniform. "Its me Omby Amby, captain of the army of Oz".

Dorothy ran up and hugged him,"It's nice to see a friendly face. What are you doing here."

He smiled,"I could ask you the same thing. Queen Ozma sent me to get her magic belt back."

Dorothy looked a little perplexed. "Your here for the belt, but my friend Leandra was sent here by Queen Ozma to get the belt".

Omby scratched at his head,"I don't know any Leandra. It was a secret mission. No one knows about it but me, Queen Ozma and now you."

Dorothy wondered if Leandra was lying to her when the wooden door slowly opened. The two guards from there stools, looked up and saw Leandra standing in the doorway naked. The light in the cell glowing against her bare green skin. She smiled at Dorothy and walked in closing the door. "The captain says you two have earned a reward for capturing Dorothy Gale". The one guard began to speak,"But we didn't capture.....". But he stopped as his buddy jabbed him in the arm with his elbow. "I mean a course we captured her".

They put down their spears and Leandra walked up to them. Much taller then her, they leaned down one at a time kissing her. Her black lips pressed against there grey lips. There skin green but because of the time away from sunlight had become much duller, much more grey.

They slide there clothes off, throwing them to the side of the room. Leandra smiled at them then looked down. "Ahhh no". She looked down seeing two rather large hanging cocks. One of the guards laughed,"Whats wrong babe not use to big cocks". Leandra knelt down and grabbed both cocks and looked up. "Its not the size, im just sad there not hard already." The two of them laughed. "Well your going to have to fix that".

Leandra spit on one then the other. Jerking her hands up and down both cocks. Smearing her spit, she felt the cocks begin to come alive. She leaned in to the one on her right and licked at the tip. He moaned watching as her tongue teased with his pisshole. Her hand jerking the other one, getting it hard as she opened and put her lips on the right one. Sucking on the cock head looking up at him, then she open wide and slide down.

Pumping her mouth up and down. Her black lips spreading around his grey cock sucking harder and deeper. Then she slide off, turned, and slide her mouth down the left one. Devouring his hard cock she had been tugging on. She moaned sucking that cock, his cock pushing her lips wider with each thrust. The other cock already wet, was being jerked hard by her green hand.

The guard in her mouth moaned,"Fuck Zimo this girl can suck a dick".

The other smiled,"You know Gotifri she seems like she needs more of that cock". Gotifri looked down,"You want more girl, open your mouth more". He grabbed her black hair and held it as he pushed in. Her eyes went wider as he pushed his fat cock down her mouth. Leandra mouth dripping spit as she sucked, taking his cock in and out, She couldn't believe she was kneeing between 9" of cock each.

He let go of her hair and she pulled off gasping. Zimo grabbed her hair,"Come here baby", and slide into her mouth. He rocked his hips back and forth pushing his cock deeper. Leandra looked up at him as she gagged. Choking up spit out the corners of her mouth, down his thick cock shaft and onto her tits. The spit smearing all over her small B boobs. Gotifri reached down and rubbed his hands around on her tits smearing the saliva over her boobs and nipples. She moaned as he pinched at her nipples, twisting them around in his strong fingers as Zimo kept up the pace fucking her face.

He slide his cock out and Gotifri came closer smiling down at Leandra. "Put both cock heads in your mouth baby, show us what a slut you are". She reached up grabbed both cocks and pushed the heads together. Spreading her black lips she slide her lips around both heads. Sucking on them together in her mouth. Both guards moaning watching her mouth stretched around those big mushroom heads.

Zimo ran his fingers through her hair,"Thats such a good slut, you like those cocks don't you". Leandra moaned a muffled yes. Opening wider she pulled more of there cock heads in. Her tongue flicking up and down between the heads and around them. She slide off and spit on both heads. Opened her mouth again and slide her mouth around both heads again. Both guards tilting there heads back loving the feeling of both heads in her wet mouth.

She slide her mouth off,"Hold your cock up for me I want those balls".

The two guards laughed as they held their cocks up for her. She leaned in and began sucking on Gotifri balls. Sliding one ball in sucking on it as she reached up playing with the other in her fingers. Zimo jerked watching as Leandra slide her mouth off and sucked in his other ball. Gotifri balls clean shaved, smooth in her mouth rolling around. She slide off and turned to Zimo.

He held his cock up as she moved in. Zimo was different, his balls hairy, she opened and slide her mouth on them. Sucking them in her mouth, she pulled on them pulling them with her mouth. Tugging his ball with her mouth Zimo moaned feeling her mouth wet his ball. Then she slide off and move to the other. Wrapping her lips around his other ball,making love to it. This time Gotifri stroked his hard cock up and down watching Leandra face pressed against Zimo hairy balls sucking them. Zimo let his cock go and looked down, seeing it laying across her face as she sucked.

"God dam Zimo she looks so fucking hot like that."

Leandra slide her mouth off and reached up jerking both cocks. Moving her hands up and down both shafts, she looked up licking her lips. Zimo maoned and grabbed his cock from her,"Open your mouth girl". She turned to him,opened her mouth and he jerked his cock. "Oh yeah take this cum bitch" and Zimo exploded ,thick stream of cum into her mouth. As Zimo finished Gotifri walked up, put his cock tip on her lips and moaned. "Fucking take it, jerk my fucking cock". Leandra reached up and jerked Gotifri cock up and down, jerking thick white cum out his cock into her already filled cum mouth.

Her mouth filled up, they both smiled down. "Swallow it all, you know you want to". Leandra closed her mouth, then her eyes and swallowed. The loads of mixed cum sliding down over her tongue, into her throat. It was so thick she almost choked. Then she opened her eyes and looked up. Gotifri looked down,"Open up baby lets see". She opened showing a empty mouth.

They both held there cocks in their hands stroking still hard cocks. Leandra stood up,"Your captain said once you were done you had to report to him. Don't worry I can show myself out". The two laughed hard looking at one another.

"Done......were just getting started sexy".

Dorothy turned to Omby and the two of them sat down in back of their cell. "Its going to be awhile Omby".

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2 years ago
Another good one. Can't wait for part 2.
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very good but probably been one chapter
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Dude, best part so far. AWESOME!
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Another good chapter (or half a chapter since shes not done with the guards yet). Actually a good breaking point, I know some people don't like really long stories.
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This is gonna get good!!