How I'm Fucking a Scumbag Lawyer

My name is Erin. I'm a 19 year old girl living in Mount Shasta, California. Last month, i tried to log onto my teengirerin xhamster account:

But i couldn't log on because xhamster said my password was invalid. Then i went to my account, in the same way as any other user would do, to see what was up. Turns out that this guy named Mike, a 51 year old lawyer & CPA living in California, has hacked into and hijacked my account. I'm really ticked off about it and this story is about how i'm going to get my account back.

The first thing that i did was go to the state of California lawyer and CPA websites and do a search and merge for all lawyers who were named Mike who also held CPA licenses. I got several matches for that. Then i messaged Mike from an xhamster account that i created and tricked him into commenting and messaging back. With the help of some special software, I was able to tell the city that he was messaging from. Turns out it was Redding, California. Seeing that one of my matches from my search and merge was a lawyer and CPA named Mike in Redding, i knew that i had found my target.

Turns out that this Mike fellow also has a professional website. I went to it and, lo and behold, he even has a picture of himself on it. He looked to be 51 years old. Maybe a little younger. Wavy brown hair. A half way decent looking guy. No Clark Gable or Alex Baldwin or even Justin Bieber to be sure. But no Danny DeVito either.

I called Mike up and, without identifying myself, told him that i needed some legal help because my identity had been stolen. Mike said he would talk with me, but his fee would be $1,000, to be paid into a retainer even if he didn't take my case. So, we made an appointment for me to meet him in his office on the coming Monday.


On Monday, Shanti (my live-in girlfriend) and me drove the 100 miles to Mike's office. He had seen a picture of me on my xhamster page, so I had to change my appearance because i didn't want him to recognize me. I cut my hair to make it short to medium length and dyed my hair a bleach blonde color. I also dressed really slutty looking. A short skirt, lots of make-up, high heels and school girl socks. But the dressing up was for a particular reason that was part of my plan. Mike's secretary ushered Shanti and me into his office and he closed the door.

I started off our consultation like this, “Some guy has hacked and hijacked my Facebook page and he's saying that i'm a phoney. I want my page back and i want to sue the creep and hit him where it hurts. Can you help me please?”

Mike leaned back in his big fancy chair and pondered my problem for a moment. Then he replied, “Dear, this kind of identity theft goes on all the time. It's a terrible thing. Unfortunately, the culprit is never stupid enough to leave enough identifying information so that you can track him down. And even if he was that stupid, he's usually some loser operating out of his parents' basement and he has no money that you can sue for and he has else nothing to lose. Now, you don't know anything about your hacker, do you?”

I turned my head down and mumbled, “No sir, i don't know anything about the hacker and it seems, from what you're telling me, that it is a lost cause. I guess that you're not going to take my case.”

Then Mike sighed and told me, “No my friend, I can't take your case. To find this guy would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. But you still owe me the $1,000, which I will apply against your retainer.”

Mike was playing right into my hands and i said, “Sir, i really need that $1,000 for Christmas.” Then i reached down and seductively stroked the heel of my shoe and pleaded, “Can we barter?”

Mike may be smart in book ways. But he is still just a man and i know that men think with their cocks and i could see that he was thinking with his cock too.

Mike rose from his chair and came from behind his desk and approached me. “Perhaps we can do some barter. No money trail and nothing to claim on my taxes either. That's good. What exactly is it that you have to barter with?”

Like the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words. So i bent over Mike's desk and pulled my short skirt and panties down and put my ass in the air and told Mike to “have at it”.

Then Mike pulled down his pants and underwear. OMG, his little cock was so puny. It was still soft, but it couldn't have been any more than two little inches long. Shanti, who was sitting in the corner, burst out laughing. She said something about it being in the Guinness Book of World Records for the smallest cock.

True, Mike's cock was a little twig, but i thought about the possibilities. Anyone who reads my xhamster page knows that i'm an anal virgin, but that i want it badly. And all my research has told me that a smaller cock is best for anal sex. At least for the first time. So, i asked Shanti to please take my strap-on dildo out of my purple purse and use it for a warm up.

Shanti rushed right to it. She strapped the dildo around her waist without taking off her clothes. Then she started lubing it up. Shanti was going to prepare me for Mike's little pecker to enter my asshole.

Shanti got behind me. Then she started stroking her fake cock just like Mike was stroking his little weiner in the corner. His cock was getting very erect. Shanti ordered Mike to come over and line up his cock with her dildo. Shanti's dildo is six inches long and Mike's hard cock was two inches short of that. Four inches erect! Ha ha. Oh, well, still good enough for anal sex.

Then Shanti entered my asshole. Slowly, until all six inches were in. Then Shanti proclaimed, “Dear, i think you are ready. If you can take my six inches, then you should be able to take the little fellow's toothpick.”

Shanti pulled out and took her seat and Mike lined up his little member at my asshole. Mike asked, “Are you ready for my big cock, my dear?”

I looked back at Mike and told him, “Not yet, sir, my girlfriend is going to take some pictures of the big event with her cell phone.” Then i told Shanti that she better get real close because, otherwise, her camera would never be able to pick up Mike's shrimp cock.

Shanti got up real close and Mike started to push into my asshole. Oh my God, even with his microscopic size, it still did hurt more than i thought that it would. But i still let Mike do his thing and he was shouting stuff like, “This is the hardest case I've ever had to try.” What a wacko. Little pervert.

Well, after about 15 minutes, it was enough. Anal sex was okay, but my pussy likes cocks better than my asshole does. Then i yelled out, “California Rule of Professional Conduct 3-120.”

Mike yelled back, “What the hell are you talking about. Those are my rules of conduct. I'm the lawyer here.”

I shot back, “Like i said Rule 3-120. Lawyers can't have sexual relations with their clients. My parents are lawyers and i learned that from them.”

Mike kept fucking me and screamed, “You little vixen. You tricked me into this. And besides, you have no evidence.”

Right then Shanti folded up her cell phone and ran out of the office before Mike could confis**te the picture evidence.

Then i screamed back, “Yeah i have evidence. Like my girlfriend's pictures. And i have something else for you too.”

Mike got limp and his little pencil slipped out my asshole. Then i reached over his desk and grabbed for a pad of paper and a pen and jotted down my xhamster username “teengirerin” for him to read.

Mike looked at the username and looked at me and he knew that he had be had.

Then i took Mike to task. “You either retire my xhamster account or return it to me by January 15th of 2012. If you don't, then I'm going to report you to the State Bar for having sexual relations with your clients and you are going to be disbarred. Then, you little scumbag, you will have to make an honest living for a change. Got it? And one more thing. You are going to post my story of all of this or I'm not going to even wait until January 15th. Got it?” Then i put my clothes back on and stormed out the door.


Even if Mike posts this story on my page i'm still probably going to report him to the State Bar. Or at least threaten him that way so that he squirms in perpetuity. And i'm going to sue his sorry ass too for Invasion of Privacy or anything else so that i can drain his savings.

Enough for now. Overall, i'm kind of happy. I finally lost my anal virginity and i got to screw over a lawyer at the same time. What you might call a “twofer”.
94% (25/2)
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2 years ago
It seems you still got fucked in the ass so to speak....
2 years ago
love the straight forward dropping the panties and takin it up the ass. Wish I were there too!
2 years ago
God help anybody who cross' you Erin.

2 years ago
Did he use oil?
2 years ago
I do so hope this is really you ... but if not ... the writing and the story are very entertaining ... no wonder Mike wants to hang with you guys ... well he is also a man, a lawyer and bored with it all ... been there and done that ... never found you guys though ... very fun ... TREX
2 years ago
you should of let him cum in your ass and had him suck the Santorum from your ass so he'd be the worthless piece of shit that he is
2 years ago
Isn't scumbag laywer a redundancy? :D
3 years ago
Kind of wanted more from the "First anal" time, but it was used to screw over a master of screwing others over, so I do find it fitting lol.
3 years ago
Regarding my last comment, your pencil like penis clit comes out much better actually in this photograph of you. So, i see you pretend to be wearing a $2,000 business suit, well this miscalculation just prooves what a failure of a lawyer and a fucker you have always been, little sissy lawyer... better stop lying and become a better person in the new year!
3 years ago
well... Mike, I wonder how you made it to lawyer in the first place as it seems your brain is as microsized as your appalling small pathetic pencil cock, you'd be much better off serving Erin, Shanti and myself as our sissy boy!
3 years ago
We am Anonymoose!

We find your story fitting of the Noble prize for erotic literature!
3 years ago
I'd report him and SUE the prick.
3 years ago
I'm speechless... and when does that ever happen! Amazing job Erin!
3 years ago
Entertaining as always Erin - I expected your first anal to be something more 'epic' for lack of a better word though.
3 years ago
Yay! Erin and Shanti are back! What a relief! I'm sooooo happy that Erin found out that Mike freak was hacking her account!
3 years ago
I think his cock is at least 2.5 inches
3 years ago
Did Mike have a cowboy hat and a bolo tie? I picture him as looking like the villain in "Blood Simple".
3 years ago
Clever concept, but I was sure that conniving lawyer would end up taking that strap-on up his ass...that's the Erin I know!
3 years ago
lol nice story
3 years ago
thats fucked up. you still write stories about erin and shanti only now youre adding yourself to them.
3 years ago
One has to love Erin's sneaky tactics...LOL Very good story!:)
3 years ago
yea erin
3 years ago
great story