Playing by Wifey's Rules

My name is Erin. I'm 18 years old. I graduated from high school a couple of months ago and i just moved to a little town in Montana to be out on my own. Last Saturday night i went to the drag races on the outskirts of town.

I took my seat in the upper corner of the grandstands. Away from everyone and all by myself. Except for my cat Tiger who was on his leash. Even though it was dark, i was wearing sunglasses. I did all of this so it would look like i'm a little eccentric. A little unapproachable – except to cocksure guys who are the kind of guys that i like.

So, i was watching the races when this man came bounding up the grandstand like he had a purpose. He was carrying a box of popcorn. He didn't look like the normal guy around here. He was wearing dress slacks and loafers and a white-collared shirt. Strong and good looking too. He sat down right next to me and gave me the box of popcorn.

Well, he sure was cocksure of himself, so i liked him right away. Tiger liked him too and started rubbing against his pants leg. That's unusual because Tiger doesn't take to strangers. But it was a little unfortunate too because Tiger is shedding and his orange fur got all over the man's pants legs.

Anyway, the man's name is Jeffrey and he was in town on an IT contract to help out an old college friend with some computer network stuff . Jeffrey said he is a Stanford grad and that he lives in Palo Alto, California. My mom went to Stanford and a couple of her siblings and a bunch of my cousins live in Palo Alto, so i know the city like the back of my hand. We talked and talked about all of that and hardly watched the races. When the races were over we exchanged cell numbers and went our separate ways.

The next afternoon, Jeffrey called me and invited me to dinner at the local Chinese restaurant. I was really hoping that he would call and of course i told him that i would meet him at the restaurant at 6pm sharp. After we ordered dinner, Jeffrey plunged right in and started telling me about all his marriage woes. I was a little disappointed because i thought maybe he would see me as a girlfriend type instead of as a sympathetic ear. But it was okay because i had just met him the day before and wasn't really emotionally invested in him.

So, Jeffrey is telling me that his marriage with his wife Caroline is on the rocks. Both Jeffrey and Caroline are 30 years old and have a couple of k**s. Jeffrey told me that he makes really good money. But he he refuses to give Caroline any of it to spend, even though she has given up some of the best years of her life to raise the c***dren. Jeffrey says he won't give Caroline any money because she won't have sex with him. The reason that Caroline won't have sex with Jeffrey is that he refuses to indulge in any of her sex fantasies.

I'm listening to this sad story and i'm also thinking that i better check this guy out. See if he's on the up-and-up. I ask Jeffrey for his driver's license and he gives it to me for inspection. Sure enough, he is 30 years old. He lives in Palo Alto and i lock into my brain his street address and last name. When i gave Jeffrey back his license, he pulled a picture of Caroline from his wallet and showed it to me. I looked at her picture and was shocked. Caroline is a dozen years older than me, but i can see the uncanny resemblance. That is probably how i'll look in a dozen years and i bet she looked just like me a dozen years ago.

Before i let Jeffrey know what i thought about his marriage situation, i bit my tongue for a second or two just so it appeared i was giving it deep thought. But it was quite clear to me. I told Jeffrey that he should indulge in his wife's sex fantasies and give her some spending money also. That is, unless he wants her to file for divorce and take the k**s with her. Jeffrey didn't argue with me. I wasn't sure that he agreed with me, but he assured me that he loved his wife and k**s and that the last thing that he wanted was a divorce.

We finished up our dinner (except for a few curried prawns that i boxed for Tiger as his evening snack) and we walked out of the restaurant and said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. Even though Jeffrey would be in town for two more nights, i didn't expect to see him again. After all, he would be busy and was a married man besides.

Early the next morning my cell phone rang.

“Hi Caroline. This is Jeffrey. I've been thinking about our problems and I want to change my ways. I think you know what i mean. Please take a flight out here and you'll see how happy we can be. I'm at the Yogo Inn on East Main Street in room #12. I'll be back in my room by 6pm.”

I was about to interrupt and tell the caller that he had the wrong number. But then it dawned on me that this was the Jeffrey that i had dinner with the night before and he wanted me to play his wife Caroline while he was in town. I didn't know what to say so i told Jeffrey that i (Caroline) would see if i could arrange for a babysitter and call him back in thirty minutes.

After i hung up i started thinking. Was Jeffrey sincere about being willing to indulge in his wife's sex fantasies or was he just trying to trick me into spending a couple of nights with him while he cheated on his wife? Well, i had his street address and full name so i could always threaten to blackmail him with it if he didn't tow the line. Also, i had plenty of kinky fantasies to try out. So i decided to accept his offer.

I called Jeffrey back. “Hi Jeffrey. This is Caroline. I can be out there by 5pm. Oh, and stop by the ATM machine and take out as much money as you can for me. One more thing, hubby, i have a lot of sex fantasies for you to take care of. See you tonight, sweetie.”


I arrived at Jeffrey's motel room at 5pm before he got back from work. After i brought my travel bags in, i looked around the room. On the dresser was $700 and a note that read, “Spending money for you, my dear Caroline.” Then i took off all my clothes and masturbated my pussy while i thought about all the paces that i was going to put Jeffrey through.

After about an hour, Jeffrey knocked on the door and i got up to let him in. When i opened the door he started to reach for my tits. I playfully slapped his hands away and asked him if he had anything for me from the ATM machine. Jeffrey gave me five crisp one-hundred dollar bills so i decided to let him in his room. Then i told Jeffrey to take off his clothes and join me in the shower so that we could do some nasty things in there.

Jeffrey was out of his clothes in no time. I noticed that he had a really big cock. Much bigger than those high school boys. Anyway, while Jeffrey got into the shower i retrieved an unopened bottle of Corona beer and a bottle cap opener and joined him. I sat on the tiles in the corner of the shower.

“Jeffrey, i want you to shake this beer and get it all foamed up. Then i want you to take the cap off and stick the open-end up my pussy hole so that the foamy cold beer rushes up my cunt”.

Jeffrey could see that he had a little pervert in the shower with him and he eagerly agreed. After shaking the beer, he opened it and quickly shoved it up my fuckhole and the foam sent me over the top like it always does when i do it alone. I let Jeffrey bottle fuck me for awhile longer and then i made him lick all the beer out of me.

Then i took the bottle from Jeffrey and told him to get on his back with his asshole in the air.

“Why do you want me to do that, Caroline?”

“So i can shove this bottle up your asshole, that's why.”

“No you don't. I'll give you all the money that you want, but there are some sex fantasies of yours that i'm not going to let you do to me.”

“Oh, yeah, well let me tell you something. I know your address and last name and if you don't let me do what i want to with you, then the real Caroline is going to find out about our get-together.”

Then i got out of the shower and walked over to my purse and took out two of the hundred dollar bills that Jeffrey had given me. I walked back to the shower and said “Well, if we get divorced then we split things 50/50. It's like this bill belongs to me and this other bill belongs to you. But after you get done paying the lawyers there's not going to be anything left of your bill. It's going down the drain like this.”

Then i crumbled up his bill and flushed it down the toilet. Until then, I had never seen a grown man cry. But that was what Jeffrey was doing. I got back in the shower and reamed his asshole with the long neck of the bottle and then peed all over his face to wash his tears away.

The rest of the evening we were a little on edge. Don't know why. But i guess that Jeffrey knew he had his hands full with his surrogate bitch wife in town. But we still slept in the same bed. One time during the night i felt Jeffrey's hard cock pressing against my mouth. Instead of sucking it in, i turned away. Another time i felt Jeffrey trying to open my legs. Instead, i clasped them shut and mumbled his home address as if i was speaking a veiled threat in my sl**p.

The next day – our last full day together - i kissed Jeffrey off to work and told him to be sure to stop off at the ATM machine after work and bring me some more money. Then i drove back to my house and picked up my strap-on dildo, a dog collar and a leash.

When Jeffrey came back from work i was naked on the bed. I told Jeffrey to put my daily $500 from the ATM in my purse and take off his clothes so i could see his cock. Then i told him to come to me so i could attach the doggy collar around his neck and put him on his leash.

Jeffrey obeyed and then i spread my legs and tugged his leash and made him eat my pussy while i got on the phone and ordered delivery of a small pizza for me.

About 30 minutes later there was a knock on the door.
“Pizza delivery for Room 12” the male voice from outside shouted.

I pulled Jeffrey by the leash and made him stand up. Then i walked him to the door. I hid behind the door and and told Jeffrey to open it while he was naked. Sheepishly, he did this and his erect cock stuck out as he gave the delivery guy the money and took the pizza.

I got back on the bed and eat my pizza as Jeffrey resumed licking my pussy and asshole. After awhile Jeffrey asked me for a single piece of pizza. I guess he was worthy of a slice – since he was being such a good hubby. So i held a piece of pizza in front of his cock and jacked him off until he shot his cum on the pizza. Then i told him that was his slice to eat. He eat it.

I told Jeffrey that i loved him and wanted to go for a walk in the moonlight on the warm night to show him my appreciation for how he was treating his wife. Jeffrey thought that things were finally starting to go his way.

But things were still not going his way. We got in my car and drove to an old cemetery at the edge of town. Several prostitutes are buried there. These ladies died when a blaze burned down their den of ill repute in the early 1900s. When we got to the grave of one of the prostitutes, i spread out a blanket and foam pad and told Jeffrey take off his clothes and lie on his side. Then i walked back to my car to get my dildo and i strapped it on. I walked back to Jeffrey – naked except for my fake cock. I laid down behind him and, without preparing his sphincter, shoved my cock up his asshole and screwed him really good. All the while i was reaching around his waist to give him a hand job. When Jeffrey was ready to shoot, i ordered him to stand and jack off onto the prostitute's tombstone. Then we went back to the motel room.

I was exhausted and i fell asl**p right away. Three sheets to the wind. At least for me. But i guess Jeffrey wasn't quite so tired. Because when i woke up in the morning i realized that Jeffrey had managed to deposit a load of cum all over my face. And now he had a hard-on and was spreading my legs so he could fuck me with it.

It wasn't in my plans to allow him to fuck me. But i started thinking. He had indulged in all his surrogate wife's fantasies and paid her well too. He deserved a reward. After all, that is part of training a man.

So i opened my legs wide and let him in. He fucked my tight teen pussy so hard in the missionary. He was letting out all of his frustrations and calling me his bitch wife. I must admit that it felt good for me too. My first fuck from a real man and not just some high school boy. Finally, after what seemed like forever, Jeffrey pulled out and shot his cum on my groomed patch of brown pussy hair and on my tits too.

Now it was almost checkout time and Jeffrey had to catch his flight. He got up to take a shower while i laid exhausted on the bed. On the way out the door Jeffrey dropped several hundred more dollars on the bed and said that was for my airfare home to Palo Alto. Then he was gone.


After i recovered from the fuck and washed the cum off my body, I gathered all the money that Jeffrey had given me (except for the $100 that i had flushed down the toilet) and made online arrangements for the weekly delivery of a dozen roses to his wife Caroline until that money ran out. I also sent a text message to Jeffrey and gave him a heads up so that he wouldn't be shocked by his own loving gesture. Hopefully, he has learned what a marriage is all about and that he, Caroline and their c***dren will live out their life together as one happy f****y.

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1 year ago
Erin, what and open and kinky mind. I hope you live out these ideas from time to time. Perhaps teach Shanti to "train" men just as well.
3 years ago
Wow nice story! i love it
3 years ago
Fabulous as always Erin xxx
3 years ago
um, i am speechless. the last paragraph is so...i don't know. flushing the $100 down the toilet, the roses, i'm just speechless.
3 years ago
Fantastic story! You have a great way with words!
3 years ago
WOW I must say I loved this story and the power control you show in it. I loved the touching ending..Thanks for sharing...:)
3 years ago
Great you pissed on him. Love it!!
3 years ago
once again, im stunned, you never run out of imaginary ways to titilate ones senses...
3 years ago
wonderful story, thank you for sharing it!
3 years ago
Very nice, Erin! Keep up the great stories. They keep getting better and better
3 years ago
yu have such a wicked mind excelent
3 years ago
i cant believe your mind.. seriously the more i read your stories the more im hooked..

your imagination on what to do next is genius...

i am definately going to try the bottle shake on my wife.. :)
3 years ago
Still hard for me to believe the thought of how he ate the pizza ... Was it love, or the excitement ... whether the same pure perversion....
3 years ago
You are a really talented and imaginative writer. I do believe it to be a work of fiction though, no?
3 years ago
Man, I wouldn't have thought all that..but a woman is better at thinking than a man anyway.
3 years ago
very hot and naughty a real turn on
3 years ago
Great story line and the flowers at the end was brilliant!
3 years ago
wow it is incredable the way you think
3 years ago
You're such a bitch! Love ya.
3 years ago
wow! Erin! i'm sure you can make any man do whatever you want.....
3 years ago
That's a great story. You should be a marriage conselor.
3 years ago
Wow Wat a great story:) one of your best yet. Lucky man.
Keep up the good work Erin:)
3 years ago
An incredible story, amazing :))
3 years ago
What a wise sexy lesson from a tough teen!
3 years ago
good story
3 years ago
What a nice story. Sounds so real and some I know myself too :)
3 years ago
OH MY Erin you are becoming very very kinky indeed---you sound like your really enjoyed that wussy man indeed
3 years ago
You made my day with this story. I just love how your mind works!
3 years ago
You my dear never cease to amaze me. So glad to have you as a friend. Love ya.
3 years ago
What a story Erin!!! I love how you write a story!! Keeps me on the edge of my seat!!

Long wet kisses all over!!