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Hi everyone! This is a blog about my road trip from Reno to Mount Rushmore and back. Nothing real earth shaking here. I mean, i talk a big game, but i'm mostly just a normal girl as you can read from this blog. Feel free to comment if something peaks your interest.


June 8, 2011. Twin Falls, Idaho.

On the first day of my car trip to the Badlands of Dakota & Mount Rushmore. Started early and drove all day from Reno. Love the wide open spaces. Drove through a terrible rainstorm as i entered Idaho.

Checked into my motel room at around 6pm. I'm a porn addict so i immediately logged onto xhamster and watched some vids and did some messaging. It got me so horny.

I walked across the street to this club. Well, it is not really a club. Kind of a bar/stage show/pool hall all rolled into one. Hard to explain. Anyway, i really hit it off with this guy who was 20. We had so much in common. Being horny, i really wanted to fuck him. He wanted me too and he wanted to go back to my motel room with me. But i didn't really know him and i practice safe sex.

So, i walked with him out to the parking lot in back. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis and starting jerking him off. I let him feel up my tits too. I talked dirty to him, which i like to do, like “you like a girl that you just met jacking your hard cock off in the parking lot, don't you?” He could hardly talk after awhile. This went on for about 10 minutes. Then when he was breathing heavily and was about to cum, i took my hand off his cock and started kissing him and asked him to masturbate his cum on my bare legs. That's what he did and then i went back to my motel room.

Back in my room, i masturbated myself to an orgasm while his cum was still on my leg. Then i went to sl**p.

June 9, 2011. Twin Falls, Idaho.

A layover day. I was so horny from last night. This morning, I cybered on xhamster with several guys (which i usually don't do). A cyber gangbang. Then i went into the bathroom and groomed my pussy.

The rest of the day was pretty normal. The A's fired their manager Bob Geren and i was super happy about that. By mistake, i spilled apple cider vinegar on my motel bed and it seeped down into the mattress. The motel will probably charge my credit card for that. Then i went out looking for the twin falls in Twin Falls. This place is as flat as my chest was when i was 10 years old. I don't know where those waterfalls could be.

I watched the O'Reilly Factor as they talked about Congressman Weiner and Weinergate. I wonder if one of my xhamster friends might be Mr. Weiner.

I kind of befriended two guys at the motel and they knocked on my door and asked me if i wanted to come to their room and watch T.V. They looked a little dangerous and i don't think they really just wanted to watch T.V. with me. Then i went to bed.

June 10, 2011. Salmon, Idaho.

My 200 or so mile drive from Twin Falls to Salmon, Idaho, was stunning! I've been on quite a few road trips with my parents and a few on my own. But this stretch of Highway 93 has to be about as good as it gets.

I drove through Craters Of The Moon National Monument. Volcanic eruptions have caused miles of lava rock fields. The settlers going west in their covered wagons could only travel about 1000 feet a day through this terrain. Then i headed north up through the hugh Lost River Valley and passed Idaho's tallest peak at 12,662 feet. All along the way, there were really small towns with populations of maybe 500 people. I walked through each of the “downtowns”.Then the road followed the Salmon River through deep canyons until i arrived in the town of Salmon (population 3,000) in the Salmon River Valley. Back in the day, fur trappers hunted for plentiful beaver here (some things never change). This is also the town where Sacagawea was born. She was the 15 year old Shoshone Indian who helped the Lewis & Clark expedition.

I had dinner in Salmon at the weekly Friday night Bar-B-Que along Salmon River. Tri-Tip-Sandwich. Several older ladies talked to me non-stop about the history of the town and everything that i must see on my road trip. I loved it.

It seems that all during our lives we can turn left instead of turning right. Depending on which way we turn, our whole life will be different. What if i just turned left and decided to stay in Salmon and stake my claim here instead of continuing on my road trip? Maybe meet a nice man and raise a f****y in this small town. But if i keep going, then that reality will never happen. At least not in Salmon. I think that i'll keep going. But i may be back.

I camped about 15 miles north of Salmon in a National Forest campground along the river. I used several bundles of my firewood for a really big campfire and drank one of the bottles of wine that my parents gave me as a graduation present. The morning was chilly. Tiger, my 10 year old orange Tabby cat is with me. I put his little blue cat sweater on him and walked him along the river on his home-made cat leash. Some of the other campers thought it was kind of funny. But Tiger didn't mind. He was busy growling at the ducks floating in the river.

June 11, 2011. Missoula, Montana.

What a frustrating day! Right out of Salmon, Idaho, i drove past this guy who was hitchhiking. I thought for a moment. He looked pretty harmless and not like he was just drifting. So i circled back around and picked him up. His name is Mark.

Mark, like myself, just graduated from high school a few weeks ago. He is a couple of months younger than me. He is hitching from Pocatello, Idaho, to Helena, Montana, to visit his dad (his parents are divorced). Nice guy. Too nice.

We have a lot in common, being that we are at the same stage in our lives. We rode along and talked about this and that. I know that Mark is a virgin. I can tell those things. Call it a girl's intuition. Like i wrote earlier, i practice safe sex. But i'm sure that Mark didn't have any STD. I really wanted to have sex with him. What i'm saying is that i wanted to fuck him.

After about 50 miles, i pulled my truck off to the side of the road in the middle of nowhere and told Mark that i had to get out and take care of some business. I got out and walked around to his side. Then, right in front of Mark, i pulled down my shorts and squatted down and took a pee. Then, after i wiped myself clean, just for good measure i stuck a finger up my pussy while he looked at me. Then i got back in my truck and continued driving.

Mark didn't take the bait. He didn't even acknowledge what he had seen. Oh, well, I would have actually seduced him. But i really don't believe in making people do what they don't want to do or are not ready to do. Instead, i fingered my pussy through my shorts almost all the way into Missoula. I was practically masturbating in front of him.

At Missoula, i offered to share my motel room with Mark. Instead, he decided to sl**p in the cab of my truck overnight. Now it is morning (June 12th). I'm about to go out to my truck and take the motel's “continental breakfast” of coffee and a donut out to Mark. Then we head off together a few more miles until i let Mark out for his final hitch to Helena.

With Mark, i feel kind of like a Cougar and kind of like a mom. Now i know how a lot of guys feel when they don't get the sex that they want.

June 12, 2011. Lincoln, Montana.

I didn't drive too far today. Only about 100 miles. I'm a slow traveler. I brake for almost all historical markers and scenic vistas. What's the hurry?

Well, i did almost get a speeding ticket. I was driving behind a police car that was going the 55 mph speed limit. I passed the police car and the officer pulled me over. He asked me if i knew that i broke the speed limit. I said that i did know, but i only went over the speed limit to pass him. He checked out my paperwork and then told me that if i pass an officer, then that means that i am mocking him. Then the officer told me that if i do it again, then he is going to write me a ticket and take my Tiger cat to “cat jail”. Nothing like a cop with a sense of humor.

I'm staying in Lincoln tonight. It is a very small town in the Montana Rockies – maybe 100 miles south of Glacier National Park. I just missed, by one day, their Testicle Festival held at one of the ranches. They were serving Rocky Mountain Oysters (deep-fried bull balls).

I'm staying at a mom-and-pop motel. At around 5pm i went into the office to ask the man who owned the motel where i could go to get something for dinner. He told me – being that it was Sunday – that all the stores and restaurants were closed. He offered to make me a sandwich and bring it to my room. When the man said that, the scene from Hitchcock's Psycho started playing in my mind. You know, where Norman (Anthony Perkins) has dinner with the woman in her motel room and then slashes her to death in the shower. So, instead, i decided to have a box of Cheez-Its for dinner that i had in my truck.

Then i watched the Dallas Mavericks defeat the over-hyped Miami Heat to win the N.B.A. title. Labron James can't hold Dirk Nowitzki's jock strap! Then i went to bed with Tiger and Mr. Rabbit.

June 13, 2011. Stanford, Montana.

Now i'm in Big Sky Country about 100 miles east of Great Falls, Montana. Rolling green hills and i can see in every direction forever. Stanford is a small town (population of about 1,000). It is in the middle of nowhere. A couple of houses, a school, a couple of stores, a motel, a water tank, some grain elevators and railroad tracks going through it. That's about it.

This morning i drove across the Continental Divide at Rogers Pass. It was there in 1954 where the coldest temperature in the lower 48 states was recorded: minus 70 degrees Fahrenheit. I hiked for a few miles along the Continental Divide Trial. That is one of 3 foot trails that goes from Mexico to Canada (along with the Pacific Crest Trail and Appalachian Trail).

I also went frog hunting in the hills west of Great Falls. Frog hunting is one of my passions. I never kill or eat the frogs, but i love to try and catch them. Then i throw them back. Because of the very snowy winter, there are a lot of ponds and today those frogs were really croaking. The problem is that they are difficult to spot. I use a net that is like a butterfly net. I also have some galoshe type footwear to wade into the water with. Trying to spot a frog by listening to where i hear the croak coming from is like thinking i know where the end of the rainbow is. The closer that i get, the farther away it seems. The best way to catch a frog is to tap the edge of the shore with the net and try to get a frog to jump into the water and then nab it. In two hours i only saw 2 frogs and came up empty. But i had fun.

It is finally dawning on me that school is finished and i'm done with that part of my life. I like the idea of starting a new life in one of these small towns (bigger than Stanford - maybe a town with 5,000 people). Marry a nice cowboy or farmer and raise a f****y. Plant a garden and tend to all the farm a****ls. I don't need to travel overseas or go to college. I'm looking for something much less complicated.

June 14, 2011. Lewistown, Montana.

Hi Mate. This is Tiger. If you've never had the pleasure of meeting me, then you have now. I'm a cat. Me & Erin are driving to Mount Rushmore to see the heads of 4 Presidents carved into a big rock. I'm going to claw in on Erin's blog and get this sucker posted before she comes back from her morning swim in the motel pool.

Today - for a change - I'm going to write something important in this blog. Not the silly stuff that Erin writes about like giving a guy a handjob in a parking lot, spilling vinegar on a mattress, catching frogs, getting slashed in the shower, peeing in front of a guy or eating bull testicles. None of that. Today I'm going to write about me and my needs and how my needs are not being met.

To get right to it, I'm being neglected. I'm used to being the big cheese, the whole enchilada, the straw that stirs the drink, the cat in the catbird seat. But now I'm playing second fiddle to a bunch of farm a****ls.

Erin is driving her truck up and down every dirt road she comes across looking for baby sheep, horses, goats, liamas & cows. Every day i hear the same thing, “Oh, look at that little lamb...isn't that k** goat cute... i wanna hug that little adorable calf... oh my god, Tiger, look at the little colt sl**ping in the field”. All the while, the dirt road and all the potholes make my head pound against the floor of my cat carrier. I can't get my sl**p.

But I fear the worse is yet to come. Erin has this crazy idea that she is going to marry some cowboy or farmer. I might have to actually live with all those critters. I used to have my own yard. Now i might have to share my space with a dirty pig or a noisy sheep dog. Maybe even a b**stly buffalo.

But as I spend my day looking out the window and pondering my uncertain future, I don't want you to feel sorry for me. Unless you want to. No crocodile tears. But if you want to come over and cry on my shoulder, then i can use the sympathy. Just make sure that you bring a can of tuna fish with you. Albacore tuna.

June 15, 2011. Lewistown, Montana.

Today was a layover day in Lewistown, Montana. Above is a picture of the town. I'm traveling at a snail's pace. Maybe 300 miles in the last 4 days.

Tiger and i spent the day pondering our futures. I decided that i'm not up to traveling to Africa or anywhere else overseas. Instead, i'm ready to move out of my parents house and settle down in a small town. Hopefully, meet a nice cowboy or farmer and raise a f****y. Lewistown is as good a place as any. So, i put down first and last month's rent on a small house in town. I move in on July 1.

I'm sure that i can meet a good man here. I had breakfast at one of the coffee shops (not a Starbucks type – a place where the locals go). Three men introduced themselves to me and one even asked me out on a date. Kind of on reflex, i said no. But now i think that i should have said yes.

Now the plan is to continue my road trip to Mount Rushmore and then drive back to Reno to say goodbye to my parents and pick up some of my stuff. I also have to return my dad's truck for my own car. Then, i'll drive back to Lewistown (with Tiger) and start my new life.

Today i'm going to drive a lot. I should be quite close to Mount Rushmore by the end of the day. By the way, if any of you are traveling in the northern plains states and want to listen to some road music that goes good with this type of country, then check out Joni Mitchell's Hejira album.

June 16, 2011. Belle Fourche, South Dakota.

Today i had a cup of coffee or something to eat at several small cafes in tiny little towns – better described as outposts. Places in Montana like Grass Range, Melstone, Ingoman & Ashland. The cafes are kind of like the town hall where the men get together to bullshit and talk about ranch stuff. The big topic now is the terrible flooding. The men were happy to see me and made me feel right at home. I even received a foot tour of a couple of the towns.

I stopped at a KOA-like campground in Ingoman and paid $10 so that i could pet a domestic buffalo. The owner of the campground is a taxidermist. He gave me the details about stuffing Tiger one day. Of course i never want that day to come. But when it does, then i want to prepare Tiger to look just like he does in the main pic on my xhamster page.

The most bizarre sight that i saw today was the building that is pictured above in Vananda, Montana. It was just out there in the middle of nowhere. Nothing else around it. I couldn't get too close because it was fenced off. But i learned later from the internet that it is all that remains of the Vananda Bank.

Late in the day i came to the Montana and Wyoming border. I got out of my truck and put a blanket down right on the border. Then i took off my shorts and panties and spread my pussy lips so that part of me was in Montana and the other part of me was in Wyoming. I just did it so i could say that i had my pussy in two states at the same time. Something to tell my grandc***dren about someday too. Then i got back in my truck and drove on through the small snippet of Wyoming into South Dakota.

Tonight i'm staying at a charming little motel. Everything in the room has a western theme. The table, chairs, desk, bed, wallpaper, curtains, pictures and ornaments on the wall. It's like a museum in my room. It costs less than the Motel 6 too.

June 17, 2011. Chadron, Nebraska.

I started early this morning and arrived at Mount Rushmore (pictured above) before the crowds arrived. For sure, it is gimmicky to sculpture 4 great Americans out of a mountainside to attract tourist dollars. But this is America. The monument was completed in 1934. Imagine the political fighting there would be today just to decide which Presidents to chisel. Not to mention the environmental uproar. Good thing that it was done when life was simpler.

From Mount Rushmore, i drove through Badlands National Park on my way to Nebraska. Along the way i came to Pine Ridge, South Dakota. What an eye-opener! The town is almost entirely populated by Native Americans (American Indians). It was completely different from all of the farmland that i had been driving through. Unkempt and noisy. Souped up cars and k**s firing off snap pistols all over the place. Very unnerving.

On the way out of town, i came to sk** row. Men and women all over the place totally d***k. Many were passed out all the sidewalk or on the side of the road. And this was at 3pm. One fellow was standing right in the middle of my lane of traffic. He was just about to pass out too. I stopped the truck so that i wouldn't run him over. He leaned up against the hood and just kind of looked at me with his bl**dshot eyes. Some of his fellow d***ks were starting to come toward me, so i knew that i had to do something. I motioned with my hand for him to come to my driver's side window. Then, after he managed to clear the front of my truck, i carefully drove off and out of Pine Ridge.

After checking into my motel room in the little Nebraska town of Chadron, i went to the auto speedway out in the boondocks to watch the Friday night car races. It wasn't the Indianapolis 500, but it was great fun to watch all the locals having fun. After the races, there was a Demolition Derby in the infield. At a Demolition Derby, drivers crash their junker cars into each other. The last car running is the winner. I noticed how sexually charged up and inviting the girls watching this stuff were. They were much more horny than the girls in Reno are. Or at least more horny than the girls in Reno let themselves appear to be.

June 18, 2011. Douglas, Wyoming.

I've seen more cows in the last couple of days than i've ever seen in my entire life. All the cows do is graze and sl**p in the green fields without a care in the world. Except when they are rubbing their heads against a fence post or drinking out of a ponding basin. Everytime i pass a herd i honk my truck horn at them. Then the cows look at the nitwit (me) as i wave and drive by. I love cows. I want to come back as a cow in my next life.

So here are my top 10 pet peeves about motels in no particular order:

1. Motels that have TVs in front of the bed and the TV doesn't swivel. So, i have to watch the TV from my bed or sit right in front of the TV.

2. Motels that say on their outdoor signs that they have low rates, but they don't say what their rates are.

3. Motels that have ice containers so small that i have to make several trips to the ice machine to get enough ice.

4. Motels that don't allow me to check in before 3pm, but make me check out by 11am. I'm paying for a full day. Why can't i get it?

5. Motels that do not have a bright overhead light. I have to turn on every lamp and open the d****s just to feel like i'm not living in a closet.

6. Motels that have TV remotes with a zillion small buttons. I don't want to program my TV to record events 14 days from now. I just want to move up and down through the channels and be able to find the mute button.

7. Motels where i can only enter my room after going inside the building. I have to insert my magnetic card into 7 doors just to get into my room. Also, these motels usually don't have windows that open. I didn't do anything wrong. Why am i in prison?

8. Motels that don't have any electrical outlets by the desk in my room. I have to carry a power strip and extension cord to plug in my computer to watch porn.

9. Motels that have a shower nozzle so low that unless i am under 4 foot 3 inches, i have to bend down to wash my hair.

10. Motels that cater to cheap guests like me who like to bitch and complain about everything.

O.K., so tomorrow is Sunday and i'm going to Catholic mass before heading to Salt Lake City, Utah. Happy Father's Day to all you fathers out there. Here's to hoping that you don't have a pervy daughter like me.

June 19, 2011. Salt Lake City, Utah.

I started my morning by going to a Catholic Mass in Douglas, Wyoming. I was raised Catholic. I used to go to Mass every Sunday and also to Saturday Catechism class. I've gotten away from that, but i do find Mass soothing to my soul and i often drift off during the service into reflective thought.

It was a beautiful Mass today. But as the service moved along to Holy Communion, i regretted that i could not take part in the Sacrament because i had not gone to Confession. I dreamed about how my Confession might have gone..........................................

Me: Forgive me, Father, for i have sinned. It has been three weeks since my last Confession. These are my sins:

The Friday before last, i tried to check into a nice motel in Salmon, Idaho. But the businessman in front of me took the last room. He felt sorry for me and told me that i could stay with him for the night. But only if i let him have his way with me. I was his fuck toy all night long. But in the end he gave me $1,000 and i took it just like a prostitute would do.

Then, last Wednesday i went to a coffee shop in Lewistown, Montana. There were five men in there. One man asked me for a date and i said no. Then he got mad and tied me to a chair and screwed my pussy from behind while the other men – one at a time – came up in front of me and whipped my face with their hard cocks and made a mess of me with their cum. I didn't report any of that to the local sheriff because it made me hot.

Then, the next day i saw a husband and his pretty wife come out of a store in Belle Fourche, South Dakota, and walk to their car. I grabbed the car keys away from the husband and got into the car with the wife and locked the doors. Then i fucked the wife with my strap-on while her husband looked into the car and jacked his cum onto the windshield.

Priest: My dear c***d, please tell me. Are those your only sins?

Me: Well, there is more. I...

Priest: Stop, dear c***d. I can absolve you of those mere venial sins. But i can be of the greatest service to you if i can absolve you of a mortal sin. Let me ask you. Have you ever taken it up your ass?

Me: No, Father. I've never had anal sex.

Priest: Well, bless you my dear c***d. But we must do something about that so that i can absolve you of that mortal sin and be of the greatest service to you.

The Priest then went to the vestibule and locked all the doors to the church. Then he led me to the alter.

Priest: Bend over the alter, my dear c***d, so that i may commit a mortal sin upon you.

Me: But Father, you will be the sinner if you fuck me up my ass.

Priest: True, my dear c***d. But you will also be a sinner if you enjoy it.

So i pulled down my dress and panties and the Priest parted his robe to reveal his hard cock. He stuck his penis in my asshole and started pumping away. After about 15 minutes he pulled out and shot his cum all over a long wooden crucifix that he held in his hand. Then he worked the crucifix up my pussy hole until i got really excited and squirted my girl cum into a chalice that he was holding in his other hand.

Priest: In the name of the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, I absolve you of all your sins........................................

Right then, i snapped out of my dream and became aware of the Mass again. It was the time in the service when the Priest was drinking from the chalice.

Of course, that is not how my Confession really would have gone. Instead, my main sins were cutting a man off in traffic, smuggling a “continental breakfast” to a homeless woman and not giving back to the store clerk the extra 50 cents that he gave me by mistake. But a girl can dream.

After Mass i got onto the interstate and drove to Salt Lake City, Utah. It was rainy and the countryside was a little boring. At least compared to most of the other places on my trip. During the drive, i listened to the Oakland A's and San Francisco Giants baseball game on my MLB app. The A's completed the series sweep. Ha Ha. The Giants and their “fear the beard” bandwagon fans can suck donkey dick.

By tomorrow night i will be back in Reno. I'm a little edgy when i think about what my parents will say when i tell them that i'm moving to Lewistown, Montana. They were not that excited about me going to Africa. But they thought of it as an interesting way to spend a couple of years before going to college. I think that they will see a move to Lewistown as a sea change about how i want to live the rest of my life.

p.s. I just noticed a Reuters news story. In Salmon, Idaho (the town of my June 10 entry), a power outage was caused when a bald eagle dropped a deer fawn onto a high-voltage power line.

June 20,2011. Reno, Nevada.

Well, after 13 days and 3,263 miles, i'm finally back home. I pulled into the driveway at around 7pm. My parents were so happy to see me and my dad was especially relieved to see that his truck was still in one piece. I let Tiger out of his cat carrier and he scampered away to survey his fiefdom.

Over dinner i introduced the idea to my parents that i want to forget about traveling to Africa and that, instead, i want to move to Montana. The idea didn't go over very well with my mom and she went ballistic. After about 10 minutes she calmed down just a little and asked me where in Montana i wanted to move to. I pulled out my road atlas and showed her Lewistown, Montana, on the map. Then she started laughing – just like how a psycho patient laughs during therapy. I didn't dare tell my mom that i want to move to Lewistown to marry a cowboy. I decided to leave that part out.

My mom is highly educated and she wants me to be that way too. She can't understand why i don't want to go to college and why i just want to enjoy the experiences that are meaningful to me. Like living out in the country, living an uncomplicated life, raising a f****y and having sex. But my mom will get over it. She always does. Sooner or later. As for my dad, he sees everything the way that my mom sees things. That is how he has survived the marriage for 20 years.

So, this is my last entry in this blog. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read it!! I enjoyed writing it and i hope that you enjoyed reading it.

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9 months ago
if u ever take trip again thru here hit us up in west Yellowstone,xoxo
2 years ago
What a wonderful. great road trip!!! I'm just starting to read all the blog posts, very interesting, all of it, thank you
3 years ago
Thanks Erin for your refreshingly honest quirky self. I love your prose - you are a gifted writer - please keep it up!
3 years ago
I so love your free spirit!! Tiger's part ~ very cool buddy you have in him indeed!!
3 years ago
shouldve let me know you were in sd! couldve been in your blog. Lol
3 years ago
I was a bit disappointed at Mt. Rushmore. Seems like about as close as you can get is about 1/2 mile away. wanted to get to the base so could take a good pic looking up. Beautiful country but only town close is Rapid City that has any size to it.
3 years ago
Sounds like a great time. I too enjoy the west there is no place like it anywhere; especaily Wyoming and Montana.I am not much of a cowboy just a midwestener, but I cant think of a better place to settle down in and with a better woman.
3 years ago
I loved this blog, being a free spirit guy myself, at least mentally....Thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
Funny intervention, Tiger!
You fear the worst, don´t you?
Picking chicks. Dirty pigs.
Doesn´t smell well, does it?
3 years ago
A chicken sandwich too!,that was fun,with fries!
3 years ago
Thanks for changing the original order of daily reports for the convenience of new readers.

Nice to be mentioned in one row with elder heroes of "on the road" reporting, isn´t? ,-)

BTW, "Fear and Loathing in America" is my favorurite in the realm of political reporting.
As "Zen and the Art of M.M." is as ´road novel´.
3 years ago
I am glad you made it home save.

And I know what you mean about the motels. Especially the shower head. I sometimes think they want the guests on all fours under the shower.
3 years ago
Damn ! I was getting addicted to the daily updates... I am jonesing for another fix of Erin's road trip ! Kerouac and Hunter Thompson be damned !
3 years ago
You should've come to Texas and stopped in Gainesville we call it G-Ville for Gay-nes-ville because that is what this city is and its gay! At least now were getting a movie theater that they've been promising for years before I moved here and were also getting our first Mall not some korny strip mall! If you would've came here I could've showed you around!
3 years ago
Hi Erin,
Welcome home! Your blog was both entertaining and informative. I enjoyed reading about your clever and unusual antics. I'm sure Tiger was happy to be home. I hope a salmon smoothie is in his near future. Looking forward to reading more about your adventurous life in the future.
3 years ago
;-) Great trip Erin. Love your confession. You sure that didn't really happen???
Hope your parents understand about your move. I'm relieved you're going the way you are. I envy the luck man that you find. ♥‿♥ ☮ ~Ron~
3 years ago
# 7 for 18 jun is to keep the bad guys out i think. that is why i like the none chain places, or the mom & pops.
3 years ago
I think you should stay at a Hotel...Instead of a Motel...The Hamton Inn is always nice.
3 years ago
Great sexy mess in your mind during holy Mass.
Greatest sin: lying to Father about venial sins.
Greatest innovation: altar and crucifix anal sex.
Greatest fun: the deer drop by the bald eagle.
3 years ago
A fine photo from cow country, which looks like
Holland: flat, wide view, green grass, blue sky.
And loads of Holstein black-and-white cool cows.
3 years ago
In your 6/16 entry, I like that you wanted your pussy in two states at once...what a screwy thing to do! Haha! You should go to Four Corners one day, where Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Arizona all meet at 90 degree angles...then you can have your pussy in 4 states at once! ;)
3 years ago
Sexy split of lips between two States!
Hope you didn´t cause another flooding there ,-)
3 years ago
hi erin,
i sure am relieved you changed your mind on that trip overseas. to let all of you city slickers out there know cowboys are like that even if its laid out for display. i hope you really find what your looking for erin so enjoy your trip.
love you,
3 years ago
Great pictures. Love the one of the building in Vananda, Montana.
But you forgot the one of you on the blanket at the border ♥‿♥ .... ☮ ~Ron~
3 years ago
I hope you enjoy you're new life babygirl!! I guess I'm not gonna get that handjob after all!!
3 years ago
;-) I think you did good girl.
I have a good feeling about your decision.
3 years ago
thats life affirming...i hope Tiger likes it there
3 years ago
Not going to Africa?! Gee, here I had a going away present for you...

How's a sophisticated young urban woman like you going to get along in a gnat's ass town buried in the flyover west?! Oh well, good luck with that.
3 years ago
That´s great news! And a big relief ;-)
Congratulations: your reflection worked fast!
3 years ago
Hang in there Tiger! Maybe Erin will find a nice girl cat for you! ;)