me, my cousin and others

This is my first story I am open to comments and opinions

I am a tall 5ft11 blond haired guy, athletic and strong. I had my first sexual experience at 9 with my first orgasm from tugging my little immature penis through curiosity. After ten years of orgasms, masturbation, sex and experimentation I am here to tell you my stories.

After years of solo masturbation, at the age of 15, my cousin and I (he was older by a year) were close, VERY close. One day, we were hiding in the woods making a camp out of wood and old crates. We got talking about masturbation, if we done it, how often. I, out of curiosity asked to get a look at his cock, to see how different it was to mine. He was not too sure to start with but I assured him that its only us here no one will know about it. He came around in the end and started undoing his jeans belt buckle and buttons and slide them down. His loosely fitting boxers stood out a little, I knew he was slightly excited by this but me? my 5''/6'' cock was swollen and begging to be let out. my fingers held the waistband of his boxers as I slide them down, his 7 1/2'' swollen, solid, thick cock sprung to attention, I was shocked as this was my first time I had ever seen a cock, my mouth watered at the sight of this monster cock inform of my eyes. he stood there, 'what do you think?' he says, I stand there shocked, speechless just running through my mind on what to do first suck it of fuck it. 'c-c-can I touch it' I struggled to say, he nodded with acceptance. I reached out with an open hand, my fingers softly caressed his warm foreskin, my hand slowly held round the thickness of this stick of meat the heat warmed my palm and fingers I gasped with excitement. I look into his eyes and see excitement and the sight of greatness, he was amazing with the touch of my hand on his virgin cock.

After a few minutes of touching and caressing his hard cock, he nodded to me hinting to show him my cock. I don't believe I stripped bare faster in my life, my jeans hit the ground with my boxers as well, he stood there staring as my cock just wondering what to do first. I took his hand and guided it to my cock and he gripped his fist round it, too tight at first I winced with both pain and a slight pleasure at the same time he loosened his grip and was gentle as a baby after that, his hand gently moved back and forth moving my foreskin with his hand. My head fell back in awe, I gasped and moaned, he saw my face and smiled then moved faster and harder. I felt like coming there and then, he shocked me saying 'can I taste it?' he barely finished his sentence when I nodded like mad as he dropped to his knees. He knelt there eye level with my cock and balls staring at it all over not knowing where to start. he opened his mouth and stuck his tongue to the tip of my head and licked everywhere. My knees buckled with orgasmic feelings, his lips slid over the head and his tongue rolled over and around. I could feel the tingling in my balls and i knew what was going to happen, i had no time to warm him then after a second or two spurt after spurt of creamy white cum sprayed into his mouth. surprisingly he never gagged or spit it out he continued sucking and licking, he swallowed all of my creamy goodness and looked upto with a gigantic smile on his face. he stood up, smirking, 'could have warned me! I've never tasted that before not even my own but it tasted amazing' i stood amazed at what we had just done.

weeks went on and we started experimenting more and more, one day during a game of football on the Xbox we made a deal, after each goal scored the scorer gets a blowjob from the loser and i think he let me score numerous time over and over again just to get a taste of my cum once again. One night during a night out camping, we were lying in the sl**ping bag hands all over each other tongues invading each others mouths. his hand slipped down my shorts and started jerking at my growing cock, he whispered into my ear 'i want you to fuck me tonight' i was shocked, i was seriously excited but i couldn't show it, i just replied 'are you sure? it could hurt' he nodded with a mischievous look on his face. he rolled me over onto my back and got on top of me. he slide my shorts down and pulled out my 8'' long cock and began stroking it with both hand, i lay there enjoying the moment and suddenly i felt a wetness and warmth surrounding my cock i look down and see my cousin deep throating me, his tongue sticking out stroking my teen balls as his throat caressed my cock. my hand leapt to the back of his head, i felt his soft hair between my fingers as his head bobbed up and down. he sat up 'now your all wet and hard why not get me ready?' i rolled him over and kissed his neck and nibbled his ear. my cock ground again his hardening cock, he gasped and moaned in my ear making me wanting him more and more.
i flipped him onto all fours, i pulled his boxers down and got an amazing view of his juicy ass, is dangling balls and his hardened cock. i sat back and enjoyed the view, i jumped to my senses and spread his ass cheeks to look as his beautiful virgin ass that i was about de-virginise. my tongue gently pierced his tight hole i heard him gasp and my tongue entered further and further in gaping his hole making way for my throbbing cock. my fingers circles round and round until i slowly and gently slide one in, i could feel him tighten around my finger as it slide in and out, i slide another in spreading his hole more for my entering. i stood up, got some spit on my finger and spread it over my knob and some on his asshole, i leaned over 'are you ready?'.'mhm hmm' he replied while biting his lip. i pressed my head against his hole holding it in place and gently pushed, seconds gone the head disappeared in, before i knew i was balls deep in his ass his hands gripped tightly on the sl**ping bag as i rammed back and forth, his hand gripping stiff cock masturbating like mad gasping and moaning. i gasped for air as i could feel an orgasm coming on 'i'm close, i'm close, im close, fuck i'm coming oh my god i'm coming' my balls tightened as my creamy cum sprayed in his ass my balls smacking his he jerked like mad till his back arched and he moaned as his cum squirted out his thick cock all over the sl**ping back
over the year after that night we had numerous nights of orgasms and oral sex. we are both straight guys he has had many girlfriends and me as well. i have had a few other gay moment with a few friends blowjobs and ass fucking hidden away, one time under a short bridge while people walked over it, an amazing thrill. now a days i have some tendencies of asshole fucking and gay porn but i will always be straight just experimental.
please comment on this story as it is my first thank you
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8 months ago
awesome story
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love the story
1 year ago
Great story.....had my cock hard.
1 year ago
You are like me! :D