The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Ch10)

The gobkin guards Wilhelm and Bahman had been standing watch over Dorothy room, from the moment they laid her down. They had been given strict orders, only Lady Talika or Lord Omarion were allowed in the room. They were given this great honor because both had shown great courage. When the witch Leandra had escaped, it was Wilhelm and Bahman who followed her back to her castle. The two of them had gotten close enough to report back how many troops Leandra had. It was more then Lord Omarion could handle. Revenge would have to wait.

"Hey Wilhelm did you hear about Jairus."

Bahman snickered,"I heard he was working in the stables. Had to clean them out and repaint them."

"Yeah but you hear why?" Bahman shook his head no. "He walked in on Lord Omarion and Lady Talika getting at it. Supposedly he saw Lady Talika face covered in cum."

Bahman laughed out loud,"Dam that must have been a sight."

Wilhelm leaned over a little to Bahman, not wanting anyone to hear. "You know I caught them once at it."

"What! No you didn't"

"I swear I did. I had brought Lady Talika horse out to the field to feed. When I brought him back I heard sounds coming from the back of the barn."

Bahman looked up and down the hallway, empty. "What was it?"

Wilhelm did the same looking back and forth. "Lord Omarion was giving it to Lady Talika. She was bent over, holding side of the barn."

"Holy Oz. Did they see you."

"Are you crazy! I'm still here aren't I. I peaked around the corner, they could have seen me but the two of them were so into it. Now, between you and me, Lady Talika can take a cock."

"Excuse me, could I get a glass of water."

The two guards jumped, startled by the small girl from Kansas. Dorothy was standing in the open doorway,wearing a white gown, looking up at Wilhelm and Bahman.

"I'll go alert the Lord and Lady." Bahman took off, running down the hallway. Wilhelm lead Dorothy back into her room and had her sit on the edge of the bed. He went over to the cabinet in the room and pulled a wooden cup out. From his hip he retrieved the pouch of water he carried and pour some into the cup. He handed Dorothy the cup and she took a few sips.

"Thank you very much. And don't worry, I won't tell Lady Talika or Lord Omarion about your little story."

Wilhelm bowed his head,"Thank you Ms. Gale."

Just then Talika came running into the room, picking up Dorothy in her strong arms, hugging her tight. "Oh thank the gods. We were afraid you would never wake up." Lord Omarion walked into the room. "My dear Ms. Gale you have given us all a great fright."

Talika finally loosed her grip, letting Dorothy down. "Thank you all for taking care of me. How long have I been asl**p." Talika took a hold of Dorothy hand and the two of them sat on the bed.

"You have been asl**p for a month now."

Dorothy jumped up,"What! That can't be, it seems like it was just yesterday." Talika still holding Dorothy hand, "Please sit Dorothy." Dorothy sat back down, look of shock covering her face.

"You had lost a great deal of bl**d. That first week you had such a high fever, we thought you were going to die. But our physician was able to break the fever and you started to recover. We have been waiting for you to wake up and you have."

"What happened to Leandra?"

Lord Omarion stepped up and put his hand on Dorothy shoulder. "All your questions will be answered. We are going to have a banquet tomorrow for your return to us. A few of your friends will be here. We will answer all your questions then. We will bring you some food to eat, then you must rest again."

Talika got up to leave the room but she stopped, Dorothy was still holding her hand. "Thank you Lady Talika." Talika leaned down and kissed her forhead,"Your welcome and you can call me Tali. Now eat and tomorrow morning Wilhelm and Bahman will make sure your ready for the banquet." They all left as a guard brought in a plate of food for Dorothy.

The next morning there was a knock on the door. "Ms. Gale its Wilhelm and Bahman." Dorothy opened the door, still in her white gown. They bowed to her,"We are here to get you ready for the banquet tonight. Lady Talika has told us to take care of all your needs. Now if you follow us I think you would like to get freshen up."

Dorothy followed the two guards down the hallway, taking some twist and turns until they arrived to a door with a bronze fish on the front. They opened it and Dorothy stepped into the bathhouse of the castle. It was empty except for the three of them. Wilhelm closed the door behind them, as Dorothy walked around the room. There was a large circular bath in the middle of the room. It had two fish statues on either side, pouring warm water into it.

Bahman handed Dorothy a towel and a bar of soap. "We will wait outside." Dorothy leaned into Bahman and smelled him. "Phew, I think you need a bath more then I do." She walked over and smelled Wilhelm. "When was the last time you guys bathed." They looked at one another and shrugged their shoulders.

"Ok, the bath is large enough for eight people. I'm sure its big enough for two gobkins and a girl from Kansas."

Wilhelm bowed,"I'm sorry Ms. Gale but we have to protest. We are not worthy to bath with you." Dorothy laughed,"Wilhelm I am no one special. I insist." Bahman went over to Wilhelm leaning into his ear.

"We can't do this, Lord Omarion will have us cleaning the stables for the rest of our lives."

"What you mean, we won't be cleaning the stables, we'll be dead."

"We just tell her we can't and just leav.....",Bahman stopped as Dorothy slide her gown over her head,"Oh fuck look at those tits." Bahman turned to look at Wilhelm but he was already naked, stepping into the bath. Bahman fumbled with his armor pulling it off and throwing it on the ground.

Dorothy watched the two guards step into the bath. She broke the large bar of soap into three pieces, handing it out to the two guards. She knelt down into the bath getting her body wet then stood up, rubbing the soap over her body. She slide the bar down and up the length of her arms, then brought it down over her breast. Her hand circling her left breast then her right. The soap gliding down from her breast, across her stomach, until it stopped soaping up her pubic hair. She kept soaping her left breast as she reached down with her right hand and smeared the dripping soap around her bush.

"Feeling cleaner guys?" Dorothy looked up and saw Wilhelm and Bahman standing there motionless, looking right at her. She waved her hand,"Hello .....guys you there?" She lowered her self into the bath and submerged herself. She stood up, her hair slicked back, soap washed off. She rubbed the water out her eyes, finding Wilhelm and Bahman had thrown their soap to the side and was standing right in front of her.

"What's wrong? Oh wait I see what's wrong." She looked down and saw there gobkin cocks rock hard, sticking up. She reached out her hands, stroking both cocks. Her wet hand sliding from the tip to the base, her hands moving over twelve inches of cock each. Bahman reached over beside one of the fish statues and pulled a metal lever. The water began to drain from the bath. He pulled the lever again and it stopped, holding at knee level of Dorothy. Dorothy smiled and knelt down in the bath.

She kept her hand moving on Bahman cock, as she opened and slide her mouth down Wilhelm big cock. Her lips stretching wide as she began to pump her mouth. His cock so big and thick. She closed her eyes and pushed down more. The taste of cock filling her mouth again, it was so good. It had been so long, she moved deeper, wanting her throat to get the full flavor of cock again. She got down to about eight inches then pulled off.

Gasping for air, she turned and devoured Bahman cock. She looked up at him, as his cock disappeared into her wet mouth. She gripped Wilhelm cock and tugged on it. Her hand smearing her spit up and down that veiny shaft.

"Oh the gods Wilhelm, she can suck a cock. Oh Ms. Gale you know you don't have to do this." Dorothy slide off. "I've been asl**p for a month, I have some catching up to do. And call me Dorothy." She slide her mouth back down Bahman cock.

"Come back and give my cock that mouth Dorothy." She slide off and smiled up at Wilhelm and slide down. Her face moving up and down, hungry for his cock like she was for the water. Bahman reached down and started pulling on her nipples, rock hard in his strong green gobkin fingers.

She moaned feeling her nipples being played with. Wilhelm took a hold of her head. "Lets see you take more in that mouth." He pushed her down and she went past the eight inch mark. She closed her eyes and choked. The air being cut off by his thick meat. Spit gagging up out the corners of her mouth. "Oh fuck yes, your almost there Dorothy." She f***ed herself from his cock, the air coming back, filling her lungs.

"Oh fucking god, that's alot of cock."

Bahman grabbed her hair and pulled her face to his cock. "Here's another one Dorothy",and pushed into her mouth. He moved his hips back and forth fucking her face. His cock streching those ruby red lips wide. Wilhelm put his right hand behind her head and help Bahman, pushing her face up and down his cock.

"That's it suck his cock. You like that big cock don't you." Dorothy moaned shaking her head yes, as she got pushed down more. She closed her eyes tight and felt her throat pushed to its limit. The two guards pushed her mouth down Bahman cock until she took it all. All twelve inches down her throat, her face rubbing against his bush of black pubic hair. His coarse pubic hair rubbing against her soft angelic skin. They let her head go and she slide off, spit oozing out her mouth. Strings of spit hanged from his cock up to her lips.

Wilhelm smiled,"I knew you could do it, now do it on this big one." He held her hair and brought her mouth to his cock once again. He pushed her down and worked her mouth. Her wet mouth lubing his cock with spit, to shove down her throat. He pushed down into her mouth until it all was gone. He looked down at her beautiful eyes, a tear or two rolled down her cheeks. He slide out and Dorothy took the deep breath she needed.

"Oh fuck you two. I'm definitely getting my fill of cock today." Bahman reach down and grabbed her, flipping her in the air. Wilhelm walked up and helped holding her up. Dorothy hanged upside down between both of them. Their cocks hitting her face. Suddenly she felt two warm tongues licking at her pussy and ass. Bahman tongue slide over her pussy, licking at her sweet pussy juices. As Wilhelm tongue moved around the rim of her asshole.

"Oh my god yes. Lick my holes boys." She grabbed both cocks and put the tips together. Running her tongue back and both over both. The guards moaned smiling at one another. Wilhelm moved his tongue, licking Dorothy pussy with Bahman. There tongues lapping over the same spots, working as a team. Dorothy body shook feeling both gobkins on her pussy.

"Oh fuckk I'm going to cum." Wilhelm slide his tongue into her pussy, then Bahman pushed his tongue in with his friend. Both tongues pressed against one another, deep down into Dorothy cunt.

"Fuckkkkkkkkk.....cummingggggg!" Dorothy held their two cocks, steadying herself as she began to cum. Squirting out on both tongues. Wilhelm slide out and Bahman put his mouth around her pussy, letting her squirt into his waiting mouth. He swallowed a good load, then pulled off. Wilhelm quickly put his mouth over her pussy, taking the rest of her cum. Both gobkins holding the cum in their mouths then swallowing it slowly, savoring it like a fine wine.

They let Dorothy down and her legs went week. She started to fall but Wilhelm caught her and sat her up on the edge of the bath. "Are you ok Dorothy?" She kissed him and laughed,"That was fucking amazing."

The two gobkins steeped out of the bath and wiped the water off. "Thank you Dorothy but we must get you back to your room." They looked back and saw Dorothy standing there, her arms crossed. "Whats wrong."

"I want to be fucked too." They looked shocked at one another. "But Dorothy, Wilhelm and I will be in trouble if we don't get you ready."

Dorothy face went sad,"You sure you don't want to fuck me?"

Wilhelm put his hand on his friend forearm. "The banquet is a couple hours away, I think we have time." Wilhelm walked to Dorothy and grabbed her hand, leading her over to a stone bench. She was able to the straddle the bench, seems like it was made for a person not a gobkin. She stuck her ass up in the air and smiled back at them.

"Ok, who's first?"

Wilhelm slapped Bahman on the back. "My friend here will go first." She smiled at Bahman. "Ok Bahman step up and fuck my pussy." He smiled and got up behind her. Wilhelm stroked his cock watching as Bahman guided his cock in. Her tight pussy pulled apart, taking his massive cock. She gripped the bench tight, her pussy being f***ed to except his cock.

"Oh my fucking god....fucking dam it Bahman your cock is so big." He slapped her white pale ass turning it red as he picked up his pace. He grabbed a hold of her hips and pumped back and forth. His large cock getting wet with pussy juice.

"You like my cock don't you Dorothy." Dorothy looked back over my shoulder. "I love it and call me whatever you want." Bahman smiled and reach up grabbing a fist full of hair. "Take that big gobkin cock you fucking bitch." He began to hammer her cunt, tearing into her pussy, shoving it in to the base. He looked over at Wilhelm,"You ready?" Wilhelm held his rock hard cock in his hand. "What you think?"

Bahman laughed and slide out, moving out the way for his friend. Wilhelm got up behind her and eased his cock into her pussy. "Thats it bitch, another big cock to fill that pussy." Dorothy moaned out and bit her lip. She pushed herself back meeting his thrust into her. His cock shoving all the way in, feeling like its in her belly. Bahman smiled, walked up and sat in front of her. "Want to taste that pussy." She opened her mouth and slide it on his cock. Sucking her pussy off his big green cock as she got it from both ends. The two guards giving Dorothy twenty four inches of hard cock.

That's when they heard the door slam shut. The three of them looked up seeing Talika standing there.

"What the hell is this. You two are suppose to be getting her ready."

" see ...well.......", they pointed at one another,"It's his fault." Talika laughed as Dorothy slide her mouth off. "Its my fault. Come on Talika, I been asl**p for a month." Talika opened the door. "I'll put your dress out on the bed. Everyone won't be arriving for another three hours, make the most of it. And be careful you two ok." She closed the door behind her.

The three of them smiled at one another and Wilhelm shoved his cock hard into Dorothy. "You heard her bitch, you got three hours of taking cock."

Bahman grabbed her wet hair and pushed in her mouth. "Three hours of being a slut for big cocks." The two of them began fucking her again, pounding her mouth and pussy. Wilhelm moved his hips back and forth furiously,until he tilted his head back and exploded. Dorothy eyes went wide feeling his thick gobkin cum filling her pussy. She pulled her mouth off Bahman cock. "Oh fuck you came in me." Wilhelm kept his cock in her. "You ready dude." Bahman walked around standing beside him,"Fuck yeah."

Wilhelm slide out, cum oozing out. Bahman got behind her quickly and shoved in. Wilhelm cum lubing Bahman cock as it slide in and out. Bahman reached down and grabbed both of Dorothy arms. Pulling them back behind her, as he fucked her hard. Yanking her back by her arms, her back arching taking his massive dick. Her tits slapped up and down, while Wilhelm watched letting Bahman work her on his cock.

"OH FUCKKKKK I'M CUMMING", Bahman smiled, shoved in all the way and exploded. His thick cum filling her already cum filled pussy. His cum mixing inside with Wilhelm's. He let her arms go put kept her on his cock, pulling her back so he could kiss her. His hard lips kissing her soft red lips.

She moaned in his mouth then pulled her moist lips away from his. "Fuck dam, you two both came in me." Wilhelm walked up and kissed her. "Don't worry, the gobkin curse is that we can't reproduce. Once we are gone then that's it."

"I'm so sorry."

Bahman slide out and watched the cum ooze out leaking on the bench. "It's ok, that's why we pray to the gods, that they allow Lady Talika and Lord Omarion to be blessed with a heir." "Now what time do you have Wilhelm my friend."

Wilhelm went to his clothes and pulled out a large pocket watch. "We still have two hours left." They stood there stroking their cocks, smiling at Dorothy.

Dorothy reached down and pulled cum out of her pussy with her fingers. She sucked the cum off, it tasted so fucking good.

"Mmmmmmmm, I want more!"

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yes!!! fill her up! if only there were a few more guards or she finds out the banquet is really a creampie orgy