Good Babysitter

{ASSM} The Good Teacher (Fb Inc 1st)

The Good Teacher
By Puck512

I was 18 when it began. I guess you could call it abuse but I
never felt abused and still don't. Both my parents worked. My
Dad held down two jobs and my Mom worked the evening shift at a
local factory. So my cousin Jenny, who lived just two houses
down from us, came over and watched me.. She'd been my
babysitter for as long as I could remember but nothing ever
happened until I was eleven and she would have been 18.

Before you start getting any ideas, Jenny was a homely girl -
very plain in the face and she never did anything interesting
with her hair. She was a little on the plump side, but not
excessively so and some of that extra weight ended up in her
breasts. Jenny was soft.

I never cared about how she looked any more than I cared about
how my Mom looked. She was just Jenny.

Jenny was a bit of a neat freak and the day it started I had come
inside all dirty and a bit muddy. She sent me up to take a bath
and when I came down I guess I didn't pass inspection. More
than a bit exasperated at my carelessness, she hauled me back up
to the bathroom, drew a bath and made sure every last bit of dirt
and mud was exorcized my from presence.

While she was washing me she rubbed the washcloth around my
penis, softly and tenderly. I don't think she thought anything
special of it, but I was eleven and almost twelve and the
unexpected contact by a real person caused me to get erect.
When she moved the washcloth farther down my leg, it was
impossible for either of us to ignore my very erect penis that
was twitching excitedly seemingly of its own accord.

"Ohhh!" Jenny exclaimed and then blushed red enough for the both
of us.

"Sorry." I said, "It does that a lot these days."

We both sat there, frozen in time and embarrassment as my cock
throbbed and twitched, a condition that was definitely not going
to change as she absently stroked the inside of my thigh with the

Finally Jenny broke the silence. "I've never seen one before."
She said in a low, hushed voice. Then she hurriedly
backtracked and said, "I mean I've seen YOU before, but not
like..." she trailed off.

Her closeness, the charged atmosphere between us, and the feel of
the washcloth moving up and down my thigh was doing things to me
I'd never experienced before. My heart was beating so fast and
it seemed like I was gasping for breath.

Another long silence descended before I managed to gasp, "It does
this sometimes, I don't know why..."

That shook her out of her trance a little as she asked, "You
never got 'the talk'"?

"Talk?" I asked.

Jenny blushed again. "Well when a man is with a woman, his thing
gets hard like yours is now and he sticks it in the woman and
that's how you make babies."

"You mean I could stick my thing inside you and we'd have a

For the first time since it started Jenny took her eyes off my
cock and looked into my eyes at first in surprise and then in
laughter. "Well if I let you, and I don't think you're old
enough to make babies yet. You have to be able to make sperm


"Well, when your thing is inside the woman you move around and
start feeling real good."

"Like now?" I gasped.

Her eyes widened as she finally realized the effect she was
having on me. "This feels good?"

"Oh God yes!" I cried. And as if to prove it my cock twitched
extra hard, making such a scene that it drew her gaze back down
as she pondered our situation.

She was breathing deep now as she watched my cock twitch in the
air slapping my stomach. She raised her hand, leaving the
washcloth on my leg and drew her fingers up across the inside of
my thigh, then over my balls and finally, slowly, up the
underside of my cock. I gasped and moaned as my head fell back
in rapture as she wrapped her hand around my cock and gave it a
gentle tug.

She started stroking me slowly, up and down, up and down as she
said in a low voice, tinged with excitement and desire and lust,
broken only by her heavy breathing, "The man moves inside the
woman, his penis going in and out, again and again and again,
and he feels better and better and better..."

"Oh God, oh God" I cried as my first ever orgasm began to build

"And he shoots his sperm inside the woman." Jenny concluded..

The orgasm hit me so hard I had to reach out and grab Jenny. I
hugged her tight, oblivious to her shock and surprise as I cried
out in sheer, unadulterated pleasure as I thrust my hips up into
her hands. I don't know how long I humped her hand or if she
continued to stroke me or not. My face was buried in her
breasts, my arms wrapped around her for support as wave after
unending wave of pleasure washed over me.

Finally, panting and gasping for breath I pulled away, seeing the
confusion - fear? - on her face.

"Are you ok?" She asked.

"Oh Jenny, that was so good!" I exclaimed.

Finally, as the full extent of what had transpired revealed
itself to her, she hurriedly stood up and rushed out of the
bathroom. Leaving me alone, and wet and totally confused.

When I had dressed and gone downstairs I found her sitting in the
dark in the living room.

"Jenny?" I asked.

"It's time for you to go to bed." She said in a voice that
sounded a million miles away.

Crushed, I turned but as I was leaving she said, "What we did...
What I did was wrong. Please don't tell anybody."

It was then, mostly by the sound of her voice that I realized she
had been crying and that she was scared.

"Never, ever." I said in the most definitive voice I could

I took two more steps and said, "Ever" yet again as I headed up
the stairs to bed.


Life had returned to normal and that first encounter in the tub
as forgotten as it could be given that it had become something of
a foundation for my daydreams, nightdreams and fantasies. I
hadn't learned masturbation yet, but I returned often to that
magical night in my thoughts.

The second time happened a few months later, very similar to the
first in that I had been outside playing after a morning
rainstorm and had come into the house muddy and dirty. Rather
than leave me to do an inadequate job again, Jenny told me that
she'd supervise to make sure I got the job done right the first
time. The look of joy and happiness as she told me that was so
open and transparent that Jenny couldn't help but blush. This
time we both knew what was about to happen.

Jenny had been a bit hesitant as she offered to supervise but my
reaction defiantly let her know that I had no qualms over what
had happened -- what was about to happen. And the weeks of
silence and kept secrets let her know that what was about to
happen between us would stay between us.

We got up to the bathroom and I stripped, my cock already at
attention in anticipation of what was to come. I started the
water and turned around, waiting for the tub to fill.

Jenny stared at me, again seemingly entranced by my pre-pubescent
organ and I notice her breathing becoming deeper and her ample
breasts rising and falling.

"You're so dirty!" She said after a long silence. "I'll get my
stuff dirty if I try to clean you up."

I thought she was about to leave and the disappointment on my
face was evident. But she smiled and started to undo the buttons
on her blouse. Now it was my turn to stand transfixed as she
revealed herself to me. Seeing her before me without a blouse in
just jeans and a bra was unbelievably magical and then the bra
was gone and then her pants leaving her in just her panties.

She was blushing furiously now but shrugged and said, "I saw you,
so it's only fair you get to see me I guess right?"

"R-R-Right" I stammered.

She smiled self-consciously and then her panties were gone as she
stood naked before me.

I have to admit I was a little disappointed. She had a small
tuft of soft, downy pubic hair above her pussy but there really
wasn't all that much to her nether regions that I could discern.
But seeing her standing there as a complete woman laid bare to my
eyes, her amble breasts, her soft curves, her wide hips, well
that definitely made a lasting impression. Jenny was not pretty
in the face but she was soft and curvy and at that moment at the
peak of her youth she was undeniable.

She brushed passed me, turning off the water in the tub and got

"Well?" She asked as I stood there looking at her.

"What?" I asked.

"Are you going to get in so we can get that dirt off?"

I looked at the tub and then her somewhat incredulously. I
wasn't a very big tub and I was unsure how this was going to

"Get in." She said.

I stepped in between her legs facing her so my cock was almost
directly in her face. I stood there for a moment and on much
reflection of that moment I wonder if she was thinking of taking
me in her mouth. But finally she put her hands on my hips and
turned me around and guided me to sit down so that my back was
pressed against her.

She giggled and said, "This works!"

I could feel her rock-hard nipples pressed into my back and her
legs wrapped around mine, and I very much agreed.

She reached for the soap and worked up a good lather and began by
rubbing my chest. She played a little with my nipples running
her fingers around them until they were as hard as her own. I
enjoyed that but I enjoyed it even more when her hands worked
down to my stomach, moving lower and lower and the promise of
what was to come setting me on fire.

She lathered her hands up again and began stroking my cock. It
felt so good to be so close to her, to feel her labored
breathing, her soft breasts and hard nipples pressing into my
back, her soft pubic hair against the small of my back. Her
hot, soapy hands encircled my cock stroking urgently, demanding I
cum for her. It didn't take long, I was young and seeing her
naked, having her naked, holding me, everything sent me over the
edge and into paradise. She held me this time, furiously
stroking me as I fucked her hand pushing back into her, her legs
squeezed me tight, and her soft body engulfed me as I came for

If anything, I came even harder than the first time.

She didn't leave me this time. She held me as I came down from
the rapturous heights she had driven me. She cooed in my ear and
whispered wonderful things that I wish I could remember but
"Did you like that?" She asked.

"You have no idea!" I murmured contentedly.

"No sperm yet." She said, not disapprovingly. "You can't make

"Is that bad?"

She giggled. "You're only eleven, you're not ready to be a daddy

I giggled with her.

I was too young to catch the implied "and I'm not ready to be a
mommy" in her voice.

Finally, as the water began to cool she said, "Well I guess
you're clean enough now."

And that was the end of my second sexual experience.


The next day heralded my third experience and the first where I
initiated things.

We were in the living room watching some TV show. I was lying on
the carpet and she was in Dad's easy chair when I rolled over and
asked, "Jenny, can girls feel real good like you make me feel?"

Jenny smiled mischievously and replied, "Of course we can. Why?"

"Well I was just wondering. I mean, since, er, well," I'm not
sure how long I just stammered like that while Jenny sat there
smiling and giggling before I finally blurted out, "I want to
make you feel good too!"

Jenny's mirth changed to concentrated thought as she said, "I
don't know Josh, I mean what we've done is WRONG but it's been

"I won't tell! I'll never tell! I PROMISED!" I blurted.

"I know! I know! But it's still wrong."

"It don't feel wrong!"

Jenny grimaced and said finally, "No it doesn't."

Finally she sighed. "OK. But there's more to making a girl feel
good. You just think about sex and you're ready to go. I bet
your little pecker is stiff as a board right now isn't it?"

I grinned sheepishly and nodded.

"A girl takes a bit longer to warm up."


I asked. She motioned me up into the chair and I came and sat
on her lap.

She leaned forward and kissed me on the lips.

"Ewww!" I said, pulling away.

Hurt, Jenny pushed me off and said, "I guess you're not old
enough yet."

"Kissing on the lips will put you in the mood?" I asked

She looked at me and sighed. "I guess not. I mean I have this
fantasy, a big strong man takes me in his arm and..." She
sighed... "I don't think kissing will put me in the mood. You're
not old enough yet."

"Were you in the mood when you, well you know..." I asked.

Her brow furrowed as she thought, "Yea, yea I guess I was. I
mean it was naughty and wrong but it was exciting and yea, if you
had known what to do you could have made me feel very good. I
mean I felt good doing it but not like earth moving good you

"So make me feel good and then I can make you feel good!" I said

What can I say, sometimes things just never get any more right
than a c***d's wisdom.

Jenny laughed and said, "You just want me to get you off again
you little horn-dog" she said as she mock-scolded me.

I grinned and blushed, nodding in agreement.

Jenny bit her lower lip and leaned over to pull off my shirt.
She slid out of the chair to her knees and undid my belt and
pulled down my pants and underwear in one deft move. It
happened so quick that I wasn't even hard yet.

"Not in the mood?" She smirked looking up at me.

I may not have been ready at that exact moment but as she took my
tiny cock in her fingers and started stroking and caressing it, I
grew rock hard in her hands, something which elicited an excited
"oooh" from her.

"That's so cool!" She said as she stroked my cock. "So tiny
and then so big!" She was so close I could feel her breath on my

Then she did something that is seared into my brain until the day
I die. She leaned forward and licked me from the base of my
shaft to the very tip and then sucked my cock into her mouth like
a popsicle.

"Oh my God Jenny!" I moaned barely able to keep my knees from
buckling. She pulled back and my cock sprang back hitting my
stomach with a wet splash..

"Was that OK?" Jenny asked, a bit fretfully.

I didn't have any words; I couldn't believe how wonderful that
had felt.

"I heard boys liked that. It's so dirty but..." She trailed off,
"I'm sorry. I'm just a degenerate pervert."

"No!" I exclaimed, roused from my bliss. "It was cool! It was
beyond cool. It just took me a second to get over how cool it
was! Please do it again! Please?" The words came pouring out.

"It was cool?" Jenny asked.

"Wicked cool!" I replied.

"It's dirty!" She whispered.

Her breasts were heaving, and she was panting like when we had
been in the bathroom and I made the connection. "Are you in the
mood?" I asked.

She looked at me, a bit fearfully, then my cock, and then she
said, "Very much so."

"Then lets be dirty." I said with a f***e and wisdom far beyond
my years.

Jenny might have fantasized about the rock hard hero that swept
her off her feet, losing herself in his kisses and caresses, at
being ravaged and being pleasured by a man whose drive and
determination for his own pleasures swept her up in his passion.
But Jenny also got off on naughty, on the forbidden and the
taboo. I may not have been her fantasy guy, but I definitely had
a place in her fantasies.

She leaned forward again and took me in her mouth, she sucked me
with abandon and when her strokes were too slow I started
thrusting my hips faster as I fucked her mouth. Something
inside me woke and I put my hands on her head and pulled and
pushed her. She removed her hands from my butt and started
disrobing, urgently tearing at her clothing as urgently as I was
forcing myself in and out of her mouth.

She thrust her hand inside her panties and a moan escaped her
mouth. She put one hand around my butt, pulling me into her and
the other hand she used to pleasure herself.

I came, I came as she sucked me, I came as her fingers worked
their way into my butt crack pulling me hard into her, holding me
to her as an indescribable pleasure washed over me again and
again and again until I was too tender and sensitive to bear any
more and I pulled back.

Jenny slumped forward, the hand that had been around my butt,
supporting her as she knelt before me, grunting and moaning as
she fingered herself furiously. It took me a moment to realize
what was happening as she rocked forwards and back on her hand,
making a****l sounds, her face scrunched up as she concentrated
on finding her pleasure. It took a moment to realize that she
was doing to herself what she had done to me in the bathroom.

"Yes!" She groaned as she humped her hips against her hand, her
breasts swaying to her rocking motion. "Oh yes!" She groaned

Something clicked in me, something of the man I would become, the
lover I would become, "So dirty Jenny!" I said lustily, "Be
dirty, it's our secret, be as dirty as you want."

The perfect words, the perfect time.

Jenny screamed, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" over and over, her body
shuddering, her breasts heaving and her hand working furiously as
her orgasm washed over her, every bit as powerful -- if not
moreso -- than the one she had given me.

She fell forward onto the carpet for a few seconds, panting and
breathing before picking herself back up and falling backwards
into the chair. I came up and sat in her lap, holding her,
hugging her as she had held and hugged me in the tub.

"My dirty little boy!" She said after a long while, ruffling my

"You better get up to bed, your parents will be home soon."

Slowly, reluctantly, I got up and went to bed.


The next night, as soon as my parents headed off to work, Jenny
took me up to my bedroom and we both got undressed. We were a
little awkward getting started; things weren't as chaotic or
spontaneous so it didn't feel quite as magical, at least at
first, and at least for me.

Jenny sat down on my bed and spread her legs. I knelt between
them and she pulled her pussy lips apart revealing an
undiscovered world of creases and folds and bumps. She pointed
out her clit, and where a man's cock went. I guess she was
feeling dirty because she was definitely wet and she showed me
how she masturbated, and I got a good view of her fingers
plunging into her pussy and then up and around her clit.

Now the interesting thing about Jenny is that she had a very
pronounced clit. It wasn't an invisible button. When she was
in the mood it was impossible to miss, pulling her pussy lips up
and out and exposing a tiny head the size of my pinky.

After I had a pretty good idea of what I needed to do she pulled
her hand away and indulged my explorations patiently. I started
by running my fingers through her slit and then pulled her lips
apart. I started to rub her clit a little but she grimaced and
took my hand, guiding it lower and then pushing my fingers inside

"Get them wet first." She said, "Then rub my clit."

I fucked her slowly with my finger a few times and she let out a
contented sigh and laid back. While it was obviously pleasing
to her, her pussy was alien territory for me so after a minute I
removed them and started rubbing her clit with my now very slick
fingers. She gasped and bucked her wide, round hips and I
realized this little clit was to her what my dick was to me.

And then I did the grossest, dirtiest thing I had ever done in my
short life. I leaned forward and wrapped my lips around that
little bud and sucked..

The pungent aroma and taste of her almost made me pull back but
she groaned and shuddered as lustfully and passionately as she
had done last night and I steeled myself and sucked harder, then
running my tongue around it before sucking it back in between my
pursed lips.

She ran her fingers through my hair, groaning and moaning then
pulling my face against her as I had pulled her against me the
night before and I realized I was finally returning the favor she
had bestowed on me. I was giving her the same pleasure she had
given me -- The same gift. Despite the taste, which I learned
over time to endure but never to savor, I vowed that I would make
her cum and while I furiously and desperately sucked on her clit
I thrust two fingers into her pussy, feeling her slick, hot walls
clench hard and fast around me as I made her cum.

She held my head fast against her as I worked my lips around that
ever sensitive bud and bucked her hips against my hand forcing my
fingers ever deeper inside her as I marveled at the contractions
tugging and sucking at them hard and fast and faster still until
she let out a loud cry and I felt her clench my fingers so hard I
couldn't move them if I tried and her legs pressed against me so
hard I felt my head would explode.

And she came. And came.

"Oh Josh," she gasped, panting, "Oh Josh." She gasped again as I
crawled up between her legs and rested on top of her, my head
resting softly against her soft, fleshy bosom.

I looked up at her and grinned, "Dirty?"

"Wicked Dirty!" She agreed. Then, in a conspiratorial voice, she
said, "You're very hard still."

It was only then that I realized that I had been hard the entire
time and still was and that hardness was now resting directly on
top of her pussy.

"Lets be VERY dirty!" she said with a grin as she spread her legs
a little and reached between us. I felt her hands on me, guiding
me and then I was engulfed in her hot wetness.

"Not a virgin anymore dirty boy." She whispered. Then as she
wrapped her hands around my butt and pulled me deep inside her
she whispered, "Neither of us."

I wish I could have said my first time I was the world's best
lover and brought her to a thundering orgasm, but I was so worked
up and she felt so good that it only took a few thrusts of my
hips, the feel of her pussy clenching around my cock and her
grunts and I shuddered and came. It was dry of course but that
didn't make it any less incredible. And Jenny didn't come, I
was too quick for that, but she took pleasure in my pleasure.

As losing one's virginity goes, I have no complaints.


We went at it like rabbits for a few months and we learned to
come together but we still masturbated each other and oral sex
was always great. Since "dirty" was our kink we tried some
pretty freaky stuff, especially after I started shooting and
before Jenny got on the pill. Anal sex was definitely a trip
but it was never Jenny's favorite even when she fingered herself
to orgasm while we did it. As means of explanation why she
didn't think it was all that great, one day she stuck a finger up
my ass while she was giving me a blow job. It may not have done
anything for her, but it definitely ranked in the top ten orgasms
of my life and from then on I always insisted on a finger (then,
eventually, two) in the hopper.

It came to an end when Jenny turned eighteen and went off to
college. She hooked up with a guy who graduated and went on to
be a lawyer. They moved off east and while we occasionally wrote
each other we never saw each other again.

That was probably for the best.

I really did love her and probably woulda lived the rest of my
days with her, society's rules be damned.

As it was, she taught me to be a great lover. I may have had a
hard time getting the girls, but keeping them was never a
problem, getting rid of a few was tough though. I had average
looks and an average cock but I knew how to use it and what women
really liked and wanted and that's all that really counts. After
Jenny I was never shy around girls or self-conscious, if I got
the brush-off it didn't bother me because I KNEW it was the
woman's loss, that woman would never know just how great Jenny
had taught me. And that kind of confidence, I found, was a great

I think maybe I taught Jenny to be less self-conscious and gave
her a confidence she never really had before. When it all
started she had been a homely, plump girl without a friend in the
world and she found a friend and lover who gave her the
confidence she needed. She had a void in her life and I filled
it, just as I had a void in my understanding of men and women and
she filled that. As she got ready for college she started
taking more care in her appearance and she lost enough weight to
really show off how great a body she really had.

She would never be beautiful but she became pretty in a lot of
different ways.

So a happy ending for all, which is a good thing in a sex story!
5% (5/86)
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damn you you lucky bastard. i want her
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Fucking good stuff man. Wish I had had a babysitter like that xD
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well done
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very good & wonderful
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Brilliant I wish i was that lucky with my babysitter
Btw it's meant to be five stars but I clicked four by accident
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Very well done story. Kudos to the author.
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awesome story for sure^^
Even it's trus or not... I liked it... and jerk myself reading it...
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Great story
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