Corrupting Erica

My name is Erin. I graduated from high school a few days ago. My final semester was full of class projects. But my most challenging and rewarding semester project has been the gradual corrupting of my best school girlfriend Erica.

In the Beginning

I've known Erica for as long as i can remember. We live only a few blocks away and we have been going to class together since elementary school. Physically, Erica is a stunner. 5 foot 8 inches, long blonde hair, deep blue eyes, a very fresh and cute face, perfect figure, soft and bouncy B cup tits, a milky white and smooth complexion – a girl true to her Scandinavian origin. In short, a dream girl. But a mystery girl too.

Erica's upbringing is very puritanical and she is extremely shy. Erica is a serious student and she is not the socializing type. . The boys are intimidated by her good looks and spooked by her shyness. Erica has told me that she is a virgin and hasn't even been out on a date yet and i believe her. In fact, i can count on one hand the times that i've even seen her talk to a boy. And those were just chats with nerdy boys about some school subject.

But our long friendship has created a bond and has allowed me an entry into this mystery girl's world and a chance to change it. I also know in my heart that Erica welcomes this intrusion. This intrusion to draw out her sexual nature. So this semester i methodically plotted and carried out my plan to corrupt her in this way.

Phase I – Thinking Dirty

The first phase in my plan was to plant sexual thoughts in Erica's head. Like, every Monday morning Erica would ask me what i did during the weekend. I used to tell her that i went shopping or did homework. But, instead, i began to answer, “I sucked on Mike's cock and i let him cum on my face” or “I went to the movies with Aaron and i let him fuck me in the parking lot after the show”. As i told Erica these things she would blink and turn away a little embarrassed. But she was never offended and i knew that she wanted to hear more.

Then, one day i told Erica that my friend Anna and i were going to a strip club the next weekend and that she was welcome to come along. I didn't pressure Erica. I just asked her to think about it and let me know by the end of the week. By weeks end, Erica said she would come to the club with us just so that she could drive us home if things got out of hand. Well, Erica saw things at that strip club that rocked her world. You can read about our escapade in my story called Erin's First Visit To A Strip Club at

Erica not only saw things at that strip club. She did things too. It turned out that a girl stripper at the club somehow snatched Erica away to somewhere for the night and plied her with alcohol and did who knows what with her. I still don't know exactly what the stripper did with Erica because Erica hasn't told me – probably because she was to d***k to remember. Erica finally came up for air around noon the next day after her parents filed a missing persons report with the police. When Erica faced the music and went home, her parents took away her car privileges for the rest of the school semester.

Phase II – Looking at Porn

With sexual thoughts taking hold in Erica's head, i then started using visual aids to further corrupt her. I convinced Erica to open an xhamster account so she could look at pornographic vids and pics. I asked Erica to come to school each day with five porn pics downloaded to her smartphone that turned her on and that i would do that too. Then, almost every day during the lunch hour we went out to the soccer field far away from the other students and looked at the pics. Erica's pics were quite tame. Maybe a girl masturbating, a couple having sex where you couldn't see the penetration, an occasional erect cock. My pics were of facials, anal sex, double penetration, girls using strap-ons with each other and other perverted stuff. Erica was startled by my pics, but the pupils of her pretty blue eyes got really big while she looked at them.

Not only was i showing dirty pics to Erica out in the field. I also would pull my shorts and panties to the side and masturbate while we looked at the pics. Between looking at the pics and my pussy, Erica was going crazy. Eventually, i asked Erica to let me see her pussy. After a few days of gentle prodding, Erica showed me her pussy but she told me in no uncertain terms that she wouldn't masturbate or let me touch it. Oh, god, Erica's pussy was gorgeous. Soft like the rest of her and with a neatly trimmed thick furry bush of blonde pussy hair above her cunt lips. What the boys at school would give to see what i was looking at.

Phase III – Talking Dirty

Now that Erica was thinking dirty thoughts and seeing dirty images, it was time for her to start hearing and saying some dirty words. So i suggested to Erica that i come over and visit her on the next Sunday morning that her parents were out to church and their Sunday brunch. I didn't tell Erica what i had in mind.

That Sunday i arrived and Erica took me into her bedroom. Right away, i took off all my clothes and told Erica that i had written up something that i wanted her to read to me, but that first i wanted her to take off her clothes too. Erica looked a little surprised – but mostly intrigued – and took off all her clothes and laid on her bed with me.

I gave Erica a piece of paper and told her to start reading. With her arms holding the paper she could not push me away so I took advantage and starting sucking on her puffy nipples.

Erica started reading, “Erin & me went into my yard and we laid down on a blanket with our heads together. Then we let Alan kneel down in front of us and shove his hard cock first in my mouth and then in Erin's mouth...”

Erica stopped reading and said “I can't read this...”

I took my mouth off Erica's hardening nipple and told her to keep reading.

“Back and forth Alan face fucked us. When his cock was super hard he pulled out of Erin's mouth and sprayed me with his hot cum. My first facial...”

Erica stopped reading again and moaned, “Oh my god, Erin, this is really perverted, i can't read this”.

Once again, i told Erica to keep reading. Her nipples were really hard now. Like two little penis heads.

“Then Alan stood up and pissed all over my face to wash away the cum”.

Erica again stopped and told me that enough was enough. I reached my hand for her pussy, but she gently pushed it away. I told her to keep reading.

“Alan then pulled me up and took me into my bedroom. Alan said he was going to take me into the shower to wash away the piss and cum and then bust my cherry...”

That sent Erica over the top and she put the paper down and started masturbating. I moved up to her lips and starting french kissing her. Finally, Erica was letting loose before my eyes. I had tapped into her sexual being. Erica started raising her hips off the ground and had her first orgasm. It took her several minutes to come down from her high and we just laid there holding each other. Then, totally spent, i put my clothes back on and told Erica that i better leave before her parents came home. I mean, ever since my involvement with Erica at the strip club, Erica's parents treat me with as much suspicion as someone on a terrorist watch list receives.

Phase IV – Dirty Physical Activity

Now that Erica was thinking dirty thoughts, seeing dirty images and talking dirty, it was time for some actual sex play. So, just last week i invited Erica over to my house on a day when my dad was out of town and my mom would be out of the house.

Erica arrived and we went into my bedroom. I reached into my closet and pulled out a strap-on penis dildo and a peacock feather. Then we stripped naked (i didn't even have to ask Erica – she just did it). Then i got behind Erica and attached the strap-on around her waist and slowly started to jerk her fake cock from behind. Then i put Erica's hands around her cock and helped her jerk it. Erica was slightly confused, but she also had a strange look of accomplishment on her face as she looked at herself in the closet mirror.

Then i got on my bed on all fours and asked Erica to join me and tickle my clit, pussy lips and puckered asshole with the feather. Erica climbed on the bed and was just about to tickle me when something that felt like an earthquake erupted from other the covers. It was my cat Tiger. He slithered out from under the covers and hightailed it out the bedroom door. That cat, whether by happenstance or by design, always gets in the middle of things.

Anyway, Erica started to tickle my fuckholes. It was such delicious torture. She even surprised me when she stuck the stem of the feather gently up my asshole. That almost sent me over the top. But i regained just enough of my composure so that i could tell Erica to line up her cock at my pussy hole and fuck me with it. Erica hesitated for just a minute and then she entered me. Slowly at first, but then she got into it and fucked me really hard. I turned my head and looked back at Erica. She was so sexy with her tits bouncing all about. Then i asked her to talk dirty to me.

“I'm having sex with you Erin. I'm loving you”

“Not dirty enough. Call me your dog slut and tell me what you're doing to me.”

“You're my dog, Erin. I'm doing it to you.”

“What are you doing to me?”

“I fucking you, Erin. You're my little doggy slut and i'm fucking your pussy.”

“That's better. Now slam my cunt hole and tickle the small of my back with the feather.”

Erica really had at it. The pounding that my cunt was taking along with the feather tickling my back sent me over the top and i squirted my girl cum all over Erica's cock and onto my bed sheets.

After taking a few moments to recover, I took off Erica's strap-on and told her to get on her back and suck on the fake cock. Without asking permission, i then got between Erica's legs and started to lick her clit and finger fuck her virgin hole.

Occasionally, i would lift my mouth off Erica's clit and offer words of encouragement. “That's right, Erica. Suck that cock. You're a good cocksucker. I can tell.”

Erica kept sucking and i kept playing with her pussy and she finally had a massive orgasm and practically crushed my head with her legs.

Right about then we heard my mom drive into my garage. Quickly, we put our clothes back on and straightened ourselves up. We waited a bit and then i quickly ushered Erica past my pesky mom in the kitchen and out the front door before my mom could give Erica the third degree. On the way out i saw Tiger eating his turkey & giblets dinner. He looked at me and then at my mom with this “cat that eat the canary” kind of look.

The Future

So, i'm making great progress at corrupting Erica. Our next adventure will be in a couple of weeks at a sex club in San Francisco called the Power Exchange. That is a club where the members get on stage and fuck each other. Or the members can just watch others having sex. Maybe Erica will take off her clothes at the club and let guys see her pussy. Maybe we will fuck each other with strap-ons in front of the guys. Maybe Erica will suck on a real cock. I never make Erica leave her comfort zone, but who knows what she will do in a sexually charged atmosphere. Oh, and by the way, i'm really not “corrupting” Erica. I'm just doing what i can to get Erica more in touch with her sexuality. I know that Erica appreciates that and i'm sure that guys will be appreciating it too.
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1 month ago
Very nice story. I have "corrupted" a few girls myself. Sometimes we go down the sensual road together, exploring as we go
4 months ago
Great writing and I agree it's not corrupting her just opening and freeing her mind from inhibitions.
5 months ago
so, nice
1 year ago
Great story
2 years ago
Great story! Can't wait for the sequel.
2 years ago
A terrific story Erin.
3 years ago
please cum to new york and corrupt me?????
3 years ago
corruption or initiation ....
3 years ago
Awesome story! Loved it. Well written and great visual thoughts. Thanks
3 years ago
Erica will thank you from the bottom of her heart when she realizes what you have done for her. Great story!
3 years ago
Another amazing story.. A great way to corrupt indeed!:)
3 years ago
well written good story
3 years ago
hot story !!! guess what it made me do ? ;)
3 years ago
This is my favorite story. Very hot.
3 years ago
loved the story. you are both my kinda girls.
3 years ago
gr8 story ,,, waiting to see the futur going past
3 years ago
erin you are such a good friend to her. oh so sweet & naughty teaching her all about great sex in a very good way so that she will enjoy it later
3 years ago
NEED PICS NOW!!! Lol. loved it
3 years ago
What a great job of corrupting Erica. Keep at it, and you'll both be lezzing it up at the strip club in no time!
3 years ago
I think i should dedicate a comment directly to Erica as she has a XHamsteraccount and i am sury that she reads the comments we type here.

Dear Erica ...

First things first ... Erin is a great friend and you should never let go of her and now let's talk about you. Most guys seem to be intimidated to talk to you and i can understand that after i've read what erin wrot about you but there is one thing you should now. You seem to be beautiful and sweet.
I may even call you a dream girl and you definately don't need to hide yourself. It's completely normal to enjoy porn and have fun.
So erica have fun on here and just try to enjoy yourself like erins does ... you don't need to do the same things that erin does but just stay true to yourself and discover all of your sexuality.

greetings ComicCrack
3 years ago
Loved every word
3 years ago
Great Story Erin!! I enjoy reading them;-)
3 years ago
Damn,I think Tiger needs a KittyCam so he can broadcast live.That would have been one helluva show...
3 years ago
This is an incredible story! I remember reading about Erica in your strip club story, and I've been intrigued by her ever since. this story makes me want to know even more about her. :)

Erica, if you're reading this, I'm a friend of Erin's. We've known each other for a while and she's one of my favorite people to talk to here. I know your page is "blocked" but if you ever want a guy to talk to I'd be honored if you contact me. I promise I'm not a creep...I think it would just be nice to get to know you. :)
3 years ago
Yet another great story Erin; "That cat, whether by happenstance or by design, always gets in the middle of things." probably shouldn't be but this was my favourite line.

The other other Peter (since two have already left their comments)
3 years ago
damn Erin a need a woman like you in my corner lets corrupt the world and never look back. thank you for posting.
3 years ago
This world need more girls like you Erin. I had quite a number of girls at school that would fit Erica's description. Unfortunately there was no Erin around to bring them out of their nut shell.
3 years ago
great strory erin, it so good, it reminds me of how i did the same to me friends Amanda she was so sweet and shy, but she was hiding her sexual fantasies and i helped her let them out now shes a beast, keep it up your great and welcome back sexy
3 years ago
You are something else my friend. You two are quite the pair. Gotta luv ya.
3 years ago
Everything that everyone said before me plus a million. Yeah.