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Note: I just reposted this blog. For some reason, xhamster deleted the original post and over 160 comments on it. February 11, 2012.

I love to masturbate. Sometimes i look at porn to bring me to an orgasm. Sometimes i think about a past sex experience. Sometimes i just find my special spot and that gets me off. Other times i think about my sex fantasies while i play with myself. Below are some fantasies that i masturbate about. About every week i'll add a new one. I have so many.

Feel free to add a comment about your own sex fantasy. Maybe it is something that you do with your spouse or friend. Maybe it is something that you do behind their back. Maybe it is sensual or just plain dirty. Maybe living out your fantasy will get you fired from your job or locked up in prison. Or, you can comment on my fantasies. Maybe play psychiatrist and interpret them for me.


[2/24/12] This fantasy is for an xhamster friend of mine named Julie. It is what my girlfriend Shanti and I want to do to her.

You come over to our 5th floor apartment that is on a busy street. First thing that we do is take off all our clothes. We all walk out to our balcony and Shanti and I lean you over the railing facing the street so that your tits are exposed to everyone below. Then you turn around and tell Shanti and me to lick your asshole. That's what we do and you are moaning. Guys and girls and looking at you from below and a few of the guys have pulled out the cocks and are masturbating. Then you tell us to fuck you up your tight asshole with your favorite dildo. So we take turns and stick your toy in your backdoor. Now you are screaming and some of the guys have jacked theircum on the sidewalk and they are calling you a dirty lesbian slut.

We take you back into our apartment. You lie on your back and we tie you spread eagled to our bed. Your pussy and asshole are wide open and ready to be fucked. We put a blindfold on you and then we bring our five girlfriends into the room. They are all really hot. An Asain girl, an African girl, a Latina girl, and blonde and brunette Euros. They are all wearing strap-ons and they are stroking their plastic cocks.

Our two boyfriends are out on the balcony. The screen door is locked but they are naked and they are looking at you and they are making their cocks real big with their hands. Then we take your blindfold off and you see all our girlfriends and boyfriends lusting after you and wanting to fuck you.

One by one, our girlfriends move up to your tied up and naked body. They have their choice. They can fuck your cunt or your asshole. The Asian girl is first. She takes your asshole and sodomizes you good. Then she moves up to your tits and puts her pussy lips right on your one of your nipples and pees all over it. Our boyfriends out on the balcony are getting really exciting so Shanti and me cut holes in the screen door so we can suck their cocks just like it is a glory hole.

Then the other girls take turns on your fuck holes. You are our sex toy and you are screaming and having incredible orgasms. After each girl fucks you she pees on you. Some of the girls pee on your face. Some on your big tits. Some on your cunt.

Now, thanks to our cocksucking skills, our boyfriends are fully erect and they want you. We let them in the apartment and of course they want to fuck your tight cunt and have anal sex with you. But your pussy is only for us girls. So we tell the guys to fuck your mouth. They put their hard cocks in your mouth AT THE SAME TIME. Shanti and me are sucking on your tits while the guys are throat fucking you. They are getting so hard and need to cum. One guys pulls his cock out of your mouth and sprays his sperm all over your pretty face. The other guy moves down to your cunt and drops his load of white cum all over your pussy lips. Shanti and I need to wash the guys sperm off of you so I lower my pussy onto your face and pee all over it. At the same time, Shanti squats over your pussy and pees on your cunt lips and clit to wash the other guy's cum away. Then we untie you and take a shower together to clean up and then we fuck some more. We're hot for you, Julie.

[11/3/11] I started to become sexualized at a young age. When i was 11 or 12 years old. My mom has a vid collection of women masturbating and i stumbled upon it one day while i was looking in her closet for something else. I snuck a look at those vids every chance that i had. And i took the cue and began playing with myself just like those women did in the vids. I'll never forget the night when i had my first orgasm. It was scary like i was exploding, but it was the most fantastic physical feeling! I've been hooked on pleasuring my tight pussy ever since.

While i was in high school i mostly used my fingers. Cucumbers, bottles and my hair brush too. Even a flashlight handle and TV remote. I didn't have money for toys. And even if i did have money, i couldn't go into an adult store or have them delivered by mail because my parents would find out. One time a girl at my high school gave me one of her vibrators for a birthday present, but a few days later it disappeared from my bedroom. I think my mom found it and threw it out. Either that or she took the vib for her own use.

During my high school days the first thing i did every morning was get myself off. That took the edge off and made it easier to concentrate on my studies. But many times during the school lunch hour i also rubbed a quick one out in the girl's bathroom or on the grass field. I also kept track of who i fantasized about fucking when i masturbated. I would check off the classmate pictures in my middle school and high school yearbooks once i had thought about them while i fingered and rubbed my fuckhole. I had over 200 boys and girls checked off by the time that i graduated from high school.

Very early on, about when i was 15 years old, i cut holes in some of my pants pockets so i could sneak a finger into my pussy and play with it while i was out in public. One of my favorite activities in school was to rub my cunt through the hole in my pocket while i listened to the teacher give a boring class lecture. While i was doing this, i would stare at his crotch and make sure that he saw me doing it. I would be slowly sucking on a pencil at the same time. I noticed that the teacher was giving me extra attention and he probably jacked off in his office after class. At least i hope he did.

Now that i'm out of high school and on my own, i've accumulated quite a collection of sex toys and accessories. Right now i have 5 dildos, 3 vibrators (including Mr. Rabbit), beads that i put in and then pull out of my pussy and a butt plug too. I also have a leather corset and a latex outfit. And some sexy lingerie. I like to dress up while i masturbate.

But the fancy toys still are not as good as my fingers. And the hole in my pants pocket. I'm always rubbing myself in a store or when i'm walking down a street or when i'm in a restaurant. A couple of weeks ago i even had an orgasm in church that way. And it's a thrill to talk to a guy – maybe a store clerk – while i rub myself out. And he doesn't even know it.

Thank God for masturbation. Could you imagine if the only way we could have an orgasm would be to have sex with someone? I don't think i could fuck every day, but I can't go a day without an orgasm. So i masturbate. Those people who are too ashamed to allow themselves to feel good must be very frustrated people. But i'm not going to let them rain on my parade because pleasuring myself is a gift from God.


[10/26/11] Last night i masturbated about having sex with a woman that i have been messaging with on this site. Here, i will call her J. She is a slim and petite woman. 5 foot 1 and blonde. In her 50s and highly sexed up. Just like me. So, this fantasy is written to J and for anyone else who would like to eavesdrop...

I'm in a grocery store in the late morning hours. I enter an uncrowded aisle and see you. Our eyes meet for just an instant. We look away, but then our eyes lock again. This time our gaze lasts much longer. I know there is a sexual connection between us and i don't want to miss this opportunity.

You turn away briefly and get on your tip toes to reach for something on the highest shelf. I come up behind you and gently put one arm around your sexy waist . I slowly place my free hand up your short skirt. Carefully, so any other shoppers won't see what i'm doing. Then i pull your panties aside and put a finger into your pussy and start fingering it. I whisper in your ear that i want you. You are excited and breathless. But you manage to say that you want me too and that we should meet up in the parking lot.

At your car we introduce ourselves properly. Turns out that you are married, but your husband isn't expecting you back home for a couple of hours. There's a quiet park right around the corner. So i take a blanket from my car and my purple purse and you take a bottle of fine wine that you just bought and we walk over to the park.

We find a secluded spot behind some bushes and spread out the blanket. Then we take off each other's clothes. One item at a time. I pull off your top and you take my top off. Then our shoes, socks and skirts. Then we take off each other's bra and finally we slip off each other's panties. We are totally naked. Just thirty minutes ago we had never laid eyes on each other. Now we are totally exposed and vulnerable to each other.

We open the bottle of wine and begin to drink it. We sit opposite each other with our legs spread and start to masturbate. We stare at each other's breasts and nipples and clit and pussy lips as we rub ourselves. So open to anything and everything.

After several minutes of mutual masturbation, we must touch each other. We stand up and cup each other's ass cheeks with our hands. We push our cunts together while we stare deep into each other's eyes. We don't say a word. But the sexual energy is almost unbearable. The sensation of our grinding genitals is making us have orgasms like crazy.

I break away for a moment and reach for a double-ended dildo that is in my purple purse. While i do this, my strap-on dildo falls out of my purse. But the strap-on is for later. I put one end of the double-ended dildo up my pussy hole and insert the other end into your pussy. Now we move our fuck holes together so that the entire dildo is inside us. Then we thrust in and out of the dildo. When we thrust in, our pussies meet and we hold that position for several seconds before thrusting back out. All the while, our breasts are rubbing together and our nipples are totally erect. We are kissing full on the lips too. Like only women really know how to do. Between the wine and the sex, we are in another world. An orgasmic world.

Finally, you take your tongue out of my mouth just long enough to tell me that your husband is expecting you back. But, you are a giver, and you ask me if there is one last thing that i want you to do for me before you have to leave. First, i make you promise to see me again. As many times as you want. Because i want to keep having sex with such a hot woman. Then i ask you to please put my strap-on dildo on and gently fuck my asshole.

You get the dildo and i lie on my stomach. I ask you to put your finger in my pussy and gather some of the girl cum wetness that is in there. Then loosen my asshole with my cum. That doesn't take long because i'm really wet. Then i ask you to get on top of me and to please slide the strap-on dildo up my backdoor. You do it and it feels soooo good. You are also kissing my cheeks and neck and gently biting my earlobes.

While you are anal-lizing me, i look up and catch a couple of young teenage girls peeking at us through the bushes. Their eyes are wide open like they can't believe what they are seeing. But they run away when they see me looking at them. I just hope that our sex puts the idea in their head. The idea that there is something so special about lesbian sex.

So sad, but with one last thrust you tell me that you must go. But it is not so sad because this is just the beginning. I'm so happy that i came up to you in that grocery store. I love you, J. Erin.


[10/20/11] I fantasize about a reverse gangbang. Instead of a bunch of guys fucking me at the same time, I want to fuck 12 guys at the same time. Here's how it would go down.

I advertise in craigslist for guys who want me to fuck them with my strap-on. These guys must also be willing to eat male cum out of my pussy. Each guy that is up to the task must come to my house on the next Monday and audition for the part. Only guys that can make a lot of cum need apply.

On audition day, 83 guys show up at my house. My girlfriend, Shanti, e****ts them into the garage and locks them in a big holding pen. Then, one by one, Shanti leads each guy into my living room so i can see how much cum his cock can produce.

I sit on the sofa, fully clothed, and watch this parade of males jack off onto my coffee table. After each guy shoots his load, Shanti gathers the cum into a syringe and measures the amount. After all 83 guys have masturbated for me, the 12 with the biggest loads are chosen for my gangbang. Then, for a week, these chosen few are locked up in make-shift prison cells in my hallway. Each guy is under a strict order not to cum even once during the week because i want him to save his cum for my gangbang. My posse of corseted girls work in shifts with their whips on the ready to make sure the guys don't touch their cocks.

On gangbang day, Shanti takes the guys out of their cells and leads them naked into my living room. The guys line up in a row, each in the doggy position. Then i get in front of them and take off all my clothes and strap on my 10 inch metallic Black Avenger dildo. As i stroke my dildo i tell the guys that i'm going to go right down the line and fuck each of them up their asshole while Shanti milks their cum into a milk pail.

Then i start with BoyToy #1 and move on down the line. I shove my dildo in and out of each guy's asshole just as hard as i possibly can while Shanti gives them a handjob. It takes most guys just a couple of minutes to cum. That's because i'm hurting them and they want me to move on. And also because Shanti is an expert at milking cocks.

After 1 hour and 17 minutes, all the assholes have been fucked and all the cocks have been milked. I take off my strap-on and get down on the carpet and spread my legs. Using a funnel, Shanti pours all the cum from her milk pail into my cunt. Then i order the guys to come over to me in pairs and suck their share of cum out of my fuck hole. Each guy drinks his share of cum and i'm so hot that i squirt on their faces too.

After this is done, i tell the guys that it is time for them to put their clothes back on and leave. Then Shanti and i make some dinner and finish off the evening by going to a movie.


[10/12/11] Up until now, all my entries in this blog have been about fantasies. What i'm going to write about now actually happened. I think about it a lot when i masturbate. It's about how i got my fetish for golden showers.

A couple of years ago this boy and i went camping for the weekend at this secluded lake in the eastern Sierras. He had gotten hold of a couple of cases of beer and was drinking almost from the time that we got to the lake. After we set up camp, i took off my top and started sunbathing. I fell asl**p. My boyfriend woke me up when he stood over me and starting peeing on my tits.

A normal girl would have slapped his face and took all his clothes and the car keys and drove off, leaving him naked and abandoned. But i thought it was so crazy and i got up and peed all over his face to get my “revenge”. Then i rubbed my pussy in his face and made him eat it until i had my orgasm.

For the rest of the weekend, we consumed liquids non-stop and would always pee on each other. Most of the time i pissed on his sensitive cock head and he pissed on my clit. There is something so orgasmic about hot pee hitting genitals.

After that weekend, we became experts in “synchronized hardcore peeing.” He would put his penis in my cunt and we would start to fuck. Usually i would be top. While we fucked, we were drinking liquids until we couldn't hold our pee anymore. Then, at the count of ten, with his cock up my hole, we would pee at the same time. All that spraying pee washing around on our genitals felt incredible.

I know that most guys don't pee on their girlfriends because they are afraid that their girlfriends will think they are weird. The only reason my boyfriend peed on me on our camping trip was because he was too d***k to think straight. But i don't wait for a guy to do golden showers with me. And i don't ask for permission to do it to him either. I just lift my leg like a dog and piss on him.


[10/8/11] Every morning I see this young blonde MILF at my gym. Her name is Monica and she is in her early 30s. She's in my morning yoga class. In the showers i can't keep my eyes off Monica's body. Her B cup breasts are very soft and bouncy. Beautifully groomed blonde bush of pussy hair and a very tight ass. I think she likes me too, but she is too “proper” to seduce me. I don't think she's ever had sex with another girl either.

That's all real, but here is my fantasy. I catch Monica looking at me in the shower while i'm washing my pussy. Now i know she wants me. I walk over to Monica and french kiss her while our hands are on each other's ass checks pushing our cunts together. I work a finger up Monica's asshole and she does that to me too.

After our shower, Monica drives me in her BMW up to her elegant house on the hill. Her doctor husband is away at work and her daughter is at school. I show Monica the joys of girl sex. Rubbing our breasts and erect nipples together, scissoring, double-ended dildo play, fingering, licking our fuck holes, squirting. We even pee on each other's clit in the bath tub. We do this every day after yoga class. It's our little secret. That is, until Monica's young daughter comes home one day and catches us. But that's another fantasy.


[9/30/11] I'm at a gay strip club watching all the gorgeous men dancing and stripping and playing with their hard cocks. After watching the whole line-up, i select my two favorite specimens and lead them by their cocks behind the stage to a private room. I take off all my clothes and lie on my back. One guy gets in the doggy with his hands on one side of me and his knees on my other side. The other guy starts fucking him up his ass. Then they change positions. All the while i have one hand working the guy's penis who is doing the fucking and my other hand is milking the guy in the doggy position. Both specimens, though highly aroused, retain their cum. Then one guy slides beneath me and sticks his penis up my cunt and the other guy gets on top of me and also puts his raging hard-on in my cunt. Double vaginal penetration. I can feel their big cocks rubbing against each other in my womb. I'm a piece of fuck meat in the middle of a sex sandwich. Within seconds they both shoot their dirty cum up me. I tell them to take turns and lick and suck their cum out of my hole. Then i watch the guys kiss while they exchange their sperm mixed in with my pussy juice. I'm so excited that i squirt my girl cum on their lips. Then i wrap a $500 bill around the middle finger of each of my hands and stick my two middle fingers and the bills up each of the hunks' assholes. Then i go home.


[9/24/11] I'm in the middle of a busy park in the big city. I'm strapped spread eagle to a reclining chair and completely naked except for the blindfold covering my eyes. I'm surrounded by a circle of white rocks maybe 20 feet in diameter. A crowd of guys and girls are outside the circle of rocks staring at me. Some of them are masturbating. Anyone can go inside the circle of rocks and have the sex act of their choice with me while everyone watches. But it will cost money. The circle is guarded by 3 women. A brunette, a blonde, and a redhead. They are wearing leather corsets and thigh high boots that match the color of their hair. These women negotiate payment for the sex act. They also crack their whip at the feet of anyone who tries to approach me without permission. I am a sex toy on display and available to be used. I can be pussy fucked and face fucked. Guys can jack off on my body and pee on me. Girls can squirt on me. I can be fingered, licked, groped and tit fucked. Spanked and slapped. Taken with a strap-on and abused with a dildo. My legs can be unstrapped for better access to my asshole. Guys can gang up on me. There are no limits to what anyone can do to me except the limits of their imagination. And how much they can afford to pay me. I am an exhibitionist and a prostitute too.


[9/17/11] My dirty mind is always thinking up new fantasies that i masturbate to. Right now, the fantasy that i can't get out of my head is this. I'm in a public pool. At a motel. There are lots of guys and girls in the pool too. I swim to the ladder to climb out. Just when my ass is out of the water, some guy - who i don't even know - comes up from behind me and pulls down my bikini bottom. Then he takes his erect penis out of his bathing suit and just starts fucking my pussy really hard. In front of everybody. Then he carries me to a lounge chair and puts me on my stomach. He gets on top of me and has anal sex with me until he cums up my asshole. Then he leaves.

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1 year ago
erótico !
2 years ago
mike, I hadn't read the multi-girl peeing fantasy first time posted - excellent addition
2 years ago
What a wonderful and perfect blog. Love that you share your fantisies with us! A very fun read.
2 years ago
Addicted to this blog now
2 years ago
love all the peeing and ass licking. wish there were more women out there like you.
2 years ago
Just reaad your fantasy blog and the 10/12/11 one really got me going. I love it. I was introduced to it when 17 by the girl I was living with who sat on my lap on the way home from a party and let go on me and drenched me. It turned me on so much that we fucked there and then and I pee'd on her as she knelt before me. It was November, 3am and cold and we were hot! After that we would often not get out of bed to pee first thing in the morning but used each other. She had fantastic control and I never spilled a drop. Same for her. Thank you for the blogs.
2 years ago
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2 years ago
2 years ago
Hot stuff and precise description of a girls sexual fantasies and masturbetion practices. I don´t wonder that xH had deleted the fist posting and I hope, that there will be no sexual frustrated and uptight puritans again, who shall report it to the Reviewing.

This post is pornografic art and a literary masterpiece, not for every taste, admittedly, but folks, we are here in a porn site!

Greetings from Bavaria!
2 years ago
Go Erin! You sound like me when I was a kid :)
2 years ago
great stuf
2 years ago
great writings!!!
2 years ago
That was awesome blog I been masturbating since I was 14 When I woke up with a hard-on
3 years ago
I enjoy reading your sexual fantasies. Thanks for sharing them!
3 years ago
very hot fantasies....not into interpreting but just enjoying.... yummy
3 years ago
I love your stories, I thought only guys thought like that lol
3 years ago
i was 16 when i bought my first vibrator at a spencer's in a local mall and my big brother found it the same day i got it both of our faces where red and for two years he would ask me be4 entering my room "is there anything that you may have out that you know i really dont wanna see".
3 years ago
[11/3/11]..... i had my first orgasm 7 or 8 i believe but i was masturbating before that it felt good and i didnt want to stop and i havent i just do it more in private.
3 years ago
damn xHamster and there sometimes seemingly random deleting ways :P