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so as i sit here stroking my cock watching this whore deep throat a cock and love gagging on it, tears in her eyes..... makes me think about a time back in highschool....
slutty little neighbor girl that i had recently met in highschool... she had been a cheer leader all thru highschool tight body not the prettiest but good enough for a lil fwb that we kept from every one mainly because i was nt gunna tell ppl i was messing with her but any ways.... i loved using this girl ...
she came down aound midnight prolly twice a month or more for proly 8 month or so.... i was still a virgin and wanted/needed experience so we only did blow jobs and hand jobs and of course i banged her and eat the shit outta her delicious pussy a beautiful one too. this girl had a mad highschool crush on me so i got to use her and have fun... every night i tried new things(my finger and mouth)on her and when she would stroke or suck me id always try to push the boundies... welll one night she was sucking me off as usual... knelling between my legs on my bed... my hands on her head guidingher in pace and depth .. less teeth.. more tongue ...hhaha we were new... again guiding her head i started pausing down at the bottom press my cock down her throat... half second the first time few strokes go by then a full second ... again few strokes go by an i hold it longer 1-2 and keep pushing deeper than before.... i feel her jaw close causing her lip and bottom teeth to gently caress the botom of my shaft in a suddenly new movement... this was her gagging gasping for air......this felt amazing...i pull out scared atfirst because it was so new.. she seemed to be ok or just really willing to please me because she kept going...;) so i waited a while longer so she felt confident... and then i started pressing deeper not for long time but hard and fast deep down her throat as she looks at me with watery eyes;) she was so willing to pls me hoping to eventually date me. haha nvr happened... so each time deeper and deeper feeling out where the gagg point was deeper and now longer intervals... she looks at me with the hottest eyes either absolutely loving it or very scared of what i was doing andshe knew what i was working towards ... then i just started skull fucking her hard but shallow then i just starting smashing her face in to my cock forcing it down her throat....;) she takes the first few like a champ so i go harder and deeper... and hold it.. i felt her throat muscle twitching around my cock i figure thats just wat it does.... till the bitch pukes on my dick and me and my bed so i make her clean up her fucking mess and i go to sl**p with out cumming awesome.... wish she would have finished it off after o welll
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