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Our Great North American Road Trip

This is a blog about our “Great North American Road Trip” across the United States and Canada. We were on the road for 90 days and we covered around 12,000 miles – almost all of it on the two lane back road highways.

Five of us went on this trip: my girlfriend Shanti, her baby girl Aida Marie, my cat Tiger, me (Erin) and a man named Mike. We toured in Mike's recreational vehicle with his jeep in tow. Almost every day one or the other of us made entries in this blog. It's not your normal xHamster blog. Not wall-to-wall sex because this is more about real life.

We had many roles on our tri... Continue»
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Erin's Masturbation Blog (Updated 2/23)

Note: I just reposted this blog. For some reason, xhamster deleted the original post and over 160 comments on it. February 11, 2012.

I love to masturbate. Sometimes i look at porn to bring me to an orgasm. Sometimes i think about a past sex experience. Sometimes i just find my special spot and that gets me off. Other times i think about my sex fantasies while i play with myself. Below are some fantasies that i masturbate about. About every week i'll add a new one. I have so many.

Feel free to add a comment about your own sex fantasy. Maybe it is something that you do with your s... Continue»
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[Story] How I'm Fucking a Scumbag Lawyer

My name is Erin. I'm a 19 year old girl living in Mount Shasta, California. Last month, i tried to log onto my teengirerin xhamster account:


But i couldn't log on because xhamster said my password was invalid. Then i went to my account, in the same way as any other user would do, to see what was up. Turns out that this guy named Mike, a 51 year old lawyer & CPA living in California, has hacked into and hijacked my account. I'm really ticked off about it and this story is about how i'm... Continue»
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[Story] Barely Legal Birthday Boys

My name is Erin. I'm an 18 year old girl living in a small Montana town. Last May i graduated from high school and now i'm living out on my own.

About a month ago i answered a local newspaper ad for two cords of oak firewood to be delivered to my house to keep me warm during the cold winter. The next day a high school boy, Buzz, arrived at my house with a pick-up truck full of firewood. The ad was just for delivery of the wood and not stacking. So, i asked Buzz to dump the load on my drive-way so i could haul it into my backyard with my wheelbarrow. Buzz would have none of it and he hauled ... Continue»
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SHANTI'S blog (updated 11/22/11)

Hi there! Usually, my blog entries will be about the sex that Erin and I have together. We have an open relationship so I might also have sex with another girl or guy or maybe we will do a 3-way and I'll write about that. Or I might write about how I masturbate. Of course there are other things that are special to me too. Like raising my newborn baby girl, spirituality, politics, housekeeping, hobbies, etc. But I don't want to bore you on this blog about any of that. But you can private message with me about those things and I'll bore you there LOL.

Thank you for reading my posts. Of cours... Continue»
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[Story] How This Married Man Used My Virgin Asshole

My name is Erin. I'm an 18 year old girl living in the little town of Lewistown, Montana. A couple of months ago this married man named Jeffrey came into town to do some work on an IT contract. I ended up spending two nights with him in his motel room. Back then, Jeffrey's wife was refusing to have sex with him because he wouldn't indulge in her sex fantasies. And Jeffrey wasn't giving her any spending money because she was holding out on him. It was to the point where his wife, Caroline, was threatening to file for divorce and take full custody of their two young boys.

During our first ti... Continue»
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[Story] Buffalo and Shanti and Erin! Oh My!

PRINCE GEORGE, BRITISH COLUMBIA - My name is Erin. I'm an 18 years old girl living in Montana. Right now i'm on the home stretch of a road trip through British Columbia, the Yukon and Alaska. It was just me and my cat Tiger when i started the trip. Now Shanti, my new pregnant girlfriend (8 months), is with me on the way back home. Shanti just ditched her boyfriend. His name is Buffalo.


I first met Buffalo and Shanti in the town of Whitehorse in the Yukon. Buffalo is 25 years old and Shanti is 21 years old. They made a striking couple in the laundromat where we met. Both of them... Continue»
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[Story] Vicious Fucking

My name is Erin. I'm 18 years old and live in Montana. Right now i'm in the middle of a road trip through British Columbia, the Yukon and Alaska. Just me and my cat Tiger.

A few days into my trip i was having breakfast in a restaurant in the little town of Invermere, British Columbia. There were two couples at the next table over and they invited me to sit with them. It turns out that they were a couple of s****rs with their husbands. All in their late 40s. The s****rs were both blondes and had that wholesome soccer mom look. Their husbands were quite attractive too. Empty nesters with daug... Continue»
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[Story] Playing by Wifey's Rules

My name is Erin. I'm 18 years old. I graduated from high school a couple of months ago and i just moved to a little town in Montana to be out on my own. Last Saturday night i went to the drag races on the outskirts of town.

I took my seat in the upper corner of the grandstands. Away from everyone and all by myself. Except for my cat Tiger who was on his leash. Even though it was dark, i was wearing sunglasses. I did all of this so it would look like i'm a little eccentric. A little unapproachable – except to cocksure guys who are the kind of guys that i like.

So, i was watching the race... Continue»
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[Story] My Confession

Hi. My name is Erin. This story is excerpted from the June 19, 2011, entry in my blog about my round-trip road trip from Reno, Nevada, to Mount Rushmore, South Dakota. You can read the full blog here http://xhamster.com/user/teengirerin/posts/44615.html When the Priest calls me a "c***d", he means a "c***d of God". I am 18 years old, so this story is not about sex with an u******e c***d.


I started my morning by going to a Catholic Mass in Douglas, Wyoming. I was raised Catholic. I used to go to Ma... Continue»
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Hi everyone! This is a blog about my road trip from Reno to Mount Rushmore and back. Nothing real earth shaking here. I mean, i talk a big game, but i'm mostly just a normal girl as you can read from this blog. Feel free to comment if something peaks your interest.


June 8, 2011. Twin Falls, Idaho.

On the first day of my car trip to the Badlands of Dakota & Mount Rushmore. Started early and drove all day from Reno. Love the wide open spaces. Drove through a terrible rainstorm as i entered Idaho.

Checked into my motel room at around 6pm. I'm a porn addict so i immediatel... Continue»
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[Story] Corrupting Erica

My name is Erin. I graduated from high school a few days ago. My final semester was full of class projects. But my most challenging and rewarding semester project has been the gradual corrupting of my best school girlfriend Erica.

In the Beginning

I've known Erica for as long as i can remember. We live only a few blocks away and we have been going to class together since elementary school. Physically, Erica is a stunner. 5 foot 8 inches, long blonde hair, deep blue eyes, a very fresh and cute face, perfect figure, soft and bouncy B cup tits, a milky white and smooth complexion –... Continue»
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[Story] Indecent Exposure

Hi. My name is Erin. I'm in my final semester of high school. Most of my girlfriends are going to the prom next month. But not my girlfriend Erica and not myself either. We're going to ditch the prom. It is much too traditional and staid. Instead, we're going to San Francisco to be nasty girls and expose ourselves and watch guys and girls have sex. Maybe do some fucking too.

More on our San Francisco trip in a bit. But first i have to tell you about a couple of transforming events that have brought me to the point where i am ... Continue»
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[Story] My Boy Fucks

Hi. My name is Erin. I'm in my final semester of high school. I'm kind of a perverted girl for my age – and kind of proud of it too. But i don't have much sex experience yet. I've had sexual intercourse with only three boys. This story is a simple chronicle of those fucks.

Boyfuck #1 was at a high school party. The type of party that happens when the unsuspecting parents leave town for the weekend and their otherwise trustworthy son takes advantage of the opportunity and invites half of the school over to party and tras... Continue»
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[Story] Tiger's Tale

My name is Tiger. I'm a ten year old male cat. Erin is my 18 year old human pet. You can see our pictures above. I'm the good-looking one. If you want a bigger picture of me to print out and frame, then here is the link xhamster.com/photos/view/339950-5156795.html

When i was a kitten, my mom ran off with some tomcat and left me to fend for myself. One day i was walking home to my alley when i came across Erin. She was selling lemonade on the sidewalk. Erin won ... Continue»
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[Story] Erin's First Visit to a Strip Club

My name is Erin. My two favorite high school girlfriends are Anna and Erica. They are really cute blondie girls. All of us are 18 years old. We're horny and looking to do new things. Last night, we went for our first visit to a strip club. Not to strip or do anything crazy. We just wanted to see what goes on in those places. We took separate cars so each of us could leave early if we wanted to.

We purposely dressed down because we didn't want to cause any distractions or hustle any business away from the girls that work at the club. I wore my sweatshirt and gym pants but without any panties... Continue»
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[Story] Erin's Dirty Fantasies

My name is Erin. Last month i turned 18 years old. Now that i am "legal", my head is spinning with all these sex fantasies that might really happen for me. Up to now, i've only been with high school boys. They are o.k., but they aren't very imaginative. Or maybe they are just scared to be that way. Older guys were afraid of me because they might go to jail. But, like i say, now i am "legal" and a whole new world is open to me.

I luv to masturbate and think about all my dirty fantasies. I take off all my clothes and lie on my bed. I rub or pat my clit with one hand while i put the narrow ... Continue»
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